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Agenda - Alamo Colleges - Excel


									                                   St. Philip's College Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2010
Committee members attending: Dr. Julia Briggs, Maureen Cartledge, Pearl Conyers, Mary Cottier, Ruth Dalrymple, Randall Dawson, John
Eichelberger, Jason Fabianke, Stanley Krause, Mary Kunz (Chair), Dennis McDonaugh, Bob Pearce, Lucy Duncan for Ellie Seiferth, Rose Spruill, John
Westerbeck, Kathryn White and Joe Espitia for Joe Ybarra.
                     Action Items (Changes, new programs, etc.)                                               Results
 1. Welcome and Introductions                                                    Ms. Mary Kunz
                                                                                 Dennis McDonaugh moved to approve, Rose Spruill seconded.
 2. Approval of March 12, 2010 meetings minutes (posted on web)                  Approved.
 3. Nursing Education
                                                                                 No one was present to represent this program, so it was tabled
       Deleting RNSG 1301 course (tabled from March 12, meeting)                 again.
 4. Kinesiology
       Basic Skill Levels (tabled from March 12 meeting)                         This was approved by the Committee in February.
 5. Allied Construction Trades
                                                                                 This was approved but was lacking one course. ELPT2419 was
                                                                                 accidentally omitted. This was added back, a practicum
                                                                                 changed. While reviewing again, it was noted that the course
                                                                                 would have to be a 5 credit hour and not a 4 as listed. Stanley
                                                                                 Krause will review and bring it to the next meeting. Tabled at
       AAS Electrical Trades                                                     this time.
                                                                                 FYI - Wording not correct on a previously submitted change.
 6. Automotive Technology - FYI on previous approved changes                     Ms. Kunz read e-mail from Christa Emig.
                                                                                 Randall Dawson - error in e-catalog that needed to be
                                                                                 corrected. This is information that the committee needs to be
     OTHA (not on original agenda)                                               aware of and recorded in the minutes.
                            Information only
                                               Since we are getting so many submissions that are not correct,
                                               Mary went over the requirements and expectations. Materials
                                               need to go to Pete 14 days in advance. We need an extra week
                                               for processing. Ruth advised that all colleges are struggling and
                                               every one needs to hold to these dates. All forms are on the
                                               DCC website. Some forms have changed. Mary went through
                                               each form advising there are quite a few, but that does not
                                               mean that each one needs to be filled out for your particular
                                               change. The DCC site shows what order your revision should be
                                               in when sent in. Mary explained what is needed on each form.
                                               These all need to be merged and received as one document. If
                                               you do not know how to do this, ask for help from the IIC.
                                               Randall asked about the timeline for changes for semesters.
                                               Mary advised these are on the web but will change because the
                                               DCC is currently planning their 10-11 calendar so the colleges
                                               will back off their dates to meet theirs. It also looks like there
                                               will be no more January/Spring changes - all will happen only in
                                               the Fall. Mary also indicated it would be nice to have
                                               everything in time to be put on the agenda so that it would
                                               reflect what needs to be ac ted upon. Rose Spruill asked if
7. Review of Submission Requirements           there was a limit on the amount of time something could be

                                               Some Discussion, but this Committee will not meet in May. Will
                                               meet on June 17 at 2 p.m. and July 15 at 2 p.m. Anything you
8. Summer Calendar meeting dates               work on from this time on will be for Fall 2011.
9. Dean's Feedback                             Erick Akins
                                               Maureen A. Cartledge - asked that the AS&T Division be early
                                               with their changes.
                                               Mary Cottier - nothing to report
                                               Dr. Burton Crow
                                               Dr. Ruben Izaguirre
                                               Dr. Christopher Pate
                                               Dr. Karen Sides
                                               From Dr. Aguero - average of 5 grads per year, per college. New
                                               degree - not evaluated until the 6th year. Mecca's info -
                                               compare 07-08 to 08-09 grads. Decline of 16% overall. Ruth
                                               would like to get this info out on everyone's program. Maureen
                                               stated some of her Chairs believe this data to be suspect. Rose
                                               Spruill asked about a template for syllabi and Ruth replied it
                                               should be sent out today. Mary suggested this be on the
    VPAA Comments                              upcoming Academic Affairs meeting.
                                               Changes on calendar were already reviewed. Jason said some
                                               of the forms might be changing again. Aligning Curriculum-
                                               Program Alignment. This will be much more anxiety ridden.
                                               Ruth said this is a chance to describe your uniqueness. Mary
                                               stated there is a lot of positive feedback in the alingment
10. District Curriculum Committee Report       meeting.
                                               None, but if you have anything, e-mail any of the 4 on the
11. SPC Curriculum Committee Feedback to DCC   committiee.
                                               Mary read memo from Dennis McDonaugh referring to
                                               Deactivation and restructuring of their Network Security
                                               Administrator program. No other, but please send her your list
12. Other Business                             of any frequently asked questions.
                                               June 17, 2 p.m. Kathi will make reservations and send out an e-
13. Next meeting date                          mail.

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