Among the Hidden Bumper Sticker by nuhman10


									                 Among the Hidden Bumper Sticker

  1. Design a bumper sticker about the population law.
  2. The message should be clear, make sense, relate to the
     story and be appropriate for school.
  3. The appearance should be neat and easy to read, as well as
     colorful and eye-catching.

                       Bumper Sticker Evaluation

Slogan 10 pts.          *message is clear
                        *message makes sense
                        *message relates to story
Appearance 10 pts.      *message is neat and easy to
Participation 5 pts.    *contributed to the project
Total Points 25 pts.    A=23-25 pts. B=20-22 pts.
                        C=18-19 pts. D=15-17 pts.
                        F=0-14 pts.

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