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					       Senior Messenger
         C i t y O f Ly n n w O O d S e n i O r C e n t e r
                                                          5800 198th Street SW #9                (425) 670-5050 Fax: (425) 712-9804
     April / May / June 2011                              Lynnwood, Washington 98036
                                                                                                  Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm
                                                                                                      Tuesday 8:30am - 8:00pm

                                                                                          Sign-up dates at a glance
                                                                                          April 6
                                                                                            - May Outdoor Recreation Hikes
                                                                                          April 7
                                                                                            - Little Creek Casino
                                                                                            - Skagit Tulip Festival
                                                                                            - Historic Smith Tower
                                                                                            - Norman Rockwell Exhibit
                                                                                            - Pilchuck Glass Studio
                                                                                          April 18
                                                                                            - Silver Reef Casino
                                                                                            - Mill Bay Casino & Leavenworth
                                                                                            - Split 2nd Improv
                                                                                            - New Day Northwest at KING 5
                                                                                            - Angel of the Winds Casino
                                                                                          May 5
                                                                                            - June Outdoor Recreation Hikes
                                                                                          May 16
                                                                                            - Muckleshoot Casino
                                                                                            - Photo Excursion
                                                                                            - Wild Horse Wind Farm
                                                                                            - Crystal Mountain Gondola
                                                                                            - Snoqualmie Casino

Here We Go Again!                                                                         June 2
                                                                                            - July Outdoor Recreation Hikes
 The Senior Center is undergoing a major facility change. This
time, the Center is relocating to the Lynnwood City Campus to                                   April – June Events
                                                                                          April 6
occupy space in the North Administration Building.                                          • Mother's Day Cards for Soldiers
                                                                                          April 14
                                                                                            • Golf Field Day –
 The last day of regularly scheduled* classes and activities at the                           at Ballinger Golf Course
current Senior Center is May 31. Plan to join us for a Celebration                        April 15
                                                                                            • Spring Art-a-thon Luncheon
and Barbeque on June 3rd, before the Senior Center closes its                             April 19
doors for moving.                                                                           • Movie – Alice in Wonderland
                                                                                          April 25
                                                                                            • More Secrets of the Sno-isle Catalog
 Mark your calendars for July 5th, when the Senior Center will                            April 27
reopen for business as usual at the new location in the North                               • Pedal Pushers Kick-off Meeting
                                                                                          May 6
Administration Building, located at 19000 44th Avenue in                                    • Casino Night
Lynnwood. The phone number remains the same at (425) 670-                                 May 11
5050. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,                                   • Birthday Luncheon
                                                                                          May 17
and Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm; Tuesdays 8:30am – 8:00pm.                                       • Movie – The Proposal
                                                                                          May 19
                                                                                            • Hot Dog Roast
    * Trips, Outdoor Recreation, and Enhance Fitness will continue through June.          June 3
                        Please see page 10 for more details.                                • Last Hurrah – BBQ at the Center
                                 Senior Center Membership; Age 62+
                                  $20 per person, calendar year                                    Registration Information
                                 Senior Center Associate Membership;                                 nM = non-Member fee
                                 Age 61 & Under                                                You may sign up for yourself and one
                                  $30 per person, calendar year                               member of your household using any
                                 Senior Advisory Committee                                    form of payment.
                                    The Lynnwood Senior Advisory Committee works               You may sign up for yourself and one
                                  to support Center programs, to recommend Senior
                                                                                              other person residing outside of your
City of Lynnwood Staff            activities and to advocate for Seniors in the larger
                                                                                              household provided they have given
                                  Lynnwood community. Meetings are open to the public
Director of Parks,                and Senior Center members are invited to attend.            you cash or a check in their name
Recreation & Cultural Arts                                                                    for payment prior to registration.
                                 2011 Members                                                 Your credit card or personal check
Lynn Sordel                       • Claudette Martinez - Chair                                                                     cannot be accepted on behalf of non-
                                  • Dorothy Morehouse -Vice Chair                             household members.
                                  • George Forbes - Treasurer
Recreation Superintendant         • Shirley Johnson - Assistant Treasurer                      Registration for activities and trips
Joel Faber                        • Barbara Moorehead - Secretary                             with a sign-up date is at the Senior          • Alice Wikene - Fundraising Committee Chair                Center by lottery. Numbers may be
                                  • Faye Basel - Wellness Committee Chair                     picked up between 8:30am - 9am on
Senior Center Supervisor          • Mary Roy Brown                                            registration days.
Mary-Anne Grafton                 • Ron Harris
                                  • Sharon Lightner                                             Registration begins at 9am. People        • Warren Palmer                                             arriving after that will be taken in
                                  • Nancy Rice                                                list order.
Program Coordinator               • Hazel Shaw
Debby Grant                                                                                    Telephone registration starts at
                                  • Iris Taylor
                                                                                              10am at the Senior Center. Please
                                 Monthly Meetings                                             have your credit card ready.
                                  36939 Fri Apr 1 1pm - 2:30pm
Program Coordinator               36940 Fri May 6 1pm - 2:30pm                                  Registrations are non-transferrable.
Janet Sigler                      36941 Fri Jun 3 1pm - 2:30pm                                 Activity and trip itinerary and times                                                                     may change due to weather, traffic
                                 Senior Standing Committee Meetings
                                      Wellness 36943    Fri Apr 1 11:30am - 1pm               and other unforeseen events.
Recreation Clerk                               36944    Fri May 6 11:30am - 1pm                Please park away from the Senior
Eric Christensen                               36945    Fri Jun 3 11:30am - 1pm               Center building when going on trips     Fundraising 36947    Thu Apr 14 9:30am - 10:30am           so patrons can use close parking
                                               36948    Thu May 12 9:30am - 10:30am           spaces during the day.
                                               36949    Thu Jun 9 9:30am - 10:30am

                                     Cancellation Registration for trips without an (*) may be withdrawn for credit up to three
                                         Policies business days prior to departure.
                                                       * Trips including pre-purchased items are non-refundable.
                                                       ** Overnight trips may be withdrawn for credit up to 30 days prior to departure.
    In Memorial                       Scholarship We want you to have a chance to experience and participate in classes,
                                         Program activities and trips that interest you. The City of Lynnwood offers a scholarship
                                                       program at the Senior Center. Please do not let cost keep you from enjoying
    Jerry Strasburg                                    activities. All applications are confidential.
      December 2010
                                                        Please see Mary-Anne Grafton or call 425-670-5051.
     donna wallen                            non The Lynnwood Senior Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
       January 2011                discrimination gender, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology, age, creed, religion,
                                           Policy ancestry, national origin, or presence of any sensory, mental or physical handicap. On
    ebba winblade                                      request, people with disabilities will be provided with reasonable accommodations.
      February 2011
                                         inclement delays: In the event Edmonds School District announces a delayed start time due
                                           weather to inclement weather, all Senior Center morning programs will be cancelled. All
                                             Policy programs beginning after 12 noon will run as usual, however, we do recommend that
                                                       you call to confirm. Cancellations: If Edmonds School District cancels for the day, all
                                                       programs starting before 3pm will be cancelled. Call after 2pm for status of programs
                                                       starting 3pm or later. Staff will make every attempt to open the Center unless the
                                                       Mayor of Lynnwood closes City facilities. To be sure we are open, call us first.

2                            Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                                                                      Services & Discussion Groups

            Dental Hygiene                                      Q & A with SHIBA                                              Current Issues
  Services by appointment include                    Statewide Health Insurance Benefits                      Bring your opinions and perspectives
assessment, tooth and gum evaluation,               Advisors can help you with your questions                to discuss today's news and issues with
oral cancer screening, cleaning, and                about medical and prescription coverage                  others. Choose to agree or to debate!
fluoride treatment.                                 and access, as well as provide information                 36858      Wed Apr 6 - 27 2pm - 3pm
37943     Fri Apr 8 9am - 2pm                       about long term care.
                                                                                                               36859      Wed May 4 - 25 2pm - 3pm
 37944 Fri May 13 9am - 2pm                           37004      Thu Apr 21 12:30pm - 2:30pm                 Instructor: William Greiner        Free / $5 NM
Provider: Patty Funk with          $78 / $83 NM       37005      Thu May 19 12:30pm - 2:30pm
All Smiles Dental Hygiene Services                  Instructor: Judy Edgmand                Free / $5 NM       The Happiness Project Group
                                                                                                               It's time for you to get started lightening
   Blood Pressure Screening                                 Seated Chair Massage                             your spirits. You've heard of Gretchen
  Lynnwood Fire Department Fire Corps                 Our licensed massage therapist has                     Rubin's book, The Happiness Project. This
volunteers are coming to the Senior Center          been practicing for 15 years and knows                   group will follow her curriculum to get
to check Blood Pressure. Look for them              how to work the kinks out of tired and                   started on the path to joyfulness.
in the lobby. Drop-in, no appointment               tight muscles. Call the Senior Center and                  36866      Tue Apr 5 - 26 10am - 11am
necessary.                                          schedule a 15-minute appointment.
      Mon      Apr 4      10:30am - 12:30pm                Wed        Apr 6 - 27       8:45am - 12pm           36867      Tue May 3 - 24 10am - 11am
      Wed      Apr 13     10:30am - 12:30pm                Wed        May 4 - 25       8:45am - 12pm         Instructor: Chris Riveland         Free / $5 NM
      Thu      Apr 21     10:30am - 12:30pm         Provider: Sandra Nyitray                $13 / $18 NM
      Tue      Apr 26     12pm - 2pm
      Mon      May 2      10:30am - 12:30pm                     Caring & Sharing
      Wed      May 11     10:30am - 12:30pm           Join this peer-facilitated group to talk
      Thu      May 19     10:30am - 12:30pm         with other seniors. Take the opportunity
      Tue      May 24     10:30am - 12:30pm         to bring up concerns and issues affecting
                                            Free    your life. Topics are chosen by the
                                                    facilitator and group participants.
                Foot Care
  Thirty minute appointments include a                36850          Mon Apr 4 - 25 1pm - 3pm
foot soak, a medical assessment, a nail               36851         Mon May 2 - 23 1pm - 3pm
trim and a foot massage.                            Instructor: Sharyl Martens              Free / $5 NM
37339       Fri Apr 1 10am - 2pm
                                                              Scripture Dialogue
37340       Fri Apr 15 10am - 2pm                    Engage in peer-facilitated discussion
37341       Fri May 6 10am - 2pm                    based on religious texts.
 37342      Fri May 20 9am - 11:30am                  36854      Fri Apr 1, 15 2pm - 3pm
Provider: Julie Grimm             $20 / $25 NM        36855      Fri May 6, 20 2pm - 3pm
                                                    Instructor: Harold Washington           Free / $5 NM

                                    Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                              3
Wellness Corner

    Enhance Fitness Program                                   Zumba Gold                            Intermediate Tap Dance
  The National Enhance Fitness Program is         Zumba for all ages and abilities is an         Learn dance routines and practice for
a series of specially designed and tested       innovative, fun and exciting program.          performances scheduled at local venues.
exercises developed specifically for mature     37392      Fri Apr 1 - 29 12:15pm - 1:15pm     Tap Dance is excellent exercise and a whole
participants. Lynnwood Senior Center                                                           lot of fun. Class instruction is on Thursdays;
                                                37389      Fri May 6 - 27 12:15pm - 1:15pm
instructors are trained and certified.                                                         Tuesdays are practice and rehearsal.
                                                Instructor: Carolyn Kast
                                                                                               37024 Tue Apr 5 - 26 1pm - 2pm | Practice
                Lite Fitness                    Four week sessions: $20 / $25 NM
                                                Five week sessions: $25 / $30 NM
 This is a gently-paced cardiovascular                                                                Thu Apr 7 - 28 1pm - 2pm | Lesson
workout using resistance for strength.              Pilates for Core Strength                  37025 Tue May 3 - 31 1pm - 2pm | Practice
Exercise may be in seated or standing
                                                         and Flexibility                             Thu May 3 - 26 1pm - 2pm | Lesson
                                                  Stabilize your balance and strengthen        Instructor: Melissa Olson
36816 Tue, Thu Apr 5 - 28 9:15am - 10:15am      your body's core to better prevent falls.      Four week lessons: $20 / $25 NM
                                                                                               Five week lessons: $25 / $30 NM
36817 Tue, Thu May 3 - 31 9:15am - 10:15am      Our experienced instructor works with
36818 Tue, Thu Jun 2 - 30 9:15am - 10:15am      each individual at their level, which can be                       Tai Chi
Instructor: Sherry Herdrick
                                                seated or on the floor. You'll realize added    Discover the ancient art of health and
$3 drop-in or $24 for an 8-session pass         benefits of improved coordination and          well-being through gentle, controlled
Beginning June: $21 / $26 NM                    circulation safely and without stressing       movements focusing on balance.
                                                joints. Get started now and see how your
Intermediate Enhance Fitness                    body changes.                                  37027     Mon Apr 4 - 25 11:05am - 12:05pm
  Engage in a moderate workout focused          37008        Tue Apr 5 - 26 5pm - 5:50pm
                                                                                               37028     Mon May 2 - 23 11:05am - 12:05pm
on cardio, flexibility, balance and strength.                                                  Instructor: Mary Stokes
Instructors are certified.                      37009        Tue Apr 5 - 26 6pm - 6:50pm       $5 drop-in or $30 for a 6-session pass
                                                37010       Fri Apr 1 - 29 11am - 11:50am      Beginning June: $20 / $25 NM
36819     M, W, F Apr 1 - 29 8:40am - 9:40am
36820    M, W, F May 2 - 27 8:40am - 9:40am     37011       Tue May 3 - 31 5pm - 5:50pm                   Tai Chi & Qi Gong
37420     M, W, F Jun 1 - 29 8:40am - 9:40am    37012       Tue May 3 - 31 6pm - 6:50pm         Are you looking for the increased
Instructor: Angela Dismuke & Ettie Matza                                                       physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing
                                                37013       Fri May 6 - 27 11am - 11:50am
$3 drop-in or $36 for a 12-session pass                                                        that comes with practicing Tai Chi?
Beginning June: $33 / $38 NM                    Instructor: Angela Dismuke                     Come learn about this ancient Chinese
                                                Four week sessions: $20 / $25 NM
                                                Five week sessions: $25 / $30 NM               exercise and develop skills to improve
    Advanced Enhance Fitness                                                                   your overall health.
  Join this fun and energetic group for a                     Gentle Yoga                      37031       Tue Apr 5 - 26 10:30am - 12pm
challenging cardio exercise using a variety      You will improve your posture and
of fitness equipment. Balance work is                                                          37032       Tue May 3 - 24 10:30am - 12pm
                                                alignment through guided yoga sessions.
included in this movin' class!                                                                 Instructor: Barbara Gleisner         $28 / $33 NM
                                                Chairs are used to support balance work.
36824 M, W, F Apr 1 - 29 9:50am - 10:50am       Bring a mat to class.                                        Walking Club
36825 M, W, F May 2 - 27 9:50am - 10:50am       37020       Fri Apr 1 - 29 1:30pm - 2:30pm       Walk at your own pace through the
36821 M, W, F Jun 1 - 29 9:50am - 10:50am       37021      Fri May 6 - 27 1:30pm - 2:30pm      neighborhoods around the Lynnwood
Instructors: Angela Dismuke & Ettie Matza       Instructor: Sherry Herdrick                    Senior Center. It's more fun with friends!
$3 drop-in or $36 for a 12-session pass         Four week sessions: $20 / $25 NM               36982        M, W, F Apr 1 - 29 9am - 10am
Beginning June: $33 / $38 NM                    Five week sessions: $25 / $30 NM
                                                                                               36983       M, W, F May 2 - 27 9am - 10am
                                                                                                                                        Free / $5 NM

4                                   Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                                                                                                    Classes & Activities

        Genealogy Workshop                                           Quilting                                    Art Workshop – Drop in
  If you are interested in tracing your            Try your hand at quilting! Share your work               Artists help each other create art in a
family history but aren't sure what's            and learn from others. Projects range from               friendly, supportive environment. Nothing
involved, here's how to get strted. Learn        traditional hand-quilting to wonderful                   will keep you on track with your project
and refine search techniques with public         artistic interpretations. Two weekly sessions            like a weekly class. Bring your ideas, your
records and the internet.                        are offered, each with a distinctive feel. All           materials, and your work-in-progress.
36878        Wed Apr 13 10:30am - 12pm           levels of experience welcome. Bring your                  36826           Mon Apr 4 - 25 1pm - 2:45pm
                                                 project and your ideas.
36879       Wed May 11 10:30am - 12pm                                                                      36827           Mon May 2 - 23 1pm - 2:45pm
Instructor: Margaret Summitt     Free / $5 NM
                                                  36923         Wed Apr 6 - 27 10am - 12pm                Facilitator: Reginald Allen           Free / $5 NM
                                                  36924        Wed May 4 - 25 10am - 12pm
 Knitting to Make a Difference                   Facilitator: Charlene Hall              Free / $5 NM                        Write Now!
  Do you have some time on your hands?                                                                      Do you have a story in your head? A
Are you looking for something to do that          36927       Thu Apr 7 - 28 10:30am - 12pm
                                                                                                          memory on your mind? Fiction or memoir,
will make a difference? Join the knifty                                                                   this class is a great opportunity to put your
kniffers in making blankets, hats, and            36928       Thu May 5 - 26 10:30am - 12pm               pen to paper. Instruction begins at your
scarves for local newborns and homeless          Instructor: Janet Carmichael            Free / $5 NM     level. Benefit from the interactive and
children. Our instructor is an experienced                                                                positive group suggestions and support
teacher and crafter. Experience is not                        Red Hat Society                             as you develop a new work or revise one
necessary. All levels are welcome. Needles         The Red Hat Society began as a result of               in progress.
and yarn provided.                               a few woman deciding to greet middle age
                                                 with verve, humor and elan . . . "Underneath              36005           Mon Apr 4 - 25 10am - 12pm
36882       Mon Apr 4 - 25 9:30am - 11am         the frivolity, we share a bond of affection,              36006           Mon May 2 - 23 10am - 12pm
36883       Mon May 2 - 23 9:30am - 11am         forged by common life experiences and a                   Instructor: Catherine Alexander     $20 / $25 NM
Facilitator: Hazel Shaw          Free / $5 NM    genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes
                                                 us next" (Sue Ellen Cooper, Queen Mother).                           Springtime Crafts
                                                 Join one of our two Red Hat Chapters and                    Crafting is rewarding and fun! Join
                                                 get ready to hold on! We have fun meetings               Carole Ridling in weekly sessions to create
                                                 and amazing outings, always dressed in                   pretty and playful items to keep or give as
                                                 purple and red.                                          gifts. $3 supply fee paid to instructor at
                                                                                                          the beginning of each class.
                                                                    Ruby Royals
                                                                                                           36969            Tue Apr 5 - 26 11am - 1pm
                                                   36931         Wed Apr 13 12:30pm - 2pm
                                                                                                           37405            Tue May 3 - 31 11am - 1pm
                                                   36933         Wed May 11 12:30pm - 2pm
                                                                                                          Instructor: Carole Ridling            Free / $5 NM
                                                 Queen: Hazel Shaw                       Free / $5 NM

                                                                  Crimson Cuties
                                                   36932          Wed Apr 6 12:30pm - 2pm
                                                   36934         Wed May 4 12:30pm - 2pm
                                                 Queen: Jackie Mozingo                   Free / $5 NM

                                 Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                                 5
Classes & Activities

                                                           Crafty Card Club                                   Computer Lab
      l a n g uag e s                             See how creative you can be! Learn new           If you need help to set up e-mail, browse
                                                techniques and exchange tips with other          the internet, or remember that thing you
            Beginning German                    card makers each week. Come experiment           learned to do but now can't recall, drop in
 Explore conversational German in this          with your own personal style. It's fun to use    for a little guidance. Stop at the front desk
course for beginners.                           paper, stamps, glitter and glue. You'll be       to register before going to the lab.
    36830   Mon Apr 4 - 25 10:30am - 12pm       amazed at the results. $2 material fee per       37499        Wed Apr 6 - 27 10am - 12pm
    36831   Mon May 2 - 23 10:30am - 12pm       three cards, per class; paid to instructor.
                                                                                                 37500       Wed May 4 - 25 10am - 12pm
Instructor: Ida Fernandez        Free / $5 NM   36974         Wed Apr 6 - 27 1pm - 3pm           Instructor: William Benson        Free / $5 NM
                                                36975         Wed May 4 - 25 1pm - 3pm
            Conversational ESL                  Instructor: Sharon Lightner       Free / $5 NM           Driftwood Sculpture
  Conversational ESL instruction.                                                                  Learn and refine techiques to transform
Contact the Senior Center front desk                Everything You Wanted                        rough driftwood into a fine finished
for class location.                              to Know About Computers...                      sculpture. Basic tools are available from
                                                  But were afraid to ask! Learn about            facilitator to get you started. Continuing
    36953    Thu Apr 7 - 28 10am - 11:30pm                                                       students may prepare pieces to show at
                                                hardware, software, and the internet.
    36954   Thu May 5 - 26 10am - 11:30pm       This course is tailored to the input of          local events. Bring an old towel.
Instructor: Marilyn B. Salter    Free / $5 NM   participants and is suitable for both            36874      Tue Apr 5 - 26 12:30pm - 2:30pm
                                                beginners and those with some computer           36875     Tue May 3 - 31 12:30pm - 2:30pm
                  Spanish                       experience. The instructor will assign
                                                                                                 Instructor: Elizabeth Lamphere   $10 / $15 NM
 This class is for those with some              beginner and advanced groups to come
Spanish language experience.                    on different days.                               Organic Gardening for Spring
    36961 Wed Apr 6 - 27 12:45pm - 1:45pm       37502      Tue, Thu Apr 5 - 28 11am - 12pm        You've built your cold frames and
                                                37503     Tue, Thu May 3 - 31 11am - 12pm        prepared your soil. Now you're ready
 36962 Wed May 4 - 25 12:45pm - 1:45pm
                                                Instructor: William Benson       $30 / $35 NM    to get your garden going. Learn about
Instructor: Monica Baird    Free / $5 NM                                                         plants, selection, seeds, and how to grow
                                                                                                 them using organic methods.
                                                     NEW     Piano Lessons
                                                  Do you have a piano in your living room        37414        Thu Apr 7 - 28 10am - 12pm
                                                that you haven't learned to play? There's        37415        Thu May 5 - 26 10am - 12pm
                                                no time like the present. Sign up today          Instructor: James Guay           $20 / $25 NM
                                                for a course of four 30 minute individual
                                                37410        Mon Apr 4 - 25 11am - 12pm
                                                37411       Mon May 2 - 23 11am - 12pm
                                                Instructor: Llwanga Llwanga      $10 / $15 NM

6                                Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                                                                                                       Classes & Activities
                                                              On going games
                     Bingo                                                                                                        Pinochle
 Come in on Monday afternoon and join in                                                                       Love pinochle? Used to play but rusty
the fun.                                                                                                     now? Never learned and wonder what the
36834      Mon Apr 4 - 25 12:45pm - 2:45pm                                                                   fuss is about? Come join us! New players
                                                                                                             always welcome.
36835     Mon May 2 - 23 12:45pm - 2:45pm
Facilitator: Claudette Martinez     Free / $5 NM                                                              37036            Tue Apr 5 - 26 9am - 12pm
                                                                                                              37037          Tue May 3 - 31 9am - 12pm
               Party Bridge                                                                                  Facilitator: Ethel Conrad            Free / $5 NM
 This is a friendly group. Bring a partner or
come to watch and get to know everyone.                                                                                       Pinochle Party
36838      Thu Apr 7 - 28 11:30pm - 2:30pm                                                                    Come for an exciting and challenging
                                                                                                             evening playing pinochle with a friendly
36839      Thu May 5 - 26 11:30pm - 2:30pm
                                                                                                             group of people Games are 2nd and 4th
Facilitator: Beverly Perkins        Free / $5 NM                                                             Tuesday evenings. $2 per session.
           Duplicate Bridge                                                                                   37040           Tue Apr 12, 26 4pm - 7:30pm
 Evening games for all levels of players.                                                                     37041        Tue May 10, 24 4pm - 7:30pm
Partners are required. If you don't have                                                                     Facilitator: Leona Olson            Free / $5 NM
a partner, ask how we can help you find
one. There is a $1 per session fee for this                        Mexican Train
activity.                                             Can you avoid a train wreck? Mexican
                                                    Train is a Domino game played with a
36842         Tue Apr 5 -26 4pm - 7:30pm            double 12 set. Come find out how much
 36843        Tue May 3 - 31 4pm - 7:30pm           fun it is – learn the rules and join the
Facilitator: Beverly Perkins        Free / $5 NM    game!
                                                     36914          Thu Apr 7 - 28 1pm - 3pm
                                                     36915          Thu May 5 - 26 1pm - 3pm
                                                    Facilitator: Sharon Lightner        Free / $5 NM

                                                                     Mah Jongg
                                                      Mah Jongg translated is bird of 100
                                                    intelligences. Learn to play this traditional
                                                    Chinese tile game with Susan Titan.
                                                     36917       Tue Apr 5 - 26 4:30pm - 7:30pm
                                                     36918       Tue May 3 - 31 4:30pm - 7:30pm
                    Bunco                           Facilitator: Susan Titan            Free / $5 NM                 Double Deck Pinochle
 Join us for this fast-moving round-robin                                                                     Four players, two teams, two decks of
dice game.                                                                                                   cards. Our group plays four hands and
36846      Fri Apr 1 - 29 10:30am - 12:30pm                                                                  always has fun. Come find out what it's all
 36847 Fri May 6 - 27 10:30am - 12:30pm
Facilitator: Ethel Conrad       Free / $5 NM                                                                  37043           Tue Apr 5 - 26 10:30am - 1pm
                                                                                                              37044        Tue May 3 - 31 10:30am - 1pm
                  Scrabble                                                                                   Facilitator: Carol Dunn            Free / $5 NM
  Drop in and join a table, invite friends to
do the same. Everyone from beginners to                                                                         Double Deck Pinochle Party
logophiles is welcome!                                                                                         Evening double deck – two teams at a
36911 Wed, Fri Apr 1 - 29 9:30am - 11:30am                                                                   table using two decks of cards. Games are
                                                                                                             1st and 3rd Tuesdays.
36912 Wed, Fri May 4 - 27 9:30am - 11:30am
                                Free /$5 NM                                                                   37045           Tue Apr 5, 19 4pm - 7:30pm
                                                                                                              37048         Tue May 3, 17 4pm - 7:30pm
                                                                                                             Facilitator: Barbara Mooney         Free / $5 NM

                                    Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                                  7
          Lets Make Cards for Our Soldiers
      Come and join the Crafty Card group and make Mother’s Day cards for soldiers who are
     away from home. Help a soldier send a beautiful card to his or her mother this year. Sharon
     Lightner will host the craft table. Sponsored by Costco Wholesale and the Senior Advisory
     37281                                  Wed Apr 6 1pm - 2pm
                                                                                             Free / $5 NM

             Spring Art-a-Thon
      Make a card or two, then move on to dip two or three
    eggs and then stop at the craft table and whip out
                                                                    MoRe Secrets of the
    a spring or Easter table decoration. Sharon Lightner
    and Carole Ridling staff our craft tables at this event.
                                                                   Sno-Isle Catalog Revealed !
    In partnership with Clare Bridge of                              The new Polaris catalog and the library premium
    Lynnwood and the Senior                                        databases are the focus of this session. Learn how to
    Advisory Committee.                                            manage your account and search the internet for the
    37280 Fri Apr 15 12pm - 1:30pm                                 item you’re looking for.
                         $5 / $10 NM                                37279                       Mon Apr 25 1pm - 3pm
                                                                   Instructor: Matt Laxton                             Free / $5 NM

     The Senior Advisory Fundraising Committee presents

        Friday May 6th 4:30pm – 8:00pm
       Join us for burgers with all the fixin’s, a fun
    silent auction and your favorite casino games.
       Prizes awarded at the end of the evening.
         Buy tickets in person daily beginning
       April 18, 10am-3pm at the Senior Center.
         Blackjack * texas Hold’em * Pull-tabs
              Poker * roulette * Bingo

     $12 – Cash or Check ONLY. No day of event sales.
                    Doors open at 4pm
                 Dinner served at 4:30pm
                   Games begin at 5pm
8                             Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                   Birthday                                                                       The Big Shebang
                      Celebration                                                                BBQ at the Center
                            Luncheon                                                  The grill is hot and the music is smokin' for the last event at
 A pril, May & June                                                                  our Scriber Square location. The John Stephan band will blast
   Come join us for birthday lunch and great music by the                            some blues and Rich's Chuckwagon will turn out burgers,
 Huckabillys. If your birthday is in April, May or June and                          dogs, potato salad and beans. Food generously donated
 you’re a Lynnwood Senior Center member you may register                             by the Senior Advisory Committee; music sponsored by
 for free. Attendance is limited – register early. In partnership                    Clare Bridge of Lynnwood. Members attend this event free –
 with Fairwinds Brighton Court.                                                      advance registration is required and attendance is limited.
  37278                 Wed May 11 11:30am - 12:30pm                                  37276                      Fri Jun 3 11:30am - 1pm
 Free for Birthday Members                                     $3 / $8 NM                                                                      Free / $5 NM

          Hot Dog Roast
Bring a friend and grab a dog – we’re having a hot dog roast.
 37277                      Thu May 19 12pm - 1pm
Sponsored by Gencare Lifestyle Lynnwood at Scriber Gardens.

         Full Meal – hot dog, chips, carrots & dip          $2.00
                                                                                                 First Monday Lunch Bunch
                                                                                                       Mondays, 11:30am $3 / $8 NM
              Al La Carte                                                             Enjoy fresh, healthy, tasty food with friends. Dessert is
         Hot Dog      $1.00                                                          always a surprise. Reservations required the preceding
                                                                                     week, please.
           Chips      $0.50
   Carrots & Dip      $0.50
                                                                                      36901    Apr 4     Potato Bar
            Soda      $0.50
                                                                                      36902    May 2     Potato Bar

Alice in Wonderland                                  Movie Madness!                                                             The Proposal
  (2010) PG; A 19-year-old Alice                                                                                              (2009) PG-13; When she
(Mia Wasikowska) journeys                                                                                                   learns she’s in danger of losing
through Underland, where she                                                                                               her visa status and being
experiences strange ordeals and                                                                                            deported, overbearing book
encounters peculiar characters,                                                                                            editor Margaret Tate (Sandra
including the vaporous Cheshire                                                                                           Bullock, in a Golden Globe-
Cat (voiced by Stephen Fry),                                                                                              nominated role) forces her put-
the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp)                                                                                              upon assistant, Andrew Paxton
and the sadistic Red Queen                                                                                               (Ryan Reynolds), to marry her.
(Helena Bonham Carter). Anne                                                                                            Directed by Anne Fletcher (27
Hathaway, Alan Rickman, Matt                                                                                            Dresses), this romantic comedy
Lucas and Crispin Glover co-star                                                                                        also stars Craig T. Nelson and
in this inventive, Golden Globe-                                                                                       Mary Steenburgen as Andrew’s
nominated adaptation of the Lewis                                                                                      parents, Joe and Grace, and
Carroll classic.                                                                                                       Betty White as the outspoken
37275 Tue Apr 19 1pm Free / $5 NM                                                                                      Grandma Annie.
                                                                                                                       37274 Tue May 17 1pm Free / $5 NM

                                     Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                                  9
More About the Move
 As everyone has been watching the Lynnwood Recreation Center renovation, many don’t know that this
project has long been planned as Phase One of Two — the second phase being the development of a
second building adjacent to the Rec Center intended to house the Senior Center. The hope is to one day
gain the approvals and funds to move ahead with the building. In the meantime, the North Administration
Building (NAB) is a City-owned facility located just across the parking lot from the Recreation Center. Due
to City-wide budget cuts, the Senior Center remaining in the current leased location is unfeasible. We
are going ahead with long-awaited plans, just a little earlier than expected. The Senior Center is simply
moving ahead of schedule, and this is exciting!

 There are many benefits to moving the Senior Center to Lynnwood City Campus. The Center will be on
the bus line, close to City Hall and the library, surrounded by wooded walking trails, and best of all, able to
make use of the excellent amenities at the Recreation Center. Besides joining into Water Fitness for Adults
62+, there is access to the new weight room, therapy pool, lazy river, lap pool, sauna, adult hot tub, and
much more. Several Senior Center fitness classes, such as Enhance Fitness and Tai Chi will be held in the
Rec Center’s beautiful new spaces.

Questions and Answers:
1.) What will happen to my class / activity / trip during the Senior Center closure?
  All current activities will run as scheduled through May 31 at the Senior Center’s current location. Most will then take
a break for the month of June, resuming on July 5. The exceptions are Enhance Fitness classes, which will start in their
new and on-going fitness spaces at the Rec Center on June 1. Trips and Outdoor Recreation will continue as scheduled,
leaving from the front doors of the new Senior Center location at the North Administration Building.

2.) What will happen to my class / activity / trip when the Senior Center re-opens?
 Classes and activities will resume on regular schedules at the North Administrative Building beginning July 5. In the
case of any unanticipated changes to a class or activity, those registered will be notified individually by phone.

3.) Can I still come in for coffee?
  Yes! The kitchen, with an adjoining Great Room comparable to the current space, will be open and available for coffee,
treats, reading newspapers, and hanging out with your friends.

4.) Where will I park?
 Parking is available throughout City campus, and disability spaces are planned. Trip parking is behind the Fire Station,
to allow closer spaces for regular day use.

5.) Where do I get more information?
 Please see any Senior Center staff member. You may call the Senior Center front desk at (425) 670-5050. After June 3,
any relevant updates will be recorded on this line, and you may leave a voicemail that will be returned as time permits.
For more calls of a more urgent nature during Senior Center closure, you may call Recreation Center Customer Service at
(425) 670-5732.

10                          Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                                                                                                  Outdoor Recreation
                                                                                                                      Before you go…
                                                                                                                    some things to know
                                                                                                                When you imagine yourself hiking a
                                                                                                              remote trail or skiing a pristine mountain,
   Lake Padden, Bellingham                                                                                    there are some things to keep in mind for
                       –                                                                                      the safest, most enjoyable trip.
  Some of the most beautiful lakes in                                                                           For experienced walkers and flat trail
Western Washington can be found in                                                                            hikers, remember that higher elevations
Bellingham. Walk through the trees on the                                                                     mean more physical demands with less
shore of Lake Padden, looking for birds                                                                       oxygen. For your first snowshoe outing,
                                                                                                              think about choosing the Summit Nordic
and lilly pads. If the tulips are in bloom we                                                                 Center or Lake Wenatchee trips. If you
will drive through the Skagit tulip fields                                                                    have lung or heart concerns, consult your
on the way home.                                                                                              doctor first.
• Mostly level elevation on paved and                                                                           For your safety you need to wear hiking
  gravel paths                                                                                                boots for foot protection and ankle
• 3-mile loop trail                                                                                           support. Athletic shoes are not permitted.
• There are some optional spur trails with                                                                    Your boots should be broken-in before you
                                                                                                              go – don’t plan to wear brand new shoes.
  up to 400 foot elevation gain                          Dash Point State Park,                               Snowshoers need to use waterproof boots
37298           Tue Apr 5 9am - 4pm                     Federal Way      –                                    to keep feet warm and dry.
Sign-up Date: March 25           $23 / $28 NM       Dash Point is a 398 acre park filled                        If you have any questions about the
                                                  with a lot of hiking trails. Walk along the                 outdoor program please contact Janet
    Whistle Lake and Mt Erie                      shoreline for a view of the bluffs of Puget                 Sigler at 425-670-5056. Leave a message
                                                                                                              for questions about equipment, trips, and
                   –                              Sound. Sea life is abundant in this area.                   which activity is right for you.
  To kick off the hiking season, try this         Look for 32 different species!
challenging hike on Mt. Erie, where the           • 11 miles of trails for all levels of hikers.
spectacular view makes it all worthwhile.           Distance is up to you
If you'd rather choose a hike with less           • Elevation gains up to 500 feet                                               Please arrive 15
elevation gain, hike around Whistle Lake           37301          Wed Apr 27 9am - 4:30pm
                                                                                                                                  minutes before
and get shuttled to the top of Mt. Erie.          Sign-up Date: March 25                  $23 / $28 NM
                                                                                                                               departure time on
After the hike you'll have a chance to view                                                                                     all outdoor trips.
the Skagit tulip fields on the way home.              Preston-Snoqualmie Trail,
• Shore Loop is about 3 1/2 miles round trip.          Lake Alice Trailhead
• 400 foot elevation gain. The high point           Stoll along on this former railroad grade
                                                                                                                     Hiking Essentials
  is a knob at 740 feet                           though forested land. At the end of the                       whistle
• Whistle Lake is up to 4 miles                   trail you will be rewarded with a view of
• Elevation up to 1,000 feet                      the top of Snoqualmie Falls.                                  a sit pad
 37299         Wed Apr 13 9am - 5pm               • 4 miles round trip                                          cell phone
Sign-up Date: March 25          $23 / $28 NM      • Mostly level paved path
                                                                                                                sack lunch
                                                   37302            Tue May 3 9am - 4pm
      Port Susan Bay,                             Sign-up Date: April 6                   $23 / $28 NM          extra socks
Nature Conservancy Reserve,                                                                                     bug repellent
     Skagit County
  Get away from the city to a quiet, nature                  Hike Difficulty Key                                plenty of water
conservancy tucked away near Warm                                    Easy; flat trail paved                     layered clothes
Beach. View migratory birds and other                                or unpaved
wildlife in this area. Don't forget your                             Moderately easy;                           Golden Age Pass
binoculars and cameras.                                              slight elevation gain                      good hiking boots
• 2-mile loop on a level dike                                        with some hills
• And remember to fill out a required                                                                           hat and rain jacket
                                                                     Moderate; some difficult
  Nature Conservancy waiver form when                                terrain & elevation gain; you              hiking or ski pole
  you sign up                                                        must be steady on your feet
37300         Tue Apr 19 9am - 4:30pm
                                                                                                                plastic bag for garbage
                                                                     Moderately difficult;
Sign-up Date: March 25           $23 / $28 NM                        steeper elevation gain with                money for bakery stops
                                                                     switch backs or steps; rocks,              sunscreen & sunglasses
                                                                     roots & challenging footing
                                                               *Hiking poles highly suggested                   tissue and/or mole skin

                                  Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                             11
Outdoor Recreation

                                                                                                                Fragrance Lake Loop,
                                                                                                          This charming lake is tucked above
                                                                                                        Chuckanut Drive in a lush forest. Bellingham
                                                                                                        residents go to this wonderful place to
                                                                                                        escape the city.
                                                                                                        • 5-6 mile loop
                                                                                                        • 1,110 feet elevation gain
                                                                                                         37305        Wed May 25 9am - 5:30pm
          Cedar Butte and                                 Bellingham Trails, Part 1                     Sign-up Date: April 6           $23 / $28 NM
        Rattlesnake Lake I-90                                                –
                         –                             There are a lot of trails to explore                      Federation Forest
  We will start with a climb up to Cedar             throughout Bellingham. Our trek starts                     State Park, Hwy 410
Butte to overlook the North Bend area.               at Marine Park winds through Fairhaven,                                    –
Lunch at Cedar Watershed Interpretive                and lands on the Interurban Trail. We                Hike through five distinct ecosystems
Center is followed by an easy stroll around          will go though several parks and the               within a radius of just one mile. Short
Rattlesnake Lake or a more challenging               Sehome Hill Arboretum before looping               interpretive loops and various trails for all
hike to Rattlesnake Ridge.                           back to Marine Park.                               levels lead out from the Visitor Center.
• Cedar Butte 900' elevation gain and                • Up to 5 miles round trip mostly paved            • Mostly level elevation
  3 mile round trip                                    with some gravel                                 • Up to 4 miles round trip
• Rattlesnake Ridge 1160' elevation gain             • Elevation gain up to 500 feet                    37306         Tue May 31 9am - 6:30pm
  and 4 mile round trip                              37304           Tue May 17 9am - 5pm               Sign-up Date: April 6             $23 / $28 NM
37303           Wed May 11 9am - 5pm                 Sign-up Date: April 6               $23 / $28 NM
Sign-up Date: April 6                 $23 / $28 NM                                                         Boulder River, Darrington
                                                                                                          This hike begins along an old road that winds
                                                                                                        through the woods and eventually drops
        Teed Off Seniors Golf                         Season Opener Field Day                           down to the river. The next 1.3 miles bring
                                                                                                        you to a magnificent sight of waterfalls on the
    The Lynnwood Senior Center                         Don't miss the games and prizes!                 other side of the river.
   sponsors this fun social group on                 Come early for coffee and donuts. Tee              • 7 miles round trip
   alternating Thursdays throughout                  times start at 10am. Lunch banquet at              • 400' elevation gain
   the spring, summer and early fall                 the course following play. Pay $8 for
                                                                                                        37307          Wed Jun 8 9am - 5:30pm
   at the Ballinger Golf Course. Play is             lunch when you check in.
   rain or shine unless thunderstorms                                                                   Sign-up Date: May 5               $23 / $28 NM
                                                     37318             Thu Apr 14 9am
   are imminent. We play best ball. Pay
   green fees at the course. You may
                                                                                                          Lime Kiln Trail, Granite Falls
                                                       Contact Bob Hackney (425) 355-9101
   rent pull carts, clubs and driving carts          with questions and to arrange your tee
   for additional costs.                                                                                  This trail travels through an area rich in
                                                     times. Meet at the golf course for all             history as we follow the Everett & Monte
                                                     games.                                             Cristo Railway's abandoned railbed. On
     Regular Play on April 21 and                                 23000 Lakeview Dr
                                                                                                        the way to the old kiln, look for scattered
    alternate Thursdays beginning                              Mountlake Terrace, WA                    artifacts related to logging and mining.
    May 5.                                                           (425) 697-4653                     • 400 foot elevation gain
                                                                                                        • 5.5 mile round trip
     37319              Thu Apr 21, May 5
                                                                 Check in half an hour                  37308            Tue Jun 14 9am - 4pm
     37320              Thu Jun 2, 16, 30                             before tee time.                  Sign-up Date: May 5               $23 / $28 NM

12                                   Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                                                                                                   Outdoor Recreation
                                                        Pedal Pushers Bicycling
                                                       New this year! Benefit from our partnership with BIKES Club of Snohomish County.
                                                     With help from BIKES Ride Leaders we will ride every week. Join us on Wednesdays
                                                     and Thursdays for 15 - 25 mile group bicycle rides. We ride on trails, on-street bike
                                                     lanes and low-traffic roads to bakeries, parks and community centers. First ride of
                                                     the month is always a trail ride for new-comers. Helmets are required on all rides.
                                                     Please arrive 15 minutes before ride starts. Distances are approximate.

                                                                  Season Kick-Off                                       Snohomish North
                                                                 Brown Bag Lunch                                        on the Centennial
                                                      If you've been thinking about bicycling,               Meet at the Centennial Trail in
                                                     come to this session to jump-start your                Snohomish and ride north on the trail.
                                                     season. You'll find our group friendly                 RT 14 miles. Snack break along the way.
                                                     and ready to help you on your way.                      37327           Wed Jun 1 10am - 3pm
                                                     Learn what you need to start off safe                               BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM
                                                     and secure. Bring your bike if you like
                                                     and we'll do minor fit and safety checks.
                                                     Brown bag lunch is optional.
                                                                                                                     Wilmot Gateway Park
 Otter Falls / Taylor River, I-90                                                                                     to Marymore Park
                                                      37322      Wed Apr 27 11:30am - 12:30pm                Meet at Wilmot Gateway Park and ride
                                                                  BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM         the Burke Gilman trail to Marymoor Park.
  Enjoy viewing several waterfalls as you
                                                                                                            RT 18 miles on level trail. Snack break at
hike along the Taylor River until the third              North Lynnwood to Everett                          Marymoor Park.
mile when it reaches Marten Creek. There               Meet at the Walmart on 164th St SW. Ride
are some crossings across creeks. Wear                                                                       37328           Thu Jun 9 10am - 3pm
                                                     from north Lynnwood to Everett Mall on
waterproof boots.                                    the Interurban Trail. RT 11 miles on trail and
                                                                                                                         BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM
• 600 foot elevation gain                            road connections. Snack break in Everett.
• 9 miles round trip                                                                                                   South Lynnwood
                                                      37323          Wed May 5 10am - 3pm                             Neighborhood Park
37310        Wed Jun 22 9am - 6:30pm
Sign-up Date: May 5               $23 / $28 NM
                                                                  BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM                      to Silver Lake
                                                                                                              Meet at South Lynnwood Neighborhood
 Dungeness Spit, Sequim                                          Log Boom Park                              Park and ride to Thornton Sullivan Park
  Walk on one of the longest spits in the                     to Red Hook Brewery                           and around Silver Lake on the Interurban
world. Bring your camera and binoculars               Meet at Log Boom Park and ride on the                 trail. RT 18 miles on trail and road. Mostly
to view the abundant wildlife in this area.          Burke Gilman Trail to Red Hook Brewery                 level with some uphill on the trail. Snack
Bring your Golden Age Pass or $2 for the             and back. RT 14 miles with a snack break               break at Silver Lake or L'Artisan Bakery.
entry fee. Ferry trip fare included.                 at the brewery.                                         37329           Wed Jun 15 10am - 3pm
• Last mile has mostly level 500 foot                 37324          Thu May 12 10am - 3pm                               BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM
  elevation gain                                                  BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM
• Up to 11 miles round trip                                                                                         Paine Field, Lynnwood,
 37309         Sat Jun 25 8am - 7:30pm                 Echo Lake Park to Green Lake                                    Silver Lake Loop
Sign-up Date: May 5               $33 / $38 NM         Meet at Echo Lake Park and ride to                     Meet at Paine Field Community Park and
                                                     Green Lake on the Interurban trail & low-              ride on road to Lynnwood where we'll pick
  Camano Island Hiking Trails                        traffic streets. RT 18 miles, mostly level.            up the Interurban Trail for a few miles before
                      –                              Snack break near Green Lake.                           returning to Paine Field via Silver Lake. RT
  Camano Island has several state parks               37325         Wed May 18 10am - 3pm                   20 miles, mostly level road and some trail.
that offer a variety of hiking trails to enjoy.                   BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM         Snack break in Lynnwood.
Walk along the beach or through the                                                                          37331           Wed Jun 23 10am - 3pm
forest.                                                   Rotary Park to Snohomish                                       BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM
• Camano Island State Park 2.5 miles round             Meet at Rotary Park in Everett and ride
  trip with 200 foot elevation gain                  to Snohomish via River Rd. RT 15 miles on              Duwamish & Green River Trails
• Cama Beach State Park 3 miles round trip           level road. Snack break in Snohomish.                   Call or check online later for more
  with 200 foot elevation gain                                                                              details on this ride. RT about 20 miles.
                                                      37326          Thu May 26 10am - 3pm
37311          Tue Jun 28 9am - 5pm                                                                          37330           Thu Jun 29 10am - 3pm
                                                                  BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM
Sign-up Date: May 5               $23 / $28 NM                                                                           BIKES Club & Members Free / $5 NM

                                   Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                            13
Trips & Excursions

        Old Time Fiddlers Fest                      American Chronicles:                                Split 2nd Improv at
         – in Shelton –                         The Art of Norman Rockwell *                          Redmond Town Center *
  Once again we're heading to this popular                              –                                                 –
invitation-only event. The trip usually sells     Don't miss your opportunity to see this         Start your weekend with dinner at The
out so don't hesitate, register now. Trip fee   vast exhibit of Rockwell paintings and 323       British Pantry followed by fun at Split
includes transportation, pre-performance        Saturday Evening Post covers. The Tacoma         2nd Improv. The audience helps drive
entertainment, matinee performance and          Art Museum is the only Northwest stop for        the show at Improv so come prepared to
spaghetti dinner following the matinee.         this traveling exhibition. Trip fee includes     participate. Trip fee includes admission to
 3777          Sat Apr 2 11am - 7:30pm          a docent tour, general museum admission          Improv. You'll pay for your own dinner.
Sign-up Date: Now                $31 / $36 NM   and a $10 museum store gift card. Purchase       37066           Fri May 20 6pm - 11pm
                                                lunch on your own at The Old Spaghetti           Sign-up Date: April 18           $21 / $26 NM
      Skagit Tulip Festival                     Factory after we leave the museum.
 It's our annual trek to the tulip festival     37064          Thu Apr 28 9am - 3:30pm           New Day Northwest at KING 5
where you'll have opportunity to browse         Sign-up Date: April 7            $37 / $42 NM                             –
the famous Roozengaarde garden displays                                                            We've scheduled it again for those of you
with 11 new and unique tulip varieties                Pilchuck Glass Studio *                    who missed our December trip to see the
this year. Around mid-day we'll stop at the                             –                        taping of this fun new daytime television
Kiwanis salmon barbeque where you may             On this trip to the Pilchuck Glass School      show. This is your chance to visit the set
purchase lunch for $10. Before, aft, and in     in Stanwood you'll observe the fascinating       and see host Margaret Larson in person.
between we'll wander thru the tulip fields.     art of glassblowing up close. A volunteer        You may take pictures before and after the
Trip fee includes Roozengaarde entry.           guide will teach you about the wide range        show but not during. After the show you
Bring $10 cash for salmon BBQ or pack a         of glass making processes and give you a         may choose your own lunch stop at the
sack lunch if you like.                         peek inside the Hot Shop. After the tour         Center House in Seattle Center. Purchase
37062           Thu Apr 14 10am - 5pm           you'll be treated to a buffet lunch on campus    lunch on your own.
Sign-up Date: April 7            $18 / $23 NM   with the students. Weather permitting, we'll     37067        Tue May 24 8:30am - 2:30pm
                                                drive down the hill to Kayak Point for a brief   Sign-up Date: April 18           $11 / $16 NM
   Historic Smith Tower *                       stop on the way home. Trip fee includes
 The Smith Tower reigned as the tallest         transportation, tour admission and lunch.
building west of the Mississippi for almost     37065       Tue May 10 10:15am - 3:30pm
50 years. After using the brass and copper
                                                Sign-up Date: April 7            $43 / $48 NM
caged manual elevators to reach the
observation deck we'll climb back in our
bus and head to Uwajimaya for lunch.
Enjoy this day of exploration into Seattle's
past and present. Trip fee includes Smith
Tower and transportation. purchase lunch
on your own.
37063         Wed Apr 20 9am - 1:30pm
Sign-up Date: April 7            $16 / $21 NM

14                              Call (425) 670-5050 to register or for more information
                                                                                                          Trips & Excursions

                                                                                                                              Little Creek
                                                                                                                Tuesdays are Primetime at Little Creek
                                                                                                               so be sure to stop at the promotions
                                                                                                               booth and claim your $5 slot play for a
                                                                                                               $10 buy-in and $3 food special.
                                                                                                                37071       Tue Apr 12 9am - 5:30pm
    Photo Excursion                –                     Wild Horse Wind Farm –                                Sign-up Date: April 7         $10 / $15 NM
 Mountains, waterfalls and wildlife will                Renewable Energy Center                                                Silver Reef
give you plenty of photo practice. Bring a                                   –                                  Join us for 55+ Monday at Silver Reef.
sack lunch or money to buy en route. Jim             This tour in Ellensburg will give us a first-             55% off the lunch buffet and 5X points
Thomas will act as photography tutor on             hand look at how energy can be made from                   with your Diamond Dividends card.
this outing.                                        wind and sun. The on-site solar array meets                 37072        Mon Apr 25 9am - 5pm
37068           Fri Jun 10 9am - 4pm                most of the electricity needs of the facility.             Sign-up Date: April 18      $10 / $15 NM
Sign-up Date: May 16               $13 / $18 NM     The tour includes an up-close look at the
                                                    turbine towers. Those with pacemakers                      Mill Bay Casino & Leavenworth
                                                    are prohibited from entering the towers.                    Before summer heats up it's time to
                                                    Purchase your own lunch at the Dakota                      head east of the mountains for a day
                                                    Cafe in Ellensburg after the tour.                         at the casino and dinner and browsing
                                                     37069        Wed Jun 15 7:15am - 5:30pm                   the shops in Leavenworth. Mill Bay will
                                                    Sign-up Date: May 16                    $23 / $28 NM
                                                                                                               give you a $5 off food coupon for lunch
                                                                                                               at the casino. Dinner on your own in
                                                       Ride the Gondola at Crystal                             Leavenworth on the return.
                                                         Mountain *     –                                       37073        Wed May 4 7am - 8pm
                                                      The gondola is a new addition to our                     Sign-up Date: April 18      $21 / $26 NM
                                                    local mountain playgrounds and you
                                                    won't want to miss it. We'll ride to the top
                                                                                                                         Angel of the Winds
                                                    and take time to enjoy the views and eat                    You'll have fun at this popular casino
                                                    lunch. En route to Crystal Mountain we                     that's close to home. Lots of slots to
                                                    plan to take a break at the ever-popular                   enjoy and great food options.
                                                    Black Diamond Bakery. Bring a sack lunch                    37074        Thu May 26 9am - 4pm
                                                    or purchase at the bakery. Trip fee includes               Sign-up Date: April 18      $10 / $15 NM
                                                    gondola ride. This is a sightseeing trip.
                                                    Look for an outdoor hike planned to
                                                                                                                 Muckleshoot offers bingo, Keno,
                                                    Crystal Mountain later in the summer.
                                                                                                               and lots of machines. Check in at the
                                                      3770            Wed Jun 29 9am - 6pm                     Preferred Player Club booth on arrival.
                                                    Sign-up Date: May 16                    $31 / $36 NM       Lunch on your own at any of the casino
                                                                                                                37075         Tue Jun 7 9am - 5pm
             Difficulty Key                                        Trip Check-In
                                                                                                               Sign-up Date: May 16          $10 / $15 NM
                Minimal walking
                                                         To better manage trip check-in we
                Minimal to Moderate
                                                       ask that on arrival at the Senior Center                               Snoqualmie
                                                       you take a seat in the kitchen. Staff and                June is a great time for a drive up
                walking and/or some stairs
                                                       bus drivers will check you in. Drivers                  Snoqualmie Pass. Join the Crescent
                Moderate walking and/or                will open bus doors after accounting                    Club for casino bonuses.
                at least one flight of stairs          for all participants. If you have a special              37076        Thu Jun 30 9am - 5pm
                Moderately difficult;                  request, such as sitting with a friend,
                lots of walking and/or many                                                                    Sign-up Date: May 16         $10 / $15 NM
                                                       please call ahead and let us know so
                stairs or other challenges             we can accommodate you.
                                    Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. c i . l y n n w o o d. wa . u s / s e n i o r s                          15
   The Big Shebang
  BBQ at the Center
  The grill is hot and the music is smokin' for the
last event at our Scriber Square location. The John
Stephan band will blast some blues and Rich's
Chuckwagon will turn out burgers, dogs, potato
salad and beans. Food generously donated by the
Senior Advisory Committee; music sponsored by
Clare Bridge of Lynnwood. Members attend this
event free – advance registration is required and
attendance is limited.
37276             Fri Jun 3 11:30am - 1pm
                                            Free / $5 NM

City of Lynnwood                                              PRSRT STD
19100 44th Avenue west                                      U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 5008                                                      PAID
Lynnwood, wA 98046-5008                                    LYNNWOOD, WA
                                                             PERMIT #119
Address Service requested

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