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      Editorials, Columns, &
 An editorial is the voice of the paper. It is the
 newspaper’s opinion on a certain subject.
 Functions of editorials
    Explain (give clarification and support or lack of for an
    Persuade (give reasons or guidelines to persuade
    audience to a certain side of a topic)
    Answer (answer criticism, either as defense or apology)
    Warn (warn about issues that are about to occur)
    Criticize (constructive criticism on an issue or action;
    should offer solutions)
    Entertain (use humor, keep it light, on a topic)
    Praise (praise or congratulations to a person or group)
    Lead (act in a role of leadership to get things
    Briefly comment (potpourri; comment briefly on a number
    of topics)
How do you choose an editorial topic?
  Choose stories important to your readers. If you choose
  controversial topics, make sure allow opposition to reply
  (letters to editor) and that you can withstand the criticism
What aspects does an editorial need?
  Introduction: give brief statement of background about
  Reaction: explain position for editorial
  Details: provide support for position you are taking
  Conclusion: comment on solutions, alternatives, and
  restate paper’s position
How do you make your point clear?
  When done writing, ask yourself whether you can
  summarize the entire point of editorial in one or two
  sentences. If not, you missed the point and need to start
Editorial Page
 What goes on the editorial page?
   Letters to the editor
   Editorial cartoons
   Opinion features
   Roving reporter
   Games or other fun features
 A review guides the reader on
 performances, does not criticize, complain,
 or rave about it.
 How to write a review
   Make comparisons: compare between one or
   more products
   Evaluate fulfillment of intended purpose:
   evaluation should be based on characteristics
   that have meaning to reader.
   Itemize strengths and weaknesses: talk about
   good and not-so-good, giving reasons for
 How to review performances: a review of a
 film, TV production, or play needs to tell
 what the story is about without giving the
 whole plot away. Evaluate the following
   Acting: were they believable with true
   Sets: were they appropriate? Realistic?
   Dialogue: Realistic? Stilted?
   Lighting: Establish a mood?
   Sound: Could you hear clearly? Music add or
   detract from production?
   Direction: Did all parts of production work well
   together? Consistent tone?
Letters to the Editor
 A place where readers can react to
 editorial opinions.
 Should be responsible, based on fact, and
 signed by the writer, although it is okay to
 not print the name.
 It is the paper’s responsibility to make sure
 the person signing the letter is actually the
 one who wrote it.
 If it is libelous or in bad taste, don’t print it.
 If receive many letters on same topic, print
 one to save space.
Editorial Cartoons
 Simple in design, centered on one topic,
 well drawn, and timely. Should relate to a
 subject readers are familiar with in
 everyday lives.
 The basic kinds of editorial cartoons.
   As a symbol: uses an image to represent an
   As a metaphor: likens one thing to another
   (snake as evil)
   As a joke on current events: targets a specific
   event in the media
 A column is NOT an editorial (which is the
 newspaper’s opinion), but is one person’s
 opinion. They can be funny or serious.
 What does a column need to have?
   Topic needs to lend itself well to a column
   Needs to have a specific tone, such as light,
   humorous, serious, etc…and be appropriate to
   subject matter.
   Need specific examples when appropriate
   Needs accurate facts like names and dates
 Types of Columns
   Profile: focus on an outstanding individual, sort
   of like a Feature Teacher
   Satirical: using sarcasm. Be careful with these,
   still needs to make a point.
   Fashion and fad: occasionally is refreshing
   In-the-clubs: write briefly on each club, what
   they are doing each month.
   Names-in-the-news: should not be gossipy or
   discussing latest parties, but instead talk about
   officers, groups, people outside of school
   Question-and-answer: like Dear Abby (or Dr.
   Others: hobby, sports, humorous, historical,
   guest columns, etc.
Additional Opinion Pieces
 Random-opinion feature: This is like a
 Roving Reporter…getting opinions from
 many people not on staff. Or can do a poll.
 Use equal representation of both sides.
 Point-counterpoint article: pick a topic and
 provide both viewpoints on it. Similar to
 Battle of the Sexes, but does all kinds of
 topics, not just relationship

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