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									Date November 20, 2008                              Kind of Meeting Regular
Where Held Hunter Cafeteria                           Presiding Officer Brian Wilson,
Brian Byrne, Marc Czermerys, Gerry Loucks,                         Members Present
Rachel Tripsas and Brian Wilson

Patrick Darfler Sweeney, Melinda McCool                            Administration Present
and Brooke VanFleet

Marianne Romito                                                    Administrative Support

At 7:30 the meeting was called to order                            Call to Order
by Mr. Wilson.

Motion made by Mr. Czermerys, seconded                             Minutes
by Mr. Loucks to accept the minutes for                            11/06/08
November 6th .

Motion made by Mr. Czermerys, seconded                             Warrant Reports
by Mrs. Tripsas to approve the Warrant
Reports as presented.
Warrant #30   010629-0100702    $97,767.00
Warrant #31   002026-002030      $6,136.00
Warrant #32   2006                $240.61
Warrant #33   002016-002021    $331,717.90

Zachary Tripsas reported the Student Council                       Student Council
is sponsoring a water bottle sale, a senior lunch
take-out day and the Senior Citizens’ Annual
Holiday Dinners is planned for December 16th.
Students are collecting items for boxes for
soldiers stationed overseas and list of the items
needed is posted. Marino Romito and Dylan
Thompson were named Students of the Month
for November.

Andy Howe, BBL Construction Services, gave                        BBL Construction Update
his monthly summary on the district-wide
additions and renovations. Reported roof
installation is essentially complete, the CMU
walls at the new addition in Tannersville are
also complete and the foundation work is
finished and being backfilled. The veneer work
on the 1989 addition is coming along. Site work
November 20, 2008

continues at the soccer/softball field and utility
drainage for the field has started at the baseball
field and is working up to the soccer field.
The Electrical Contractor is presently installing
the conduits for power.

Board members had a few questions regarding the
front steps in Tannersville. It was mentioned they
have been taken apart and not been functional for
an unusually long time. It was stated the stairs not
only look terrible but present a hazard for students
and personnel who have to walk up the sides of the
driveway. Mr. Howe informed the board he plans to
be in touch with the masonry contractors and the
situation will be rectified soon, if not by them some
other contractor. He is not sure whether the work now
being done will be permanent or temporary but agrees
the situation, as is, is not acceptable. Mr. Howe assured
the steps will be in order and ready for use soon.

Mr. Sweeney addressed the NYS budget                        NYS Budget Outlook
outlook, as the Board prepares to start work
on next year’s district budget. Stated we
should be looking forward to an aid
reduction next year, based on the fact the
State budget deficit now stands at 12 billion.
The Superintendent is predicting a 10%
($270,000) decrease in aid for next year
and we need to keep this in mind when
developing the budget for 2009-10. On the
up side, Mr. Sweeney stated this district does
not get a large amount of aid, so we will not
be nearly as effected as other districts across
the State.

Mr. Williams reported Staff Development was                 Administrative Reports
held 10/22 and faculty members received an                  Mr. Williams
overview of RTI. Superintendent’s Conference
Day was scheduled for 10/24 and faculty worked
on various assignments. Mr. Dearing held a meeting
for Winter Sports’ Coaches on the 30th. Presidential
Classroom students have been selected and on
November 20, 2008

10/24 the Honor Society sponsored a blood drive
along with the Tannersville Area Health Committee.
All-County was held at the Greenville School this fall
and the Senior Class Dinner was a great success, serving
close to 200 dinners. We held our annual Veterans’ Day
March to the Tannersville Memorial after which the student
body went to the Firehouse in Tannersville for a practice
evacuation. Mr. Williams also gave brief rundown of the
individual class and club activities. Noted Character
Education Assemblies were held on November 18 and 19
and the Lions Club and the Student Council are conducting
Operation Shoebox, collecting school supplies for Iraqi
children. The HTGV/GJV Booster Tournament is on the
horizon as is The Northeast Instrumental Music Festival
in Lake Placid. On October 20th the Harlem Wizards
basketball team played to a packed House at the Tannersville
gym. The event turned out to be a very successful
fundraiser for grades 9 and 12. (Mrs. McCool presented
Mr. William’s report).

Mrs. McCool reported she has completed the first          Mrs. McCool
observation for all (10) non-tenured teachers.
Mentioned staff development opportunities are
being offered in Science by Mrs. Sofranko and by
Mrs. LaPierre for 3rd through 6th grade teachers
in regard to the Social Studies local history
curriculum. The after-school Enrichment
programs end on 11/24 and the Kindergarten
Feast is scheduled for 11/25. Mrs. McCool had praise
for the November Character Education assembly
honoring our local veterans. The 5th grade State
Social Studies test on was held on 11/12 and 11/13.
There was a great turnout for the first quarter
Parent Teacher conferences with most classroom
teachers reporting 100% participation. The Ski
PE and Friday 6 session program, in collaboration
with Hunter Mountain, is set to begin after
winter break and thanks to Jason Dixon for
all his efforts.

Mrs. Coloton reporting on behalf of the SPTO              SPTO Report
thanked the District and the Board of Education
for supporting Lunch with Grandparents Day,
November 20, 2008

held in the Elementary school. The number
of guests continue to grow and the feedback is
always great. The grandparents receive a
“grandparents are special” pin from the SPTO
and a hearty lunch from our cafeteria Special
thanks to the cafeteria staff and we look
forward to next year’s lunch.

Mrs. VanFleet mentioned our AIS teachers             Mrs. VanFleet
attended a workshop on RTI Direct software.
At present we have 49 AIS students in the
Elementary School and 50 in the High
School. Board members were presented
with copies of the district’s Academic
Intervention Service Plan for 2008-09
for review. Mrs.VanFleet suggested
it be placed on the agenda for the next
BOE meeting for discussion.

Mr. Sweeney’s district report included               Mr. Sweeney
one important item. There will be a
hearing conducted on 12/16/08 at 7 p.m. at
the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta.
Regent James Tallon will host the hearing for
public comment on the study prepared by the
Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
regarding the organization of the Otsego-Delaware-
Schoharie-Green BOCES. Mr. Sweeney noted the
study recommends that the Supervisory be retained
as currently structured, but the Commissioner of
Education has the final say in the matter. The
Superintendent suggested as many attend this
meeting as possible to support our BOCES.

At 8:28 on a motion from Mr. Loucks,                 ES
seconded by Mr.Byrne the meeting
adjourned to executive session to
discuss the employment history of
particular persons.
November 20, 2008

At 8:38 on a motion from Mr. Czermerys,              Regular Session
seconded by Mrs. Tripsas the meeting
returned to regular session.

Motion made by Mr. Loucks, seconded                  L. Byrne - MOA
by Mr. Czermerys to approve a MOA for
Lynn Byrne, Foreign Language Teacher.

There was a first reading on a revised               Policy 1st Reading
Policy #9271 – Regular & Long Term                   Substitute Pay
Substitute Teachers.

The board tabled any action on a                     Trailside Settlement
Proposed Settlement in the Matter of                 Tabled
Trailside condominium Assoc v. Town
of Hunter. Board would like some
figures to see how this settlement will
effect the various towns in the district.

Activity fund transfer tabled for more               Activity Fund Tabled
specific figures.

Motion made by Mr. Loucks, seconded                  Appointment: K. Czermerys
by Mrs. Tripsas to appoint Kelly Czermerys           Long Term Substitute
as a long term substitute for Dawn Brown,
MS Science teacher. This maternity LOA
is scheduled from approximately
December 18, 2008 through April 20, 2009.
According to policy, Mrs. Czermerys will
be paid at Step 1, Col IV of the faculty contract.
CARRIED 4 YES 0 NO 1 ABS (Mr. Czermerys)

Motion made by Mr. Czermerys, seconded               Appointment: S.Taveniere
by Mr. Byrne to appoint Sara Taveniere as a          Long Term Substitute
Long Term substitute for Ashley Cameron,
MS English teacher. This maternity LOA
is scheduled from approximately
December 8, 2008 through March 2, 2009.
According to policy, Ms. Taveniere will
be paid at Step 1, Col I of the faculty contract.
November 20, 2008

Motion made by Brian Byrne, seconded                Civil Service Status:
by Mr.Loucks to approve a title change and          J. Woolheater-Custodian
salary adjustment for Joshua Woolheater
to custodian at $12.83 per hour.

At 8:58 on a motion from Mrs. Tripsas,              Adjourn to ES
seconded by Mr. Czermerys the meeting
adjourned to executive session to discuss
the employment history of particular

                                             Respectfully submitted,

                                             Norita Johannessen

At 10:51 on a motion from Mr. Loucks,               Regular Session
seconded by Mr. Byrne the meeting
returned to regular session. No
executive action taken.

At 10:53 on a motion from Mr. Byrne,                Adjourn
seconded by Mrs. Tripsas, the meeting
was adjourned.

                                             Respectfully submitted,

                                             Patrick Darflur-Sweeney
                                             Clerk Pro Tem

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