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									                                                        A Letter from the Chair
                                                        Advisory Board Activities                               tober we held our inaugural Fall Reunion where
                                                          I am pleased to say that this past April we held      alumni enjoyed linking up with faculty in informal
                                                        the first meeting of the Department of Geography        settings (both in Lindley and at a barbecue gra-
                                                        Advisory Board. Those attending included:               ciously hosted by Jerry and Gwen Dobson). More
                                                                                                                recently, we have welcomed several additional
                                                        Randy Baker (B.S. in Atmospheric Science, Class of
                                                                                                                alumni as board members, including:
                                                        1985; now Senior Meteorologist, UPS)
                                                                                                                Chuck Martin (M.A./Ph.D. in Geography, Class of
                                                        Kevin Blake (M.A. in Geography, Class of 1991;          1985/1990; now Associate Professor, Kansas State

                                                        now Associate Professor, Kansas State University)       University)
                                                        Lisa Chismire (B.A. in Geography, Class of 1979;        Pat Murphy (B.S. in Atmospheric Science, Class of
                                                        now Corporate Counsel, DuPont)                          1994; now Senior Aviation Meteorologist, NOAA)

                                                        Floyd Henderson (Ph.D. in Geography, Class of
                                         From Lindley

                                                                                                                David Stearns (B.G.S. in Geography, Class of 1994;
                                                        1973; now Professor, University at Albany)              now Senior Geographic Analyst, NAVTEQ)
                                                        Thomas Palmerlee (B.A. in History and East Asian        Anke Wells (M.A./Ph.D. in Geography, Class of
                                                        Studies, Class of 1963; now Vice-Chair, Transporta-     1965/1979; recently retired after 21 years of public
                                                        tion Research Board, NAS)                               school teaching, 2005)
                                                        Robert Shapiro (M.A. in Geography, Class of 1989;          If you would be interested in becoming a board
                                                        now Vice President, Verizon)                            member, please contact our board chair (Rob
                                                        Polly Stallings (B.A. in Geography, Class of 1986;      Shapiro: or me (t-
                                                        now Soil Conservation Technician, NRCS)        We would love to have you in-
                                                                                                                volved if you would be willing to spend some of
                                                           Board members who could not attend included          your time to support and promote the Department of
                                                        Kevin Howald (Non-degree Alum, Class of 1986;           Geography at KU!
                                                        now Senior Engineering Manager, Harris Corpora-
                                                        tion) and David Johnson (B.A. in Geography, Class       Forthcoming Hires
                                                        of 1973; now Director, National Weather Service).          As I have discussed in recent letters over the past
                                                        The board discussed a broad range of issues, but        year, our number of faculty is high (now at 22) and
                                                        focused on the need to expand opportunities for         we continue to excel in teaching and research activi-
                                                        undergraduate and graduate students, such as in-        ties. Particularly noteworthy is David Braaten’s role
                                                        creasing the number of internships and funding for      as Deputy Director of a $19 million NSF grant to
                                                        scholarships and research. The board also stressed      study the melting of polar ice caps. There are two
                                                        the need to reach out to alumni—thus, this past Oc-     potential hires in glaciology associated with this
                                                                                                                                                      See Letter page 2

                                                        The Lawrence and Campus Scene
                                                           Lindley Annex is no more. Although this low          For the past decade or so KU officials have worked
                                                        wooden building just to our southwest was not           hard to keep teaching activities focused on the cen-
                                                        much frequented by geographers, we all were used        tral campus even as the university grows. The latest
                                                        to peering down at its roof and circling it in search   step in the process began in June with a decision to
                                                        of coveted parking spots in the inner lot. We knew      eliminate the campus printing plant. This move cost
                                                        the annex as a studio for architecture students, but    twenty people their jobs but opened up a nice build-
                                                        it began life during World War II as a cafeteria for    ing on west campus. The structure is now home to
                                                        800 men of the Army Student Training Program. If        the university’s fabulous collections in entomology,
                                                        you are curious where these soldiers were housed,       mammalogy, and invertebrate paleontology. These
                                                        the answer is Lindley Hall itself. Our building was     relocations, in turn, create space in Dyche, Snow,
                                                        a dormitory from its opening in the summer of           and Lindley Halls. Snow will soon house the
                                                        1943 until the spring semester of 1945. For better      economics department, but options for the other
                                                        or worse, the annex fell to the wrecker’s ball on       space are still under discussion.
                                                        June 22 and we now have 10,000 square feet of             Two developments on the eastern end of cam-
                                                        extra parking.
                                                                                                                                                      See Scene page 2
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grant—this year we hope to fill one of these     ety for Photogrammetry and Remote Sens-         the AAG national meeting in Denver.
positions at either the Full Professor or        ing (ASPRS). Matt also presented a work-
Distinguished Professor level. These are         shop on Landscape Analysis Using Geospa-        Sarah Smiley received a Fulbright-IIE
exciting times to be chairing the depart-        tial Tools at the Ecological Society of         Ph.D. fellowship to undertake research in
ment, but I sometimes wonder where we are        America/International Congress of Ecology       Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for her disserta-
going to put all of these faculty!               joint meeting.                                  tion. Sarah is, as of early December, al-
                                                                                                 most three months through her 10-month
Recent Student Activities                        Angela Gray received a Fulbright-Hays           stay in Tanzania.
   Since I have focused on faculty activities    Ph.D. fellowship to undertake research in
in my recent letters, I thought that this        Zambia for her dissertation. Ang is, as of         Congratulations are in order for those
would be a good time to summarize some           early December, almost three months             students who organized GIS Day and for
of the accomplishments of our students over      through her 10-month stay in Zambia.            those students who assisted Shannon
the past year:                                                                                   O’Lear in handling the Globe-O-Mania
                                                 John Kostelnick presented a paper on a
                                                                                                 Trivia Bowl, which were both held dur-
John Bauer was first author of the paper         standard symbolization approach for hu-
“Visualizing environmental correlates of         manitarian demining at the International
                                                                                                 ing Geography Awareness Week 2005.
species geographical range limits,” Diver-       Cartographic Conference in A Coruña,            Globe-O-Mania was so successful this
sity and Distributions 11(4):275-278. John       Spain.                                          year that we had to move it to a larger
also received a dissertation fellowship from                                                     venue in Wescoe Hall!
                                                 Joel Plummer received a three-year NASA
KU.                                                                                              Annual Alumni Gathering at the AAG
                                                 Fellowship for his research with Professor
Cristin Burke reviewed Modern Clan Poli-         Braaten on ice sheet mapping.                     On Thursday, March 9, 2006, from 7-
tics: The power of Blood in Kazakhstan and                                                       10 PM, we will again host our annual
Beyond by Edward Schatz for the journal          Matt Ramspott co-authored several pub-          alumni party at the national AAG meet-
                                                 lished papers—particularly noteworthy was       ing in Chicago. We will meet at The
National Identities.
                                                 “Effects of cultivation history and current
                                                                                                 Berghoff, which is located at 17 West
James Dietrich received an Undergraduate         grassland management on soil quality in
                                                                                                 Adams Street, only about a block from
Research Award to study the feasibility of       Northeastern Kansas” for Journal of Soil
proposed beach nourishment projects on the       and Water Conservation. Matt also received      the main AAG hotel (http://
Outer Banks of North Carolina.                   a dissertation fellowship from KU.    
                                                                                                 For those of you going to the Chicago
Matt Dunbar received the William Fischer         Chris Post received the Ralph Brown             meeting, I look forward to seeing you
Memorial Scholarship and the Ta Liang            award from the Historical Specialty Group       there!
Memorial Award from the American Soci-           for the best paper at the Master’s level at                        Terry Slocum

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pus are worth special visits on your next        which had operated at its site for over a       condominiums that sell in the range of
trip to Lawrence. Part of the university’s       century, moved to less congested quarters.      $200,000 to $450,000 plus businesses at
old powerhouse near the corner of Sunny-         Another long-time business experienced          street level. Sales have been good so far,
side and Sunflower, which dates to 1887,         revival, however. The Eldridge Hotel re-        and the building’s sheer massiveness gives
has been saved. Its signature set of nine        opened in May after a $2 million makeover.      the town a genuine air of the cosmopolitan.
limestone arches that were copied from a         A key to the new investment was securing           The renaissance on New Hampshire
palace in Oviedo, Spain, have been incorpo-      sixty spaces for private, off-street parking.   Street faces two potential obstacles. One, at
rated into a new, 14,700 square-foot build-         Downtown’s extreme linearity, always a       the corner of 10th Street, is a daily assem-
ing for the Hall Center for the Humanities.      source of frustration to shoppers, seems        blage of homeless people at a shelter run by
It is a beautiful structure. Another transfor-   about to change. New developments along         the Salvation Army. This issue should be
mation is planned for the nondescript corner     New Hampshire Street between 7th and 10th       resolved soon as the Army is constructing a
of 13th and Oread, near the student union.       are adding girth. The process there began a     new building farther to the south and east.
This has been designated the official eastern    few years ago with construction of a large      The second issue, which may or not become
gateway to campus. Courtesy of Tom and           Borders bookstore at the corner of 7th Street   an obstacle, is the close proximity of the
Jill Docking, it will soon feature new plant-    and a new Lawrence Arts Center between          new Hobbs Taylor condos to The Bottle-
ings, signage, and a large fountain.             9th and 10th. Now the middle ground is          neck, the city’s premier spot for live, avant-
   As both east and west Lawrence continue       filling in. Pachamama’s, an upscale restau-     garde music. Will youthful concert enthusi-
to sprout new houses and strip malls, the        rant long established in west Lawrence, is      asts and not-so-youthful residents coexist
most interesting changes on the city scene       investing $2 million in a new building at       happily? Everybody is hopeful but nobody
continue to occur downtown. This year saw        800 New Hampshire. Its owner, Ken               is confident. Stay tuned.
departures for two of the last old-style busi-   Baker, was inspired by an even bigger, $9
                                                 million creation just to his north. This is                         Pete Shortridge
nesses on Massachusetts Street. Hanna’s
                                                 Hobbs Taylor Lofts, a five-story building                           (
Appliances in the 900-block, a fixture since
1946, closed via competition from big-box        by local developer Bo Harris that is now
stores. Hopkins Sheet Metal at 1011 Mass,        near completion. It features four stories of

  Page 2                                                                                                                       F R O M L I N D L EY
 Degrees Awarded
    Dissertations, thesis, and non-thesis      Matthew D. Dunbar, MA, “Mapping,              Disturbance Forest Regeneration in the
 MAs completed during the 2004-05 pe-          Analyzing, and Visualizing 60 Years of        Yellowstone National Park Re-
 riod are as follows (advisor in parenthe-     Forest Cover Change in Northeast Kan-         gion” (Mark Jakubauskas and Kevin
 sis):                                         sas” (Mark Jakubauskas and Steve Eg-          Price)
 C. Drew Bednasek, MA, “British Colo-                                                        Rex J. Rowley, MA, “Insuring the
 nial Geographies of Africa in the Early       Matthew S. Harman, MA, Non-thesis             Range: Toward a Crop Insurance Pro-
 Twentieth Century” (Garth Myers)              (Xingong Li)                                  gram for Rangeland and Pasture” (Kevin
 David M. Cochran, PhD, “The Sustain-          Cameron K. McCormick, PhD,
 ability of Shifting Cultivation and Eco-      “Geography of Rural Water Development         Abigail R. Varner, MA, “Soil Signa-
 nomic Change in Rain Forest Conserva-         in Northern Cameroon” (Garth Myers)           tures of the Santa Fe Trail in Douglas
 tion: Participatory Mapping the Cultural                                                    County and Morton County, Kan-
                                               Casey J. McLaughlin, MA “Up-scaling
 Geography of Native Peoples in the Rio                                                      sas” (Bill Johnson)
                                               Local Nutrient Budgets Using Global
 Platano Biosphere Reserve, Hondu-
                                               Typology: Linking Local Budgets with          Roberto Castillo Vasquez, PhD, “An
 ras” (Peter Herlihy)
                                               Global Data Sets” (Bob McColl)                Ethnogeography of the Maleku Indige-
 Benjamin F. Coles, MA, “(Re)Placing                                                         nous Peoples in Northern Costa
                                               L. Monika Moskal, PhD,
 the Alternative Coffee Commodity                                                            Rica” (Peter Herlihy)
                                               “Spatiotemporal Modeling of Post-
 Chain” (Chris Brown)

Advisory Board Update
  This was the first year of operation for       The Board met for the first time last       Jerry Dobson’s house.
our Advisory Board. The board is com-          April at Lindley Hall and schedules confer-      The Board is currently working on
posed of alumni, student liaisons, and         ence calls every 2-3 months. The board        building a professional network and intern-
Terry Slocum, the department chair. The        sponsored an alumni reunion in October.       ship resource list. Both are accessible on
Board is focused on the needs of students.     With plenty of help from faculty and stu-     the department website. If you want to
This includes connecting students to pro-      dents, the department played host to about    learn more about the Advisory Board,
fessionals, driving private sector involve-    30 alumni who gained insights to current      please contact Robert Shapiro at:
ment, and growing the Geography endow-         faculty research, met up with former class-
ment to directly benefit students.             mates and enjoyed a top notch barbeque at

 Globe-O-Mania Lives!
    The KU Geography Department held           cluded Geography Club T-shirts and in-        this year’s compilation!) and for those
 our second annual Globe-O-Mania trivia        flatable globes. This year, we decided to     teams that did not come up with their
 bowl event during Geography Awareness         offer “Globe-O-Mania” insignia beverage       own team name, we devised geographi-
 Week with great success. This year, the       opener keychains as door prizes for all       cally appropriate team names. Some of
 event more than doubled in size to ap-        participants, and these items went quickly    our favorites this year were “I’m Hungary
 proximately 240 students (53 teams). The      (we still have a few left for alum who        for Turkey”, “Don’t Blame Me, It’s San
 organizers (a.k.a. Team Globe-O-Mania)        donate $100 or more to the Department!).      Andreas Fault!”, “Africa Is My Favorite
 had to reserve a large lecture hall in Wes-   For those of you unfamiliar with this new     Country”, “Stop Plate Tectonics”,
 coe as the event venue, and even then we      tradition in our department, Globe-O-         “Kenya Dig It?”, “Igneous Is Bliss”, and
 had standing room only. The Geography         Mania is an event that showcases the          the “Rasterfarians” (in recognition of GIS
 Club and the Geography Graduate Student       breadth and relevance of Geography to         Day, of course). We solicited questions
 Organization also sponsored the event.        our undergrads while demonstrating that       for this year’s event from faculty and
 Scott McEathron from the Map and Geog-        the members of our department—from            grad students, and Curt Hall and Josh
 raphy Library graciously (and, thank-         undergrads to grads to all levels of fac-     Long (who, by the way, tied for second
 fully!) supplied many prizes (coffee mugs,    ulty—know how to have a good time.            place with his team of students!) sent in
 water bottles, ID card holders and the        We play a special selection of place-         questions. We were particularly pleased
 surprisingly popular glow-in-the dark,        relevant, upbeat music ranging from the       with Curt Hall’s question about the Horse
 write-on/wipe off message boards). Other      musical stylings of Frank Sinatra to the      Latitudes and decided to ramp it up a bit
 prizes for which students competed in-        B-52s (thanks to Victoria Downey for          by playing the Doors’ song of the same

                                                                                                                                 Page 3
Globe-O-Mania continued from page 3
title as part of the question.                  problems with the door prizes, and nearly        you, everyone, who participated in this
Although we ran into some problems in           having to go out and purchase all the            year’s event and we will look forward to
the days leading up to the event (e.g., un-     Pepsi beverages ourselves), the event ran        more mania next year!
expected charges to use the projection          relatively smoothly and everyone ap-
equipment in the lecture hall, funding          peared to have a fabulous time. Thank            Shannon O’Lear

Emeriti Corner
 Bob Nunley                                      search and sponsoring meetings and pro-          by a future storm.
                                                 jects that advance understanding of that            Similarly, traveling has become a bit
    In September of 2005, after five years
                                                 aspect of environment. Berney Williams           more stressful for a senior citizen who
 of service, I retired officially from the
                                                 is President of CEEMS and oversees its           will be 85 in January (2006), but I still
 position of Dean of Faculty and Academic
                                                 daily operation. Plans are to integrate          managed to lecture on two cruises plus a
 Affairs of Holos University Graduate
                                                 some of its activities into those of the         fast trip to see the second of my grand
 Seminary (
                                                 growing and expanding Geography De-              daughters graduate from medical school.
 and and remained on
                                                 partment. I still go to the office each          I am becoming more dependent on my
 the teaching and research faculty. Ann
                                                 Wednesday afternoon and early evening            cane to get around, but there is a little
 and I continue to co-teach the Inner Coun-
                                                 and the last doctoral committee on which         fight left in the old man yet. And so it
 selor Course (
                                                 I have played a weekly role in the re-           goes.
 and my replacement as Dean and I co-
                                                 search is being scheduled for defense in            More important than my own experi-
 teach a course on Integrative Medicine
                                                 December of 2005. For further details            ences is the very positive feedback that I
 and the Capstone course. I was invited to
                                                 write to or call 785-              get about the progress of the Department.
 be guest editor of the first of two volumes
                                                 864-5544 or 785-863-2176. Be well.               Somehow, I continue to feel part of it,
 of the Journal of Subtle Energy / Energy
                                                                                                  even though I have been retired for al-
 Medicine for 2006 which will consist of
                                                 John Augelli                                     most fifteen years, and most of my con-
 25 extended abstracts of dissertations
                                                                                                  temporaries are now gone or are phasing
 done in Holos; each consisting of four             One way of describing the past year is,       out. Occasional exchanges with Curt,
 pages. We also are developing a course          “But aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how           Terry, Bev, Pete and others of the old
 on Environmental Energy Medicine Stud-          did you enjoy the play?”. My Florida             crew convince me that “we shall (not)
 ies, and will be building it over the next      residence was battered by hurricanes on          pass and be forgotten with the rest”.
 few years. We have formally established         three different occasions, but my insur-         Good luck and God bless.
 a 501C-3 corporation entitled the Center        ance company paid in full. I elected to                       
 for Environmental Energy Medicine Stud-         remain in Florida, but I did buy a house
 ies (CEEMS) and we are supporting re-           in Lawrence, just in case I get wiped out

 Faculty News
           Steve Bozarth                         ual. A similar study of the Margarita Tomb       formed by NSF in February that their pro-
                                                 at Copán, a Classic period Maya site in          posed NSF Science and Technology Center
            Steve Bozarth had another busy       Honduras, revealed that maize was placed         (STC) Center for Remote Sensing of Ice
            year studying ancient pollen/opal    in a ceramic vessel there as well. Large         Sheets (CReSIS) was selected for funding.
            phytoliths from sites in the         amounts of young native grass was also           NSF also selected the Team for Research in
American Southwest, the Great Plains, Cen-       found in the vessel and on the offering plat-    Ubiquitous Secure Technology (TRUST) at
tral America and South America. The high         form. Phytolith analysis of sediment from a      UC Berkeley for an STC. NSF funding for
point was working with Bill Woods on a           site in Nebraska revealed evidence of a          both Centers over 5 years is identical at $19
archaeological site in the central Amazon        climate change throughout its occupation.        million for each Center. With the addition
(dated at ca. 1,000 BP), in which evidence       A pollen and phytolith study of paleoenvi-       of CReSIS and TRUST, there are now 13
of maize and squash was discovered in a          ronments and prehistoric agriculture in New      STCs funded by NSF nationwide. This
region not known to have had agriculture at      Mexico was published in a peer reviewed          culminated a 2-year competition that in-
that time. Phytolith analysis of residue         edited volume.                                   cluded a pre-proposal, a full proposal, and
from ceramic vessels from Tomb 5 at Blue                                 an NSF site visit. This STC competition
Creek in northern Belize demonstrated that                                                        was especially intense, starting with 158
                                                            Dave Braaten
the late Preclassic Maya placed offerings of                                                      pre-proposals, with only 2 ultimately being
maize, beans and squash, as well as large                   Dave Braaten and his colleagues       successful. Dave Braaten will serve as the
qauntities of wild cherries, in ceramic ves-                in Electrical Engineering and         deputy director of CReSIS. The goals of
sels that surrounded the deceased individ-                  Computer Science were in-

  Page 4                                                                                                                     F R O M L I N D L EY
Faculty News
CReSIS are to miniaturize various ice pene-      pheric science journals as well as several        author and graduate student, Terri Wood-
trating radar systems already developed at       major proposals to NOAA and NSF. In               burn, he has brought to completion a num-
KU, integrate the sensors and antennas onto      other news, he and his wife Kistie were able      ber of county geologic maps for western
UAV’s (unpiloted aircraft) and surface-          to take a belated honeymoon and visited           Kansas. Aside from work, for their biennial
based rovers, carry out detailed measure-        Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper Canada.             vacation, Claudia and Bill took another
ments of ice sheet regions that are undergo-     After spending much of the year preparing         Caribbean cruise (10-day), this one to the
ing rapid changes, and incorporate the           for another Iron distance triathlon, he suf-      low-latitude Lesser Antilles. Offspring-
measurements into ice sheet models. The          fered a prolonged knee injury and was side-       wise, his son Ben is starting at KU and
Center also has education, diversity and         lined and was only able to finish one half-       daughter Ellen will be graduating from
knowledge transfer components, national          ironman this year.                                college in Boston this spring. Although his
and international academic partners, indus-                               leisure time is fairly limited, he likes to
try partners, and government partners.                                                             mountain bike with son Ben, hike with
Again this summer, Dave spent about 3                       Johan Feddema                          Claudia and their three dogs, and continue
weeks up on the Greenland ice sheet at                       Johan Feddema started the year        to validate his lack of ineptitude as a back-
Summit Camp conducting experiments that                      out in Boulder, CO, finishing his     yard mechanic.
are part of ongoing projects – the PRISM                     sabbatical year at the National                                
project (Polar Radars for Ice Sheet Meas-        Center for Atmospheric Research. He
urements) and a “plane-wave” snow accu-                                                                       Xingong Li
                                                 worked closely with a number of NCAR
mulation radar project. Dave is also prepar-     collaborators developing datasets for simu-                   Xingong Li has had the most
ing for a research trip to a site in West Ant-   lating land cover change impacts on climate                   fruitful year so far at KU. Work-
arctica that will begin December 18, 2005.       in the NCAR GCMs. Overall it was a very                       ing with his first graduate stu-
He will conduct similar experiments to           successful year, with the work resulting in a     dent, Chris Larson, and former colleague,
what was accomplished in Greenland this          number of publications, including Climate         Arthur Rex, both from Appalachian State
past summer, and expects to return in the        Dynamics, Science and a contribution to the       University, their research on developing
middle of January 2006. The site in West         5th IPCC report due out in 2007. Spending         algorithms of generating buffers on terrain
Antarctica is remote, cold, and has very         a year at a research institution like NCAR        has been published in the journal of Cartog-
limited facilities at this stage, but over the   was a significant change of pace, and al-         raphy and Geographic Information Science.
next few years, this will be the site of a       lowed him to actually spend days on end           The article manifests the connection Xin-
large U.S. led deep ice core drilling project.   thinking only of research questions; the          gong had with ASU. Collaboration with
                         windowless office was a disappointment            Steve Wang at the Kansas Biological Sur-
                                                 given the potential views at the NCAR!            vey and graduate student Matt Harman on
           Chris Brown
                                                 However as a family they made up for it by        lake water quality modeling has resulted in
           Chris Brown and his wife Denise       managing to rent a house close to the moun-       a publication in the journal of GIScience
           Perpich are expecting their sec-      tains and with lots of wildlife in the            and Remote Sensing. Xingong also pub-
           ond child (a boy) in late Febru-      neighborhood. They especially were en-            lished a single-authored article on direc-
ary, necessitating yet another absence from      tranced by the foxes!                             tional statistics in the journal of Transac-
an AAG meeting. Chris went with co-                 In the fall, Johan was asked to assume the     tions of GIS. Working with collaborators
author Wendy Jepson to Vilhena, Rondonia         role of associate chair, as Bill Johnson was      from the University of North Carolina at
in the Brazilian Amazon in July-August to        on a well deserved sabbatical break. This         Charlotte, the Kansas Biological Survey,
interview soybean farmers as part of their       foray into administration will surely cure        and Kansas State University, Xingong is
study, with Kevin Price and others at            him of all desires for the chair position;        actively searching for funds from NSF,
KARS, on the expansion of soybean culti-         although it has proved an interesting and         USDA, EPA, and the State of Kansas to
vation in the Amazon. Field work is going        active re-emersion into the realities of aca-     support his research in GIS algorithm de-
to get tougher and tougher with the growing      demia. He also taught the “Principles of          velopment and GIS applications in water
family, but Chris has plenty of work to do       Environmental Studies” and “Climate and           quantity/quality modeling and water re-
here in Lawrence while he prepares his file      Climate Change” courses, which he has             sources management. Matt Harman, Xin-
for tenure review in Fall of 2006.               enjoyed teaching.                                 gong’s first graduate student at KU, gradu-
                                                  ated last May and now works at the Wash-
                                                                                                   ington D.C. office of ESRI. Joel Plummer, a
           Nate Brunsell                                      Bill Johnson                         doctoral graduate student, is working on
           Nate Brunsell is settling into life                 Bill Johnson was fortunate          developing innovative GIS tools to manage,
           here in the department. His re-                     enough to be awarded a sab-         analyze, and visualize ice-sheet datasets
           search has focused on the remote                    batical leave for the fall semes-   with support from a NASA doctoral fellow-
sensing of vegetation-rainfall interactions      ter of this year, during which he has been        ship. Joel won the first place prize in the
using satellite and radar products and on        completing some field projects and long-          2005 KU GIS Day student paper competi-
field work studying atmospheric turbulence       overdue write ups of research projects.           tion and will publish some of his research
and evaporation from the prairie in central      Ph.D. student Karen Willey and Bill have a        results in a journal article as well as present
Kansas. This work has resulted in several        book chapter in press and are currently           them at next year’s AAG meeting. Tom
publications (published, in press and sub-       working on several other manuscripts. Also,       Overly, a first-year master’s graduate stu-
mitted) in the remote sensing and atmos-         with the invaluable assistance of his co-         dent, is implementing and evaluating

                                                                                                                                           Page 5
 Faculty News
TOPOMODEL, a rainfall-runoff model,              despite the fact that all the necessary ingre-   thesis about the symbolic role of downtown
inside GIS and will present the research at      dients seem to be there.                         Lawrence. Beyond the confines of Lindley
next year’s AAG meeting. Justin Penka, a            This semester she is teaching a new           Hall, he spent considerable time last spring
master’s student with a full-time GIS job in     course titled Professional Development in        felling the forest primeval that once man-
Lawrence, is determined to finish his degree     Teaching for Geography grad students.            tled the Shortridge front yard. The new
and is developing GIS tools to visualize and     They balance their time between "nuts and        look still startles passersby, but allows them
analyze spatio-temporal NEXRAD data. At          bolts" aspects of teaching and philosophies      a better view of Barbara’s flower beds.
home, Xingong and his wife Xiaomei are           about how they think about teaching. A                               
kept busy with their first-grade daughter        diverse group of graduate students is in-
Lucy and are expecting their first son in        volved in the seminar, and their conversa-                  Terry Slocum
April.                                           tions have been very provocative! In fact,                   When not handling chair duties,
                            Shannon has plans to make changes to the                     Terry continues to pursue his
                                                 courses she will teach in the spring: Envi-                  interest in large-format stereo-
           Garth Myers                           ronmental Policy and Geopolitics of Russia       scopic displays. Terry, Matt Dunbar and
           Garth’s second book, Disposable       & Eurasia.                                       Steve Egbert have submitted a paper to the
           Cities: Garbage, Governance and                                  Journal of Geography, and they (along with
           Sustainable Development in Ur-                                                         other faculty from geography, psychology,
                                                            Barbara Shortridge
ban Africa, was published this Fall by Ash-                                                       and eduation) are submitting research pro-
gate Press. He is busy working with his co-                  Barbara Shortridge reports that      posals to major funding agencies. Terry’s
editor Martin Murray to finish their volume,                 this has been another year of        children are now almost grown up—Diane
Cities in Contemporary Africa, to be pub-                    serendipitous experiences with       graduates from KU in December, Kevin is
lished next year by Palgrave Press. This         regional foods. Two publications came out:       in college, and Danny graduates from high
Fall has also brought Garth opportunities to     “A Food Geography of the Great Plains” in        school this year. Diane is planning a road
lecture in Colgate University's lecture series   The Geographical Review and “Apple Stack         trip to Florida this spring in a renovated
on Cities, Citizenship and Modernity, and        Cake for Dessert: Appalachian Regional           school bus. Although this must mean that
Binghamton University's faculty seminar on       Foods” in Journal of Geography. For the          Terry is getting old, he doesn’t believe it
Urban Environments co-hosted by Sociol-          latter work, she won the annual NCGE             because he is still running 5K and 10K road
ogy and Geography there. He attended the         award for best content article. Barbara also     races. Arlene recently switched jobs and
Critical Geography mini-conference at Mi-        participated in the Smithsonian Institute’s      now works for
ami University and the Mid-America Alli-         traveling exhibit “Key Ingredients: Amer-                            
ance for African Studies, too. Last Spring       ica by Food” by presenting her research on
had some travel, too, particularly a two-        Kansas at a local venue. If you haven’t                     Curt Sorenson
week stay at University College London as        already seen this exhibit, you should look                   The Sorenson household sends
a guest of their Geography department (and       for it in your home state over the next sev-                 greetings. Having been at KU
that is where he finished the book). His flat    eral years of the tour. Barbara is currently                 for a little over thirty years, Curt
for those two weeks was in the building          surveying residents of the Northeast about       is giving serious thought to retiring
exactly adjacent to the bus bombing at Ta-       their food preferences and coding her Mid-       soon. Peggy and Curt bought a place just
vistock Square this summer, making it a bit      western data. She also arranged two ses-         south of field camp in Garden Park that
more personally unsettling. This coming          sions at the Denver AAG meetings on Food         once was part of the Chess ranch and most
year ought to be a little quieter, and hope-     and Culture. The Shortridges put in many         recently belonged to the Dickersons. Some
fully without bombs.                             miles last summer with a long looping west-      of you may have mapped soils and land-
                          ern trip to Portland, Oregon (food confer-       forms there in the past. Their daughter
                                                 ence) and Ohio and Virginia (daughters).         Anna is living there, and she’s keeping an
           Shannon O'Lear                        They recommend U.S. 12 as a pathway              eye on the wildlife while she awaits the
           Shannon has been working with         through the Great Northwest.                     birth of their first grand child. The Garden
           some colleagues in Political Sci-                            Park area has seen a number of changes in
           ence at the University of Illinois                                                     recent years, most notably the subdivision
                                                           Pete Shortridge
on a project looking at how Geographers                                                           of the Bill Dilley ranch and part of the
and Political Scientists analyze territorial                 Pete Shortridge is happy to report   Chess-Shoemaker ranch. That means a big
conflict. They have just completed a special                 that his book about urban Kansas     change in the valley with many newcomers
issue of *GeoJournal* on this topic, and                     (Cities on the Plains) received      building homes and the passing of some of
they are also putting together a special issue   several nice reviews and honors this year        the old timers in the valley. Frank Dilley,
of *Conflict Management and Peace Sci-           including the Globe Award from the AAG.          Laurine Dilley, Jim Like, Mabel Wilson,
ence* with a second collection of papers.        Two articles also are in print, one about        and John Wilson have all passed on leaving
With the help of Ang Gray and Cristin            efforts to stem rural depopulation on the        large voids in the lives of those remaining.
Burke as Research Assistants, Shannon is         Plains in the Geographical Review and               Steve Schnell, several students and Curt
continuing to write up analyses of survey        another on the changing imagery of the           had an article published on these changes in
and interview data that she collected in         state in Kansas History. He continues to be      the winter 04/05 issue of Montana: The
Azerbaijan. This project looks at theories       active with students, serving as the director    Magazine of Western History. One of the
of resource conflict and asks why we do not      of graduate study for the department and as      coauthors, Soren Larsen, and Curt taught
see resource- related conflict in Azerbaijan     advisor for Shawna Wright Brinson’s new          field camp together last summer and are

  Page 6                                                                                                                       F R O M L I N D L EY
 Faculty News                                    Lost Alumni                                  Alumni News 60s
slated to do so again. They would like to        Help! If you know the whereabouts of         Byron Augustin, (MA 1968)
see alumni visit and see first hand the          any of these lost alumni, please send a
changes going on in Garden Park. It makes                                                        Well, another year of life under the
                                                 note to Beverly Koerner or e-mail to ko-
for a great case study area.                                                                  bridge and a little bit closer to social
                                        or fax at 785-864-5378.
   One of the neatest things at KU is the                                                     security each passing year. The family is
                                                 Thank you!
integration of the Google Earth package                                                       fine. My wife Rebecca is still teaching
into the introductory and intermediate geog-     Abedlfattach Abdallah (MA 1981)              4th grade at Seele Elementary School in
raphy classes. If you haven’t yet had an                                                      New Braunfels, Texas. Our daughter,
                                                 Hamiduddin Ahmad (PhD 1963)
opportunity to use it, Curt encourages you                                                    Kelly, is a CPA for Euro-Alamo in San
to check it out. It’s free and does an amaz-     Othman A. El-Awshar (MA 1982)                Antonio and our son, Andrew, is a junior
ing job of portraying earth surface features                                                  majoring in geography at Texas State.
so that their processes of development can       Erik C. Diekmeyer (MA 1995)                  Rebecca and I had a neat experience this
be interpreted.                                                                               summer when we took a group of 15 of
                                                 Rebecca Filer Ditgen (MA 1979)
                                                                    our resource and environmental studies
                                                 Bruce M. Hall (MA 1984)                      majors to the United Nation's Sian Ka'an
          Bill Woods
                                                 Chien-ti Huang (MA 1965)                     World Heritage Site Biosphere for a
            Bill Woods came to KU in Janu-                                                    week. The students paid their own way
            ary after 29 years at Southern       James E. Kellogg (MA 1971)                   and engaged in a week-long beach clean-
            Illinois University, Edwardsville,                                                up and analysis program on an island in
where he was a Professor of Geography and        Wen C. Lin (PhD 1976)
                                                                                              Acension Bay. Good kids with good
Director of the Contract Archaeology Pro-
                                                 Jose del R.S. Loazia (MA 1969)               intentions and we cleaned up over 6
gram. He also has a split appointment at KU
and is a Professor of Geography and Direc-                                                    miles of pretty trashed beaches.
                                                 Richard (Rick) D. Miller (MA 1992)
tor of the Environmental Studies Program.                                                        The highlight of the year for me was
Bill is not a stranger to Lawrence though, as    J. Jeffrey C. O’Connell (MA 1998)            in May when I was selected as a Piper
both of his children are KU graduates, and                                                    Professor by the Minnie Stevens Piper
                                                 Mary C. Prante (PhD 1997)                    Foundation. It is the most prestigious
he reports that he is overjoyed to be here.
Over the past 35 years, Bill has conducted       Jawat Saadeh (MA 1979)                       university teaching award in Texas and it
geographic and archaeological field investi-                                                  was only the second time a geographer
gations in the eastern United States, Mex-       Samut Siriburi (MA 1977)                     was selected in the 47 years the award
ico, Belize, Colombia, Argentina, and Italy.     Shyammand D. Suman (MA 1970)                 has been given. Dr. George Carter at
His present work concerns anthropogenic                                                       Texas A & M University was chosen in
landscape and soil modifications associated      Joseph D. Terry (MA 1996)                    1974. I really feel that KU geography
with a site in medieval Belgium and with                                                      had a lot to do with the selection. In my
the preEuropean settlements in Amazonia                                                       mind, I studied under some of the best
                                                 Alumni News 50s
and in the Middle Mississippi River Valley.                                                   professors in the field of geography at
During 2005 he produced nine articles and                                                     KU. Dr. Duane Knos, Dr. George Jenks,
book chapters on these topics that have or                                                    Dr. John Augelli, Dr. Will Kuchler, Dr.
will be published in the United States, Bel-     Charles Heller (MA 1957)                     Bob Nunley, Dr. Jacek Romanowski,
gium, Germany, and Brazil and presented
                                                    My contribution to this year’s newslet-   and Dr. Walter Kollmorgen all played an
ten papers to professional and public audi-
ences. Bill will be team teaching with Va-       ter is to call attention to the value of     important role in shaping my career in
lery Terwilliger a seminar on Global Envi-       solid research. The Fall 2005 issue of       university teaching. I will always be
ronment and Civilization during the spring       Agricultural History contains an article     grateful to those wonderful teachers.
semester.                                        about the agricultural history of Cullman               
                          County, Alabama, in which the work of
                                                 Walter Kollmorgen is acknowledged and
                                                 cited time and time again! “Doc” Koll-
                                                 morgen did the field work in Cullman
                                                 County sometime around 1940 and pub-
                                                 lished his findings shortly thereafter.
                                                 You never know when your work will be
                                                 of value to another researcher.
                                                    Doing the field work and the writing
                                                 of my M.A. thesis under the supervision
                                                 of Walter Kollmorgen in the middle
                                                 1950s was an extremely valuable experi-
                                                 ence for me, that’s for sure.
                                                    New Years greetings to you all at KU.

                                                                                                                               Page 7
Alumni News                                                                                                                  70s
Lewis Armstrong (MA 1975)                       despite believing it was the biggest mis-       finished a term as chair of the Lawrence
                                                take America made up to the current             Historic Resources Commission.
   I am retired and living now in Fayette-      mess we've got ourselves in. So not eve-           The alumni gathering was really fun.
ville, GA, and staying busy doing substi-       ryone would follow in my convoluted             Great to see so many familiar faces and
tute teaching. My geography website,            path, but you'll never know what you've         meet lots of interesting recent graduates
Electronic Resources for Geography, is          missed.                                         and new faculty.
coming off the server at Abilene Chris-            Mayor Boog Highberger recently ap-
tian University. All of the resources are                                                              
                                                pointed me to a committee tasked to de-
now posted on the geography website             termine what kind of wastewater treat-
page of Web Based Resources at                  ment facility the city ought to build for its The page of Games,          $76 million (largest project in Lawrence        Gregory Hembree (MA1978)
Quizes and Trivia has been updated and          history), and where it should be located.          All the pertinent personal information
many more sites have been added.                Those who know me and read my letters           still remains correct (except we are all
For your holiday menu planning,                 and occasional columns, won't be sur-           one year older). Marla and I still have
Online RecipeSites is at                        prised that I'm pushing for serious con-        two cats in residence, although the be- The "Gifts in       sideration of hyper-wetlands in sev-            loved orange tabby Spencer died in July
a Jar" section has been expanded.               eral dispersed sites rather than a chemical     and we acquired a real fireball—a gray
            based Taj Mahal of wastewater treatment.        cat—named Dakota who delights in at-
                                                This project also promises to provide           tacking the large black male named Indi-
                                                some major opportunities to re-examine          ana (we liked the state name thing). Next
Michael Caron (MA 1978)                         the logic of building a "southern" by-pass      week we are taking “Marla’s trip of a
                                                well north of an area where the city in-        lifetime”—a week in the Central Ameri-
   I'm still in the Douglas County Jail on      tends to grow rapidly in the coming             can country of Belize. Just our luck that
a life sentence. Visiting hours are 8 am to     years. We've been fighting efforts to           Tropical Depression #27 has formed in
5 pm. Come see me and bring a file. The         route the South Lawrence Trafficway             the Caribbean Sea, and it could make it
torture here is considerably milder than at     through the wetlands for the past two           over there by the weekend.
any of my previous positions. I get to          decades. The group I head, Save the Wa-            Professionally, we have been bragging
wear lots of hats I never anticipated wear-     karusa Wetlands, Inc., includes Haskell,        all summer and fall about the Town of
ing back when I was Kollmorgen's re-            Baker and KU alumni and students, plus          Vienna’s ranking as the 4th best place to
search assistant. Of course I should have       active members of every environmental           live in the USA (according to Money
known geography would lead me into              organization in the area. Most of the           Magazine’s 2005 issue of “Best Places to
odd places when I was wrapping long             plaintiffs in the earlier successful lawsuit    Live”). Town staff members like to think
chains around half-born calves dangling         that kept the SLT out of the wetlands are       that we have had a hand in this ranking,
legs in a muddy ditch at midnight by the        on our board or serve as our officers.          although much of the reasoning for living
headlights of Walter's pickup so he could          Josh, for those of you who recall my         in the Town is structural (location to DC,
"birth" them. At least I haven't wandered       son, has turned in his dissertation at          endless economic opportunities, etc.).
far. The jail, for those of you who have        UNLV, which he plans to defend in Feb-
not been arrested in the past few years,        ruary when he comes home for the birth         
sits on the edge of town just beyond the        of his son in February. He is finishing his
old Farmland Industries facility. People        residency in Clinical Psychology at the
say it looks like a fancy hotel, but I assure   University of Miami Medical Center. My          James Hughes (MA 1968, PhD 1971)
you the rooms are more expensive if you         daughter Lydia plays soccer and runs               On May 27, I retired from teaching
know how to count and the maid service          cross country for Lawrence High, where          geography at Slippery Rock University of
sucks.                                          she is a junior. She just had her artwork       Pennsylvania after thirty-four years at
   I've recruited and trained about 130         accepted for a juried show in Kansas            that institution. Judy and I traveled to
volunteers. We've developed a broad             City. Nathaniel, my youngest, is an             Argentina in July, and have plans to visit
range of programs at no cost to the             eighth grader at Central and wants noth-        Hawaii this spring. I have been taking an
county. The inmates have an opportunity         ing more than to get back to Maine. He          eclectic mix of college courses for credit
to complete their high school diploma           and I climbed Mt. Katahdin last year and        (with the handy tuition waiver that retir-
requirements, but there are also art and        I still have lots of family back there.         ees receive). Several days a week I do
music therapy programs, substance abuse            My wife, Anne Marvin, who some may           volunteer work at the Grove City Public
recovery, parenting, life skills and a          recall from that first ever field camp in       Library, where I have been board presi-
really extraordinary writing program. It is     Colorado, is the staff curator at Johnson       dent for over ten years, and serve as a
both challenging and fascinating work,          County History Museum. She earned her           member of the county planning commis-
but then I'm also a guy who would not           doctorate in American Studies and               sion. Judy still teaches voice at a nearby
trade his combat experience in Vietnam          taught core courses in the museum stud-         college, and is thinking of making a ca-
for an extra ten years tacked on my life,       ies program at KU for years. Anne just          reer move into the jewelry business.

Page 8                                                                                                                    F R O M L I N D L EY
Alumni News                                                               70s              Alumni News 80s
Daughter Laura is editor of a travel         Jon Woodward (MA 1970)                        Michael DeMers (PhD 1985)
magazine, and is based in New York              After teaching Geography at Indiana           Dolores and I are building a new house
City. I would love see any of my col-        State University for a year, I have worked    here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I guess
leagues from KU who happen to be in          as a professional urban planner for 34        we'll be staying put. Pictures of the house
western Pennsylvania.                        years, the last 25 in Kansas City as an       can be found on Mike's personal website:
               environmental consultant to the aviation For those who
                                             industry. As the managing principal of        want to write or visit, our new address will be
                                             the environmental division of Landrum &       5435 Remington Road, Las Cruces, NM
Andrew MacCornack (MA 1976)                  Brown, one of the leading airport plan-       88011.
   Still a long way from retire-             ning firms in the United States, I have          Dolores has become a very successful, and
ment. Working part-time at the Tourism       been responsible for the preparation of       very respected realtor in Las Cruces. Not
office and looking for full-time work to     Environmental Impact Statements and           only is she successful financially, but most of
pay the bills. Right now I'm building a      Environmental Assessments on major            the other realtors in town explicitly want to
handicap ramp at the Sandford Duncan         federal development projects at airports      work with her because she is so professional.
Inn, a stagecoach stop on the Nashville-     such as Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles              I have been working with a small team
Lexington Turnpike and the B & B             International, and Boston Logan. For the      headed by David Dibiase at Penn State to
where Governor Sam Houston stayed            last two years I have been consulting to      define the GIS Body of Knowledge. This
before he fought his duel in 1826. The       the Federal Aviation Administration pol-      will be posted on the UCGIS Website
Inn is located within the "jog" where the    icy makers in the development of noise        ( once it is cleaned up. I am
Kentucky-Tennessee line takes an abrupt      abatement and mitigation standards for        also making plans for a sabbatical for next
detour to the south. It seems that the       over flights of units of the national park    year. Whether or not it will be a semester or
local landowners plied the surveyors with    system. My practice has recently initi-       a year depends on funding and opportunities.
hard cider when they came through in         ated work on the development of a com-        Need a guest speaker?
March 1780 surveying the Walker Line,        prehensive master plan for development                        
an extension of the Virginia-North Caro-     of a new international airport in Shang-
                                             hai, China.                                   Peggy Dickison (MA 1988)
lina line. Today, it's 40 miles north of
Nashville on I-65. Simpson County is            I am a member of the environmental            After several years of nothing to say (same
also the birthplace of Jim Bowie, Alexan-    committees of the American Association        job, making maps for the feds; same hus-
der Majors (one of the founders of the       of Airport Executives and the Airports        band, Nadim; same avocation, orienteering),
Pony Express), Annie Potts (actress)! and    Council International. I have written         I have some news this year. Nadim and I will
Kenny Perry (pro golfer).                    numerous professional reports on envi-        be traveling to Russia three times this winter
                                             ronmental conditions and am a frequent        to meet and adopt a baby boy. He turns one
          speaker on airport noise issues.              on 1 December and lives in an orphanage in
                                                In addition to my professional activi-     Sortavala, in the Karelia region, close to the
R. D. Mower (PhD 1971)                       ties, I am a 33rd degree Mason and ad-        Finnish border. It should be very exciting to
                                             ministrative officer of Scottish Rite Free-   become the mother of a toddler at age 45. We
To all the good KU folks, especially Bev-    masonry in Lawrence. I serve on the           anticipate that our orienteering schedule will
erly: Merry Christmas to each and every-     Board of Trustees for the Lawrence Ma-        slow somewhat, but look forward to taking
one, and may God bless you throughout        sonic Center and the Board of Kansas          our little boy out into the woods in the near
the year of the Lord 2006.                   Scottish Rite Foundation, a major con-        future.
                        tributor to the University's Childhood                      
                                             Language Disorders Clinic.
                                                                                           Jim Merchant (MA 1973, PhD 1984)
Mark Virden (MA 1976)                      
                                                                                              I continue to serve as Associate Director of
   I am still consulting in planning, mar-                                                 the Center for Advanced Land Management
keting and other areas and the firm just                                                   Information Technologies, University of
celebrated its 18th year. Interests remain                                                 Nebraska-Lincoln. Next Fall I am chairing a
active in health care, urban geography,                                                    joint meeting of the AAG Great Plains-
and rural landscapes. I still seek out odd                                                 Rocky Mountain and West Lakes Divisions
and interesting rural cafes and city blues                                                 in Lincoln (October 5-7, 2006). Please check
bars. Kansas City and its surrounding                                                      the web site at for
hinterlands have many. I could summa-                                                      updates. Hope to see many current and for-
rize most of my consulting as variations                                                   mer Jayhawks. The family is well. My wife
of your basic "regional geography" tech-                                                   Loyola works part-time at Nebraska
nique(s).                                                                                  Wesleyan University (NWU) and has be-

                                                                                                                                  Page 9
Alumni News                                                                                                                  80s
come very active as a girl scout                yes.... I vaguely remember that. I am writ-     me back to undergraduate days at K.U. where
leader. Our son Karl started at NWU this        ing a book about the natural history and        the Geography of Dune was being bandied
Fall (interests in computer science and         cultural geography of the Katy Prairie (first   about. Best wishes to all.
Japanese); daughter Anne is an 8th grader       chapter is complete), playing the guitar just                     
active in girl scouts, band (she plays flute)   about every day now, birding quite a bit
                                                (especially through the winter), journaling,    Robert Shapiro (MA 1989)
and the school newspaper.
            fishing, reading (I'm on a Ken Follett and a       It has been 2 years since my last entry here,
                                                Wildlife Hazard Management Assessment/          so let me catch you up to date. I'm in my 16th
Tom Sankey (MA 1985)                            bird censusing methodology kick these           year at Verizon in their Information Technol-
                                                days), working out occasionally at the          ogy organization. As with many companies we
   Greetings and Salutations!!! It's been a
                                                YMCA, walking in Bear Creek Park 3              are putting a lot of energy into offshore devel-
while. Things are going well for me these
                                                times a week, goose hunting (about              opment. From a geography point of view I've
days and I hope that things are the same
                                                150,000 snow geese winter on the Katy           enjoyed two trips to India, visiting Chennai
with you. My kids are growing and thriving
                                                Prairie), and being a Dad. I love going to      (formally Madras) and Bangalore. On my re-
in Texas. My son Evan just turned 17 on
                                                Evan's football games.... the team stinks but   turns I've taken the opportunity to vacation in
19 October 2005 and is a junior at Cypress
                                                the band is GREAT!!! I also love going to       London and Barcelona. All firsts for me. Living
Springs High School. He is very active in
                                                Amanda's school and church choir con-           in Tampa has been a test of nerves. Over the
music and wants to make a career of it.
                                                certs, as well as basketball games. I took      last two years Florida has been a magnet for at
He'd like to either be a concert musician, a
                                                the children to VA in July. We also went        least 7 hurricanes. I don't know how, but
band director, or teach at the college level.
                                                to see the Moody Blues in August. They          Tampa managed to avoid most impacts. We did
He is the trombone section leader for his
                                                actually enjoyed the show!!! Let's see...       give shelter to friends from Pensecola and Mel-
H.S. marching and concert bands, plays in
                                                what else... The 'Stros were strong right up    burne during a couple of the storms. I suspect
a jazz band, plays in a brass ensemble, and
                                                until the end this year... I was disappointed   some of our alumni didn't fair as well. Last
sings in the church choir. His top two col-
                                                in their frail display against the ChiSox,      April I took the role as Chair for the new Geog-
lege choices are U. of N. Texas School of
                                                though. My favorite time of the year in         raphy Advisory Board. I'm sure all of you have
Music and the Moores School of Music at
                                                Texas is here and I am looking forward to       received various mailings related to board ac-
U. of H. He's growing up into a fine young
                                                the REAL cold front we will be getting          tivities. I've enjoyed being associated with such
Democrat. I couldn't be prouder. Amanda
                                                tomorrow evening. Lows will be near 40F.        a fine group of board members and look for-
will turn 14 on 4 December 2005 and is
                                                I will be doing a significant amount of bird-   ward to helping the students and the depart-
turning into a beautiful young lady. She is
                                                ing on the Texas Coast this winter and          ment.
an accomplished writer and photographer.
                                                spring. I'm already planning lots of trips. I             
Journalism or law school anyone? Her
                                                also wanted to take this opportunity to ex-
interests include journaling, horseback rid-
                                                press my deepest appreciation to each of        Shigeo Takahashi (MA 1982, PhD 1988)
ing, basketball, photography, and weblog-
                                                you for your part in helping to make my
ging. She has a beautiful soprano voice                                                            In last year’s newsletter, I wrote that I was
                                                time at Lindley so satisfying and for open-
and sings in both the church and school                                                         writing and editing a textbook which explains
                                                ing my eyes to the opportunities in the
choirs. We really enjoy going to the Y to                                                       how to use ArcGIS for social science majors. I
                                                world out here. Many of my dreams from
play basketball together. She also is help-                                                     am glad to report that the book was published
                                                the early 1980s have come true and I owe
ing me with some things around my apart-                                                        as planned in March this year. The book was
                                                that, in large part, to those of you who
ment, you know... domestic stuff... now                                                         well received by geographers and other scholars
                                                taught me to not be afraid to dream and to
that I am divorced. She is also beginning to                                                    because we think that the book provides several
                                                reach for the stars.
realize that American power, oil money,                                                         informative examples of regional analyses. The
greed and violence just won't cut it in the                                                     first printing of a thousand copies sold out
21st Century. My career is going well. My       Ron Shaklee (MA 1979, PhD 1983)                 within a month, so the publisher ran a second
job at SWCA Environmental Consultants                                                           printing of the book. This was sort of a big hit
continues to be a very satisfying part of my       I continue to maintain a split appoint-      for a small publisher specializing in geography
life. It is a much better fit than an engi-     ment between the Department of Geogra-          here in Japan. We may have an opportunity to
neering firm. I passed my 2-year anniver-       phy at Youngstown State University and          revise the book sometime soon. Another major
sary with the company in July 2005 and          Director of the University Scholars and         achievement this year is that I hosted a biannual
will celebrate 20 years in environmental        Honors Program. I am in my sixth year in        meeting of the Association of Japanese Geogra-
consulting in August 2006. I am working         the latter capacity. I take students to the     phers in March. (Each spring and fall, a univer-
on an ecological risk assessment - trying to    Bahamas every December for a field Geog-        sity hosts a meeting in turn.) It was tiresome,
clean up a lake in Central Texas, a couple      raphy course combining elements of physi-       but I think my colleagues and I handled the
of pipeline permitting projects here in Har-    cal and cultural geography in the experi-       two-day meeting with about one thousand par-
ris County, and a long-term wildlife study      ence. For the past two years I have taught      ticipants quite well.
in Waller County. I took a few business         an Honors Course on the Geography of
trips to California this summer. Fun? Oh,       Middle Earth which is a bit of a departure                 
                                                from our normal curriculum and harkens

 Page 10                                                                                                                    F R O M L I N D L EY
Alumni News                                                                                                              90s
John Banning (MA 1999)                                                                      specialist for the Kansas Data Access and
   Wow the holidays are sneaking up on                                                      Support Center. Fortunately, my career
                                              Craig Campbell (PhD 1993)
us again.. I recently moved out to Cali-                                                    change just required a move down the
fornia. (Jason Shields and Craig Davis           This year has been both good and a         hall, and no change to my staff season
talked me into it). I am in San Francisco     challenge for us. I am still chair of geog-   basketball tickets - I even have the same
but working at Stanford in Palo Alto.         raphy at YSU, and though my book              boss, Ken Nelson, who may be familiar
What else can I say? I am still doing the     based on the dissertation advised by          to some of you. I’m now the Carto-
GIS thing. I have a full time job looking     Pete became a reality at the Univ. of         graphic Services Manager for the Kansas
into digital preservation of geospatial       Tennessee Press, I've had little time for     Geological Survey, responsible for the
data ( through           research. I'm moving back in that direc-      cartographic production and GIS data
Stanford and I also am doing some con-        tion, however. The most emotional part        aspects of KGS’ geologic maps and map-
sulting work on the side. I see Jason on a    of our year was when Justin, our oldest,      ping projects. As I like to tell people
regular basis, but Craig only comes into      returned from his LDS mission in Lima,        when I describe the change, I used to
town once in a while for hair cuts. We        Peru with testicular cancer. Two surger-      work at the Survey; now I work for the
(Jason, Craig and myself) managed to get      ies later (an orchiectomy and RPLND -         Survey.
into tuxedos for Jason's wedding in Ohio,     you don't want to look them up), he is           My new job involves working with
where Jason hopes to be relocating soon.      cancer free and doing fine. My summer         KGS geologists and others doing geo-
Craig played field guide the day of the       vacation was 11 days at the Cleveland         logic field mapping, including geogra-
wedding as we toured the glacial grooves      Clinic! Geographically, he served in dry      phy’s own Bill Johnson, who is involved
of Kelleys Island Ohio. I got to drive the    coastal, 11,000 feet highland, and rainfor-   in field mapping of several counties in
golf cart.                                    est environments. He and daughter Marta       western Kansas. I’ve enjoyed working
                 are now attending YSU. Mickey is              with Bill and the KGS geologists – I’ve
                                              awaiting his LDS mission call - always a      definitely refreshed and increased my
                                              time of great anticipation. Betty is doing    knowledge of geology and geomorphol-
Kevin Blake (MA 1991)                         fine and except for hearing loss is spunky    ogy. I have three very capable student
                                              and in good health. Our good wishes to        employees working for me; so much of
   I’m in my fifth year on the geography
                                              everyone from the Western Reserve of          my work now involves supervision and
faculty at K-State. Diana and I have av-
                                              Ohio.                                         overseeing projects, though I still have
eraged a move about every four years
                                                                                            opportunities to work with GIS and map-
over the past twenty years, and this year            ping. Earlier this fall, I was even able to
we again decided to make a move.
                                                                                            get out in the field with several KGS
Unlike some of our long-distance moves,
                                                                                            geologists to better understand the field
this time we’re moving locally into a new
                                              Mary Dillworth Clinthorne (PhD 1990)          mapping process. I hope to do more of
house with a fine view of the Kaw Valley
                                                                                            this as part of my job. I also work with
landscape. Proposed commercial devel-            I am enjoying teaching GIS and Re-         KGS staff in Publications and Sales and
opment adjacent to the backyard of our        mote Sensing as an Adjunct Professor at       Public Outreach to meet the demand for
old house spurred the decision to re-         Grand Valley State University. This al-       KGS mapping products.
locate, and we hope to be settled in by the   lows me to attend field trips and chauffer       On the home front, wife Cindy (KU
start of next semester. In other news, this   my son Kevin, now 10, from activity to        Geography, ’84) and I are busy with
fall I attended my first AAG council          activity. I was involved in Grand Val-        high-school senior daughter Tricia’s bas-
meeting as the regional councilor for the     ley's GIS Day in November, which was a        ketball games for Lawrence Free State
Great Plains – Rocky Mountain division        wonderfully chaotic day in which about        HS and various summer teams. Tricia
of the AAG. It was a pleasure to meet         150 6th and 7th graders descended on          also started throwing javelin last year and
another KU graduate on the council, Tim       GVSU to try out a variety of GIS activi-      qualified for the state meet, which gave
Rickard of Central Connecticut State          ties. Most of the computers still func-       us something different (meaning not
University, and to experience how such a      tioned after they left!! In January, I'll     softball) to do in the spring sports season.
diverse group of people shares the com-       take on the role of Book Review Editor        We also keep busy year-round with Red
mon goal of creating a stronger discipline    for Photogrammetric Engineering and           Dog’s Dog Days (, a
for all types of geographers. Several trips   Remote Sensing. So, if you want to write      long-time Lawrence exercise (and social-
to Colorado formed the majority of my         a book review, let me know.                   izing) tradition.
other travels during the year, along with a
                                                                                               We also made our annual vacation trip
trip to see lighthouses on the Gulf Coast                 
                                                                                            to the Florida panhandle in August (after
of Mississippi and Alabama in May.
                                                                                            Hurricane Dennis), where we yet again
Images of Hurricane Katrina’s destruc-
                                                                                            spent time with KU Geography’s Kelly
tion struck home harder for me because        John Dunham (PhD 1996)                        Gregg and wife Karen. There was also
of that recent visit.
                                                In July, I ended my career as a GIS         the 8th annual road trip with fellow KU
                                                                    Geography alum Jerry Whistler to visit

                                                                                                                                Page 11
Alumni News                                                                                                               90s
KU Geography sandman/MSU prof Al                Mike Ingram (Ph.D.1996)                      Joseph Kerski (MA 1993)
Arbogast and his family in East Lansing,           Bonnie and I still live happily ever        I serve as Geographer for the USGS
Michigan. The highlight this year was           after in Leavenworth, Kansas. I continue     and part-time instructor at Eastern Michi-
definitely NOT the MSU football game -          to work for the Army at Fort Leaven-         gan University and at the University of
Northwestern destroyed the Spartans -           worth and am now happily less than five      Denver. I taught GIS, GPS, geography,
but the pregame and postgame activities         years from retirement. I am finishing my     and science in Costa Rica, New Zealand,
offset the loss. Who’d have thought at          eighth year of teaching economics part       and in 10 US states this year. In 2005,
the time of that game that MSU would            time for Kansas City Kansas Community        my new book entitled Essentials of the
wind up with a losing record, and the           College at the Leavenworth Center. We        Environment was published. Perhaps it
Jayhawks would be playing in a bowl             went to see Sioux Falls this sumer. Now      will be useful for some of you in your
game? Not us, at least not the KU bowl          I know where they keep all the Sioux         own courses. My latest educational
game part.                                      Quartzite. I love that stuff. Bonnie made    newsletter is on: http://
  I hope everyone is doing well this holi-      her annual quilting retreat into Tennessee
day season.                                     in the fall, and then spent two months out   eoy04.pdf
                    in the San Joaquin Valley caring for her
                                                younger sister and her two kids. Her
                                                sister has had a bit of a back problem
Kelly Gregg (PhD 1994)                          which was not helped by her husband
                                                (who’s in the Army) being sent away six      Lori Koepsell (MA 1992)
   Karen and I are still at Jacksonville        months at a time to train soldiers deploy-      I can hardly believe it has been 13
State University, Alabama. Karen is the         ing to Iraq. We all know that their situa-   years since I was last in Lawrence. On a
"Certification Secretary" for the College       tion is just the tip of that iceberg. Best   professional level I am working for a
of Arts and Sciences, where, among other        Wishes to all.                               small company called Technology Ser-
duties, she is the final authority on                                                        vice Corporation and have been for the
whether or not students graduate. She is              
                                                                                             last five years. It’s a small company and
truly the most feared woman on cam-                                                          I really enjoy it. I continue to do imagery
pus. I'm a Professor in the Geography                                                        and geographic information system pro-
Department. My research lately has cen-         Mark Jakubauskas (PhD 1994)
                                                                                             jects and learn new things every day. I
tered around a box of old letters and busi-        My wife Sara Taliaferro and I wel-        am currently working on a project at US-
ness documents that I found while clean-        comed twin girls Cecelia and Allison in      NORTHCOM located at Peterson AFB
ing my mother-in-law's attic (no one            2005, born February 11, 2005. At the         that involves Critical Infrastructure Pro-
knows their origin). They concern a cou-        same time, we embarked on a major reno-      tection and Asset Vulnerabilities. On a
ple of Jewish brothers who opened one of        vation and addition to double the size of    personal level, my two daughters have
the first stores in Tucson, Arizona, back       our house. I continue to work as an asso-    grown and left the house. My oldest
in the 1860s. It has become an interest-        ciate research professor in the Kansas       daughter graduated from Colorado State
ing study in the Geography of Transpor-         Biological Survey, and in the spring will    and got married last year and lives in
tation. Less serious, and more fun, I con-      start teaching one course per semester in    Buffalo NY and my youngest daughter is
tinue to work on the development of our         the Environmental Studies Program at         currently a sophomore at Colorado
new $7 million field school center adja-        KU where I am a courtesy associate pro-      State. I have to say it hasn’t taken my
cent to Little River Canyon National Pre-       fessor and lecturer.                         husband and I long to get used to being
serve (check out our website                                                                 on our own again. We are in the process Most re-                         
                                                                                             of building a house in the forest north of
cently, I convinced a local family to do-                                                    Colorado Springs but since that won’t be
nate a circa-1830s log cabin and a lot of                                                    done until March we are currently living
period artifacts for part of a living history   Christoph Karck, (MA 1993)                   in a teeny tiny apartment. I love getting
display. I and a group of students disas-                                                    this newsletter and being able to keep up
                                                  I am living in Appleton, WI with my
sembled the cabin and moved it up to our                                                     with the people I was at KU with. Right
                                                wife Caralyn, and kids, Frederik and
facility over a couple of weekends. If                                                       Karen? Hope everyone is well and hope
                                                Elise. I am currently working at Jans-
anyone is ever in the neighborhood, be                                                       to hear from you.
                                                port / VF, in the logistics department,
sure to come visit!
                                                handling the international inbound ship-                   

    Page 12                                                                                                              F R O M L I N D L EY
Alumni News                                                                                                                90s
Chuck Martin (MA 1985, PhD 1990)              The work involves a fair amount of              for staff of the Iraq SBAH. If you're inter-
                                              travel, something that she very much            ested in finding out more about this ini-
   The year 2005 (I call it the “Red Sox      enjoys. Two active children keep us busy        tiative, it is described at:
Championship Year”) was a busy one for        at home. Nicholas is now 11 and in 6th 
the Martin family. I completed my 17th        grade, Christine is 7 and in 2nd grade.         field_projects/iraq/index.html
year in the Geography Department at           Both play soccer, enjoy ice skating in the         Earlier this year I also traveled to
Kansas State University, but unlike Bill      winter, and seem to be inclined towards         Egypt for the evaluation of one of the
Snyder will be staying on for another. I      science and math. And of course both are        GCI's past field projects for the conserva-
continue to teach classes in physical ge-     Red Sox fans.                                   tion of the wall paintings of the Tomb of
ography, human impacts on the environ-                                                        Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens on
ment, and geographic research methods                      
                                                                                              the West Bank of Luxor. Earlier this year
and serve as the lead undergraduate advi-                                                     the Getty also published a book for which
sor in the department. I also agreed to an                                                    I am co-author, entitled Heritage Values
additional three-year appointment as di-      Tom McCray (PhD 1998)                           in Site Management: Four Case Studies,
rector of the Natural Resources and Envi-        Greetings and very best regards to all       that focuses on the role of values in the
ronmental Sciences secondary major at         KU Geographers. I trust that we’re all          management of four cultural heritage
K-State. Research this year took me back      enjoying these fast trips around the sun. I     sites -Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial
to a topic I looked at 20 years ago as part   published my second book this year –            National Historic Site in Canada, Chaco
of my M.A. thesis: historical channel         RUSSIA, for Chelsea Press. It follows           Culture National Historical Park in the
change in the Great Plains. One student       UZBEKISTAN, 2003. Always wishing                United States, Port Arthur Historic Site in
has worked along the Cimarron River in        the best for friends and mentors and to all     Australia, and Hadrian's Wall World
southwestern Kansas, another is examin-       in the spirit of reconciliation, I live with    Heritage Site in the United Kingdom.
ing a small basin north of Manhattan.         my better half and two wild boys in a                          
Summers find us (wife Sabine, son             parallel universe to that of Lawrence,
Nicholas, and daughter Christine) in Ger-     called Columbia, Missouri. There, I drive
many visiting my in-laws and continuing       the scouts around, attend a lot of baseball     Amy Rork (MA 1997)
research on heavy metal storage in the        games, watch the river, and solicit volun-
Lahn River drainage basin.                                                                       It’s been a long year, fraught with per-
                                              teers for a tour to Samarkand. I also con-
   As always, travel was an important part                                                    sonal challenges, but it has gone by
                                              tinue to teach 8-10 classes per year with
of our year. January took us on a visit to                                                    quickly. I’m still choosing to be not em-
                                              almost as many preps, now on four cam-
family in New Hampshire for 5 days of                                                         ployed, but I’m running amuck in the
                                              puses, so happiness comes at a price. It is
skiing near Mt. Washington. In March the                                                      antique world these days. Actually, ge-
                                              a bargain, however, for the chance to
search for the “white stuff” led west to                                                      ography plays a part in deciding which
                                              enjoy it all. Merry Christmas.
Estes Park, Colorado, and a week of                                                           auctions to go to, and I map out garage
cross-country skiing in Rocky Mountain                           sales each weekend for the most efficient
National Park. In June it was off to Ger-                                                     routing. Keeping three antique mall
many for a month-long stay in Giessen.                                                        booths stocked with goodies gets me out
The past summer there featured the extra      David Myers (MA 1998)                           the door early on weekends and provides
bonus of attending an international soccer                                                    some play money most months. Family
match between Mexico and Argentina,              I was married in July, and we're in the      is good – husband consulting, children
held as part of the Confederations Cup        process of buying a home in Los Angeles.        happy, working and productive, grand-
“tune-up” for next summer’s big event,        I continue to work at the Getty Conserva-       children growing and learning and getting
the World Cup in Germany. Nicholas has        tion Institute in LA. For the past two          to be more fun each day. Made it to the
become quite a good defender on his           years I have worked primarily on the            east and west coasts this year – the Outer
traveling team in Manhattan, so enjoyed       Getty Conservation Institute and World          Banks area is interesting, and would
the chance to see some of the world’s         Monuments Fund's Iraq Cultural Heritage         probably be more so without four days of
elite players at close range. On the way      Conservation Initiative, which is focused       continual rain. Saw the Wright Bros. site
back from Europe we spent 5 days in           on building capacity within the Iraq State      and visited Currituck and Bodie light-
Iceland, visiting just a few of the many      Board of Antiquities and Heritage for the       houses. Napa continues to be its individ-
spectacular sites in the “Land of Fire and    conservation and management of ar-              ual self – a world apart with a bazillion
Ice”.                                         chaeological and historic architectural         grapes awaiting harvest – quite a
   Sabine is working full-time at the Cen-    sites in Iraq. This has included develop-       sight. Traffic in both places is for the
ter for Hazardous Substance Research on       ing the Iraq Cultural Heritage Sites GIS        birds. Best wishes to all for a great 2006.
the K-State campus as a technical out-        Database to provide for a national inven-
                                              tory of cultural heritage sites. I have spent             
reach coordinator for a program that goes
into small communities around the coun-       time in Jordan the past two years coordi-
try that have environmental problems.         nating and teaching in training programs

                                                                                                                                   Page 13
Alumni News                                                                 90s              Alumni News                      00s
Steve Schnell (MA 1994, PhD 1998)             Karen Trifonoff (PhD 1994)                     Gabriella Blair (MA 2004)
   I am still living in Kutztown, PA, and        I am in my 14th year at Bloomsburg             Its amazing that almost 2 years have
teaching at Kutztown University. The          University and hoping to retire after an       already passed since Jason (MS Geophys-
biggest news in our life was the arrival of   even 20. This summer saw the comple-           ics '03) & I left Kansas! We are currently
our second daughter, Fiora Sarah, on July     tion of the new wing for our building and      residing in Omaha, Nebraska...again.
30. So far, Marina (now 3) loves having       I have three new rooms to work in this         Jason is working for the Corps of Engi-
a little sister. The two of them keep         fall. My favorite is a drafting table lab      neers and I am staying home and enjoy-
things lively around the house for Lisa       where I teach a map reading course; it has     ing motherhood with our son Noah,
and me. I was also named editor of the        all the latest technology for the instruc-     whom we were blessed with on March 3,
Geographical Bulletin, a peer-reviewed        tors "control panel". It is also attached to   2005.
journal of student research published by      our map storage room, which makes get-
Gamma Theta Upsilon. If any of you are        ting materials ready for class a whole lot
supervising students doing original re-       easier. I also have a new lab for cartogra-
search, encourage them to submit articles     phy/GIS, which is just a big room with a
to the journal! (e-mail me for                bunch of computers, printers, big plotter,     Mark Carper (PhD 2004)
guidelines for submission.                    and the same instructors set up.                  New tenure track appointment at the
                                                 On the personal side, after living to-      University of Alaska Anchorage. Yes,
                                              gether for 13 years, Bill Belcher and I        it’s friggin’ cold here. But beautiful. The
                                              finally got married. And my son Bar-           other week I woke up to a moose munch-
                                              tholomew left his government job in Ohio       ing in my flowerbed. This summer I’ll be
Christy (Knight) Spielman (MA 1997)           to fly planes for the Navy. He is cur-         leading a group of students to the Bal-
   It's been a year of changes for me and     rently an Ensign and living on Pensacola       kans.
husband Seth. First there was the move        Beach. It is still hard for me to believe it      There’s an open invitation for anyone
to Buffalo, NY where Seth is pursuing a       all!!                                          who would like to visit.
PhD in Geography. Buffalo may get                Best wishes to all in Lawrence.
more snow but the winters aren't nearly                             
as cold or as long as in Laramie, WY.
Then there was the birth of Eli in                                                           Craig Davis (MA 2001)
February - he's fantastic and everyone is
                                                                                                Greetings from Sacramento. I am
doing great. I am still working part time
                                                                                             working on finishing my sixth year of
for the Community Mapping Assistance
                                                                                             service at Sacramento City College and
Project in New York City, soon to be part
                                                                                             am still enjoying the position and living
of the City University of New York, but
                                                                                             in Northern California. In addition, I am
have also started working with a SUNY
                                                                                             still a board member of the California
Buffalo Anthropology professor to update
                                                                                             Geographical Society (http://
an Atlas of Literacy and Disability of
                                                                                    and have found my-
                                                                                             self becoming heavily involved with
                                                                waste reduction and environmental qual-
                                                                                             ity issues on campus. On the personal
                                                                                             front, I am still trying to get out and
Janice Sterling (MA 1996)                                                                    travel as much as possible and am cur-
                                                                                             rently waiting for the snow to pile up in
   I'm still working at USDA-NRCS-                                                           the Sierra. I still keep in touch with some
NCGC. The ESRI training is excellent,                                                        department alums and get the chance to
because sometimes we get custom train-                                                       see Jason Shields and John Banning. We
ing from ESRI instructors. I work with                                                       were all brought together by another spe-
elevation data, ned10 meter and Lidar. In                                                    cial occasion this September as Jason got
addition, I'm taking courses at University                                                   married off in a quaint village on the
of TX at Dallas in Richardson, TX, to                                                        shores of Lake Erie. Besides the wedding
keep up with GIS. I visit KS sometimes,                                                      festivities and getting to see old friends,
but mainly family in JC-Fort Riley-                                                          being able to check out some of the larg-
Manhattan area.                                                                              est glacial grooves in North America
                                                               (Kelley Island) was a highlight. One
                                                                                             final note, I was not sure how to react
                                                                                             when KU got their first gridiron victory

Page 14                                                                                                              F R O M L I N D L EY
Alumni News                                                                                                               00s
over NU in close to 40 years. As an            they are at reading. Joshua moved to the      would be nothing if not channeled
alum, I was happy for KU, but definitely       campus daycare, which is very close to        through Bev (and Karen…are you still
disappointed as a native Nebraskan – the       my office. We discuss a visit to KU and       there?).
end of an era. I hope that everyone at KU      Lawrence every summer and Christmas.             Hope everyone is happy and well.
and old friends are doing well and look        We hope that we can make it soon.
forward to hearing your news.                  Happy holidays to everyone!
                                                                                             Soren Larsen (PhD 2002)
                                                                                                Though I’m certain the South will rise
Pinde Fu (PhD 2000)                            Hugh Howard (PhD 2003)
                                                                                             again in a most glorious fashion, my fam-
  Another year is passing by and another          I am currently an Assistant Professor      ily and I left the land of King Cotton for
Christmas is approaching! I still work at      of Earth Science at American River Col-       the Midwest, where we are closer to fam-
ESRI and live in California. It never rains    lege (ARC) in Sacramento. This commu-         ily (in Illinois) and friends (in Kansas). I
here in Southern California, let alone         nity college boasts two successful GIS        took a position at the University of Mis-
snows. Walking on the snow and ice cov-        certificate programs and an A.S. de-          souri in August, after teaching at the KU
ered Potter Lake has been a pleasant           gree in GIS. The emphasis at ARC is           fieldcamp in Colorado. It’s been so reju-
memory of mine. My recent work at              almost entirely on teaching as opposed to     venating for Kristi and I to reconnect
ESRI is mostly e-Gov related, including a      research, and I find myself (happily)         with old friends and familiar places –
Geospatial On-Stop Portal. I mentioned         teaching five GIS courses per semester.       after years of living in different places, I
before that Solar Analyst, a part of my        Many of our students are quickly re-          think the Midwest’s become home. We
dissertation research, was being inte-         cruited by private industry and, to a far     now have two boys – Jonah’s three and
grated with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst. Now        greater extent, by governmental agencies      into Spider Man and PowerRangers; Eli’s
the integration is done! You will see the      (city, county, state, & federal). Former      one and into everything! We’re loving
insolation modeling capabilities in Ar-        Jayhawk Craig Davis is just across            life in Columbia, though I can’t help but
cGIS soon.                                     town—a Professor of Geography at Sac-         feel like a traitor (or infiltrator) on game
                                               ramento City College. On a foggy day,         day!
                                               the Central Valley looks just like Kan-
                                                  It’s good to be back in California (my
Xulin Guo (PhD 2000)                           home), but I miss my KU friends and
                                               professors—too numerous to identify. I        Cameron McCormick (PhD 2004)
   I was hoping that we could come back
to KU for the geography reunion, but I         can’t say that I miss the frigid winters or      I completed the Ph.D. in September,
just couldn’t make it. I was very busy         humid summers of Lawrence (spoiled, I         2004 and raced out to Ellensburg WA. I
with work and my boys as always. Any-          suppose), but I sure could use a bombas-      am now in my second year of a 1-year
way, this is my lucky year. I was awarded      tic Kansas thunderstorm, or to hear the       contract at Central Washington Univer-
tenure and promotion effective July 1,         screech of those freaky Cicada bugs           sity. It's a nice town with a mid-size uni-
2005. It is a big relief, but I didn’t slow    again.                                        versity. This fall was my first attempt at
down a single bit as I expected. Beside           I recall my time in Lindley with fond-     deer and elk hunting. I was with fellow
the NSERC major research grant, I could        ness, and consider it a pivotal experience    KU alumnus James Huckabay. I am now
obtain two contracts from a government         in my professional development. I was         working on a proposal through CWU
and a company. Best of all, I was nomi-        accepted as a competent academic and          Study Abroad to take a batch of students
nated for the excellent teaching award         (somewhat aged) individual. A summer          to Zambia for 3-4 weeks in summer
from two classes, one at the undergradu-       doesn’t pass that I don’t miss my bunga-      2006.
ate level and one at the graduate level.       low home at the KU Field Camp in Colo-
                                               rado—nestled between flatirons, red                       
However, the university doesn’t accept
nominations from graduate classes. I           sandstone, and cows—assisting Professor
don’t expect to receive the award because      Curt Sorenson with the geography field
I don’t think I am that good. The nomina-      experience course.                            Michael Noll (MA 1993, PhD 2000)
tions are beyond my expectation already.          But Professor Terry Slocum brought            The year 2005 has been a good one for
My family is doing great. Yunpei just          me to Kansas. I explain this whenever my      the Noll Family. Sophia (4) is going to
started his own business, a convenience        Cal-centric friends ask “why there?” I        pre-school at the Episcopal Church right
store (not open yet). Lincoln is in his last   continue my collaboration with Terry,         across the street from Valdosta State Uni-
year of high school. He is hoping to go to     working on revisions for Thematic Car-        versity, and Jonathan (6) has become a
KU, but I don’t see any chance at all.         tography and Geographic Visualization,        first grader at S.L. Mason Elementary
Michael and Matthew started to read on         2nd edition. Thanks, Terry.                   School. Both seem to enjoy learning new
their own. It is amazing to see how good          As I’ve stated before, KU Geography

                                                                                                                                 Page 15
 Alumni News 00s                             Donations to the Endowment Association
 things every day, from math, reading,         Our SPECIAL THANKS to the fol-           Jerry Whistler
 writing, and drawing, to chasing frogs      lowing recent contributors:                John Williams
 and lizards at home, or digging for worms
 in the yard. Mom is now working at the      Kollmorgen Geography Fund                  George F. Jenks Scholarship Fund
 English Language Institute at Valdosta
 State University, and I interrupt my        Kevin Blake                                Paul Crawford
 teaching routine with occasional soccer     Mary Dillworth Clinthorne                  Daniel Holdgreve
 events (I am a proud "Soccer Dad") or by    Michael DeMers                             James Hughes
 being director of a program offered by      David Fong                                 William Phillips
 the European Council in Germany each        Kelly and Karen Gregg                      Joe Poracsky
 summer. (I also just got tenured at VSU,                                               Karen Trifonoff
                                             Jerry Griffith
 a year after my promotion to Associate
                                             Charles Heller
 Professor.) Since we have never had any                                                   If you wish to make a contribution to
 snow in the "winter" here in southern       Floyd Henderson
                                                                                        the Kollmorgen Geography Fund, the
 Georgia, we will spend our Christmas        James Hughes
                                                                                        George F. Jenks Scholarship Fund, or the
 break in Germany this year! Christmas       Noel Kaplan
                                                                                        Marie Kabelitz Field Camp Award, you
 just ain't Christmas if you can harvest     Elizabeth Kelley                           can send that contribution to the Kansas
 grapefruits in your yard in December and    John Preston                               University Endowment Association, P.O.
 if your kids have to build a cottonman      David Ridgway                              Box 928, Lawrence, KS 66044-0928 or
 instead of a snowman.                       Richard Skaggs                             to the Geography Department. Be sure to
                Laura Lee Whayne                           indicate which fund on your donation.

                                                                                            Updating Your
 Professional Network                            Format Change                               Information
   The Department has started an online         As you may have noticed, the format        The KU Geography website now has a
Professional Network to help students        for the newsletter has changed. I extend   new Alumni Directory page for alumni
gain insights into the professional world    a great big THANK YOU to Bev Morey.        information. Simply go to
of Geography and Atmospheric Science.        Bev was hired to replace Karen Ward and click on Alumni
Professional Network listings are for        who resigned from her position as office   News. Then click on Alumni Directory
alumni to relate their experiences in Ge-    assistant in August. Bev brings sorely     and then information form. After you
ography and Atmospheric Science to cur-      needed Desktop Publishing skills to her    have entered your information, click
rent students. The goal is to provide real   position, much to my delight! If you       Submit at the bottom of the form.
world examples of how Geography and          have any comments on the new design,          We will be developing an alumni da-
Atmospheric Science are used outside of      please let me know.                        tabase, so your updated information is
an academic setting. Please visit the Ca-                                               important.
reer Resources section of the Geography      Thanks.
Department website (         Bev Koerner
to submit an entry for the Professional

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