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					                                            ANGEL CHI MAN HO
6214 Cypress Avenue, El Cerrito, California 94530                    (415) 624-6050           

        University of California, Berkeley
        Bachelor of Science in Molecular Environmental Biology, May 2009
               Emphasis in Environment and Human Health
        Bachelor of Arts in Music, May 2009
               Emphasis in Piano and Vocals
        Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, May 2009

   Dissections                                        Mice/rat handling with proper             Minimum Alveolar
   Gas chromatography                                  IACUC techniques                           Concentration (MAC)
   Mice breeding, ear tagging, tail                   Post-surgery animal care                   determination
     tipping                                           BSL Level II training                     H&E/IHC staining
   Rat perfusions and fixations                       HPLC                                      Paraffin embedding and section
   Rat spinal cord extractions                        Flow cytometry                             mounting

     Biology                              Physics                    Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
     Chemistry                            Biochemistry               Microbiology
     Organic Chemistry                    Human Anatomy              Nutritional Science
     Toxicology                           Microscopy                 Developmental Biology

        University of California, San Francisco – Diabetes Center, Laboratory Assistant II                       (3/11-present)
                   Aided with microRNA knockout mice breeding and general mouse husbandry
                   Performed PCR reactions to genotype knockout mice
        University of California, San Francisco – Anesthesia Department, Clinical Intern                          (11/10-3/11)
                   Aided with clinicals trials on sevoflurane/desflurane study in determining whether there is a difference in
              recovery of protective airway reflexes when used in combination with muscle relaxant
                   Participated in POISE-2 study involving 10,000 patients at risk of an adverse perioperative cardiovascular
              event to determine whether aspirin and/or clonidine helps alleviate cardiac symptoms post-surgery
                   Experienced with iDataFax computerized logging system, screening and recruiting patients
        Hong Kong University – Surgery Department, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Group, Summer Intern (6/10-9/10)
                 Participated with mice and rat dissections, preserving liver, lung, and spleen specimens
                 Facilitated rat blood draw and general mouse husbandry
                 Assisted with liver transplants, live animal imaging, and tumor grafting
                 Performed flow cytometry, paraffin embedding, sectioning, H&E and IHC staining techniques
        University of California, San Francisco – Anesthesia Department, Laboratory Intern                         (7/09-3/11)
                   Aided with general mouse husbandry
                   Presented progress at weekly lab meetings
                   Performed MAC studies with different inhaled and injected anesthetic agents on various mutated mouse
              strains to determine the receptors in the spinal cord on which these agents act to produce paralysis
                   Participated in intraperitoneal ethanol injection MAC study to determine what anesthetic properties
              ethanol has as well as how it interferes with mice righting reflexes
                   Assisted with rat laminectomies, intrathecal infusions and injections with GFP/Lentivirus to develop a
              protocol for more refined receptor mutations with siRNA
                   Engaged in study testing the synergy theory of anesthetics by varying levels of intrathecal
              THIP/MK801/Sodium during MAC testing
                   Collaborated on study to quantify the metabolism of Midazolam in mouse brain through HPLC
                   Contributed to the surfactant infusion study to understand the mechanisms of inhaled anesthesia
                   Participated in the sevoflurane/HFIP study to isolate HFIP production in rat brain homogenate
        University of California, San Francisco – Emergency Department, Volunteer                                 (7/06-4/08)
               Delivered blood samples and urine tests to laboratories and received blood gas results for nurses
               Assisted doctors and nurses in emergency rooms by holding down patients or handing them tools
               Retrieved sodium chloride drips, gauze bandages and other medical supplies for the Emergency Department
               Guided patients from triage to assigned examination rooms
               Cleaned rooms, made beds, brought blankets and pillows to appropriate rooms
               Improved patients’ stays by bringing them food and newspapers
       Kaiser Permanente Hospital, San Francisco – Front Desk, Receptionist                                      (6/04-6/05)
               Clarified queries from cardiovascular patients’ family members as to the care patients should receive after
                 discharged from the hospital
               Efficiently handled simultaneous tasks of telephone work and customer service
               Processed parking validation requests; dispatched patients’ mail and presents to their rooms

      International Language Headquarters, Hong Kong – Oral English Teacher                                      (6/10-8/10)
              Tutored oral English to students ranging from ages 7 to 35
              Taught students American idioms, phrases, and expressions
              Clarified vocabulary using both Cantonese and English

       Self-Employed English and Math Tutor                                                                     (6/06-2/07)
              Facilitated the English language development of students through reading, writing, and speaking exercises
              Educated students in the fundamentals of algebra, long division, adding and subtracting fractions

       Church of Praise in Christ, Oakland                                                               (9/92-present)
             Directed the church choir: coached 7-member team in reading music, harmonizing, counting rhythm, and
                 word pronunciation
             Aided over 11 elementary and middle school children in learning and memorizing Bible verses
             Accompanied devotionals through piano performance
             Introduced Vacation Bible School every summer to elementary and middle school children
             Initiated a photography crew to capture memorable moments in social events and special meetings:
                 compiled church photo album and collages
             Youth group mentor for middle school, high school, and college students
       Self-Employed Piano Teacher                                                                               (6/06-6/07)
              Instructed beginning pianists from ages 3-56; tailored lessons to individual needs of students
       City Team Ministries in Oakland                                                                          (11/06-1/07)
               Cooked 3 holiday meals and prepared individual gift baskets for more than 100 homeless

     National Piano Guild Prepatory D (highest) Level
     Test of Chinese Proficiency – Huayu (TOP) Advanced Level

      Languages: fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin
      Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Chinese Word Processing
      Typing speed: 83 words per minute
      Instruments: piano, violin, guzheng, guitar

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