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                                                           BOARD AGENDA                                  May 14, 2011
                                                           BUENO East
                                                           3215 Marine Street
                                                           Boulder, CO 80309

                                                 11 Board Members. Board may be 13 for the extended term of a President Emeritus.
                                                 Quorum – (7) majority of the members of the Board.
CABE’s Mission
     To advocate for and enhance the development of educational policy and programs that will positively affect learners and communities of linguistically and
     culturally diverse backgrounds.


 No      Agenda Items        Previous Meeting                               Notes from this meeting
 1      Call to Order                                                       Christine Muldoon Meeting called to order at 10:25.
        Who: Christine M       Mtg called to order 10:50 – by
        Time: 1 min           Heather
 2      Attendance           Attendees                                      Board Members:                                     Tomás Mejía
        Who: Christina       Heather Riley
        Time: 1 min          Amy Galicia                                          Christine Muldoon                            Susan Hopewell
                             Maria Perez de Leon                                  Heather Riley                                Christina Bernal-Sati
                             Christina Bernal-Sati
                             Cristina Medina                                      Amy Galicia                                  Christina Medina
                             Sue Hopewell
                                                                                  Lina Quintero                                Leti Ortiz
                             Additional Members Present:                          María Pérez de León                   Additional Members Present:
                             Sue Miller
                                                                                  Carmen Cano                           Rosalie Gomez

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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                                  Notes from this meeting

 3   Approval of        Amy moved to approve minutes.                     Christina Bernal Sate moved to approve the minutes. Amy seconded.
     Agenda             Christina Bernal Sati Seconded.
     Who: Board
     Time: 5 min        Motion made and approved to move
                        agenda item 9 to number 4.

 4   Norms              Norms reviewed.                                    We are here to build capacity
     Who: Christine M   Heather added that we should try to                 Make it a commitment to come to the meetings (support is needed)
     Time: 2 min        be on time.                                         Ask for help, when needed & communicate openly
                                                                            Respect roles and remember best intentions of everyone
                                                                           o Be on time
 5   Board News          C.      4/4         S.            4/17/66     Christina Bernal no longer at DPS.
     Who: Everyone       Muldoon             Hopewell                  Lina & Sue celebrated graduation last week.
     Time: 5 min.        H Riley 9/17/68     C. Bernal     3/21
                         A,         10/23/69 Leti Ortiz    5/15
                         L.         11/26     C. Medina 10/7
                         M. Perez   7/9       R. Gomez 12/6
                         de Leon
                         C. Cano    11/24     S. Miller    7/15/70
                         T. Mejia   8/23

                        Christina Medina applying to teach in Spain.
                        Amy will be CU doc student beginning fall
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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                               Notes from this meeting
                     Amy joining a team CADI Review for BVSD
                     Sue H. accepted a faculty position of CU
                     Boulder (SoE)
                     Maria in school beginning April 20
                     Jorge García asked to apply for DPS Director
                     Heather’s husband in paper today! Campaign
                     going well. Endorsed by Realtors & Federico
 6    Treasurer’s    Lina submitted written report prior to meeting Lina delivered report.
      Report         as she was unable to attend.
      Who: Lina                                                     Imagine Learning: Amy talked to Joel. They’ll continue to support us, but we’re going let
      Time: 10 min   Checking: $4,723.57 (Paid Oneweb hosting bygones be bygones (misunderstanding).
                     Savings: $49,222.40 (earned $13.50 interest) Exhibitor/sponsor committee will forward everything to Lina.
                     ADOBE: $1,486.68

                           Joel – Imagine Learning ($600). Lina DID bill
                           him. Nothing received. Amy has the emails

                           UCD – Full page ad (Amy cannot locate
                           contact person in email) – email to Sally
                           Nathenson-Mejía (Lina)

                           REGIS – Full page ad – Contact Kathy
                           Nutting (Lina)

                           Exhibitors/sponsors committee should
                           ALWAYS include Treasurer to be sure billing
                           for ads & all other expenses are handled.

                           Heather paid College Summit ad (1/2 page

                           Full page: $175
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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                                    Notes from this meeting
                     ½ page: $90

 7   Pay bills        Transfer $500 to ADOBE from CABE (Lina)            Need to reimburse Christina Medina.
     Time: 10 min     Write $500 check to support HEAA from
                      ADOBE (Lina) – Consider more after AMME
                      expenses noted.
                      Reimburse Christina Medina for hotel at
                      AMME (Money that would have paid CABE
                      President’s trip.) (Lina)
                      Reimburse Christina Medina for flight
                      (Money that would have paid CABE
                      President’s trip.) (Lina)
 8   Legislative      ASSETT                                             ASSETT didn’t pass house.
     Update           ASSETT on floor now.
     Who: Christine   ADOBE should support ASSETT.                       Bennett is a strong supporter.
     Time: 5-10 min   5013c – 54 – Do we have this because it
                      allows us to write letters in support of issues.   Per Maria: follow the strategies of those against ASSETT. (
                      (Heather to check with Jorge).
                      Votes are there in the Senate. Committee in        James just under 1500 votes from making run-off. Latino vote didn’t come out. Needed
                      house is unclear. Best case would be               television ads. James now endorsing Chris Romer.
                      Education Committee. It’s up to the Speaker
                      of the House.
                      Strategy: contact republicans from your
                      district – those who represent a particular
                      school district. CABE will send one email
                      asking for member support. Joanna Bruno
                      (CDE) asks if CABE can support HEAA to
                      support ASSETT.
 9   ADOBE            ACTION ITEM: Invite Rocky and Frances to           ACTION ITEM: Invite Rocky and Frances to attend CABE Mtgs. (Christine M.)
     Who:             attend CABE Mtgs. (Christine M.)
10   CABE Conf.       THEME: Unidos: Building our Dream                  Conference Chairperson: Heather/Christine M.
     Who: Everyone    Together                                           Contract submitted to Marriott Park Meadows. Does everyone need to visit to have an
     Time: 30         Conference Chairperson: Heather                    idea. It’s smaller, but we have nearly the entire thing & it’s cozy. Everything’s all
                      Exhibitors/Sponsors: Chair – Leti & Christina      together. 250 is Ballroom capacity. Break-outs 40 – 60. On Friday evening they are
                      B.; Co-chair – Tomás (honorary member –            committed (Ballroom) to something else. Exhibitors need to vacate by 3:00. When last
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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                                  Notes from this meeting
                     Lina)                                             breakout begins, exhibitors will begin to break down.
                     Student Essays/Scholarships/Awards: Chair –
                     Christina Medina; Co-Chair Carmen (&              There’s a larger Marriott just up the street. We need to be careful about clarifying it.
                     Volunteers/Entertainment: Chair – María           Can CDE provide big projector (Yes per Tomas)
                     Registration: Chair – Lina; Co-Chair –            Let’s bring as many projectors as we can.
                     Christina Bernal Sati                             CDE currently doing budget – ask for what we need. Make a list. ASAP (Tomas & Maria)
                     Presenters/Keynote: Chair – Sue Hopewell;
                     Co-Chair: Sue Miller                              Exhibitors/Sponsors: Chair – Leti & Christina B.
                     Program: Christina Medina will help Amy &         On Friday evening they are committed (Ballroom) to something else. Exhibitors need to
                     Christine Muldoon make the program, so that       vacate by 3:00. When last breakout begins, exhibitors will begin to break down.
                     it can eventually be completed by President        Set up should be the evening before.
                     Emeritus & President.                             Need to send announcements to exhibitors before June.
                                                                       LOGISTICS: (Heather to check)
                                                                       What time can set up begin?
                        Set conference pricing:                        Can exhibitors send materials directly to hotel? Cost to receive? What’s window?
                        Last year it was:                              How long exhibitors table?
                             Attendee $125 or $200                    Table size?
                             Presenter $100 or $175                   Draped?
                             Exhibitor $250 (one table and all        Need map.
                                meals for 1 rep), $100/additional
                                table, $22/additional meal             Last year there were 12 exhibitors.

                        CONFERENCE CHAIR REPORT (Heather):             Lakeshore should donate.
                        Marriott West did not hold the dates.
                        Marriott Park Meadows (I25 & Orchard) –        Registration: Chair – Lina
                        Christine M. & Heather Visited. Quote was      Christina Medina emailed the website folks to see if we can run our own registration, but
                        less expensive because the block of rooms is   hasn’t heard back. She will call them on Tuesday (Christina Medina)
                        smaller this year. Heather shared the layout   Christine Muldoon has a another resource and will look into it. Not sure if we qualify.
                        of the space.
                                                                      June meeting we need to make decision
                        We get the rooms into Thursday evening, but Check directly to CABE if need to spend this fiscal year’s funds before June 30.
                        not on Friday. Teacher sessions might be that Leti will work up registration form.
                                                                      ACTIVA - Registration needs to be going by June.

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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                                    Notes from this meeting
                     María proposed approving the locale.                Presenters/Keynote: Chair – Sue Hopewell
                     Christina Medina seconded. Board                          Nonie Leseux?
                     Approved Unanimously.                                     WIDA Director
                                                                               COalas Speaker (Garcia – Leadership) INVITE
                       PRESENTERS/KEYNOTE: (S. Hopewell)                       Eugene Garcia
                       Aida & Margarita – Sue H. to Christina Bernal           David Rogers (Before strategy fair)—pick David’s brain
                       Sati to talk with these speakers.                       Stein Elementary (Jefferson) Invite Socorro
                                                                               Antonio Escabel (Lincoln) What is his philosophy? If sheltered, we don’t want
                       Share Fair – Managed by Christina Bernal                   him.
                                                                               PANEL: invites district supers (Tell questions ahead of time – Give them time to
                       Ask CABE/NABE/AMME teachers of the year
                                                                                  toot own horns) – Tell personal story & connection to bilingualism.
                       to present sessions. We need strategy
                                                                         Conference presentation: How to use WIDA in bilingual program? (Tim Boals - WIDA)
                       sessions – things teachers can implement
                       right away. Discussion about offering an after
                                                                         Areas of interest:
                       school poster session for greatly reduced
                       price. Bring a strategy/share a strategy.               Adult learners (teachers working with teachers; ESL adult learners)
                       Structure like and AERA Poster Session.                 Secondary
                       Sharing a strategy would get you a reduced              Resend Call for presenters – include board, exhibitors (get list from Leti)
                       rate ($10 dollar admission). Invite teachers to            Christine Muldoon will forward to BOCES, CDE will forward to Listserve.
                       take pictures of their classrooms and their             Julie Shayola(Harris Bilingual)
                       most effective lessons. They can bring                  JoAnn Trujillo
                       teaching artifacts. Imagine Learning could be     Instructional Sups: Ivan Duran, Greta Martinez, Kristen???,
                       asked to sponsor snacks/wine. Two rounds          Tom Boseberg; COalas; Ron Cabrera;
                       4:00 – 5:00 and 5:00 – 6:00. We need to
                       advocate for teachers, increase membership,       President’s Award: Susana Cordova (great speaker)
                       and demonstrate CABE as a resource for
                       We need to be careful about the types of          Program: Christina Medina, Amy, & Christine Muldoon
                       strategies being shared. Use a rubric to
                       choose sessions. Another structure: expert
                       panel of teachers of the year followed by         Student Essays/Scholarships/Awards: Chair – Christina Medina
                       share fair. Award the new teacher of the year     Manuel said they got none this year. We can do a new call in the fall. Could we nominate
                       at this event. Teachers could use this toward     students in a variety of areas. No. What about schools doing summer school? Migrant
                       teacher license renewal – could count toward      program?
                       the contact hours they need to accumulate
                       (Adam’s State; Boulder). Naming of the            Christina will send it out. Due Sept. 16.
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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                               Notes from this meeting
                     evening session is critical for credit (NOT
                     reception or evening entertainment). Video- Volunteers/Entertainment: Chair – María
                     tape the session. Provide lesson plans (use
                     as a fundraiser?). Upload video links to
                     website. Invite principals & ask to cover subs
                     for last hour of school day.

                        EXHIBITORS/SPONSORS (Christina Bernal
                        Sati, Leti, Tomás)

                        SPONSORS (Seek corporate in addition to
                        Have levels: platinum, gold, silver
                        We need a list of options (table, panel
                        presentation, ads, etc)

                        Change our visibility to businesses that value
                        bilingualism (hospitals, DPS, HR People…).
                        This has the potential to expand the diversity
                        of membership. Ask them why/how you
                        recruit bilingual employees. Give them
                        visibility at the conference.

                        Possible Businesses: Kaiser Permanente,
                        School District HR folks, US Bank, Wells
                        Fargo, libraries, agriculture, Jewish Medical
                        Center, Salud, Boys & Girls Club, Project
                        Smile, Chafa, Unitversities, CA Seals of
                        biliteracy, Rockies, Broncos, etc (CDE works
                        with many of these folks already)

                        PRICE STRUCTURE (Lina & Christina Bernal

                         1 day: $125
                         Full conference: $200
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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                             Notes from this meeting
                      College Students: $50/day
                      Presenters 1 day: $100
                      Presenters full conference: $175
                           ½ page: $70
                           Full page: $125
                           Exhibitors: $200 1st table; $100 each
                              extra table; $30 for extra person

                          Room Sponsor: (Gets poster on door): $200

                          Meal Sponsors: $550

                          REGISTRATION (Christina Medina)
                              Christina to look into our own on-line

11    Website             Contacts updated                              For exhibitors add blurb with costs
      Who: Christina      New Colorado implemented (Denver              Add:
      Medina              Broncos’ Colors)                              Call for presenters
      Time: 1 minute      Vision Need to be revisited                   Student Essay

                                                                        Put up pictures from previous conferences.

                                                                        When Christina Medina leaves (Christina Bernal & Rosalie)
12    Fund Raiser                                                       Compile lessons from share fair for a book to sell as fundraiser.

13    Create Share Fair                                                 How many people?
      Who: Christina                                                    Stands to tie to together.
      Time: 20 minutes                                                  Poster session. Portable. On round table. With handouts.
                                                                        30 minutes (2 rounds)
                                                                        Set up in Ballroom.

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 No    Agenda Items  Previous Meeting                    Notes from this meeting
                                                         Amy proposes Christina lead up a Share Fair committee – Heather, Rosalie, Carmen

14   CABE Visioning                                      Committee: Include Multilingualism/bilingual
     Who: Everyone
     Time: 20 minutes                                    Committee: Maria to lead, Amy, Christine Muldoon
15   La Cosecha                                          Passed unanimously. Sue to handle.
     Invitation                                          Nov. 16-19
     Who: Sue H.
     Time: 5 minutes
16   WIDA Standards                                      We need WIDA and bilingualism. How are bilingual places like New Mexico using it in
     Who: Christine                                      bilingualism?
     Time: 15 minutes
                                                         Conference presentation: How to use WIDA in bilingual program? (Tim Boals - WIDA)

17    Meetings
                                                                        February 12, 2011              Denver
                                                                        March 12                       Longmont
                                                                        April 2, 2011                  Denver
                                                                        May 14, 2011                   Boulder
                                                                        June 4, 2011                   Marriott Park Meadows
                                                                        July- NO MEETING               No meeting
                                                                        August 6, 2011
                                                         Longmont location: 830 S. Lincoln Street, Longmont 80501
                                                         Denver location: College Summit – Colorado
                                                                              1201 E. Colfax Ave., Suite 301
                                                                              Denver, CO 80218
                                                         Boulder location: BUENO EAST
                                                                               3215 Marine Street
                                                                               Boulder, CO 80309
18   ITEMS FOR                                           JUNE Meeting will be in Marriott Park Meadows hotel. (Check space/confirm layout)

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