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BY Olaide Alim
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If you are looking for how to invest your money profitably, with high
returns on investment of over 100 percent, minimal risk; and enjoy huge
market patronage for your business, importation business offers you all
that and more.
My Story: If I had Known What I Now Know
I was introduced to importation business some years back and I had my fingers burnt
with a lot of regret. A friend of mine who had been importing some devices got me
interested and I saw him profiting from it so well. The deal continued not knowing that
he was lucky to have found honest and reliable supplier per chance.
After a while, we decided to change the type of products he use to import. Then we
found a company with a domain name known as www. on import and
export web portal. We got their contacts both e-mail and phone numbers. Funny
enough it was a lady that was relating with us as a sales representative. After a period of
two months interaction we decided to enter into a deal by placing order for 8 laptops 50
Flash Drives and some other thing.
Guess what happen. Did you say we were outrightly scammed ? No! Ours was a case of
scamming by trick. The lady by the name "Gump" actually sent tracking no and was
responding to our mails and calls until we received the goods. So what's the trouble, you
asked. Well, to our utmost surprise, what they sent was entirely different from our order
and far bellow our expectation. Infact what we received was not commensurate with the
amount we sent. To prove to you that the so called supplier was a scammer, they ensure
we received the "goods" before they disembarked from dealing with us.
Friend that was the last day we heard from them. Their phone nos went dead, their site
was shut down and they refused to reply our mails.
I later realized that they have more than 5 different sites where they scam innocent
Do you need a further proof story of my , Google search the domain name .
All these happen because I did not play safe, by sending my money to them without a
level of security.
This is just a summary of my story.

However, the fall of a man is not the end of his life. So I decided to pick the
broken pieces of my dream and kept searching. Until I found a better, safer,
cheaper and reliable means of importation with little or no risk.
However, the fall of a man is not the end of his life. So I decided to pick the
reliable means of importation with little or no risk.
This is the secret I can't wait to reveal to you in importation- made-simple e-book, with
step-by-step pictorial instructions on how to import items that are less than $1 in value
but can be sold for as much as N1,500.
Gone are the days when importation was meant for the big-time business
Enough of story lets go into business.

Buying on AliExpress is safe and easy. Click on any of the links below for
more details.
1. Buyer Searches Products
2. Buyer Orders Online
3. Buyer Pays Escrow
4. Supplier Ships Order
5. Buyer Confirms Delivery
6. Buyer Leaves Feedback
Searching Products
To learn how to search products on AliExpress, please continue reading:


To learn how to search products on AliExpress, please continue reading:
1. Search Products on AliExpress
Just enter the Product Name in the Search Bar at the top of any
AliExpress page. To refine your search, select your preferred product
category from the drop-down menu and click "Search".

2. Browse Product Listings
Choose from a huge list of products matching your search. When you find
products you're interested in, simply click the Product Name or Photo for
more details.
3. Check Product Details
Check out details such as Price, Quantity Range and Delivery Time. To
order the product, enter the quantity you want and click "Buy Now".

Too many results
If there are too many results for the product you are searching for,
narrow your search by trying any of the following:
 Refine   your search: On the left side of the page, you'll see a list of
refine search options. For example:
o   Categories: Click a category to limit your search to only
items in that category
o   Price: Limit your search to items within a certain price range
o   Free shipping to: select a country to see a list of products
that ship free to that country
 Be   more specific: This is the easiest way to narrow down your
results. Maybe you have a particular color, size, model, or
manufacturer in mind. For example, a search for "N85 Quad band
cell phone" instead of "cell phone"
Not enough results
If you're not getting enough results for the product you are searching for,
try any of the following to expanding your search:
 Search   again using different words
There are many ways to describe an item. Imagine the

There are many ways to describe an item. Imagine the words a supplier
might use. Try several different combinations (use no more than 3 words
at one time). For example, searching for "novelty cell phone" instead of
"bizarre mobiles" will get more results.
 Check    your spelling
Make sure that you are using the correct spelling for the product you are
searching for. If there is more than one spelling for a word, try them all.

 Be   careful when using "and", "or", "not", and "the"
Include these words only if you expect them to be in the item's title or
description. Avoid using punctuation unless you expect it to be in the
item's title or description (e.g. t-shirt)
Check product details carefully
Review the shipping terms, refund and return policies, and other terms
and conditions of the product you want to buy carefully before placing an
Communicate with the supplier
Make sure you're eligible to buy the item you are interested in. If you
cannot meet certain conditions, such as the minimum order quantity for
an item, please contact the supplier before ordering the item.
Understand the product you want to buy
 If   you plan to order a brand name product (e.g. iPhone, Nike shoes)
make sure the supplier has authorized reseller documentation. This
will help you confirm the authenticity of the item.
 Find   out whether or not the product, as an imported good, will incur
taxes or duties in your county.
 Use   common sense. If a product or the price of a product seems too
good to be true, it probably is.
 Get   to know the supplier you are buying from. To check a supplier's
Feedback Profile and History, click on the Star Ratings in the
supplier details section.
Learn about our Buyer Protection Plan

 Keep    your contact information updated (including your email
address, phone number, etc.)
 Learn   how you are protected under the Escrow Buyer Protection

1. Place your Order
Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed
information. To place your order, enter the quantity you want and click
"Buy Now".

2. Complete the Order Form
Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity
Type etc. Before clicking "Submit", please check your Order Details
carefully. If you want to add a new Delivery Address, click "Add". If you
3. Payment
After confirming your Order, you will be automatically taken to the
Payment page.
What payment methods can I use?
Currently, you can pay using Moneybookers, Visa, MasterCard and
bank transfer. You can also pay with select debit cards including Maestro,
Solo, Carte Bleue, PostePay, CartaSi, 4B and Euro6000. More payment
options will be available on AliExpress in the future.
Available payment methods are listed below:

How do I pay with Moneybookers?
 1.   Select Moneybookers on the checkout page.
2.Enter the email for your Moneybookers account and click 'check
My Email'.

3. Enter your email, password and the security code shown for your
Moneybookers account and click 'LOGIN'.
4. Select a payment method in your Moneybookers account and
5.If your payment was successful, you will see the payment
confirmation page below

How do I pay with my credit card?
When placing your order, select the credit card you wish to pay with
and you will be directed to a secure payment page. Then simply follow
on-screen instructions.
1. Pay Securely
Select the credit card you want to use, enter the required details and click
"Pay My Order".

Once your payment has been approved, your money will be held securely
in an AliExpress Escrow account. Payment will only be released to the
supplier after you confirm satisfactory delivery.
After you've made your payment, click “Back to Order Details” to see the
details of your order.
How do I pay using bank transfers (T/T payment)?
 When   you choose to pay by bank transfer, please follow these
1. On the checkout page, select Bank Transfer as your payment
2. In the Bank Transfer Information section, you will see the Escrow
account information you need to transfer your payment

3. Please print out the section containing your Bank Transfer
4. Go to your local bank to transfer your payment. Bring the printed
Bank Transfer Information and show it to the bank officer before
making your payment. Once complete, your payment will be held
securely in an Escrow account.
5. If the status of your order has not changed to “buyer has paid
the order ” 5 days after you’ve paid, please contact us
6. When using bank transfers, please transfer enough money
to cover all banks` service fee. This will ensure that the
supplier receives your full payment and will help you avoid
monetary loss caused by refunds or disputes.
Note: Please do not transfer payment directly to suppliers. Only
transactions made on AliExpress using our Escrow service are
eligible for Buyer Protection. Learn more about Escrow Buyer

How do I pay using my debit card?
 1.Select   the debit card you want to use:
2.Enter the required details and follow the instructions:

3. After you’ve confirmed your payment, you will see the payment
confirmation page below if your payment was successful:
 Payments     via escrow are protected with VeriSign encryption, the
highest encryption technology commercially available. You can be
assured that your credit card and account details will never be
 With   escrow, payment will only be released to the supplier once you
have confirmed satisfactory delivery. You can track the shipment at
any stage during delivery. However, if delivery is not confirmed
within 30 days of receipt, payment will automatically be released to
the supplier.
My supplier won't accept Escrow, what should I do?
 If   your supplier refuses to accept Escrow, please report them to us.
Escrow is the only option currently available to suppliers on

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?
 Generally,    orders are shipped within 3 - 60 working days. However,
an extension can be made if the buyer and supplier mutually agree
on a new date.
 If   the buyer did not receive the goods (goods still in transit) even
after being shipped by the supplier, the buyer needs to contact the
supplier negotiate a longer shipping period.
 If   the supplier has not shipped the order before the agreed date,
the buyer can always contact the supplier to agree a new date; or
make a Refund Request.
How do I track my order?
 After   the supplier has confirmed shipment, sign in to My Alibaba and
click 'Transactions' to get the Tracking Number for your Order. Use
the Tracking Number to track delivery at any stage on the shipping
company's website.

On any product detail page, you can select the shipping company you
want to use.
Based on your shipping needs, AliExpress offers a variety of shipping
companies for you to choose from:

Delivery Options
On AliExpress, we provide a variety of different delivery options for you to
choose from. You can choose the method that is the most suitable for the
delivery of your order.
The following is a list of international shipping companies and the services
they offer on available on AliExpress:
1. UPS – Preferred Carrier
Estimated Shipping Time: 2 service choices of 1-3 or 3-5 business days.
UPS is the preferred carrier of AliExpress. UPS is the world’s largest
package delivery company, serving customers in more than 220 countries
and territories worldwide. UPS provides AliExpress members excellent
value with fast, reliable door-to-door service and complete shipment
visibility through detailed tracking information.
AliExpress offers two UPS international shipping options:

• UPS Express SaverTM - Guaranteed delivery in 1-3 business days
• UPS ExpeditedTM - Guaranteed delivery in 3-5 business days
UPS Tools
 Address   Verification
 Transit   Time and Price

2. International Express Mail Service (EMS)
Estimated Shipping Time: 3-7 business days
International EMS is a special postal service offered by the postal
administrations of different countries and regions around the world. EMS
enjoys preferential treatment by post, customs and airlines.
EMS is suitable for sending urgent and confidential documents, samples,
goods and offers tracking and inquiry services. Addition services such
packaging, insurance are also offered. In general, EMS is fast and reliable
3. DHL
Estimated Shipping Time: 2-4 business days
DHL serves customers in over 220 countries and territories later. As a
leader in the international express and logistics industry, DHL specializes
in providing customized solutions from a single source.
4. FedEx Express
Estimated Shipping Time: 2-4 business days

FedEx Express provides fast and reliable delivery to all U.S. destinations
and to 220 countries and territories around the world. FedEx uses a global
air-and-ground network for the delivery of time-sensitive shipments.
FedEx Express provides competitive pricing for deliveries to South
America and Europe.
5. TNT
Estimated Shipping Time: 2-4 business days
TNT is suitable for those who require fast international delivery and
delivery tracking. For example, delivering a package from China to
Western Europe takes about 3 business days. TNT’s website keeps users
updated on the latest information.
6. China Post
With a worldwide network, China Post Air Mail is a low-priced option for
non-urgent shipments (e.g. cosmetics, clothing, shoes, gifts, etc.).
Shipments have high customs clearance.
On AliExpress, China Post offers two options for international shipping:

Air Mail
Estimated Shipping Time: 15 business days
Package Weight Limit: 2 kilograms

Air Parcel
Estimated Shipping Time: 7-12 business days
Package Weight Limit: 30 kilograms
What is Fulfillment by AliExpress?
Fulfillment by AliExpress is a revolutionary shipping solution brought
to you by AliExpress, the best place to shop wholesale online. Fulfillment
by AliExpress offers convenience and affordability. With Fulfillment you
can: track orders from different suppliers throughout China, verify orders
at a central Warehouse, and combine orders into one cost-reducing
international shipment. It’s all online, saving you time, money and
How does Fulfillment by AliExpress save me money?
Fulfillment by AliExpress will save you 15-30% on shipping in two
simple ways. Fulfillment by AliExpress enjoys great bulk shipping
deals with international carriers like DHL, UPS, etc. Fulfillment also
saves you money by allowing you to combine multiple, expensive
international shipments from different suppliers into one costreducing
shipment. Fulfillment by AliExpress does not charge a
premium for this service—we pass our savings on to you!

How does Fulfillment by AliExpress make the shipping process more
With Fulfillment by AliExpress, you manage the shipping process
online. Rather than dealing with many suppliers with varying levels
of international shipping experience, you can contact AliExpress
directly or track your shipments online. Fulfillment manages the
domestic shipping within China and stores your shipments in the
Warehouse until you tell us to ship them internationally. Fulfillment
lets you ship with ease and confidence!
How does Fulfillment by AliExpress' Pre-Shipment Inspection
Pre-Shipment Inspection is a free service offered by Fulfillment by
AliExpress. When your shipment arrives at the designated
Warehouse in China, inspection officers will verify whether there is
exterior damage to the goods and whether the goods apparently
match your order. *Note: Pre-Shipment Inspection services only
check that the overall appearance of the goods in the shipment
including the quantity, color and size matches that of your order
and the goods not obviously damaged. Pre-Shipment Inspection
does not inspect the quality or authenticity of the goods that
AliExpress suppliers deliver and no test will be carried out.
Why do I need to pay two different shipping fees?
The shipping fees associated with Fulfillment by AliExpress are
separated into two distinct parts: domestic and international. The
first shipping fee covers the domestic shipping cost from the
supplier to the Warehouse. The second shipping fee covers the
international shipping cost from the Warehouse to your destination.
Is there a minimum order quantity associated with Fulfillment by
There is no minimum order quantity associated with Fulfillment by
AliExpress. You can order a single product from a single supplier, or
many products from many suppliers.
What if the buyer wants to cancel the order after it has been
shipped to the Warehouse?
If the buyer no longer wants the order once it has been shipped to
the Warehouse, the buyer will be unable to cancel the order.
However, after the order has remained in the Warehouse for over
10 days, it will be automatically returned to the supplier. In this
case, US $5 will be deducted from the buyer’s payment to
compensate the supplier for the return shipping cost. If a buyer is
guilty of doing this frequently, that buyer will have limited access to
Fulfillment by AliExpress and other logistics services associated with
AliExpress in the future.
What if items in the shipment do not match your order list or
items appear to be damaged when they arrive at the Warehouse?
There are two possible options in this situation.
Option A: Buyer wants the supplier to resend the order
The Warehouse will return the products to the supplier. The supplier
will ship new products to the Warehouse and pay the domestic
shipping cost.
Option B: Buyer wants to close the order
The Warehouse will return the products to supplier and the buyer’s
payment will be refunded.
How do I track a shipment using Fulfillment by AliExpress?
Simply sign in to My AliExpress and go to the Order Details page
within My Orders. Here you can view the shipping status of all of
your orders.
What if there are quality issues with the products received by the buyer?
Fulfillment by AliExpress only makes sure items in the shipment
match the buyer’s order list and are not obviously damaged. In case
of quality problems, please refer to our dispute rules.
What if the products are held up at customs of the buyer’s country or the
buyer refuses to sign for the order when it arrives?
The buyer will be responsible for paying to ship the order back to the
Warehouse in the case that it is held up at customs in the buyer’s country
or the buyer refuses to sign for the order. Please refer to our dispute rules
or contact the AliExpress Customer Service Team.
Can I combine orders in my Shopping Cart to save on shipping
Currently, you cannot combine orders for shipping in your Shopping Cart.
However, if you have ordered different items from the same supplier, you
can contact the supplier to combine the items you have ordered into 1
shipment to save on shipping costs.
We are constantly improving our Shopping Cart service. Please check
AliExpress regularly for new features.
Extending processing time
Only buyers can extend the processing time. Suppliers can ask buyers to
processing time of an order if they need more time to ship the order.

How to extend processing time:
 Sign    into AliExpress
 Click   My Orders
 Click   the Transactions tab
 Click   the Extend processing time button (See picture below)
Tracking packages
After the supplier ships your order, a tracking number will appear. You
can track your order on shipping company's website with the tracking
number provided.
Log in my Aliexpress and see the tracking details in transactions.
Note: It may take 48 to 72 hours for the tracking information to be
updated by the shipping company and sometimes tracking numbers may
change. If after 3 days you cannot get the tracking information of your
order, please contact your supplier for more information.
How to Confirm Delivery
Payment will only be released to the supplier after buyer has confirmed
delivery. However, if the buyer does not confirm delivery within 27 days
of shipment, payment will be automatically released to the supplier.
1. Sign in to My Aliexpress
Click "Transactions", choose "Current Orders" and select "Unconfirmed
Delivery" to view your Orders:
2. Select the Order
Choose the Order you want to confirm and click "View Details". If your
Order has been successfully delivered and you're satisfied with the item,
click "Confirm Order Received".
3. Click "Confirm"
After confirming delivery, click "Confirm" and the money will be
automatically released to the supplier's bank account .

If the goods are not delivered 27 days after the supplier has confirmed
shipment, we advise you to contact the supplier immediately for an
extension to the Delivery Period.
Buyers have the right to apply for a refund if:
 The   goods are not delivered in satisfactory order
 The   Order was not received after the Delivery Period (27 days)

Be familiar with Customs
It's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant
custom duties.
AliExpress sellers don't add taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges. You pay
us what you see on the order screen, i.e. goods subtotal + shipping cost.
In the most countries, however, you have to pay taxes or duties on
imported goods. Sometimes goods under a certain value, or in certain
categories, do not incur taxes.
Learn How to Shop Smart on AliExpress
Whether you're new to AliExpress or are an experienced shopper, these
tips can help you buy safely and wisely.
Negotiate with suppliers directly

Use TradeManager to discuss product or shipping related issues with
suppliers in real time. You can also send messages to suppliers by clicking
'Contact Now' in the product details page
Go to google and download the trade manager

 For   Buyers
Pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. We
only release payment to the supplier after you confirm delivery of
your order. When paying online, your details are protected by
VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection
commercially available).
 For   Suppliers
Escrow verifies the credit card details for every transaction. You will
only be asked to ship the order after we confirm payment is
Your transactions are always secure with Escrow:

All orders come from the supplier directly, not from AliExpress, so the
– and best – step a buyer can take is to contact the supplier directly.
After all, it is the supplier who is not only providing the merchandise, but
also packaging and shipping it to the buyer.
More often than not an issue may arise due to a common
misunderstanding in the order process by either the buyer or supplier. In
many instances incorrect information could have been accidentally sent
by either party. No matter the situation, quick and easy solutions may be
found by engaging the supplier in open dialogue.
Buyers can contact the supplier via email、leaving messages on
Transaction Detail or TradeManager - AliExpress’ instant message service.
Please keep in mind that when contacting by either method, there could
be a significant time difference between the buyer’s location and the
supplier in China.

How To Contact Supplier
1. To Contact Supplier go to “My Orders” on the home page (tab is in the
uppermost tool bar). Click on the item in question and the “Supplier
Details” will appear on the product page – either on the left- or right-hand

Buyer can then choose either email or instant messenger
2. Leaving messages on Transaction Details: on every Transaction Details
page, buyer leaves messages, also seller can reply. We hope seller and
buyer can negotiate this way so we can see all the details on our system

Supplier Communication Tips
Remember There Could be an Easy Explanation
We are all human and thus we all make mistakes on occasion. A purse
showing up in the wrong color, a dress in the wrong size, or an order not
showing up at all, could very well be due to the wrong box clicked on the
website by the buyer or the wrong product pulled from the warehouse
shelf. Maybe the wrong address was entered by buyer or the wrong
tracking number sent by the supplier. Contacting the supplier to discuss
issues may very well lead to a successful, satisfied outcome.
Focus on the Solution, not the Person
Start by assuming your supplier is doing his or her best. Make your
intentions to resolve the problem clear. Talk about the situation you want
to resolve and potential solutions, not what you think of your trading
partner's character. Insults only make the situation harder to resolve
Think About the big Picture
Rather than getting caught up in the emotions of the moment, remember
the goal is to reach an agreeable accord. Both parties benefit from a
successful transaction as everyone hopes there will be more in the future.
Be flexible and find solutions where both you and your trading partner get
what you're looking for.

Do not use Negative Feedback as a Threat
Every AliExpress member has a Feedback Profile. Threatening suppliers
with negative feedback usually makes them less cooperative. Only leave
feedback once the issue is over.
Open a Dispute (if necessary)
If after discussing the issues at hand with supplier and no resolution can
be reached, the buyer can officially go to step "Open Dispute". By opening
a dispute, unsatisfied buyers officially list his or her requests to the
supplier. While the issues listed in the Open Dispute process are most
likely the same ones discussed with supplier in step "Contact Supplier",
this allows buyers to escalate the matter and officially request an
exchange, a refund, or an additional action to be taken by the supplier.
All Open Disputes are also recorded by the AliExpress Dispute Team in
unfortunate instance buyer and supplier go to step "File A Claim".
How does our Dispute & Claim Process work?
If buyer doesn't receive the goods or the goods received are not as
description, there are three-step dispute process for buyers to follow.
If for any reason a buyer is unsatisfied with an order from one of
AliExpress' suppliers, immediate action can be taken,by following these
basic procedures in their respective order,

1.Contact Supplier
2.Open a Dispute
3.File a Claim

Buyer Opens a dispute:
If supplier sent the products by DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx, you can submit an
"Open Dispute" from the 4th day to 23rd day.
If supplier sent the products by EMS/SF, you can submit an "Open
Dispute" from the 4th day to 27th day.
If supplier sent the products by China Post/HK Post, you can submit an
"Open Dispute" from the 7th day to 39th day.
If you still couldn’t reach an agreement with supplier, you could submit a
"File Claim" from the 11th day to 31rd day of the initial Open Dispute.
dispute will automatically be submitted to Dispute team.

How do I open a dispute?
While most issues can be handled successfully through basic, open
dialogue with the supplier, after all both parties greatly benefit from a
favorable business relationship, sometimes certain situations must be
escalated into more formal requests.
By opening a dispute, buyers are officially stating they are dissatisfied
with some aspect of their order and want the supplier to take immediate
action to remedy the situation.
An Open Dispute is made if:
Goods are not received (confirming date varies by choosing
different courier ) after supplier has confirmed order has shipped
Confirming date:
DHL/UPS/FedEx :23 days
EMS/SF:27 days
China Post/HK Post:39 days
Goods are not received in satisfactory condition
By filling out the form provided in this process, buyers can explain the
issue with the order and request an exchange, a partial refund, or in rare
cases a full refund.
How to Open a Dispute
To begin the process, buyers need to sign in and click on "My Orders" on
the home page (tab is in the uppermost tool bar). This will bring the
buyer to all orders he or she have made on AliExpress. On the right-hand
side of the order in question will be several options for the buyer. One is
"Open Dispute."Click on the link.

Also you could click "View Details" and go to the Transaction Details page,
so you could see the button of "Open Dispute"

A basic form will pop up for the buyer to list the details of the order, the
reasons for the dispute, and whether he or she would like a partial or
complete refund. After filling it out completely, hit the “Submit” link to
send directly to the supplier

If buyer has received the goods, buyer needs to add some evidence, just
as pictures/videos/chat records to support his/her dispute request.
If buyer hasn’t received the goods, the attachment is optional:

How Open Dispute Process Works
After submitting the Open Dispute form, the supplier has 30 days to
respond and try to reach an agreement with the buyer. If no agreement is
reached within the 30-day time period, the dispute automatically becomes
a Claim (see "File a Claim"), which will be reviewed and mediated by the
AliExpress Dispute Team. (Note: All Open Dispute information will be
recorded and saved by the AliExpress Dispute Team in case the dispute
becomes a claim.)
If the buyer doesn’t hear back from the supplier or feels negotiations are
not moving forward, he or she does not have to wait until the 30-day
dispute period ends. The buyer may File a Claim 10 days or more into the
Open Dispute process.

How to modify the dispute
After you opened a dispute, you can modify your dispute request and try
to make an agreement with supplier during the dispute time.
After filling it out completely, hit the “Submit” link to send directly to the

How Open Dispute Process Works

Keep in Contact With Supplier
It is strongly urged that the buyer do his or her best to discuss issues
with supplier and negotiate a reasonable solution as the purchase is with
the supplier directly and not AliExpress. It is also recommended that
buyers actively keep in communication with the supplier during the Open
Dispute process. All relevant dispute information inputed in the open
dispute form should be shared with supplier via email leaving messages
on Transaction Details or TradeManager as well. This could help expedite
the process.
The system will continue to recognize whether the goods are
delivered after you open a dispute.

If you opened a dispute as “goods are not received”, the system will
continue to recognize whether the goods are delivered. If finally the
system finds the tracking information is delivered, we will inform you by
sending a system email. If you have received the goods, please cancel
dispute, if the goods you received are not as description, please modify
the reason of your dispute request within 5 days, or the system will
release the money to the seller.

If you still don’t receive the goods, please file a claim within 5 days.
How do I request complaint from
In the unfortunate event that buyer and supplier can’t reach an
agreement during the 30-day Open Dispute time period, he or she may
File a Claim. Both "Contact Supplier"and "Open Dispute" are steps taken
by the buyer to talk and negotiate with the supplier. The last step in the
process, however, escalates the matter to AliExpress.
By filing a claim, the buyer basically states he or she us unable to reach a
fair, reasonable agreement with the supplier and requests AliExpress to
step in to handle the matter. Reasons to File a Claim may vary, but
include supplier not responding to buyer requests or refusing to partially
refund buyer for an order sent in unsatisfactory condition.
My supplier didn't approve my Refund Request, what can I do?
If the supplier rejects your Refund Request, you can:
a) Contact the supplier to negotiate different refund terms
b) Open a dispute to AliExpress

How do I make a File Claim?
To File a Claim, the buyer needs to sign in and click on "My Orders"on
the home page (tab is in the uppermost tool bar). This will bring the
buyer to all orders he or she has made on AliExpress. On the righthand
side of the order in question will be several options for the buyer.
One is "File a Claim." Click on the link
After clicking on the File a Claim link, fill out the form as detailed as
possible and hit "YES". Your claim will go to the AliExpress Dispute
Team for mediation

After buyer filed a claim, Please sign in to the Complaint Center
""or click View Details on the
transaction details page to view the latest update/status of this
complaint. There are 3 optional ways to help sign in to the complaint
1. Click the link:
2.On the Transaction Details page, click View Details
3.Go to , click Help- Submit a Complaint on the right top

AliExpress dispute team will give out the suggestions and help solve
the problems. If AliExpress needs your response, please click "respond
If both seller and buyer have made an agreement please cancel this
claim, and after check, AliExpress dispute team will close this claim
and payment will be processed per the aligned resolution Details of a

The suggestions from dispute team
Respond now:

Cancel complaint
The list of all the complaints

How Claim Process Works
Once a claim is submitted, the buyer should also provide AliExpress
with any documents regarding ordering, shipping and delivery as well
as any other transactions and correspondence relevant to the dispute.
Remember to keep originals and send copies of any evidence just in
case anything is lost or misplaced.
Note: If a buyer files a claim and does not present any evidence
within seven days, the claim will be closed, and the payment
will be released to the supplier.
The supplier has an opportunity to appeal the claim filed by the buyer.
Before we proceed, both the buyer and the supplier should understand
the following:
Partial Refund
If the buyer wants to settle for a partial refund, he/she can contact the
supplier and negotiate the refund amount. AliExpress can help in the
negotiation once each party has determined the amount that is
acceptable. A partial refund will allow the buyer to keep the shipment.
Full Refund
If the buyer decides to request a full refund, he/she must return the
shipment to the supplier. Please note that the buyer is responsible for
this shipping cost. Before the buyer sends the package back, please
confirm the shipping address with the supplier.
If so, it must also present AliExpress with any evidence it has
regarding the order. The dispute team will then gather all evidence and
judge each case according to all documents and accounts presented. It
will contact both parties in a reasonable time frame of its decision. All
decisions by the AliExpress Dispute Team are final.

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