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									                         Notes on Contributors
Richard J. Bishirijan, a member o the board o editorial advisors o Modern Age,
                                    f             f                   f
   received his Ph.D. from the University o Notre Dame in 1972, and taught at the
   college and university level for eleven years. He was Acting Associate Director for
   Educational and Cultural Affairs at the United States Information Service during
   the first Reagan Administration and is now active in business in Central Europe.
   “Hegel and Classical Philosophy” is part of a work in progress entitled Idealist
   Humanism and the Rejection of Man.
G. Daniel Harden is Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Founda-
   tions at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. He was a public school admin-
   istrator in Minnesota and Kansas for seventeen years. For ten years he and his wife,
   Mary, owned The Clyde Republican and The Jamestown Settler, small-town weekly
   newspapers in Kansas. He has written widely on educational issues and is a Senior
   Editor of Educational Considerations, a journal published at Kansas State Univer-
   sity in Manhattan, Kansas.
On August 26, 1992, Milton Hindus celebrated his seventy-sixth birthday, and on
  August 30 he celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his marriage. He was born in
  New York City (borough o Bronx) in 1916, lived much o his life up to the time of
  his marriage in a house belonging to his grandparents, and went to college in
  Manhattan. Hindus received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the City
  College o New York (now City College) and did additional graduate work at
  Columbia and The University o Chicago. His first regular teaching appointment
  was to an assistant professorship in humanities in The College of The University
  o Chicago. From there, in 1948, he went to Massachusetts to become a member
  of the founding faculty of Brandeis University. He taught for thirty-three years and
  retired as the Edytha Macy Gross Professor o Humanities. In 1986, he was awarded
  an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the University.
Richard B. Houey, a Harvard Ph.D. in English, has been a university teacher for four
   decades. He has published two scholarly books and numerous articles on
   literature and on education.
The twentyeighth and twenty-ninth o Russell Kirk’s books have been published very
  recently: America’s British Culture (Transaction) and The Politics of Prudence
  (Intercollegiate Studies Institute). Dr. Kirk was Michigan chairman of Patrick
  Buchanan’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
Gerhart Niemeyer, a one-time hardened atheist, followed divine Grace and, in 1943,
  embraced the Christian faith; a year later he was confirmed in the Episcopal
  Church. Eventually, he was ordained a deacon (at the age of 66), a priest (at the
  age o 73), and made a canon (at the age of 80). Rather than exist in a country ruled
  by Hitler, he left Germany for Spain, and later he came to the United States. He was
  called to the University of Notre Dame to help fill the place left vacant by the death
  of Waldemar Gurian. In this and other educational institutions, and for a period o   f
  thirty-seven years, he taught courses that stressed the difference between philoso-
  phy and ideology.

184                                                                         Winter 1992
John W. Osborne is Professor of History at Rutgers University, Newark campus. He
   has published several books on various topics o modern British history. He also
   has published articles about the novelists Anthony Powell and Evelyn Waugh and
   about the topic o Toryism.
Bradley C. S. Watson is a Canadian lawyer presently residing in California. He holds
  a B.A. in economics and political science from the University of British Columbia,
  a law degree from Queen’s University, and an M.A. in political philosophy from the
  Claremont Graduate School, at which institution he is currently working on a Ph.D.
  in the same field.
The reviews and comments are contributed by: Owen Jones, an Episcopal priest and
  director of the Rose Hill House of Studies in Aiken, South Carolina;MerrillMatthews,
  Jr., Director, Center for Health Policy Studies, National Center for Policy Analysis,
  Dallas, Texas; Paul Gottfried, Professor of History, Elizabethtown College,
  Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; Theodore Pappas, Managing Editor of Chronicles:A
  Magazine o f American Culture; Ewa M. Thompson, Professor of Slavic Studies at
  Rice University and whose most recent book is The Search for Self-Definition in
  Russian Literature (Rice University Press, 1991).

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