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									                           ‫مشخصات كلي مقاالت چاپ شذه اعضاي ىيات علمي دانشگاه تربيز‬
                               8008-8002 ‫) در ساهلاي‬ISI‫در جمالت بنياملللي منايودار (غري‬
                                              ‫دانشكذه مينذسي مكانيك‬
No.                   Title                            Authors        Faculty          Department                  Journal             Year
      Effect of post – sintering annealing     A. Kianvash
                                                                                        Mechanical            IJE Transactions B:
 1    treatment on magnetic propepties of                             Engineering                                                      2002
                                                                                        Engineering           Applications 15 (1)
      some Nd – Fe – B based magnets
      Numerical Evaluation of                  M. R. Khoshravan,
                                                                      Mechanical        Mechanical                Engineering
 2    Delamination on Mode II in Glass         M. Monir Vaghefi                                                                        2005
                                                                      Engineering       Engineering            Transactions, 53, 1
      Fiber Reinforced Composities
                                               M. H. Djavareshkian                                             Fluid Dynamics &
      A High Resolution Pressure-Based                                Mechanical        Mechanical
 3                                                                                                            Materials Processing     2005
      Method for Compressible Fluid Flow                              Engineering       Engineering
                                                                                                             (FDMP), Vol. 1, No. 4
                                               M. H. Djavareshkian,                                            Fluid Dynamics &
      Simulation of Sloshing with the                                 Mechanical        Mechanical
 4                                             M. Khalili                                                     Materials Processing     2006
      Volume of Fluid Method                                          Engineering       Engineering
                                                                                                             (FDMP), Vol. 2, No. 4
      Numerical Modeling of Delamination       M. R. Khoshrava,       Mechanical        Mechanical                Engineering
 5                                                                                                                                     2007
      in GFRP Composites                       A. Yourdkhani          Engineering       Engineering            Transactions, 55, 1
      Hydrodynamics Investigation of a         E. Esmaeilzadeh,
      Gas-Solid Dilute Suspension              R. Gharraei                                                  International Journal of
                                                                      Mechanical        Mechanical
 6    Turbulent Flow on a Flat Plate Using                                                                      Fluid Mechanics        2007
                                                                      Engineering       Engineering
      Eulerian-Eulerian Scheme and Time                                                                     Research, Vol. 34, No. 1
      Scale Turbulence Model
                                               M. Heydarzadeh Sohi,
      A DTA study on HVOF thermally            Sh. Khameneh Asl,      Mechanical                            Materials Science Forum,
 7                                                                                  Materials Engineering                              2008
      sprayed WC-M coatings                    K. Hokamoto,           Engineering                                   Vol. 566
                                               R. Rezvani
                                               Sh. Khameneh Asl,
                                               M. Heydarzadeh Sohi,
      Study of phase transformations in heat
                                               K. Hokamoto,           Mechanical                            Materials Science Forum
 8    treatment of HVOF thermally spreyed                                           Materials Engineering                              2008
                                               M. Matsuda,            Engineering                                     566
      WC-17Co coating
                                               R. Tomoshige,
                                               N. Nishida
      Numerical Stress and Strain Analysis     Ali Z. Asl,                                                    Recent Patents on
                                                                      Mechanical         Mechnical
 9    of Automotive Differential Gears and     Mohammad Zehsaz,                                             Mechanical Engineering     2008
                                                                      Engineering       Engineering
      Life Prediction                          Farid V. Tahami                                                        1
      The Effect of Energy Absorption Rate     Mohammad Zehsaz,
                                                                                                              Recent Patents on
      by the Vehicle Passenger Seat on         Morteza H. Sadeghi,    Mechanical         Mechnical
10                                                                                                          Mechanical Engineering     2008
      Severe Injuries Due to the Rear-Side     Ali Ziaie A.           Engineering       Engineering
No.                  Title                        Authors   Faculty       Department          Journal            Year
      Effectively Doping of Rare Earth   S. K. Asl,
                                                            Mechanical     Mechanical     Advanced Materials
11    Additives in Sol Gel Derived PZT   S. K. Asl                                                               2008
                                                            Engineering    Engineering   Research, Vols. 55-57

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