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									                                      Angel Island Interview

  I’m here with an Asian immigrant who agreed to speak about their experience traveling to
America, and living on Angel Island, with the help of a translator.

Q: What’s your name, and what country are you traveling from?
A: My name is Mou Chung, and I’m traveling from China.

Q: How long did it take to travel from China, to America, by sea?
A: I am not sure. I think about five or six months.

Q: Were the traveling conditions good on your boat ride here?
A: No, they were not good, or clean. But I’m hoping that America will be better.

Q: Did you bring anyone from China with you?
A: Yes, I brought my wife, Ming Chung, and my daughter, Cho Chung.

Q: Do you have family members already in America?
A: Yes, my brother, Junwoo Chung, and his wife, Chi Chung.

Q: How long did the process to become a citizen take, on Angel Island?
A: I still am going through a waiting process on Angel Island, to become an American citizen.

Q: Were you tested for anything on Angel Island?
A: Yes, I was given a physical exam, and I had an interview, I had to take.

Q: You still haven’t left Angel Island, what’s it like living on Angel Island?
A: It’s a place to stay for now, even though I’d really like to enter America. The time does pass
fast though by playing games, and talking to friends I’ve made on the boat ride here.

Q: What career do you plan on taking up when you finally enter America?
A: I have pondered this question before. In China, my family owned a few acres of farmland, but
I want to change in America. I’m considering mining, or railroad construction.

Q: Now for the last question. If you’re turned away from America, what will you do?
A: Honestly, I can only hope for the best.

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