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Island Walks


The following identify risks associated with this activity and how the risks are managed.

    Risk         Consequence    Likelihood     What is at risk of                         Management
UV Radiation    Minor          Very likely     Walkers suffer            Sun-safe clothing is insisted upon
                                                sunburn                   Sunscreen on face, neck and ears
                                                                          NKIEEC provides sunscreen if required
Dehydration     Extreme        Very          Person becomes               Instructed of dangers of dehydration on
                               Unlikely      dehydrated                    arrival
                                                                          Constantly reminded to drink water
                                                                          Water consumption monitored at dining hall
                                                                          Water bottles required on walking activities
                                                                           away from centre
                                                                          Water breaks – 30mins during activities
Electrical      Extreme        Very             Teachers /               USO/BO to notify NKIEEC of any forecast for
Storm                          unlikely          Participants              thunderstorms for the area, or visual sighting
                                                 struck by                 of thunderstorm
                                                 lightning                NKIEEC teacher to cancel in the either event
                                                Panic
Medical         Extreme        Very          Dependant upon               NKIEEC Liaise with visiting teachers prior to
Conditions –                   unlikely      condition or special          camp
Special                                      needs                        Teacher discusses activity with student
Needs (e.g.                                                               Reassures student
Anxiety)                                                                  Provides physical, emotional support for
                                                                           student (inclusion is very important)
                                                                          Challenge by choice policy
                                                                          Activity modified time/equipment, etc

Sandflies       Minor          Very likely      Person bitten            Children informed about sandflies prior to and
                                                 reaction vary             on arrival
                                                                          Instructed to bring preventative devices such
                                                                           as long pants, long sleeve shirts and repellent
                                                                          NKIEEC to provide repellent
                                                                          Repeated reminders throughout camp
Walking on      Extreme        Unlikely         Person falls, slips      Student reminded of danger
unstable or                                      and suffers cuts,        Walk don’t run policy
slippery                                         bruises or breaks        Reminded of danger during activity
surfaces                                                                  Close supervision of potential risk takers
                                                                          NKIEEC first aid and radios
Falling Over    Extreme        Very          Person falls over            QPWS barriers in place at danger spots
edge of cliff                  unlikely      edge and hits rocks          Reminded about keeping to tracks prior to
                                             below                         and during walks
                                                                          Group stopped before risk areas and
                                                                           instructed about danger and given clear
                                                                           instructions where to walk
                                                                          Adult spotters present

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