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					         COURSE TITLE: Amish – BSU Archives
                Grade Level:           Third Grade
                       Unit:           Amish Culture
                                                              teamwork and selfless acts.
         During this unit students will become more           Focus Questions
         familiar with the Amish culture. They will               1. How are Amish schools different
         learn about the Amish lifestyle and how it                  from yours?
         originated. Students will also explore the
         Amish school and clothing styles. Students               2. What are similarities and differences
         will complete a number of activities that will              between Amish life and your family?
         help them not only become familiarized with
         the culture, but also learn the importance of            3. What is most important for the
Benchmarks                          Assessment Tasks                       Key Concepts
Students will:                      Students will:
1. Growth and Development:                                                 Community
1900 to 1950. Identify and          1. analyze how people were
describe important events and       entertained in the early 20’s          School
movements that changed life in      (clothing & music) to the later
Indiana in the early twentieth      20’s (cheap/hand made games)           Clothing
century. (4.1.11)                   Then compare the culture of the
                                    early 1920’s to the later 1920’s.      Barns
2. Students will explore the        (4.1.11)
reasons the Amish left Europe                                              Horse & Buggy
and came to America. (3.1.4)        2. participate in a discussion about
                                    the various ways the Amish
3. Students will examine how the    community depends on each other.
Amish save money by making          (3.4.4)
their own clothes. The students
will explain the advantages and     3. have a debate discussing
disadvantages of doing this.        whether or not they feel that the
(3.4.6)                             Amish way of life is harder or
                                    easier than the life most
4. Define interdependence and       American’s chose to live.
give examples of how the Amish      Included in the debates should be
community depend on each other      discussions on clothing,
for good and services. (3.4.4)      technology, and farming. (3.4.6,
COURSE TITLE: Amish – BSU Archives
       Grade Level:           Third Grade
              Unit:           Amish Culture
       Amish culture to survive?                   Handout about the characteristics of
                                                   Amish Schools
Instructional Resources                            Handout about the characteristics of U.S.
"Main View." Digital Media Repository :            Public Schools
Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Apr. 2011.

Morris, Ronald. "Amish black buggy."
Digital Media Repository : Home. N.p., n.d.     Catalog of Lessons
Web. 3 Apr. 2011.                               Lesson 1
<      Women during the 1920’s went through a
CISOROOT=/MrsRnld&CISOPTR=1154&                 huge transformation. They started to
CISOBOX=1&REC=12>.                              become much more independent. Their
                                                clothes went from fairly conservative and
"Amish Clothing." Welcome To Lancaster          simple to very extravagant and colorful.
County - A friendly, beautiful, and fun         Use metallic fabrics with sequence and
destination . N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Apr. 2011.      create “flapper like” outfits to wear for the
<http://www.welcome-to-lancaster-               day. Learn the Charleston and listen to>.                other types of 20’s music.

"The Amish ." Youtube . N.p., n.d. Web. 2       Lesson 2
Apr. 2011.                                      In this lesson the students will explore the
<          clothing that the Amish wear. They will
vG9M0&feature=related>.                         look at photos of little Amish dolls that can
                                                be found at Ball State’s Digital Media
"Amish Barn Raising." Welcome To                Repository website. In looking at the
Lancaster County - A friendly, beautiful, and   pictures of the Amish dolls they will be able
fun destination . N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Apr.        to make some observations about the
2011. <http://www.welcome-to-lancaster-         clothing that the Amish wear. They will>.                    then research and find reasons why the
                                                Amish people dress so simply. A lot of
Morris, Ronald. "Amish school building."        information regarding Amish clothing can
Digital Media Repository : Home. N.p., n.d.     be found at this website:
Web. 3 Apr. 2011.                               http://www.welcome-to-lancaster-
                                                Lesson 3
Kalman, Bobbie. Helpers in my community .       The teacher will tell students that in Amish
New York: Crabtree Pub. Company, 2010.          first attend school when they are in the 1st
Print.                                          grade and graduate after the 8th grade.
                                                Grades 1 through 8 are all in the same
                                                classroom and they have no electricity. The
COURSE TITLE: Amish – BSU Archives
       Grade Level:           Third Grade
              Unit:           Amish Culture
teacher will display the Amish school photo      to their homes and culture. After learning
from the Ball State Archives. The school         about the horse and buggy students will
year starts around September 1st and ends        discuss the benefits and downfalls of the
May 1st. They have to bring their own            horse and buggy.
lunch. The teacher is usually an unmarried
female, she will likely leave in a few years     Assessment #1
when she becomes married and starts a            Abstract
family of her own. Divide students into two      This task is designed to assess students’
separate groups. One group will represent        understanding of how the Amish schools’
the United States Government and the other       curriculum fits perfectly with the Amish
group will represent the Amish community.        community. The Amish curriculum and
The two groups will have a debate. The           calendar is set up for Amish children to
U.S. Government wants the Amish schools          learn the essentials of the Amish way of life.
to be more like public schools and the           The U.S. Government has been doing a lot
Amish community likes the schools the way        of educational reform lately around the
they are.                                        United States. The government has been
                                                 changing the curriculum for schools and
Lesson 4                                         have even been shutting schools down who
Students will see a picture of an Amish farm     don’t pass AYP. The students are going to
from the Ball State archives. Then students      be divided into two groups: one representing
will learn about how many Amish families         the U.S. Government and the other
will gather together for a traditional barn      representing the Amish community. The
raising. They will learn about how the           two groups will debate about the Amish
Amish culture survives through selfless          schools’ curriculum because the government
devotion to neighbors and family. After          is trying to change their curriculum like
learning this the students will participate in   other public schools in the U.S. The students
their own barn raising. They will work in        will have this debate at the local town center
groups to create the strongest and largest       in front of the people in the community.
barn from popsicles sticks in a set amount of
time. Students will then discuss the             Prompt
importance of having people to help in the           Handout about the characteristics of
building process.                                     Amish Schools
                                                     Handout about the characteristics of
                                                      U.S. Public Schools
Lesson 5
Students will learn about the importance of
the horse and buggy in Amish culture.
                                                 “Amish schools have served a vital part in
Students will learn how the Amish culture is
                                                 keeping the Amish traditions alive and well.
forbidden to own an automobile, but are
                                                 The Amish schools teach their students the
aloud to ride in other peoples’. The Amish
                                                 importance of Amish life and how to keep
believe that automobiles would break down
                                                 the community thriving. Some of you may
their culture and make it more modernized.
                                                 have heard about education reform that the
Because the horse and buggy only travel 5-8
                                                 U.S. Government is trying to install in
miles per hour, the Amish are more confined
COURSE TITLE: Amish – BSU Archives
       Grade Level:           Third Grade
              Unit:           Amish Culture
public schools. We are going to pretend that   Benchmark Score           Score         Score         Sco
the government is trying to reform the                     1             2             3             4
Amish schools. So today we are going to        Students    The Amish     The Amish      The Amish    Th
have a class debate, having one group of       will        community     community     community     com
students represent the U.S. Government and     compare     group and     group and     group and     gro
the other group representing the Amish         two         the U.S.      the U.S.      the U.S.      the
community. The U.S. Government group           different   government    government    government    gov
will explain why the Amish schools need to     schools     group have    group have    group have    gro
change their schools to be more like U.S.      curriculums discussed     discussed     discussed     dis
public schools, and the Amish community        used by the only 1 main   only 2 main   only 3 main   the
will explain why their school system is        Amish and   argument      arguments     arguments     arg
perfect the way it is. “                       U.S. Public during the    during the    during the    dur
                                               Schools.    debate.       debate.       debate.       deb
The debate needs to address four points:       (3.1.3)

1. Classroom size.

2. The curriculum being taught.

3. How the reform will help/hurt the Amish

4. Teacher stability.

Prepare a rubric to give to students showing
them how you are to score their arguments
during the debate. This will show students
what points they will need to discuss during
the debate.

Scoring Rubric
COURSE TITLE: Amish – BSU Archives
       Grade Level:           Third Grade
              Unit:           Amish Culture
                                                 “Today we are going to look at the book
                                                Helpers in My community. Then we are
                                                going to each make a chart on a poster
                                                board. I want you to fill up half of the board
                                                with pictures and sentences describing how
                                                the Amish community helps each other. On
                                                the other half of the board I want you to do
                                                the same thing, but instead of the Amish
                                                community I want you to make it of your
                                                life. So think of all the different way you
                                                and your community help each other. After
                                                you have done that discuss the positive and
                                                negative sides of the two systems, yours and
                                                the Amish. Pick a side and debate amongst
                                                each other. Then come up with a system
                                                you feel is best and include your reasoning
                                                at the bottom of the poster. After you are
                                                finished I am going to take these to the court
Assesment #2                                    house to show our community what we have
                                                learned and how thankful we are.”
This task is designed assess students’
                                                The poster need to include the following:
understanding on the Amish culture and how
they work together. The students will
                                                1. Four ways the Amish community helps
discuss the different ways the Amish culture
                                                each other.
helps each other in need, for example, barn
raisings, schooling, and other services.
                                                2. Two ways you help others in your
Students will then make charts with one side
full of words and pictures displaying Amish
people working together and on the other
                                                3. Two ways people help the community
side pictures and words with them working
                                                through their jobs. (firemen, police officers,
together. The students will display these
chart at their local court house, so everyone
can see how the students are being helpful in
                                                4. Which system, Amish or your
their community. Students will debate then
                                                community, do you think works better
pick a system that they feel works best.
    Pictures on the Amish from the BSU         Prepare a rubric to give to students showing
     digital archives.                          them how you are to score their posters.
    The book, Helpers in My                    Show students the three different points they
     Community.                                 must include on the poster.
Directions                                      Scoring Rubric
COURSE TITLE: Amish – BSU Archives
    Grade Level:        Third Grade
           Unit:        Amish Culture

 Benchmark       Score       Score       Score       Score
                 1           2           3           4
 Define          You have    You have      You       You have
 interdependence addressed   addressed   have        addressed
 and give        two         all three   addressed   all four
 examples of     points      points      all four    points
 how the Amish and           and         points      and
 community       included    included    and         included
 depend on each an           4           included    all 8
 other for good  example     examples.   6           examples.
 and services.   of each.                examples.

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