; A gathering of experts and active professionals who lead and market
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A gathering of experts and active professionals who lead and market


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									18th Annual UCEA Marketing Seminar • Tampa, Florida • February 10–12, 2010

                                 “If you can attend just one marketing
                                       seminar this year, this is it!”

                                    A gathering of experts
                               and active professionals who lead
                                and market continuing higher
                                                programs and
                                     education Aactive professionals who
                                                  gathering of experts

                                                     market continuing higher
            ucea.edu/2010marketingseminar              education programs
    Seminar at a Glance
    2010 UCEA Marketing Seminar                                 Bridging the Marketing Gap Between Strategies and Tactics

     Tuesday, February 9                                             11:45 a.m.   Lunch
                                                                                   Understanding Strategies, Tactics &
    8:30 a.m.    Pre-Conference Management Workshop                                Measurements
                                                                                   Paul Welty
    Noon         Lunch
                                                                      1:15 p.m.    Workshops
    1:30 p.m.    Pre-Conference Management Workshop
                                                                                   A Holistic Approach to Web Design,
                                                                                   Strategy, Innovation & Implementation
     Wednesday, February 10                                                       Chokdee Rutirasiri, Shaun Gummere & Michael
    8:30 a.m.    Pre-Conference Workshops                                          Managing Marketing Channel Mayhem: A
                 Basic Marketing
                                                                                   Four-Step Strategy
                 Susan Hawksworth & Jeanne Burkett
                                                                                   Jennifer Wooley, Jennifer Copeland & Adam Miller
                 Maximizing Google AdWords to Grow Your
                 Business                                             1:15 p.m.    Concurrent Sessions
                 Jennifer Chiang                                                   Recruiting Students, Keeping Them on Track
                                                                                   Communicating Your Value to Your
    1:00 p.m.    Newcomer’s Orientation                                            Advancement Office
    2:15 p.m.    Opening Session                                      2:30 p.m.    Break
                 Marketing at the Digital Edge
                 Katie McGlynn                                        2:45 p.m.    Concurrent Sessions
                                                                                   High-Tech Marketing on a Low-Tech Budget
    3:30 p.m.    Break
                                                                                   Empowering Students with New Green
    3:45 p.m.    Concurrent Sessions                                               Marketing
                 All Roads Lead to Conversion
                                                                      4:15 p.m.    General Session
                 Five Mistakes Made by PCE Marketers
                                                                                   Trends in Marketing–A Panel Discussion
                 Social Media Marketing: A Low-to-No-Cost                          Jennifer Chiang, Katie McGlynn, Mark David
                 Solution for Academic Programs                                    Milliron, Paul Welty, Chokdee Rutirasiri, Shaun
                 Creating Customer Service that Serves the                         Gummere & Michael Trachtman
                 Customer Best                                        6:30 p.m.    Dinner Groups/Social Event
    5:30 p.m.    Share Your Wares Networking
                 Reception                                             Friday, February 12
    7:00 p.m.    Dinner Groups/Social Event                           8:00 a.m.    Breakfast
                                                                                   Marketing Community of Practice Update
     Thursday, February 11                                                        Stacy Snow
                                                                                   UCEA Update
    8:00 a.m.    Breakfast—Roundtable Discussions
                                                                                   Kay Kohl
    9:00 a.m.    General Session
                 A New Generation of Learning
                                                                      9:00 a.m.    Concurrent Sessions
                                                                                   Direct Mail, E-mail, Facebook, or Twitter? How
                 Mark David Milliron
                                                                                   Adult Learners Want to be Contacted
    10:15 a.m.   Break                                                             Bridging the Gap: Program Management and
    10:30 a.m.   Concurrent Sessions                                               Marketing Structure for Continuing Education
                 A New Generation of Learning: Town Meeting                        CRM As Change Agent
                 Building a Lean, Mean Marketing Team                              Blending Tech and Tradition: Bridging the Gap
                                                                                   Between Marketing and Admissions
                 E-mail Nurturing Campaigns: The Essential
                 Link to Integrated Marketing                         10:30 a.m.   General Session
                 Digital Public Relations: SEO & eMarketing’s                      60 Ideas in 60 Minutes
                 Big Secret                                           Noon         Adjourn

              Marketing Strategies Pre-Conference
              Wednesday, February 10

Today’s reality is virtual, and strategies for adapting and excelling in this new marketing arena are in much demand. Learn how your
colleagues have developed and implemented successful plans that have bridged the marketing gap and linked the ever-changing real
and virtual worlds.
The popular three-day event, will be held in Tampa, Fla., February 10–12, 2010; attended by hundreds of marketing professionals and
university administrators; and feature more than 20 concurrent sessions. Come, learn new tools, tips, and techniques.

  8:30 a.m.       Basic Marketing: An “Insider’s                     8:30 a.m.       Maximizing Google AdWords to
                  Guide”                                                             Grow Your Business

              Susan Hawksworth, Director of University
              Marketing, Division of Continuing/Global                          Jennifer Chiang, Optimization Specialist, Google
              Education, California State University-Fresno                     Education

               Jeanne Burkett, Associate Dean, Admissions,           Google has become a vital resource for continuing education
               Marketing and Communications, University of           marketers. This workshop will be a hands-on demonstration
               Mary Washington                                       of many of the free tools that Google AdWords offers to
                                                                     marketers. We will dive deeper into tools that can help you
                                                                     focus your 2010 marketing efforts to reach your target users.
                                                                     After this workshop, you’ll be able to make the most of your
  Need help with the fundamentals? Arrive early to attend            online advertising by learning more about:
  this special session! In this UCEA Professional Development
  module, you’ll learn continuing education marketing basics         •   Google Insights
  and get an overview of effective strategies for marketing          •   The Opportunities Tab
  university programs. Learn how to:                                 •   Ad Planner
                                                                     •   Google Analytics
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Conduct marketing research                                       Jennifer Chiang is an optimization specialist at Google
  • Develop marketing systems to target, track, and retain           Education, working directly with Education clients to better
    students                                                         use Google Adwords. She earned a bachelor’s degree in
  • Introduce some trendy marketing initiatives                      business administration from the University of California-
                                                                     Berkeley, and has been in the education industry for several
  Hear case studies illustrating direct-mail techniques and          years. She was assistant director of marketing for The
  how to reach new markets. Topics include basics of Web             Princeton Review in San Francisco before joining Google.
  marketing and use of electronic media. This module is
  targeted to CE professionals who are either new to the CE
  field or have new responsibilities in marketing. Successful
  completion of an optional assignment leads to a UCEA
  certificate of accomplishment. Note: Separate registration
  and fee required. Please see the online registration form for
  details: www.regonline.com/2010marketing

                  Wednesday • February 10, 2010
                  UCEA Marketing Seminar Program                                                          ucea.edu/2010marketingseminar

     Wednesday, February 10
    8:00 a.m.       Seminar registration opens
    1:00 p.m.       Newcomer’s Orientation
    	               First	time	at	the	UCEA	Marketing	Seminar?	Join	the	other	newbies,	as	well	as	veteran	attendees	for	this	quick	and	fun	
                    orientation.	Meet	other	professionals	as	you	learn	about	UCEA,	gain	tips	to	get	the	most	from	your	experience	and	
                    find	out	about	Tampa	and	other	conference	events.	Take	part	in	this	interactive	experience	to	establish	connections	
                    with	colleagues	from	other	universities.	You	won’t	want	to	miss	this	action-packed	hour	of	information	and	freebies!

    2:15 p.m.       Opening Session
                    Marketing at the Digital Edge
    	               Katie	McGlynn, AdWords, Online Sales & Operations, Google Education
    	               Searches	in	the	Education	category	have	increased	27%	on	Google	from	2008	to	2009.	As	more	and	more	of	your	
                    prospective	students	are	researching	and	spending	their	time	online,	how	are	you	planning	to	reach	this	audience?	We	will	
                    discuss	some	key	principles	for	marketers	to	adopt	as	they	focus	their	marketing	efforts	in	an	ever-changing	digital	age.
    	               Katie	oversees	the	Education	advertising	team	within	Google	AdWords,	Online	Sales	&	Operations.	She	guides	
                    industry	strategy	and	leads	multiple	account	teams	focused	on	helping	Education	advertisers	develop	and	grow	
                    successful	online	marketing	campaigns.	A	graduate	of	College	of	the	Holy	Cross	in	Massachusetts,	Katie	has	been	
                    working	at	Google	for	more	than	six	years.	

    3:30 p.m.       Break
    3:45 p.m.       Concurrent Sessions

                 All Roads Lead to Conversion: Using                           		     		The Five Mistakes Made by
        Enrollment Funnels to Create Clear Pathways for                     Professional and Continuing Education
        Customers                                                           Marketers (And How to Overcome Them)
        Guy	Felder,	Program Director, Professional Development              Tim	Copeland,	Managing Partner, DemandEngine
          Programs, University of Houston Continuing Education              Stephanie	Platteter,	Director of Marketing, University of
                                                                               Minnesota–College of Continuing Studies
        Marketing	for	Continuing	Education	is	no	longer	the	
        singular	activity	of	mailing	out	a	single	catalog.	For	most	        The	role	of	the	Professional	and	Continuing	Education	(PCE)	
        of	us,	it	is	a	diversified	practice	across	several	media.	Learn	    marketer	has	never	been	more	important.	With	a	difficult	
        how	to	create	and	build	an	enrollment	funnel	that	will	help	        economy	and	competition	for	students	and	resources,	PCE	
        you	prioritize	marketing	efforts,	unify	your	message,	and	          programs	with	well-developed,	strategic,	and	actionable	
        create	clear	pathways	from	initial	contact	to	enrollment	for	       enrollment	marketing	plans	will	thrive	in	the	coming	years,	
        potential	students.	Using	this	funnel	concept,	CE	groups	can	       while	others	are	contracted	or	eliminated.	
        identify	the	steps	and	stages	involved	in	the	recruitment	and	      Yet,	given	the	importance	of	enrollment	marketing,	PCE	
        conversion	of	customers.	From	initial	interest	to	registration,	    leaders	don’t	think	highly	of	their	marketing	efforts	today.	
        this	funnel	concept	is	used	to	create	a	“yellow	brick	road”	        While	leaders	acknowledge	that	they	are	not	investing	
        that	clearly	guides	students	through	the	decision-making	           enough	in	enrollment	marketing	efforts,	only	25%	believe	
        process.	It	also	helps	CE	units	identify	exit	points	in	the	        they	have	a	talented	marketing	staff.	Ouch.	Is	it	an	issue	of	
        decision	making	process,	as	well	as	reasons	for	non-                bad	people,	or	approach?	We	believe	it	is	the	latter.		
                                                                            In	the	presentation,	learn	how	to	gain	credibility	
                                                                            with	institutional	leadership	and	improve	enrollment	
                                                                            performance.	Discover	the	five	common	marketing	mistakes	
                                                                            committed	by	PCE	marketers	today,	and	learn	actionable	
                                                                            strategies	to	employ	the	right	enrollment	metrics,	better	
                                                                            engage	your	prospective	students,	and	coordinate	the	
                                                                            organization	in	a	way	that	supports	–	not	hinders	–	outreach	
                                                                            marketing	efforts.	

4                       CRM	              Interactive	Marketing	           Marketing	Strategies	         Metrics	            Management
 Wednesday, February 10 (cont.)

                                                                         all the time—uninformed customer service representatives,
        Social Media Marketing: A Low to No-Cost                         long wait times, or just feeling unsure about the overall
 Solution for Academic Programs                                          quality of the organization. If you have ever called a customer
                                                                         service representative, you know the difference a positive
 Adam Arney, Interim Director of Communications, The                     conversation can make in your decision to give that company
   University of North Carolina at Greensboro                            or organization your business. The same is true for adult
 Erin Heston, Project Manager, The University of North                   continuing education. A great classroom experience is
   Carolina at Greensboro                                                expected from your students, but a great initial interaction can
 When higher education institutions get hit with budget cuts,            be the key to getting a student there.
 marketing efforts frequently suffer. Through the power of social        The Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning made the
 media you can turn students, professors, and courses into               decision to analyze and improve the quality and efficiency
 marketing vehicles that help drive enrollments—all without a            of its customer service team. This project took a look at how
 huge media buy! We’ll present case studies showing how UNCG             the CS team operated, the level of customer service it offered,
 uses social media to market and add a communal experience to            and the effectiveness of the interactions with students and
 our online and face-to-face programs. The audience will take            potential students. The goal was to clarify processes and
 home real strategies to utilize at their institutions.                  procedures for customer service, improve training, enhance
                                                                         sales and admissions efforts, and identify any necessary
                                                                         changes that would strengthen the team and, in doing so, the
      Creating Customer Service that Serves the
                                                                         bottom line of the Emory department.
 Customer Best
                                                                         The process that Emory implemented included talking with
 Steve Stoffle, Executive Director, Emory University                     focus groups, stakeholders, and conducting a performance
 Nicole Foerschler, Vice President, JMH Consulting, Inc.                 analysis using quality improvement tools. Learn about this
 Lisa Koziki, President, Impact Performance Solutions                    process and how you can implement it for your CE unit. The
                                                                         result—more engaged students and a stronger bottom line.
 When was the last time you called a company, got transferred
 to customer service and had a bad experience? It happens

5:30 p.m.      Reception: Share Your Wares Networking Reception
“Show-and-tell” with cocktails! Show off your best marketing pieces! Bring copies or mounted material, including brochures/
publications, direct-mail campaigns (print or e-mail), fliers, radio spots, Web pages, and online ads to the registration desk when
you check in. They’ll be displayed for you during this reception while you browse samples from fellow attendees and network with
your colleagues from across the country. Bring 1–5 copies of each item and several of your business cards. For e-marketing pieces,
bring printouts of your electronic “wares.” If you have questions about the format, contact Laurie McCarthy, Syracuse University at
ljmcarth@uc.syr.edu or James Campbell, University of Richmond, at jcampbel@richmond.edu.

7:00 p.m.      Dinner Groups/ Social Event
Join UCEA marketers for a night on the town with optional dinner and social opportunities. Listen for announcements regarding
events at the seminar or stop by the UCEA hospitality table for additional details.

CRM	              Interactive	Marketing	         Marketing	Strategies	            Metrics	           Management                             5
                  Thursday • February 11, 2010
                  UCEA Marketing Seminar Program                                                      ucea.edu/2010marketingseminar

     8:00 a.m. Breakfast—Roundtable Discussions
         A new addition this year. During breakfast, professionals from across the country will host roundtable discussions on a wide
NEW variety of topics of interest to marketing professionals—from social media and lead conversions to managing e-mail lists and
         marketing to adult learners. Presenters and topics will be listed in the program. A great opportunity to pick up tips, tools, and
  nutrients all at the same time.

     9:00 a.m.      General Session
                    A New Generation of Learning: Leveraging Emerging Technologies, Reaching Diverse Students,
                    and Planning for the Road Ahead
                    Mark David Milliron, Ph.D., President and CEO, Catalyze Learning
                    The mix of millennials, gen-x’ers, and baby boomers teaching and learning together make promoting and providing
                    modern education a complex process. In addition, trends in the use of blended outreach, mobile devices, gaming,
                    social networking, high-impact engagement technologies, and action analytics are bringing new twists and quick
                    turns to our learning, leading, and marketing worlds. In this keynote, we’ll explore these issues with an eye to how we
                    can best leverage emerging technologies to reach diverse student and community groups. Moreover, we’ll ask the hard
                    questions about how leaders can prepare for—and make the most of—this time of dynamic change.
                    Mark is an award-winning author, speaker and consultant best known for exploring leadership development,
                    learning strategies and the human side of technology change. He works with universities, K-12 schools, corporations,
                    associations and government agencies around the world.
                    Mark also serves as board chair for the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, a trustee
                    for Western Governors University and vice chair of the board for Spruce Pine Montessori School. He is founder and
                    CEO of the private consulting and service group, Catalyze Learning International (CLI). In addition, he serves on
                    numerous corporate, nonprofit and education boards and advisory groups; and authors and moderates the Catalytic
                    Conversations Blog.

     10:15 a.m.     Break
     10:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

                     A New Generation of Learning: Town                               Building a Lean, Mean Marketing Team
       Meeting                                                            Kenneth Schappelle, Communications & Marketing Manager,
       Mark David Milliron, Ph.D., President and CEO, Catalyze              Johns Hopkins University
        Learning                                                          Building the right marketing team for the job can make all
       In this breakout session, we’ll dive deeper into the issues        the difference in the world. But where do you begin? Hear
       outlined in the earlier general session address. For those         how one team started from scratch and built a lean, mean
       who want to join a catalytic conversation about how we             marketing team that ideally suits the academic structure of
       best leverage new-generation learning trends in strategic          its department. How do you determine the proper marketing
       marketing and continuing education leadership, this is the         team structure for your needs? And, then, how do you go
       session for you.                                                   about securing and retaining the right people for the job?
                                                                          Here’s one case study that could provide valuable insight.

6                       CRM	             Interactive	Marketing	          Marketing	Strategies	       Metrics	           Management
 Thursday, February 11 (cont.)

                                                                          •   E-mail Planning: How and when will you distribute your
                 E-mail Nurturing Campaigns:                                  e-mails?
 The Essential Link to Integrated Marketing                               •   E-mail Design: Images, layouts, templates, and hyperlinks
                                                                          •   E-mail Content: Copy, headlines, sub heads, subject lines
 Amanda Carrier, Internet Marketing Analyst, Northern                     •   E-mail Distribution: Segmenting, targeting and testing
   Illinois University                                                        programs
 Brian Walk, Assistant Director of Outreach Communications,               •   E-mail Metrics: Basic—open rates, Click Through Rate
   Northern Illinois University                                               (CTR), Forward to Friend (FTF)
 As budgets decrease, workloads increase, and enrollments                 •   Intermediate: time of day, lead growth, basic
 become the metric for success, segmented e-mail marketing                    segmentation, form usage
 plans become most critical to the success of revenue                     •   Advanced: multiple variable segmentation, web behavior per
 generation. No tactic can match the return on investment                     lead, integration of Google Analytics with your e-mail data
 of a properly integrated e-mail marketing plan. Placing                  •   Dangers and Pitfalls: Maintaining leads, frequency,
 e-mail at the center of all marketing efforts allows you to                  misread metrics
 communicate and nurture your leads from acquisition to
 conversion. Here, the marketer gains amazing insight into
 the individual lead and no longer relies on national, trendy,                  Digital Public Relations: SEO and
 or large demographic profiles when making key marketing
                                                                              eMarketing’s Big Secret
 decisions. For three years, NIU Outreach has tracked each
 decision and movement from the ad-hoc days of traditional                Jim Fong, President, Diagnostics Plus
 direct mail campaigns through the introduction of social                 Janet Gifford, Director of Marketing, Linfield College: Division
 media and finally to the implementation of a fully integrated               of Continuing Education
 Web 2.0/e-mail nurturing platform.                                       Continuing education marketers all jumped on the Search
 We can demonstrate how we’ve decreased our cost per lead                 Engine Optimization (SEO) bandwagon a few years ago and
 from over $200 per student to less than $5, and show you                 that tactic is now a fundamental of electronic marketing. SEO
 data and examples of our work. You’ll leave this session                 is a given... a prerequisite for effective continuing education
 with fresh ideas and new measurement techniques that will                marketing. However, digital public relations can be a critical
 take marketing to the next level. Specifically, we’ll share our          component of SEO. It’s also a secret that only a few in CE use,
 progressive plan, e-mails, and metrics in the following ways:            and this technique needs to be more broadly spread around the
                                                                          CE marketing community. This session will address the benefits
 •     Acquisition: What is a lead and how do you acquire one?
                                                                          of digital public relations, as well as show how Linfield College,
 •     Nurturing: The ongoing communication between you and
                                                                          Harvard Graduate School of Education and other institutions
       your lead.
                                                                          integrated digital PR into their electronic marketing efforts.

11:45 a.m.     Lunch
               Understanding Strategies, Tactics and Measurement
NEW            Paul Welty, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Strategist, Synaxis
               Strategy and tactics are two of the most common terms in the marketing world. Yet, few people really know what they
               mean. This leads to two problems: the inability to recognize (never mind evaluate, manage, or buy) good strategy or
               good tactics and the inability to properly connect the two. The result is that strategies are often empty and tactics are
               often blind. Thus, too often these challenges result in wasted time and money as well as frustration and indecision.
               Gain an overview of strategy and tactics and how to understand them. This approach is rooted in a project-focused view
               that depends on goals. Thinking within this view, learn the features of a good strategy and good tactics while considering
               a crucial missing and often overlooked element: measurement. This three-fold, interrelated structure will be described
               so participants can recognize how well their own work fits the appropriate stage. Participants then can make immediate
               changes to your projects, teams, and plans in order to optimize their marketing operations and marketing results.
               Paul serves as CEO and chief strategist of Synaxis, an Atlanta-based strategic marketing, branding, and technology
               firm. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing communications strategies and leading large
               communications projects. In 2005, he founded Synaxis to serve business-to-business and academic clients using his
               unique, academic approach to marketing and branding. Paul earned a bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville University
               (Fla.) and a master’s and doctorate in philosophy from Emory University.

CRM	              Interactive	Marketing	          Marketing	Strategies	            Metrics	             Management                             7
     Thursday, February 11 (cont.)

    NEW       1:15 p.m.       Workshops (No fee, but registration required)

     A Holistic Approach to Web Design, Strategy,                        Managing Marketing Channel Mayhem:
     Innovation and Implementation                                       A Four-Step Strategy

             Chokdee Rutirasiri, Partner, Story+Structure                             Jennifer Wooley, Assistant Director, Client
                                                                                      Marketing, Georgia Institute of Technology

            Shaun Gummere, Partner, Story+Structure                                   Jennifer Copeland, Vice President and Partner,

            Michael Trachtman, Partner, Story+Structure                               Adam Miller, Marketing Manager, Academic
                                                                                      Outreach, the University of Alabama

     Even with the explosion of Facebook, Twitter, e-mail                Professional and continuing education (PCE) marketers are
     marketing, etc., the single most important marketing tool in        faced with a growing number of ways to attract and engage
     the higher education arsenal is your Web site. A proper “Web        prospective students. The problem is deciding not only which
     redesign” is not about fixing what’s not working, but rather        ones make sense for your market, but how will these channels
     it’s about changing the way you do business—a shift in the          drive results?
     paradigm. You wouldn’t put the handle of your car door at the       Some chase the latest trends to add to their marketing tool
     bottom the door in an unreachable spot, yet your “Register          kits. While this approach gives marketers a lot of reach, it also
     Today” link is buried at the bottom of the page under some          adds complexity to organizations strapped for resources.
     content you haven’t read in over a year. Time and again, we         Others take a more intentional approach by linking
     have said to clients “You wouldn’t treat someone like that in       enrollment goals and metrics (what you want to accomplish)
     real life, so why are you doing it online?”                         with initiatives (how you will do it), and then select channels
     During this workshop, we’re going to open the door to key ideas,    or technologies (by what means) that fit best.
     techniques, methodologies and best practices for managing your      In this extended session, we’ll walk through a four-step
     Web design project that we use everyday at our own practice.        strategy for managing marketing channel mayhem and share
     From developing a deep understanding and empathy for                case studies with real examples that you can act on as soon as
     audience to how to properly manage your project, you will walk      you return to campus.
     away with useful tools you can apply immediately.
                                                                         Attendees also will participate in working sessions as you
     Topics to be covered include:                                       discover techniques to:
     • Agile Project Management                                          • Understand how your students make decisions
     • Strategic planning                                                • Gain a clear focus of purpose by defining your enrollment
     • Managing budget and scope                                           objectives and how to measure those using key performance
     • How to innovate                                                     indicators (KPIs)
     • Brainstorming                                                     • Select initiatives such as e-mail, paid search campaigns,
     • User-centered design: empathy and understanding                     landing pages, and search engine optimization (SEO) that
     • Web 2.0                                                             will enable you to impact the KPIs
     • Mobile strategy                                                   • Choose technologies that will support the initiatives in
     • Information architecture                                            your plan
     • User interface design
     • Best practices, emerging trends                                   Using a strategic approach, PCE marketers can learn to link
                                                                         communication channel action to real enrollment results.
     Story+Structure is a design consultancy focused on
     user-centered design in the digital domain.

8                     CRM	              Interactive	Marketing	          Marketing	Strategies	          Metrics	           Management
 Thursday, February 11 (cont.)

1:15 p.m.      Concurrent Session
                                                                           assigned an academic advisor from their department. DE staff
      Recruiting Students and Keeping Them on                              provides comprehensive student administrative support services.
 Track                                                                     Ongoing Technical Support—DE staff provides technical
 Lisa Moughan, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator,                      support to distance students in the use of all course delivery
    Lehigh University                                                      platforms and instructional technologies.
 Lehigh University’s Office of Distance Education currently                Student Evaluations—The office surveys students at the end
 offers 10 graduate degrees and six certificate programs using             of each semester regarding academic, administrative and
 both Web-based and satellite delivery technologies. Our                   technical aspects of their courses. This feedback is then
 students typically work full-time, participate in classes on a            provided to the appropriate areas.
 part-time basis, and have a limited ability to come to campus.            We believe that these efforts have greatly improved our ability
 In addition to working closely with the colleges and academic             to attract, support and retain our students to successful
 departments on curriculum development and course design,                  program completion.
 the office staff also provides support services to our distance
 education students. This session will present the processes
 and procedures developed and implemented by the office to                       Communicating Your Value to Your
 attract students to the program and help them attain their                Advancement Office
 educational goals. Specifically, we will highlight the following
                                                                           Stephen Demski, Vice Chancellor, University of North
 comprehensive procedures developed with the distance
                                                                              Carolina Wilmington
 education student in mind:
                                                                           Your institution’s ability to increase philanthropic giving
 Inquiry Management System—A comprehensive
                                                                           is an essential component of your campus budget strategy.
 communication plan that engages the potential student
                                                                           Although credit and non-credit continuing education
 throughout the recruitment process from initial inquiry to
                                                                           activities are recognized as sources of considerable income, the
                                                                           potential of these programs to attract donors has not been well
 Enrollment Retention Plan—A detailed communication plan                   developed. Contribute to a discussion of positioning your unit
 that establishes ongoing contact between the office and students          as a valued adjunct to your advancement unit by developing
 to support them as they progress through their program.                   programs designed to build an affinity for your campus among
 Student Support Services—In collaboration, DE staff and                   individuals who are not alumni or parents of students - and
 academic units support and advise DE students. Students are               designed to convert “customers” and “clients” into “donors.”

2:30 p.m.      Break
2:45 p.m.      Concurrent Sessions

            High-tech Marketing on a Low-tech Budget                                      Empowering Students with New
 Reuben Talbot, Marketing and Graphics Coordinator, Regional               Green Marketing
   Campuses and Distance Education at Utah State University                Mike Bailey, Executive Director, Office of Strategic Marketing
 Robert Wagner, Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director                  and Communications, NYU School of Continuing &
   of Distance Education, Regional Campuses and Distance                     Professional Studies
   Education at Utah State University                                      Michael Cunningham, President and Chief Executive Officer,
 As technology changes and improves many of our traditional                  Diversified Global Graphics Group
 forms of marketing have begun to lose their effectiveness.                Discover powerful new ways to let students and prospects
 One challenge, especially in the current economic climate,                instantly customize marketing materials to specifically fit
 is to implement innovative forms of marketing when faced                  their particular academic interests.
 with budget constraints. Many marketing offices have too
 little budget support for technological tools such as Customer            Improve satisfaction levels with technology that simplifies
 Relationship Management, project management, or e-mail                    the ability to browse course materials and registration,
 marketing systems. This presentation will discuss what                    including mobile phone access, with a new “green marketing”
 Regional Campuses and Distance Education at Utah State                    initiative that was developed jointly by NYU and DG3 and
 University is doing to meet this challenge and share what we              simultaneously reduces costs and fulfillment time.
 have learned from our experiences.

CRM	              Interactive	Marketing	           Marketing	Strategies	            Metrics	            Management                            9
      Thursday, February 11 (cont.)

     4:15 p.m. General Session
                     Trends in Marketing—A Panel Discussion

     	                Jennifer Chiang,	Optimization	Specialist,	Google	Education	     Katie McGlynn, Google	AdWords,	Online	Sales	&	Operations
     	                Mark Milliron,	President	&	CEO,	Catalyze	Learning	              Paul Welty,	CEO,	Synaxis
     	                Chokdee Rutirasiri, Shaun Gummere & Michael Trachtman,	Story+Structure

                     Bridging the gap between strategies and tactics is always a challenge for marketing professionals. Today’s reality is
                                virtual and strategies for adapting and excelling in this new marketing arena are in much demand. Join us
                                for a panel discussion among experts who have successfully developed and implemented plans that have
                                bridged the marketing gap and linked the ever-changing real and virtual worlds. This is your opportunity to
                                hear the latest trends and forecasts and get all your questions answered.

     6:30 p.m. Dinner Groups/Social Event
                     Join UCEA marketers for a night on the town with optional dinner and social opportunities. Listen for announcements
                     regarding events at the seminar or stop by the UCEA hospitality table for additional details.

                   Friday • February 12, 2010
                   UCEA Marketing Seminar Program                                                            ucea.edu/2010marketingseminar
     8:00 a.m.            Breakfast
                  UCEA Marketing Community of                                                 UCEA Update
                  Practice Update                                                             Kay Kohl, Ph.D.,	UCEA	Executive	Director
                  Stacy Snow, Marketing	CoP	Chair,	University	of	Missouri

     9:00 a.m.         Concurrent Sessions
                                                                               of their decision process—from initial awareness, to inquiry
                    Direct mail, E-mail, Facebook, or                          and application or registration. Learn what specific advice
         Twitter? How Adult Learners Want to Be Contacted                      students offer on how Professional and Continuing Education
                                                                               Units can improve their outreach marketing practices. The
         Stacy Snow, Assistant	Marketing	Director,	University	of	Missouri		    results are enlightening.
         Tim Copeland,	Partner,	DemandEngine
         It’s difficult to visit a Web page, check your e-mail, or watch             Bridging the Gap: Program Management
         the evening news without receiving a direct or indirect               and Marketing Structure for Continuing
         invitation to friend, follow or connect with someone or               Education
         something. With a proliferating tool set of communication
         channels, it’s challenging to separate the ones that have             Kyle Garcia, Director	of	Marketing,	University	of	Kansas	
         utility in professional and continuing education outreach,               Continuing	Education
         from those bleeding edge ideas that can be safely ignored for         Jacqueline Christy, Marketing	Project	Coordinator,	University	
         the moment. From CRM software systems to Facebook and                    of	Kansas	Continuing	Education
         Twitter, professional and continuing education marketers              Eric Buselt,	Marketing	Coordinator,	University	of	Kansas	
         must be competent in managing this multi-channel mayhem.                 Continuing	Education

         With social technologies en vogue, how do you decide when             Marketing can be defined as a process that includes
         (or if) you toss the CE catalog in favor of a Facebook profile?       communicating, creating, and delivering products that have
         Rather than simply giving into the hype, we asked adult-              value for clients. Marketing must both identify and anticipate
         learners—prospects and currently enrolled students from               client profitability. For many educational institutions,
         colleges and universities across the country.                         the client is another university department that manages
                                                                               programs for its respective clients, faculty or student body.
         During this presentation, discover our research results on
         how adult-learners want to hear from you at different stages          Program management involves overseeing all activities

10                         CRM	               Interactive	Marketing	          Marketing	Strategies	         Metrics	          Management
 Friday, February 12 (cont.)

  involved in a program, including working with marketing                  • Choosing a CRM product: balancing flexibility, scalability
  within time and budget constraints to meet client needs.                   and financial feasibility.
  Successful marketing management in continuing education                  • Overcoming resistance and securing buy-in: organizing the
  depends on balancing program management needs and                          implementation.
  marketing initiatives. This course will demonstrate the                  • Sustaining progress: creating an appetite for change and a
  University of Kansas Continuing Education marketing and                    culture of continuous improvement.
  program management paradigm as a proven model of success.                • Extending the influence: puncturing silos by modeling
  This integrated system is designed to meet joint objectives                good practice and attracting cross-functional participation.
  and financial goals. We will outline job descriptions and
  collaborative group objectives. We will also explain point of
  contact system and our dissemination process.                                            Blending Tech and Tradition:
                                                                           Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and
          CRM as Change Agent                                              Admissions
  Michael Eleey, Assistant Dean & Chief Technology Officer,                Kelly Collyar, Recruitment Specialist, the University of
    W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University                  Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies
                                                                           Jon Horn, President, JMH Consulting
   If clearly focused and carefully implemented, a CRM system
  can not only make recruiting of students more productive,                It is becoming increasingly important to develop an effective
  but can also stimulate the ongoing improvement in a wide                 conversion strategy that blends online and offline marketing,
  range of related processes. Hear how the adoption of CRM                 customer service, and admissions. This presentation will
  tools in one continuing education program is changing                    discuss how to generate more enrollments through a
  marketing, admissions, retention, placement and institutional            combination of traditional marketing, search engines, website
  advancement activities across the institution.                           content, email, phone, and personal meetings. We’ll also
                                                                           discuss how to adapt your strategy based on target audience,
  This case study highlights several key considerations:                   price point, and other key factors.
  • Establishing a vision and mapping a strategy: how much
    breadth and detail?
10:30 a.m. General Session
               60 Ideas in 60 Minutes
               Win a free copy of Steal These Ideas, a free registration to the 2011 UCEA Marketing Seminar and dozens more prizes!
               Back by popular demand! Learn valuable tips and techniques from your colleagues during this lively interactive
               adventure in marketing. In just 60 minutes you’ll gather a year’s worth of new ideas to attract new students, get
               e-marketing results, achieve advertising success, and reach audiences looking for what you offer. You’ll agree…we
               saved the best for last.
Noon           Adjourn

                                           InterContinental Hotel Tampa
                                           4860 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609

                                          UCEA Group Room Rate for the 2010 Marketing Seminar is $175.00 Single/Double. Room
rates quoted are subject to tax, which is currently 12%. Please make your reservation by calling 800-235-4670. Reservations must be
made on or before January 10, 2010. Please mention you are attending the 2010 UCEA Marketing Seminar to receive this special rate.
The InterContinental Tampa hotel features superb customer service and a comfortable Florida feeling. Both leisure and business
travelers will enjoy a contemporary, yet casual sense of elegance, along with a unique sense of Florida style and sophistication. From
the moment you enter the spacious, airy lobby, you will be greeted by professional and gracious staff. The InterContinental Tampa
hotel offers a truly distinctive and warm hospitality experience to all guests, paired with the amenities and services expected by the
most discerning travelers.
Its fine dining environment is convivial and charming with a specialized coffee lounge, Caffe, and the renowned Shula’s Steak House.
Conference and event planners experience intimate, professional attention to detail and personalized business services.

CRM	              Interactive	Marketing	           Marketing	Strategies	            Metrics	           Management                           11
                                                                                                                                       First Class Mail
                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
One Dupont Circle • Suite 615                                                                                                          Hagerstown, MD
Washington, DC 20036                                                                                                                   Permit #93


18th Annual UCEA Marketing Seminar • Tampa, Florida • February 10–12, 2010

Who should attend?                                                           About UCEA
Professionals responsible for continuing education marketing and             The University Continuing Education Association was founded
management activities such as:                                               in 1915 to promote excellence and expanded opportunities
• Marketing strategy and planning                                            in continuing education. Association members include both
                                                                             public and private accredited colleges and universities. UCEA
• Public relations and promotion
                                                                             represents more than 420 institutions that provide pre- and/or post
• Advertising, copywriting, graphic design                                   baccalaureate-level education to degree-seeking students, students
• Web marketing                                                              seeking professional credentials, and those seeking learning for
• Program development                                                        its own sake. UCEA seeks to exemplify its commitment to ethnic,
• Enrollment, admissions                                                     cultural, and gender diversity and fairness in all of its forums, both
• Alumni relations                                                           public and private.
• Deans, Directors of Continuing Education Units
                                                                             2010 Marketing Seminar Program Planning Committee
 Register online today at                                                    Jim Peters, University of Kansas, Chair
                                                                             James Campbell, University of Richmond
                                                                             Jody Cebina, Eastern Michigan University
 Registration Fees             by Dec. 31, 2009 after Dec. 31, 2009          Kelly Collyar, University of Oklahoma
                                                                             Kandace Gilligan, UCEA
 UCEA member ..............................$590. . . . . . . . . . . .$635
                                                                             Natalia Kats, UCEA
 Two or more members ..............$575 each . . . . . .$615 each            Laurie McCarthy, Syracuse University
 Non-member ................................$725 . . . . . . . . . . .$765   Adam Miller, University of Alabama
 Two or more non-members .....$705 each . . . . . .$745 each                 Krista Nielsen, San Diego State University
 Presenters/Committee rate ......$540                                        Kevin Wier, University of Texas at Austin
                                                                             Jennifer Wooley, Georgia Institute of Technology
 For program updates and additional information visit                        Publication design services courtesy of University of Kansas Continuing Education.
 ucea.edu/2010marketingseminar                                               100444

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