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Craft Connections by dffhrtcv3


									                                                                                                                                  October 2008

      Craft Connections
  Littleton Studio School: Bringing Hands-on
  Craft Education into the Community
  “I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep that                  River, is filling a need in the                                       space came up, we pursued it
  night!” That’s how Mary Lou Forsyth felt                      community. “I haven’t touched                                         and developed a business plan
  after attending the first night of a pottery                  clay since taking pottery                                             to make it work,” said Jeff.
  class at the new Littleton Studio School,                     classes in college almost 25                                          “We have received
  which is affiliated with the League of NH                     years ago. There hasn’t been                                          tremendous support from the
  Craftsmen Littleton Retail Gallery.                           anything available in this area                                       League, New Hampshire
                                                                for anyone interested in                                              Potters Guild, the New
  Since it opened its doors in August, the
                                                                pottery, so when I heard about                                        Hampshire Charitable
  Littleton Studio School has been offering
                                                                this class, I rushed to sign up,”                                     Foundation, Jane’s Trust, and
  classes and workshops in jewelry, pottery,                                                       Littleton Studio School jewelry individual craftspeople. We are
                                                                said Mary Lou.
  monoprinting, and basketry in a spacious,                                                        class student
                                                                                                                      extremely grateful to Martha Hill, an
  light-filled space. The Studio School, located                And in the three months that it has been
                                                                                                                      experienced fundraiser and grant writer, ,
  just a few steps away from the Littleton                      open, the Studio School has added classes
                                                                                                                      who was instrumental in helping us get the
  Retail Gallery and across from the Ammonoosuc                 to meet the demand. “Many of our students
                                                                                                                      funding we needed to open the studio.”
                                                                come in because of the Littleton Retail Gallery,
                                                                and we also get some tourists who are                 The Studio School currently has six pottery
                                                                visiting this area,” said Tina Gorman, the            wheels and a kiln for pottery classes, and
                                                                Studio School’s educational coordinator.              several work areas for jewelry and other
                                                                “Local artists are excited because it gives           craft classes. Tina Gorman serves as
  President’s Message .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2            them an opportunity to share their skills             Education Coordinator for the Studio School.
  From the executive director                                   and meet and work with other artists.”                Craftsperson and potter Lilias Ide and juried
                                                                                                                      League member and jewelry studio
  2009 Annual Fund  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
                                                                "You can feel the enthusiasm                          coordinator Jean Matray oversee classes
                                                                                                                      and activities in their respective areas.
  Member news  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4        in the classroom."
                                                                                                                    Jean and Lilias, with input from Beth and
  Fair Highlights  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6   Having a studio school was always a goal            Michele, worked with Tina to develop the
                                                                for Littleton Retail Gallery owner Jeff             curriculum, which includes four core classes
  Collector Spotlight  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9        Wheeler and managers Michele Allison                in jewelry and six core classes in pottery
                                                                and Beth Simon. “After we established               that run over a period of three months, and
  new York Times Travel  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10                 the retail gallery, Beth and Michele, being         several one- and two-day workshops in
  Show Solicitation                                             craftspeople, expressed an interest in having       jewelry, pottery, and other media. Most are
                                                                a studio,” said Jeff. “My wife took pottery         for those with no prior experience, and
  Lifetime Achievement .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
                                                                classes at the Hanover Retail Gallery when          some classes are designed for children.
  Award exhibition
                                                                we lived in that area, so having a studio in
                                                                                                                    “You can feel the enthusiasm in the
                                                                Littleton was also very much in my mind.”
                                                                                                                    classroom,” said Jean. “The classes are very
                                                                Once the Retail Gallery was up and running,
                                                                                                                    hands-on. The students learn technique and
                                                                the trio continued to discuss the idea and
                                                                evaluate possible locations. “When the right        continued on page 3

Bird Carving by Ira Frost
              League of nH Craftmen
      205 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301                                   P R e S i d e n T ’ S M e S S AG e
          T: 603-224-3375 F: 603-225-8452
            E-Mail:               The month of November is synonymous                for the supporting members who generously
                              with giving thanks, and so, I am appreciative      help us advance our mission of education
                                                        of many things about the League. These             and the continuation of making fine craft.
           B OA R d O F T R U S T e e S                 uncertain economic times are a reminder
                                                                                                           Those of us who love and belong to the
                 Beverly Wolf, President                that the League of NH Craftsmen was formed
                Arts Advocate, Newbury, NH
                                                                                                           League are lucky, as we are part of an
                                                        because of the Depression, and has served
             Adele Sanborn, Vice President                                                                 organization comprised of wonderful and
                                                        its craftsmen and members for over 75
                 Craftsperson, Webster, NH                                                                 talented people, beautiful items to enhance
                  nancy Wyatt, Treasurer                years. We are so fortunate to live in a state
                                                                                                           our daily lives, and the promise of this
            Finance Professional, Concord, NH           that encourages fine craft. Our lives are
                                                                                                           richness to be present in the lives of our
                 Cynthia Hunt, Secretary                cheered by the beautiful, functional items
                 Grant Writer, Concord, NH                                                                 children and grandchildren. Thanks to all of
                                                        created by our juried members and their
       Parker Potter, immediate Past President                                                             you, for your commitment, interest and
                Law Clerk, Contoocook, NH               students. Our excellent craftsmen continue
                                                                                                           support. 
                         Polly Allen                    to lead the way by upholding the League’s
                Arts Advocate, Lebanon, NH                                                                 Bev Wolf
                                                        high standards and with their dedication to
                     Charles P . Bauer                                                                     President, League of NH Craftsmen
                   Attorney, Concord, NH                our history and our future goals. I am grateful
                      ingeborg eddy
         Retired, Craft Retail Sales, Hopkinton, NH
                        edith Grodin                                   F R O M T H e e x e C U T i V e d i R e C TO R
                 Arts Advocate, Jaffrey, NH
     donna Hiromura, Co-Chair of Fair Committee,
                Craftsperson, Cavendish, VT
                     George Saridakis
                                                        E     ducation about fine craft is at the core of everything that the League
                                                              does. Just before the Fair, I sent a letter to all of the high schools,
                                                        libraries, and museums in New Hampshire recommending ideas
               Chair of Standards Committee
                 Craftsperson, Groton, MA               for educational programs, including showing our documentary
                       Carol Shelton                    film. As a result, we heard from two museums, 26 libraries,
               Arts Advocate, Hopkinton, NH
                      Pamela Tarbell
                                                        and eight high schools – all are interested in showing the
            Artist, Gallery Owner, Concord, NH          documentary and many have asked to have craftspeople
                Ron Tornow, Chair of JMF                speak about and demonstrate their craft.
               Craftsperson, Merrimack, NH
                     Peter Van Winkle                   Standards and Education Manager Catherine Green has
    Retired Finance Professional, Center Sandwich, NH
                                                        compiled a list of juried members who are willing to
                        Jeff Wheeler
            Business Professional, Littleton, NH        provide craft demonstrations and workshops. This is the
                                                        first step in our Craft in the Classroom program. The League’s
                L e AG U e S TA F F                     Center Sandwich, Hanover, Littleton and Meredith council
       Susie Lowe-Stockwell, Executive Director         locations are currently providing excellent craft classes for
                         children and adults at all levels of ability. These educational programs
            Joyce Andrews, Office Manager               are vital for preserving the tradition of fine craft in New Hampshire. The Plate by Becca Van Fleet
                                                        Vivika and Otto Heino Scholarship is available to assist individuals with tuition at League-
           Prudence Gagne, Finance Director
                           sponsored education programs, as well as in other approved craft education centers. So take a
                  Catherine Green,                      class and keep the tradition going. 
            Standards & Education Manager
                           Susie Lowe-Stockwell
                   Sharon Lindstrom,                    Executive Director, League of NH Craftsmen
            Database and Computer Manager
     Shelley Roy, Assistant to the Executive Director
            Terri Wiltse, Operations Manager
                                                          Juror Seminar: October 21
           Corinne Kennett, Clerical Assistant
                                                          The Standards Committee hosted a Juror Seminar for League jurors Tuesday, October 21
                           at Horseshoe Pond Place. The day began by reviewing the new Juror Handbook, which
            Pam Sullivan, Sullivan Creative               was initiated by the Standards Committee. Following a bag lunch, the standards
              Communications Consultant
                                                          committee members presented sample jury sessions exploring various scenarios jurors
                                                          face. The third part of the seminar was an open discussion focusing on identifying,
                                                          understanding and communicating what the League means by Spirit of the Maker. 

2009 Annual Fund                                                                                    Littleton Studio School: Bringing
                                                                                                    Hands-on Craft Education into the
We need Your Help! Keep the Heritage of Fine Craftsmanship Alive                                    Community continued from page 1
Throughout its history, the League has been       affiliated retail galleries, and to high school   then get to apply it. An engaged couple
working to promote the creation, use, and         students planning to major in a craft at          recently took our ring class just so that they
preservation of fine contemporary and             college. We also offer classes and workshops      could make wedding rings for each other.”
traditional craft through the inspiration         to people of all ages so they can gain a          The Studio School also offers open studio
and education of artists and the broader          better understanding of the traditions            time for pottery students, and guided open
community. To keep the heritage of fine           and processes involved in creating fine           sessions for jewelry students to work on
craftsmanship alive — and to offer                handcrafted work. None of this would              their own projects with guidance and
exceptional opportunities for artists and         be possible without your support!                 assistance from the instructor.
individuals in our communities — we
                                                  Your gift to our 2009 Annual Fund helps to        Current Littleton Studio School instructors
need your help.
                                                  ensure the future of fine craftsmanship —         include juried members of the League, such
That’s why our 2009 Annual Fund is so             by offering craftspeople the chance to reach      as Jean, Carol Babineau, Shana
important. It raises funds for our extensive      new levels of excellence, encouraging an          Brautigam, Alison dodd, and Joy Raskin,
scholarship and education programs, and it        appreciation for crafts, and enabling the         and other skilled craftspeople from the
also supports Gallery 205 exhibitions,            League to achieve its goal of being one of        Littleton area, such as Cathy Cushing, John
operational expenses, and the purchase of         the preeminent craft organizations in the         Quimby, and Carol Sandhammer-Pires.
books for the Betty Steele Craft Library.         country.
                                                                                                    “We will continue to refine our program
The League awards close to $30,000 each           if you wish to support the League,                based on what people are asking for,” said
year in scholarships and grants to                you can make a donation online at                 Jean. “For example, some people asked
individuals who want to further their             www .nhcrafts .org/support/annualfund .html       about making metal sculptures, so we are
education, to support classes in the League’s     or use the enclosed giving envelope .            planning a class with Joe deRobertis
                                                                                                    (juried League member) as an instructor.”
                                                                                                    Jeff, Beth, and Michele have fulfilled their
The League Emergency Relief Fund
                                                                                                    primary objective, which was to establish a
The League emergency Relief Fund (LERF) is a fund administered by the League of NH                  studio that would appeal to students and
Craftsmen to assist professional craftspeople who have suffered a disaster that significantly       artists of all ages and skill levels and
interrupts or prevents them from making their craft and living, and for whom said disaster          featuring classes in various media. “We are
creates an emergency situation and need for immediate relief funds. The craftsperson must be        reaching out to the Littleton school system
a permanent resident of the United States. If you would like more information about a loan          and the local senior citizen facility to offer
please contact Susie Lowe-Stockwell, executive director at the League at      our classes,” said Jeff. “People who are
or call 603-224-3375.                                                                              interested in craft come to the Retail Gallery
                                                                                                    all the time, so the Retail Gallery is a nice
                                                                                                    conduit for the studio. Now we are working
  League Welcomes New Members to the Board                                                          to be a craft education conduit to the
  of Trustees                                                                                       community.”

  The League is pleased to announce that Polly Allen and Peter Van Winkle have recently             To learn more, visit www .nhcrafts .org
  joined the League’s Board of Trustees. Polly has been involved with the Hanover League            and click on the Retail Galleries, then the
  Council for many years as its president and served on the League board as Vice President          Littleton Retail Gallery. 
  from 1999 – 2002. She has years of experience in the apparel industry specializing in
  product development, merchandising, and design. Among her many volunteer activities,
  she served as board member of the North Carolina Piedmont Craftsmen and board
  member and executive director of the Kearsarge Arts Theatre Company in Sutton, NH.
  Polly received the League’s Blackstone Volunteer award in 2003. Peter Van Winkle also
  has strong ties to the League, as he serves as the President of the Sandwich Home
  Industries League Council. He has a strong banking and financial investment
  background, and is very enthusiastic about his work with the Sandwich Council.
  Polly and Peter are filling the seats of former board members Jonathan Chorlian and
  John Taylor, who stepped down from the board due to business commitments. John                    (From L to R) Lilias Ide, Tina Gorman, Susie Lowe-
                                                                                                    Stockwell, and Leslie Wheeler at the Littleton
  Taylor continues to serve on our facilities committee during this important time. 
                                                                                                    Studio School

                                                              MeMBeR neWS

    Hideaki Miyamura Receives NH State Council
    on the Arts Fellows Award
    Congratulations to Hideaki Miyamura for being                                             Carnegie Museum, the Renwick Museum, and
    selected as one of five new Artists Fellows by the New                                   the Pucker Gallery in Boston. “I create my own
    Hampshire State Council on the Arts (NHSCA). Hideaki received a               interpretations of classical forms, while trying to achieve a clarity
    $5,000 award, which he will put to use in his craft and in sharing            and simplicity of line,” Hideaki says. “I am very conscious of the
    his talents with the people of New Hampshire. Hideaki                         ways in which a form interacts with the space around it. I want
    has been conjuring up new glazes ever since his childhood in                   my pieces to feel in balance with their environment, to feel as
    Japan, where he came across Tenmoku glazes from China’s                          though they co-exist naturally with their surroundings. When I
    Sung Dynasty. Right now he’s developing one he calls                                 create my pieces, I hope to make people feel good when
    “Yohen Crystal.” “My goal is to try to evoke a feeling of                               they look at my work. My goal is to try to evoke a feeling
    inner peace and tranquility,” says Hideaki, who will use                                 of inner peace and tranquility.”
    the award funds to help offset costs of a new kiln.
                                                                                            The NHSCA grants fellowships in three categories:
    Hideaki is a regular exhibitor at the Annual                                             Visual & Media Arts, Performing Arts, and Literary Arts.
    Craftsmen’s Fair. His simple and elegant displays, with                                  Selections are made based on artistic excellence,
    white walls and a dozen or so vessels, draw repeat                                        as determined by work samples and professional
    visitors and newcomers alike. He has been a juried                                        commitment. As part of the fellowship requirement,
    member of the League since 1995 and was awarded                                           each fellow will present a Report to the New
    his first fellowship from the State Arts Council in                                        Hampshire Community, which can be a performance,
    2002. His work is collected by individuals,                                                a reading, an exhibition, a blog, or some other form
    corporations, and museums all over the world, from                                         of publicizing the artist’s work. The deadline to apply
    New Zealand to Israel and Tokyo to Vienna, but he is       Vase by Hideaki Miyamura       for a 2010 Artist Fellowship is April 10, 2009. To learn
    most proud of his representation in collections at the                             more, contact the NHSCA at 2 1/2 Beacon Street, Suite 225,
    Sackler Museum at Harvard, the Art Institute of Chicago, the               Concord, NH 03301-4447 or visit 
    Minneapolis Museum of Art, the American Craft Museum, the

     Two Rug Makers Join League’s                                              Statewide League
     Juried Membership                                                         Documentary
     The League is pleased to announce that two rug makers have                Viewings and Craft
     become newly accepted juried members: Victor Joos (Milton,                Demonstrations
     NH), who hooks rugs using wide cut fabric and yarn, and Mary
     Jane Peabody (Wilmot, NH), who makes rugs using both                      Eight high schools and 26 libraries
     rug-hooking and the traditional English technique of proddy               have requested copies of the
     rug-making.                                                               documentary film, A League of Our
                                                                               Own: New Hampshire and the
     Rug hooking has a rich legacy in the League of NH Craftsmen.
                                                                               American Craft Movement. Several
     According to Allen H. Eaton in his book, Handicrafts of New
                                                                               public libraries have requested a
     England, “The acorn from which the League itself has grown
                                                                               craft demonstration on the day of
     was planted in the village of Center Sandwich in 1925 when a
                                                                               the showing, including the North
     committee of Mrs. J. Randolph Coolidge held an exhibition of
                                                                               Hampton Public Library, The Howe Library, the Gilford Public Library,
     one hundred old and new hooked rugs, all of which had been
                                                                               the Nashua Public Library, the Hampstead Public Library, and the
     made in the town of Sandwich.”
                                                                               Chamberlain Library. Our League demonstrators have been Betsy
     This fall, juries are scheduled for the following categories:             Sterling Benjamin, Sara Goodman, Sam Adams, Ruth Boland, and
     Non-Metal/Metal/Glass Jewelry, Turned Wood, Furniture,                    Michele O’neil Kincaid. Contact Catherine at
     Glass, Leather, Clay, and Fiber/Knitting/Felting, and Paper.             if you would like to be a demonstrator. 

                                                           MeMBeR neWS

Reflections by Kit Cornell                                                                            Juried Members: Create
                                                                                                      a Bio Card Online!
                         Each summer, the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle,
                                                                                                      The League has recently added a new
                         Maine offers a conference on the subject of craft. This year’s topic
                                                                                                      feature to its website that will enable juried
                         was The Language of Craft. As a potter, I am deeply interested in the
                                                                                                      members to create brief bio cards that can
                         words and ideas that define, enhance, or critique my work, and so,
                                                                                                      be viewed by the website visitors (on the
                         with the help of a grant from the League, I attended this three-day
                                                                                                      Juried Members page, when your name is
                         conference. In the first evening’s discussion, I learned that the old art/
                                                                                                      selected), and that the retail galleries can
                         craft debate is not quite dead, but continues to be flogged by those for
                                                                                                      download, print, and include with fine craft
                         whom it has a reassuring familiarity. (I continue to suspect that it may
                                                                                                      purchases. Each juried League member is
                         be an issue of class.) Fortunately, a number of the younger attendees
                                                                                                      assigned a username and password, which is
                         who represent the “globalist” generation, changed the discussion, and
                                                                                                      used to access the Members Only section of
Kit Cornell              sought encouragement and advice about how to support themselves
                                                                                                      the League website. The Members Only
making craft. I found their remarks relevant and compelling, reflecting that this is what the
                                                                                                      section can be accessed through Log-in
League has always been about.
                                                                                                      buttons on the home page and the Juried
I came to this conference to hear what the other attendees – craftspeople, artists, writers, and      Members page of the website. Once you
thinkers – believed were the essential qualities of craft, why we make craft, why it matters,         log-in, you will see a button: Update My
and why it should be celebrated. In his workshop and lecture, revered potter and writer Paulus        Profile, which will then give you access
Berensohn celebrated clay as the basic stuff of the earth. He wedged it with his feet, took           to an interactive form with fields for your
it lovingly in his hands, and made lyrical pots with enthusiastic participants. This exercise         name, craft medium, a brief bio (150 words),
reminded me why the Asian Mingei movement is so close to my heart. Craftspeople transform             listing of retail galleries that have your craft,
simple and natural materials – a log, twisted fiber, thin reed, base metal, silkworm’s silk –         listing of events you are participating in, and
into beautiful, meaningful objects.                                                                   an image of your work. Your entry will be
                                                                                                      proofread after you have submitted your
Many attendees referenced Richard Sennett’s new book, The Craftsman, which defines
craftsmanship as the desire to do a job well for its own sake. That resonated with me. Isn’t
this a motive in embracing craft as a calling? (Juried League member and woodworker                   The Juried Members section of the website
Gordon Keeler came to my mind.) Sennett also believes that making, at its best, is also               also includes applications for participation
thinking. Frank R. Wilson’s book, The Hand, also emphasizes the relationship between the              in the Fair, Gallery 205, NH Open Doors,
mind and the hand. The word intellect comes from intellegere, the Latin word for                      and other events, as well as scholarship
understanding. A craftsperson seeks to understand her/his materials and use them with                 information and guidance documents. To
thought. Also quoted during the conference was Anne Carson, an original thinker and poet              access the Juried Members section, please
from Canada, who stated that art is a “transgressive act.” What, then, I wondered, is craft?          contact Sharon Lindstrom at League
Upon reflection, I came to the understanding that being a craftsperson provides choices of            headquarters at,
how to live and what to value. For me, craft does inspire change, but I see it as more                or 603-224-3375 for your user name and
transformative than transgressive. I came home with a button on my lapel, given to me by              password. 
young activist metalworker from Virginia, which says Revolution in white letters on black.
I got what I came for. I welcome your comments via email at 

Members’ Educational Series Seminar Scheduled
for December 3
Kathleen dustin and Al Jaeger, both of whom are League juried members, media jurors,
and standards committee members, will present a seminar on achieving successful
composition using the principles and elements of design, and integrated findings design for
non-metal jewelers. Kathleen will discuss guiding principles for designing your own earring
wires, findings, and alternative hanging solutions as well as demonstrating basic wire
working techniques for making them. Bring your own work and we’ll help you develop your
own line of jewelry by making your own findings. The seminar will be held on December
3 at the Horseshoe Pond Place. Watch for registration information. 
                                                                                                                                     Polymer Evening Bag
                                                                                                                                     by Kathleen Dustin

                                                                                                                                             2 0 0 8 FA i R H

    The 75th Annual Craftsmen’s Fair Wrap-up
    During the Fair Wrap-up meeting,                                                                                received from 86 percent of booth
    which was held on September 18                                                                                  holders. Sales in CraftWear and
    at League headquarters, everyone                                                                                Living With Craft increased;
    acknowledged that it was a                                                                                      however all were under budget
    beautiful, but wet, Fair. Attendance                                                                            projections. There were no sales in
    was down 13 percent from the                                                                                    the Sculpture Garden. The Shop at
    previous year; however, we learned                                                                              the Fair did well, with preliminary
    that tourism throughout the state                                                                               sales reported at $87,510. The
    was down by almost 25 percent                                                                                   Annual Ornament sales totaled
    during August. The preliminary                                                                                  $8,737. The Supporting Membership
    financial results indicate that the                                                                             drive at the Fair resulted in 75 new
    League was under net budget                                                                                     supporting members and four
    projections. Clearly the weather and the economic climate made a           renewals. Sponsorships increased to $35,200 and were $2,700 over
    statement. Despite the wet weather, spirits were high during the           budget projections. Daily education programs included 18 demonstrations,
    Fair. Everyone enjoyed the Fair’s 75th Birthday Bash by celebrating at     five workshop opportunities, two daily master tours, five exhibitions,
    the craftsmen’s dinner, which featured fine entertainment by Tom           and the showing of our documentary. If you would like a copy of the
    Rush and a spectacular fireworks display. The good news is that            Fair Wrap-up Report, please contact Joyce Andrews at
    many craftspeople had respectable sales based on the sales reports or 603-224-3375. 

    Craft Donations Help Make Fair Membership Drive a Success
    The League is extremely grateful to craftspeople who generously donate a piece of their work during the Annual
    Craftsmen’s Fair in support of our Membership Drive, which results in new supporting members and renewals.
    The Fair – through its education programs, exhibitions, and individual craft booths – is our annual opportunity
    to show prospective supporting members what the League’s mission is all about. The names of those who sign up
    to be a supporting member at the Fair are entered into a raffle each day of the Fair. One of the enticements is the          Ornament by
    opportunity to win a piece of fine craft.                                                                                    Deirdre Donchian

    Supporting membership levels range from $30 to $500 and they help to support the education and promotional programs
    of the League. Since 2001, 54 craftspeople have donated a piece to be raffled off during the nine days at the Fair. 

                 "Rare Bird" Silent Auction Raises                                                         in Memoriam
                 Funds for League                                                                          Merle d . Walker,
                                                                                                           director of the League
                                 A big thanks to the creators of Rare Bird – a progressive craft
                                                                                                           of NH Craftsmen from
                                  piece made by Suzanne Connor (fiber), Kathleen dustin
                                                                                                           1972-1982, passed
                                  (polymer clay), Annette Frye (fiber), Jim Lambert (mixed
                                                                                                           away on September 9 in
                                           media), nancy nobis (non-metal jewelry), and
                                                                                                           Princeton, NJ. Merle first
                                               Patricia Palson (fiber) – that was auctioned at
                                                                                                           became involved with
                                            the Fair. The making of Rare Bird was featured in a
                                                                                                           the League as a manager of the former
                                         YouTube video that invited fairgoers to see and bid on
                                                                                                           League-affiliated shop in Exeter. Her
                                         "Rare Bird" at the CraftWear exhibition.
                                                                                                           homes were always decorated with the
                                         Virginia and Dennis Jenkins from Boston (MA) placed               prints and pottery of New Hampshire
                                         the winning bid of $500. This money is supporting the             craftsmen. She was an arts
                                         League Emergency Relief Fund (LERF is a fund of last              administrator who never lost her
                                         resort available to League juried craftspeople who have           appreciation for artists and their work. 
                                         suffered an extreme hardship). 


     Exhibition Awards Recognize Excellence in Fine Craft
     Twenty-three juried members of the League of NH Craftsmen were presented with awards for their exemplary work at this year's Annual
     Craftsmen's Fair's three exhibitions: Living With Craft, CraftWear, and the Sculpture Garden. Kristen Lincoln Johnson, wholesale accounts
     manager for Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass and a CraftBoston staff member, was the awards juror. The awards - totaling $6,350 in cash
     and gift certificates – were presented during the Fair Preview Party on Friday, August 3. Here are the winners and award sponsors:

     Living with Craft Awards                                                   Craftwear Awards
     Best in Show: Kathleen dustin for Leek Blossom Pod,                        Best of Show: Patricia Palson for Origami Coat,
     sponsored by Corzilius, Matuszewski and Krause Architects, PA since 1987   sponsored by John & Jill Schiffman - Schiffman, Paul & Dittilio, PC
     Best in Traditional design: Peter Maynard for Bow Arm Morris Chair,        Best in Accessories: nancy Horrall for Positive Outlook Hat,
     sponsored by Merrimack County Savings Bank                                 sponsored by the Cordwainer Gallery of Fine Crafts
     Best in Wood: Jeffrey Roberts for Cherry Desk,                             Best in Jewelry: Caitlin Burch for Essential Neckpiece,
     sponsored by Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                            sponsored by the Cordwainer Gallery of Fine Crafts
     e .L . Grodin Best innovative design: david Little and Steven              Best in Metal Jewelry: Joy Raskin for Silver Hedge Hog Bracelet,
     Hayden for Land and Sea Bedroom Set, sponsored by Edith L. Grodin          sponsored by Eleanor "Tin" Bacon
     Joe Tucker Metal Award: Paulette Werger for Arboreal Floor Vase,           Best in Jewelry with Stone: Joy Raskin for Flames of Passion,
     sponsored by Nora and Norman Stevens                                       sponsored by Mark & Heidi Knipe of Mark Knipe Goldsmiths
     Best in Two-dimensional design: Lauren Pollaro for Tapestry II,            Best in Mixed Media Jewelry: Kathleen dustin for Moss & Pods
     sponsored by Loring Stevens                                                Neckpiece, sponsored by Gondwana and Divine Clothing Co.
     Stevens Glass Award: Tom Talpey for Table Lamp,                            Best in Clothing: Annette Frye for White Waterfall,
     sponsored by Nora and Norman Stevens                                       sponsored by the League Retail Gallery Managers
     Best in Ceramics - decorative: Susan Link Silverman for                    Creative Sewing Award: Beth Lux for Childhood,
     Remains of Fire and Ice, sponsored by the NH Potters Guild since 1989      sponsored by Arnold Goldstein of Martin's House of Cloth
     Best in Ceramics - Functional: Ken Pick for Stoneware Table,               Best in Fine Sewing: Beth Lux for Annabelle,
     sponsored by the NH Potters Guild since 1989                               sponsored by Gretchen Rath of the Portsmouth Fabric Co.
     Best in Baskets: Lynn Goldberg and Marcia Herson for                       Arts for All Award: nancy Horrall for Lagoon Scarf,
     Dual Inspiration Sconce, sponsored by Polly Allen                          sponsored by Governor's Commission on Disability
     Best in Fiber: Wen Redmond for Crumpled,                                   dorr Mill Award: Annette Frye for Delphinium Shawl,
     sponsored by Skyeview Alpacas, Jim & Sue King                              sponsored by Terry Dorr of the Dorr Mill Store
     Best in Weaving: erica Pfister for Krokbragd Rug,                          Best Use of Color - Weaving: Patricia Palson for Boogie Woogie Jacket,
     sponsored by the NH Weavers Guild                                          sponsored by Pam Grob of The Fiber Studio
     Permanent Collection Purchase Award: Thomas Talpey for Table               Weaving With Wool Award: Patricia Palson for Boogie Woogie Jacket,
     Lamp, Anonymous sponsor                                                    sponsored by Pat Colony of Harrisville Designs
     Most Creative Print: Matthew Brown for Snow on Cannon Mountain;            elegant ewe Best in Knitting: debra Bury for Morning Dew,
     Anonymous sponsor                                                          sponsored by The Elegant Ewe
     Public Choice Award: Jeffrey Roberts for his Cherry Desk,                  n .H . institute of Art Award: Patricia Palson for Origami Coat,
     sponsored by Davis & Towle Group                                           sponsored by the N.H. Institute of Art
     Sculpture Garden Awards                                                    Public Choice Award: Patricia Palson for Origami Coat, sponsored
                                                                                by the Cordwainer Gallery
     Best in Show: iris Minc for Lotus Leaves,
     sponsored by Vahan and Anne Sarkisian                                      The League is grateful to the
                                                                                award sponsors for their support.
     Public Choice Award: iris Minc for Lotus Leaves,
     sponsored by Bob and Rita Cricenti
                                                                                     Ceramic Vessel by Natalie Blake

       Awards Given for Booth Presentation
       Each year the Fair Committee asks three outside professionals in the fine craft field to evaluate the
       individual booths at the Fair for overall presentation. The best booth presentation awards were
       presented to natalie Blake, Sharon dugan and Gail Wilson. Honorable mentions went to:
       Kathleen Curtin, Philip Jacobs, Mary-Alice dalton, dan dustin, Andy Hampton, Steve Hayden
       & dave Little, and nina Zotcavage. 

                                                          2 0 0 8 FA i R H i G H L i G H T S

    Andy Hampton Receives Blackstone                                                                     Thank you to the
    Volunteer Recognition Award                                                                          Fair Sponsors
                                                                                                         Thank you to all of the Fair sponsors,
                                        Since 1979, one of the most important honors presented by        including those who contributed over
                                        the League is the Blackstone Volunteer Recognition Award,        $150,000 of in-kind services and
                                        which acknowledges the selfless efforts of a League volunteer.   materials:
                                    Juried member Andy Hampton was presented with the                    E. Tin Bacon
                                    2008 Blackstone Volunteer Recognition Award at the                   Cabot Creamery
                                    Craftsmen’s dinner during the Fair. Andy has been a juried           Deck Dock Home & Garden
                                    member in ceramics since 1998. To quote the nominators:              Dorr Mill Store
                                    “Andy is a selfless volunteer working for the goals and              The Sheri Ensign Family Trust
    Bev Wolf and Andy Hampton                                                                            GLM - a dmg world media business
                                    mission of the League. He possesses a cheerful, open, tactful
                                                                                                         Grappone Automotive Group
    manner in discussions and shows unusual warmth when working with others. He has put the
                                                                                                         Edith L Grodin
    welfare of the organization ahead of his own goals, and dutifully served an additional year as       Judith Goodnow & Michael Bujnowski
    Juried Member Forum chair and vice president of the Board of Trustees.” “Andy accepts his            Laconia Savings Bank
    various jobs with good humor and a positive attitude which he uses to influence others.”             Lake Sunapee Bank
                                                                                                         LaValley Building Supply
    This award was originally established in honor of edie Blackstone, a former League staff
                                                                                                         Mascoma Savings Bank
    member, who became one of the League’s most dedicated volunteers after she retired. Her              Mount Sunapee Resort
    husband, Jess Blackstone, was a wood carver in the League for many years. Past recipients            Tim & Diane Mueller
    of this award include: Betty Miller, Bea Caldwell, dot Strong, esther newell, Richard                North Country Smokehouse
    Johnson, Marjorie Barry, Louisa & Robert Miner, Aurise Randall-Batchelder, Kevin                     James Russell
    Plunkett, Jeanne Holmes, edith Grodin, Marjorie dehls, Kira Fournier & Maureen Mills,                Secure Planning, Inc.
    Robert J . Sylvia, Ginger Parsons, deborah Grant, Roger Roberge, eleanor "Tin" Bacon,                Sugar River Bank
    A . Susie Gray, Jeanne Holmes, Gail Wilson, Adele Sanborn, Sheri ensign, Parker Potter               Sullivan Creative
                                                                                                         Sunapee Harbor Cottages
    & Steve Zoldak, Polly Allen, Ruth Burt, Jack Holton, Cynthia Hunt, and ingeborg eddy.
                                                                                                         Beverly and Daniel Wolf
    Now Andy Hampton has been added to this list.
                                                                                                         in-Kind Sponsors:
    Each year, the League receives nominations for those people who have given to the League in
    extraordinary ways to support craftspeople and craft education. The final selection is made by       Accent Magazine
    the executive committee of the Board. A nomination form is available on the League’s website         Polly Allen
                                                                                                         American Style Magazine
    in the password-protected juried member section. 
                                                                                                         Atlas PyroVision
                                                                                                         The Balsams Resort
    Obergs Step Down as Fair Volunteer Coordinators                                                      C.S. Rowe LLC
    Thank you to Bill and Betty Oberg for serving as the Volunteer Coordinators for the Annual           Echo Communications, Inc.
    Craftsmen’s Fair for the past eight years. Unfortunately for the League, Bill and Betty are          Green Mountain Coffee
    retiring. They have done a wonderful job of recruiting and maintaining a strong group of             Hannaford Supermarket
                                                                                                         Morgan Press
    nearly 100 dedicated volunteers who enthusiastically assisted the craftspeople and League
                                                                                                         New England Home Magazine
    staff during the Fair. We will miss you!                                                            New Hampshire.Com
                                                                                                         New Hampshire Magazine
                                                                                                         New London Hospital
    Collectors Seminar                                                                                   NH Master Gardeners
    A panel of avid collectors of fine craft, moderated                                                  Papergraphics
    by Mary McLaughlin, VP of TD Banknorth,                                                              Spring Ledge Farm
                                                                                                         Sullivan Creative
    discussed their experiences and personal
                                                                                                         Sunflower Gardens
    passions, how to get started, what to look
                                                                                                         Vermont Ceramic Supply
    for in a collection and the advantages from a                                                        Warner House
    financial and personal perspective of investing                                                      WMUR-TV
    in fine craft. Panel participants included:                                                          Yankee Magazine
    Brooke Adler, Ben Schore and Joanne Wise. 

Collector Spotlight: Passionate Collectors…
Generous Donors: Nora & Norman Stevens
 “I was born the same year as the League of      the K–8 library system in Mansfield, and
NH Craftsmen was founded. My parents             Norman joined the staff of the University of
brought me to the Fair at least once while I     Connecticut Libraries, becoming Director of
was a child, so it seemed fitting to celebrate   University Libraries before his retirement in
the League’s 75th anniversary and my             1994. A library science scholar and analyst
birthday by creating a challenge to acquire      of library humor, he has published numerous
75 new pieces for the League’s Permanent         works on library topics including A Guide to
Collection,” said Norman Stevens.                Collecting Librariana, that has become the
                                                 bible of collecting library artifacts and
 “We contacted Executive Director Susie
Lowe-Stockwell and Standards and                                                                 Nora and Norman Stevens in front of the Information
Education Manager Catherine Green, and           “We started collecting craft because it         Tent at the 75th Annual Craftsmen’s Fair
everyone was thrilled with the idea, so we       was more affordable than higher-priced          Fair is exceptional. It is also exciting to see
were off and running,” Norman continued.         antiques,” said Nora. “What we purchased        what the children in the Next Generation
Norman and his wife Nora spearheaded the         became more meaningful to us because            tent are displaying and selling. They are the
campaign and became members of the               we met and became friendly with the             future of craft.”
League’s Permanent Collection Advisory           craftspeople who created the pieces. We
Committee.                                       enjoy talking with them, getting involved in    More than 20 years ago the Stevens began
                                                 their lives and craft, and watching their       sponsoring the Stevens Metal Award at the
Remarkably generous with their time,                                                             Biennial Members’ Juried Exhibition as an
                                                 styles change and develop.
talents, and treasures, the Stevens donated                                                      award for excellence in metalwork to reflect
52 pieces to the Permanent Collection over                                                       Nora’s interest in jewelry. Currently they
the year. Included are exquisite baskets,        "What we purchased                              sponsor the Stevens Glass Award and the
glass and ceramic vases, wall hangings,           became more meaningful                         Joe Tucker Metal Award for the Living With
ceramic cups, brooches and earrings made          to us because we met and                       Craft Exhibition during the Annual
by craftspeople including deidre donchian,                                                       Craftsmen’s Fair. These awards are presented
dudley Giberson, Raymond and Jonathan
                                                  became friendly with the
                                                                                                 during the Fair’s opening night Preview
Gibson, and Linda Hartman. Additional             craftspeople who created                       Party. This year’s recipient of the Stevens
pieces were donated by the craftsmen and          the pieces."                                   Glass Award was Tom Talpey for his Table
other collectors. The challenge has actually                                                     Lamp, which was also chosen for the
exceeded the goal. To date, more than 82         “We collect glass and pottery, and I have a     League’s Permanent Collection. The
donations of fine craft have been added to       passion for collecting purses and jewelry,”     recipient of the Joe Tucker Metal Award was
the collection.                                  Nora continued. “I have several hundred         Paulette Werger. “Both are long-term
                                                 contemporary and older purses in my             friends which made those awards even
Gallery 205, located at League headquarters
                                                 collection. In fact, I started to collect       more special.”
in Concord, hosted an exhibition of the
                                                 Kathleen dustin’s purses while she was
newly acquired pieces entitled The                                                               “We enjoy supporting the League and the
                                                 still living in Texas, and was delighted when
               Permanent Collection: 75                                                          craftspeople. We feel that we take away as
                                                 she moved to New Hampshire and became
                 Pieces for 75 Years from                                                        much as we give,” they said. “We have
                                                 a juried member of the League.”
                 May 9 – August 13, 2008.                                                        made lifelong friends and the League is like
                                                 The Stevens have come to the Fair every         part of our extended family.”
                Growing up in Nashua,
                                                 year since the early 1970s. Their collection
                Norman was surrounded by                                                         “The League is extraordinarily fortunate to
                                                 includes works by dudley Giberson, Betsy
                 some beautiful antiques                                                         have captured the hearts of Nora and
                                                 Giberson, Harry Besett, david Virtue, Tia
                 that his parents had                                                            Norman. They are great friends who
                                                 Pesso, dan dustin, Peter Shrope,
                  collected. He married Nora                                                     understand the mission of the League and
                                                 Matthew Brown, Catherine Green, and
                  while they were students                                                       we are so grateful for their support of our
                                                 numerous other members of the League.
                  at Rutgers University and                                                      juried members,” said Susie Lowe-Stockwell,
                  in 1968 they moved to          “We especially appreciate pieces that are       Executive Director of the League. 
                  Storrs, Connecticut, where     both functional and beautiful,” Norman
                  Nora was coordinator of        added. “The quality of work we find at the

                Vase by Paulette Werger

      L e AG U e R e TA i L G A L L e R i e S
                                                   North Country Studio Workshops is
              CenTeR SAndWiCH                      Seeking a Part-time Executive Director
               Sandwich Home Industries
                    32 Main Street                 North Country Studio Workshops, a New Hampshire-based non-profit organization that
              Center Sandwich, NH 03227
                                                   produces a conference of advanced level craft and arts workshops every other year, seeks
                 Phone: 603-284-6831
                  Fax: 603-284-7312                an executive director (part time, average 1½ days per week) from June 2009 through
     Email:      May 2011. Responsibilities include supervising a part time staff of three, working with
                  Manager: Julie Deak              an active volunteer Planning Committee, planning and presenting a five-day conference
                                                   of advanced level craft and arts workshops, fundraising and development, as well as
                                                   marketing and promotion. Knowledge of budgets, networking within craft and arts
               36 North Main Street
                                                   communities, and long-term planning are important qualifications. Applicants may submit
                Concord, NH 03301
             Phone/Fax: 603-228-8171               a letter of interest, a resume and three references with contact information to North
           Email:           Country Studio Workshops, PO Box 186, Deerfield, NH 03037. Call Kathy Hanson at
                Manager: Janine Lep                603-463-7562 or email for more information. 

                 13 Lebanon Street
                Hanover, NH 03755
                                                 Sign Up Now to Participate in the
             Phone/Fax: 603-643-5050
            Email:          2009 New York Times Travel Show
              Manager: Tamara Renzo              This year’s exhibit will be larger than ever!
                   LiTTLeTOn                     For the past three years, the League of NH      Become a Participant!
                    81 Main Street               Craftsmen has been exhibiting at the New
                                                                                                 We will be producing a four-color brochure
                 Littleton, NH 03561             York Times Travel Show, one of the largest
               Phone: 603-444-1099                                                               listing all New York Times Travel Show
                                                 travel shows in the US attracting over
                  Fax: 603-444-1098                                                              participants that will be distributed at the
         Email:      30,000 avid travelers (the majority of whom
                                                                                                 show, along with each participant’s
                 Owner: Jeff Wheeler             are in the upper income brackets) and travel
      Managers: Michele Allison and Beth Simon
                                                                                                 promotional materials.
                                                 industry professionals. Having a presence at
                                                 this show has helped to generate awareness      This is a great marketing opportunity for our
                                                 of the League, the Annual Craftsmen’s Fair,     juried members. Our exhibit will accommodate
            279 Daniel Webster Highway
                                                 and the Sunapee/Dartmouth Region.               up to 24 participants. For a fee of $60, the
                Meredith, NH 03253
               Phone: 603-279-7920                                                               League will:
                                                 The 2009 New York Times Travel show will
                 Fax: 603-279-1073
           Email:          be held February 6-8 at the Jacob K. Javits      • Include a color photo of your craft with a
           Manager: Nancy Hunter-Rowley          Convention Center in New York City. The            50-word description and contact/website
                                                 League will be participating in this event,        information in the New York Times Travel
               nORTH COnWAY                      but this time in partnership with the New          show handout
           2526 White Mountain Highway           Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism
              North Conway, NH 03860                                                              • Distribute your marketing materials
                                                 and with a larger (10 foot by 20 foot)
                Phone: 603-356-2441
                 Fax: 603-356-2652               exhibit. The exhibit promotes the Annual         • Exhibit a sample of your craft (must be
      Email:     Craftsmen’s Fair as one of the summertime          easily transportable)
         Owners: Philip and Karissa Jacobs       attractions for visitors to New Hampshire. A
              Manager: Karissa Jacobs                                                            If you are interested in taking advantage of
                                                 highlight of the booth is the display of fine   this event, please contact Terri Wiltse by
                  WOLFeBORO                      craft by juried League members, which is        January 1, 2009 at or
                                                 always a draw.                                  603-224-3375. 
                15 North Main Street
                Wolfeboro, NH 03896
                Phone: 603-569-3309
         Email:         League Receives Grants
           Manager: Sarah Copplestone
                                                 The League recently received two state grants. The New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
                                                 awarded the League with $14,400 for the second of two years from July 1, 2007 – June 31,
                                                 2009 to assist with general operating needs. The New Hampshire Division of Travel and
                                                 Tourism awarded a $8,542.50 Joint Promotional Program (JPP) grant to assist with out-of-
                                                 state advertising for NH Open Doors. 

Lifetime Achievement Award Exhibition                                                                   NH Open Doors
Featuring Vivika and Otto Heino and Mary and Edwin Scheier                                              First-ever statewide touring
Scheduled for May 15, 2009 – August 14, 2009                                                            and shopping event
                                                                                                        Veterans’ day Weekend – november 8-9
                      Through recommendations, nominations, and a vote by the Board of
                      Trustees, the League of NH Craftsmen honors extraordinary craftsmen               On Veterans’ Day Weekend (November 8-9),
                      with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2007, Otto and Vivika Heino                 juried members of the League and the
                      and edwin and Mary Scheier received the award. In celebration, an                 League’s retail galleries participated in NH
                    exhibition is being planned to showcase their work and honor their                  Open Doors, the first-ever statewide touring
                   remarkable achievements. The exhibition will be held May 15 through                  and shopping event. The League partnered
   Ceramic bowl by
                   August 14, 2009.                                                                     with New Hampshire Made to create an
   Edwin Scheier                                                                                        event that offered people of all ages an
The League’s Gallery 205 committee is seeking examples of the work of                                   "authentic New Hampshire experience." NH
these master level craftsmen from our broader community. If you have                                    Open Doors expands upon the concept of
a piece of their pottery, please consider loaning it to the League for                                  "open studios" where visitors meet artisans
this exhibition.                                                                                        and craftspeople, to also include specialty
If you are interested please contact Catherine Green at 603-224-3375                                    food producers, retail shops, restaurants,
or and provide a photograph of the piece. The                                       farm stands and orchards, lodging
                                                                                Ceramic bowl by         properties, cultural events and attractions.
photograph will help make certain that there are no duplicate pieces.           Otto Heino
Certificates of Appreciation will be given to those whose work is included.                            New Hampshire residents and visitors of all
                                                                                                        ages were invited to take a self-guided tour
                                                                                                        using information posted on the event
Permanent Collection Acquisition                                                                        website,
The League is pleased to announce the new acquisition of a stained glass lamp by juried                 The League and New Hampshire Made
member Thomas e . Talpey into the Permanent Collection. On display in the 2008 Fair’s Living            organized and managed this event with
With Craft exhibition, the lamp was generously purchased for the League by an anonymous                 promotional assistance from numerous New
donor. The bottom of the lamp is made with 72 pieces of polished slices of nephrite jade;               Hampshire art, craft, and business
above these are 192 pieces of opalescent white glass. Tom used the copper foil method to                organizations, and with support from lead
make the lamp.                                                                                          sponsors: New Hampshire Division of Travel
The League’s Permanent Collection contains 272 examples of fine craft by juried League                  and Tourism and Margaritas Mexican
craftsmen. The Advisory Committee would like to hear from collectors and craftspeople who               restaurants. 
are interested in donating items to the Permanent Collection, making a financial contribution                     Sponsored by
to support purchases for the collection, or providing names of collectors and owners of
important pieces whom they might approach. To request a packet of information, ask
questions, or make comments and suggestions, please contact Catherine Green at or call 603-224-3375. 

League Craft Education Scholarships Available!
The League is committed to supporting craft         This year, grants were awarded to the Enfield      reviewed by the Scholarship Committee
education and provides the following grants         Shaker Museum, the Mill Pond Center for the        on a monthly basis as needed. For more
and scholarships:                                   Arts, the Hanover League of NH Craftsmen’s         information about these opportunities,
                                                    CraftStudies program, League of NH Craftsmen,      contact Catherine Green at
Program Enhancements Grants are available
                                                    Littleton, and League of NH Craftsmen, Meredith. or 603-224-3375.
yearly to any community based, non-profit
organization. A total of $5,000 shall be awarded    Craft Education Scholarships are available         Meredith Ashley Joyce, daughter of juried
to provide supplementary financial assistance       each year to residents of New Hampshire or         member donna Joyce, was the recipient of
to initiate, improve or extend craft education      those living within ten miles of its border and    the $1,000 Craft Education Scholarship for a
programs. Local initiative and in-kind service      are intended to provide supplementary              graduating high school senior. Meredith is
are important factors considered in the             financial assistance to people involved in         attending Miami University. Justiana Marie
competitive selection process. Applications         craft-related study. A total of $5,000 is          Andrews (Milford, NH), Justine Cruz
must be postmarked no later than January 31.        allotted each year. This year, scholarships        (Hopkinton, NH), Paul Igoe, Jr. (Durham, NH),
Grants are awarded no later than March 15.          have already been awarded to Raina Gardner,        Jason Hebert (Bow, NH), and Lindsay Tatis
                                                    and juried craftsmen Kit Cornell and               (Nashua, NH), also received partial Craft
                                                    Michele O’neil Kincaid. Applications are           Education Scholarships. 

                                                                                                                                                nOn-PROFiT ORG
                                                                                                                                                  US POSTAGe
                                                                                                                                                  COnCORd, nH
                                                                                                                                                 PeRMiT nO . 551

League of NH Craftsmen
205 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
Return Service Requested

                                                    exHiBiTiOn SCHedULe
                                                                   GALLeRY 205

                             Through the Looking Glass                               Lifetime Achievement Awards Exhibition:
                                  September 12 – December 12, 2008                   Vivika & Otto Heino and Mary & edwin Scheier
                                                                                     May 15 – August 14, 2009
                                       An exhibition featuring the beauty,
                                         function, and magic of glass.               An exhibition featuring the work of these internationally renowned
                                                                                     potter partnerships, in honor of their accomplishments and
                                                                                     contributions to the craft world
                                              Garden Imagery
                                               February 6 – April 24, 2009
                                                                                     New Hampshire Weavers Guild
                                                A multi-media exhibition
                                                                                     September 18 – December 11, 2009
                                                featuring the spirit and life
                                                of the garden through four           A juried exhibition featuring the work of the New Hampshire
                                                seasons.                             Weavers Guild

                                             Starry Night Iris Orb by                Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
                                            Christoper Sherwin
                                                                                     Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm during exhibitions
                                                                                     205 North Main Street, Concord, NH

                               For updated information about Gallery 205, our Retail Galleries, the Annual League of nH Craftsmen’s
                             Fair, or our other programs, please visit www .nhcrafts .org .

            The League of NH Craftsmen is supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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