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					Should weather prove to be a factor the day of the exam, the college may cancel
all planned events. If you think that possibility exists, please take the following

       1)    Call 508-531-1271 for updated College closing/cancellation

Announcements pertaining to school cancellations are usually carried on the
following stations:

WBET                          1460 AM                         Brockton

WCAV                          97.7 FM                         Brockton

WBZ                           1030 AM                         Boston

WBZ-TV                        Channel 4                       Boston

WPEP                          1570 AM                         Taunton

WBIM                          91.5 FM                         Bridgewater

WHDH-TV                       Channel 7                       Boston

WLVI-TV                       Channel 56                      Boston

WRKO                          680 AM                          Boston

WCVB-TV                       Channel 5                       Boston

WLNE-TV                       Channel 6                       New Bedford
       2)    Listen to any of the radio/tv stations listed above:

       3)    The College may be open but ASQ may cancel the exams. In that
             case ASQ will attempt to reach each examinee at the location given
             in your application to personally notify you of the decision.

       4)    If the exams are being held and an examinee feels that they cannot
             make the exam due to bad weather, they may be rescheduled to
             their choice of one of the next two exam cycles. This will not count
             as one of the two allowable reschedules. Call 508-531-6145 and
             ask for the ASQ exam Proctor to make your intentions known.
             (Failure to call will label you as a no-show)

       5)    Remember that the exams are in the Moakley Center.

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