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Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program _HPSP_


									         Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)
An educational support program for individuals pursuing graduate degrees in professional medical
programs and who have a desire to serve in the US Navy following graduation.

   Eligible Degree Programs:
        o Medicine – allopathic (MD) or osteopathic (DO)
        o Dentistry (DDS or DMD)
        o Optometry (OD)
        o Podiatry (DPM)
        o Clinical Psychology (Ph.D level program only)
        o Physician Assistant (PA-C) (masters level program only)

      o Full Tuition (no upper limit) and allowable Fees
      o Reimbursement for all required books, supplies and equipment (some limits apply)
      o Monthly Stipend of $2060
      o Full Pay and Allowances of an Ensign (O1) for 45 days per year (about $4,500)
      o $20,000 signing bonus (Medicine and Dentistry only)
      o Reimbursement for student’s Health Insurance if required by school

   Military/Service Commitment
       o One year of active duty not in training, for each year of scholarship with a 3 year

   Eligibility Criteria
        o U.S. Citizen (dual citizenship not permitted)
        o Physically qualified for a commission in the U.S. Navy
        o Accepted into an accredited school in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico

      o Local medical officer program recruiters assist with application
      o May apply prior to acceptance into school
      o Early application is recommended
      o Requires school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores
      o Must complete a physical exam (recruiter will schedule for you)
      o Process typically takes 3 months to complete

   More information:
      o More information on Navy Medicine:

      o Navy HPSP Website:

       Contact:     LTJG Erik Rosum, Nurse Corps, U.S. Navy
                    495 Summer St
                    Boston, MA 02210
                    Office: 617-753-4349
                    Cell: 857-294-1261
                    Fax: 617-753-3369

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