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Contact: Kim Harvill

Leading BOLI Executives Form Renaissance Bank Advisors
A New Approach for BOLI Services and Administration

December 3, 2007…Atlanta, GA…In response to the growing needs of community bankers, three of the nation's leaders in
the BOLI industry have formed Renaissance Bank Advisors. The new entity, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Financial
Partners Corp. (NYSE: NFP) will operate under the stewardship of Richard C. Chapman, Robert H. Leeper and Joseph L.
Carpenter, and will bring a new approach to BOLI management, emphasizing advisory services and administration over retail
sales and marketing. Renaissance Bank Advisors has already absorbed a combined placement and administration of BOLI-
financed benefits programs for more than 1,100 community banking organizations.

The launch of Renaissance Bank Advisors is the result of a year-long initiative directed by Chapman, who formerly served as CEO
of Bank Compensation Strategies, and President of Clark Consulting's BOLI practice. Chapman will serve Renaissance Bank
Advisors as its CEO. Leeper and Carpenter, principals of Charon Planning, will serve as Managing Directors of the new firm.

“The BOLI market has matured and is ready for a new organization to help bankers better understand and manage the BOLI
sector of their balance sheet,” Chapman noted. “Unlike the retail distribution and marketing organizations that have sold BOLI
into the community bank market through the first two decades of the BOLI era, we are an advisory and administration firm that
is better structured to take advantage of the evolving market.”

Renaissance Bank Advisors will introduce community bankers to a package of integrated advisory services that will offer them access to:
    • Stable leadership and experienced advisors. The principals of Renaissance have managed the placement of BOLI in nearly
      3,000 banking organizations;
    • Robust administration services. The new firm touts the industry’s most sophisticated and sustainable BOLI and benefit
      plan service and administration system; and
    • Experienced executive benefits consulting

Advisors with broad range of experience. The principals of Renaissance Bank Advisors have mobilized a team of advisors who
helped pioneer the BOLI industry in 1984, and who are now helping bankers re-position their BOLI portfolios atop a new
platform that includes transparent pricing, investment options and long-term flexibility.

“We are providing bankers access to many of the asset managers who are already helping them with their investment portfolios,”
according to Nashville-based managing director Joseph Carpenter. “We are giving bankers the opportunity to invite those same
advisory services into the BOLI segment of their balance sheet.”

Renaissance Bank Advisors provides bankers access to a private placement platform, an approach that until now was reserved for
large banks purchasing amounts of BOLI in the range of $10 million and more. “This gives banks the long-term flexibility to
maximize the returns of their BOLI portfolios. It is the most fundamental difference between Renaissance Bank Advisors and the
traditional BOLI marketers," Chapman explained. “The market is asking for something new, and we are delivering it.”
Technology-driven Service and Administration. Renaissance Bank Advisors has acquired the industry’s most powerful
administration program, a proprietary system known as CPADS (Client Plan Administration Delivery System). CPADS
automates the gathering, manipulation and distribution of all key benefit and policy data to resolve the bank’s most challenging
administrative issues: getting timely and accurate plan information. It is a robust package of asset accounting, benefit liability
accounting, concentration analysis, participant statements, and other tax and accounting support.

“Since most community bank BOLI is linked to executive benefit programs, a comprehensive and effective administration
program is a prerequisite to serve this market effectively,” Chapman noted.

CPADS is the only system in the industry to:
    • Deliver current, actual asset values via a secure login website
    • Provide SAS 70, Level 2 certified asset accounting
    • Allow bankers to download information as they need it, and import it into their own reports and spreadsheets
    • Provide access to benefit accounting and participant statements that can be updated overnight to reflect changes
    • Provide more accurate annual administration more quickly than ever before
    • Quickly update reports to reflect new regulations, and changes in accounting, IRS requirements and other rules
    • Deliver a comprehensive, updated Compliance Manual

Benefits Consulting for the Executive Suite. Renaissance Bank Advisors will continue to offer board room experience and
advice in the design and administration of non-qualified benefit programs, which have surpassed qualified retirement plans as the
banking industry’s primary means to retain and reward executive talent.

“The market dynamics have changed dramatically,” Chapman summarized. “We are putting bankers back in the driver’s seat
with access to the platform and services they need to re-position their BOLI portfolios for the next 40 years.”

Renaissance Bank Advisors is a boutique consulting organization that has mobilized the industry’s top veterans to provide community
bankers access to seasoned BOLI advisors, robust administration services and experienced executive benefit consulting. Renaissance Bank
Advisors was established in June 2007 and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Financial Partners Corp. (NYSE:NFP).
The Company is based in Atlanta, Ga., and also has offices in Nashville, Philadelphia and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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