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					Our Trip To Mexico

      Valentina Alferez
       Alec Artidiello
        Juan Beltran
       Natalia Beltran
       William Martin
Valentina Alferez„.Trip Manager

Alec Artidiello„„.Travel Agent

Juan Beltran„Technology Expert

Natalia Beltran„Activities

William Martin„ Culinary Expert
We went to…
    Trip Manager
By: Valentina Alferez
              Mexico 411!
Mexico is the fifth-largest country in the Americas by
total area and is the 14th largest independent nation
   in the world. With an estimated population of 111
million, It is the 11th most populous country. Mexico
is a federal constitutional republic in North America.
 It is bordered on the north by the United States; on
    the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; on the
southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea;
and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico. Covering almost
              2 million square kilometers.
            Rules and Regulations
                             Alcohol regulation
•   Under 18 year-olds cannot buy or consume alcoholic beverages in the
    state of Nuevo Leon. Further, it is unlawful to consume alcoholic
    beverages on the public street, and to carry an open container
    inside a vehicle. Fines vary according to the municipality and can
    go from 530 pesos ( USD) up to ,000 pesos ( USD).
•   Liquor can be sold from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    and Sundays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. only.
                                        Driving regulation
•   Use of seatbelts
•   Transit authority regulation for the municipalities of the state of
    Nuevo Leon require all passengers in a car to wear their seatbelts.
    Children under five must travel in the back seat on an adequate
    booster seat and should be properly restrained by a seatbelt.
                                            Speed limits
•   50 km/h is the normal speed limit within the city. However, in
    school zones, the speed limit is reduced to 30 km/hr during the
    following hours: 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.; 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    and 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
•   As to riding in the highway, the speed limit may vary from 80 to
    120 km/h depending on whether it is a toll highway or a freeway.
         Mexico’s Currency

Mexican currency is the New Peso (MXN) divided
  into 100 centavos. Credit cards are widely
  accepted, particularly Visa, MasterCard and
  American Express. Travelers cheques are
  generally accepted, but cannot be cashed on
  Sundays. ATMs are available in most cities
  and towns and are the most convenient way to
  get money, but for safety reasons they
  should only be used during business hours.
  Although most businesses will accept foreign
  currency it is best to use pesos. Foreign
  currency can be exchanged at one of many
  casas de cambio (exchange houses), which
  have longer hours and offer a quicker
  service than the banks.
  Natalia           Valentina                Alec             William                 Juan

Cancun:   Poca-     Cancun:   Peace     Cancun:   Art       Cancun:    Cancun    Cancun:
Dotted Bikini.      Earrings            Supplies            Bumper Sticker       Billabong Surfboard
Total: $20.00       Total: $39.00       Total: $40.00       Total: $4.19         Total: $60.08
260 Pesos           507 Pesos           520 Pesos           54.47 Pesos          781.04 Pesos

Cozumel:     Pink   Cozumel:    Black   Cozumel:            Cozumel: “I          Cozumel: “Shut
Fluffy Journal      and white bikini    Magnets (10 pack)   heart Cozumel” Tee   up and Dive” Tee
Total: $11.39       Total: $23.00       Total: $16.79       Total: $10.79        Total: $10.79
148.07 Pesos        299 Pesos           140.27 Pesos        140.27 Pesos         140.27 Pesos

Guadalajara:        Guadalajara:        Guadalajara:        Guadalajara:         Guadalajara:
Beaded Necklace     Gold flat sandals   Quiksilver          Quiksilver           Black Sandals
Total: $13.97       Total: $22.56       Surfboard           Surfboard            Total: $39.95
181.61 Pesos        293.28 Pesos        Total: $30.95       Total: $30.95        519.35 Pesos
                                        402.35 Pesos        402.35 Pesos
              What we had wasted in each
Names: Natalia               Valentina Alec              William       Juan

Money          usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        usd: $
wasted on      289.44        289.44        289.44        289.44        289.44 Mxn:
all            Mxn :         Mxn:          Mxn:          Mxn:          1,775.66 p.
restaurants    1,775.66 p.   $1,775.66     1,775.66 p.   1,775.66 p.
:                            p.

Money          Usd: $        usd: 19.39    Usd: 50.79    Usd:13.85     Usd:16.16
wasted on      24.67         Mxn: 252.07   Mxn: 660.27   Mxn: 180.05   Mxn: 210.08
all            Mxn:          p.            p.            p.            p.
Souvenirs:     3200.71 p.

Money          Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $
wasted on      823.54        823.54        823.54        823.54        823.54
all            Mxn: 10,706   Mxn: 10,706   Mxn: 10,706   Mxn: 10,706   Mxn: 10,706
                      Money wasted in total
                 Natalia:      Valentina:    Alec:         William:      Juan:
Names ->

Money that       Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $
each person
started with :   2,500         2,500         2,500         2,500         2,500

                 mxn: 32,500   Mxn: 32,500   Mxn: 32,500   Mxn: 32,500   Mxn: 32,500
                 pesos         pesos         pesos         pesos         pesos
Money that       Usd:          Usd:          Usd: $75.22   Usd: $34.89   Usd: $12.78
each person
ended with :     $84.23        $124.67

Money that us    Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $        Usd: $
as a group
started with :   12,500        12,500        12,500        12,500        12,500

                 Mxn:          Mxn:          Mxn:          Mxn:          Mxn:
                 162,500       162,500       162,500       162,500       162,500
                 pesos         pesos         pesos         pesos         pesos

Mexico bank
•   Passport/Visa
                              Extra Info!!
•     To enter the country, foreign citizens must demonstrate their nationality, they are
    required to show a passport or a birth certificate (or certified copy) with a picture
    ID. We recommend the passport.
•   Clothes
•     Because of the weather, during the summer it is recommended to use light clothes as
    well as sandals, and in the winter, thick clothes and a coat.
•   Society in Nuevo Leon is characterized for dressing formally. Although jeans are
    always fashionable, many restaurants in Nuevo Leon may require casual clothes for
    breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sleeveless t-shits and shorts may be forbidden in certain
    luxury restaurants and nightclubs.
•   Opening hours
•     In the city of Monterrey, shops and malls usually open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    including Saturdays and Sundays.
    Banks normally open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., although some
    branches close until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Some branches open also on Saturdays but
    usually close at 02:00:00 p.m.
    Offices usually work Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 02:00:00 p.m. to
    05:00:00 p.m.
•   Tipping
•     Tipping is voluntary and is not regularly included in the bill.
•   Waiters usually receive 10 to 15% on total consumption, depending on the quality of
    their service.

•   Bell-boys usually get pesos or USD per suitcase. Airport taxi chauffeurs get the same
    tip as bellboys.
             Check List
              • Birth Certificates
                      • Visa
      • Vaccination Records (For Cancun)
                   • Passports
• Copies of Birth Certificates and Passports
       • $2500 (US Cash) For Each Person
       • Luggage (Clothes for Nine Days)
                 • First Aid Kit
    • Small Book Bag for Important things
                   • Toiletries
April 6- April 9 In Cancun
High 86 F Low 67 F Humidity 55%

April 9- April 12 In Cozumel
High 81 F   Low 64 F Humidity 79%

April 12- April 15 In Guadalajara
High 73 F   Low 59 F Humidity 57%
       Emergency Numbers for
            Total Assit              Fire/ Police Departments
 (24hr. 5 Claveles St., downtown           Emergencies: 066
Telephone: 52 (998) 884-10-92 & 52
                                        Fire Department: 52 (998)
          (998) 884-8082
        Hospital Americano                884-1202 / 884-94-80
  (24hr.) 15 Viento St. Downtown      Police Department: 52 (998)
  Telephone: 52 (998) 884-61-33            884-1913 / 885-2277
           AMAT hospital              Red Cross: 52 (998) 84-1616
  (24hr) 13 Nader St., downtown              emergencies: 065
   Telephone: 52 (998) 887-4422        AA (24 hours) (English):52
             Hospiten                   (998) 884-6909 / 8841271
  (24hr) Bonampak Ave., downtown        Harbor:52 (998) 880-1360,
   Telephone: 52 (998) 881-3700
                                                1362, 1363
  (24hr) Banampak Ave., downtown
   Telephone: 52 (998) 891-5200
     Emergency Numbers for
   Red Cross [Cruz Roja]
        Tel: 987-2-10-58
 General emergencies, 060
Medical emergencies, 065 (Red
     Cross ambulance 24/7)       Fire/Police Departments
        Police, 872-0409         Fire Station: Av. Juarez between
    Fire station, 872-0800                 60 & 65 streets.
                                             Tel: 872-0800
   Immigration Office: Rafel
  Melgar Av. between Gonzalo          Police: Av. Rafel Melgar
Guerrero & 13th Street inside        between Gonzalo Guerrero &
      Government Offices.                     Calle 13.
         Tel: 872-0071                      Tel: 872-0409

 U.S. Consulate: Juarez Av at
  Villamar Plaza second Floor
between Rafael E. Melgar y 5th
 Tel: 872-4574 or 011-52-987-
Emergency Numbers for
          Emergency Telephone Numbers
Police: 080 (Emergencies, traffic, fire etc.)
           Traffic Police: 3823-3220
         Municipal Police: 3668-0800
             Fire Dept: 3619-5155
             Ambulance: 3616-9616
      Federal Highway Police: 3629-5085
         Consumer Affairs: 3615-7383
             Banamex: 3640-0428
          Banco Bital: 3826-9878
             Bancomer: 3669-4745
            Bancrecer: 3627-0084
            CitiBank: 3121-8686
  Travel Agent
By: Alec Artidiello
               Air Flights
$825.53 p.p (USD) Round trip (all three flights)
           6:00 am Depart Miami (MIA)
      Arrive Cancun (CUN) 11:46 am Tue 6-Apr
                 Duration:6hr 46mn
              US Airways 1125 / 955

 8:00 am Depart Cozumel (CZM) Arrive Guadalajara
                   (GDL) 4:10 pm
Mon 12-Apr Duration:8hr 10mn Aeromexico 9712 / 596
                       / 228

        8:00 am Depart Guadalajara (GDL)
       Arrive Miami (MIA) 4:40 pm Thu 15-Apr
          Duration:7hr 40mn Aeromexico 125
           Cancun                         Cozumel                     Guadalajara
  Hotel Cancun Clipper Club                Suites Bahia            Vista Express Plaza del
  One king bed and one twin                                                  Sol
    sofa bed. Kitchenette and One king bed and one double
           dining room.                 bed. Kitchenette.         One king, one queen and
    Complimentary Breakfast.         Complimentary Breakfast      one twin, or two double
Check-In: April 6th 2010 (12:00)   Check-In: April 9th 2010       beds      Complementary
   Check-Out: April 9th 2010       Check-Out: April 12th 2010
            (6:30 a.m)                                              Check- In: April 12th
          Two rooms                         Two Rooms                       2010
Room One: Natalia, Valentina Room One: Natalia, Valentina           Check-Out- April 15th
    Room Two: Alec, Juan,        Room Two: Alec, Juan, William.        2010 (5:30 am)
     William. Juan, William William, Juan King Bed. Alec
                                                                    One Room     Natalia,
     King Bed, Alec Sofa Bed               Double Bed.             Valentina On Queen Bed,
                                                                  Juan William on King Bed,
    $76 Per night (USD)             $57 Per Night (USD)                Alec Double bed.
        Total: $456                     Total: $171                  $57 Per Night (USD)
  Each Person Pays $91.02         Each Person Pays $34.02                Total: $171
                                                                  Each Person Pays $34.02
Pictures in the Hotels
Pictures of the Hotels

      Suites Bahia in Cozumel
Cancun, April 6th-April 9th
  We took taxis everywhere in Cancun because it was only $4.00-$6.00 per
  person (USD). Taxis are the easiest way to get around because they’re
  cheap, fast, and fits five people comfortably. Only on April 9 th which is
  the day we left to Cozumel in taxi we paid 175 pesos ($11.000-$15.00 USD).
  After the taxi took us to docking station, we had to take a ferry to go to
  the actual island that cost about $10.00 per person.
Cozumel, April 9th- April 12th
  In Cozumel we also took taxis but not as much as in Cancun. Sense our
  hotel was close to many exciting places, we decided to walk. It was less
  expensive, and good exercise. It took us about 10-20 minutes to walk to
  any place.
Guadalajara, April 12th- April 15th
  In Guadalajara we took taxis most of the trip. They were basically the
  same prices as in Cancun, ranged between $4.00-$7.00 per person in USD.
 Culinary Expert
By: William Martin
             Day 1                    Day 2 Day 3
           We ate breakfast in      Breakfast was at the     Breakfast was at the
Breakfas   Miami before we left
           to Cancun
                                    hotel’s daily, free,
                                    buffet. We ate
                                                             hotel’s daily, free,
                                                             buffet. We ate bacon,

t                                   Pancakes, Waffles, and
                                                             eggs, and breakfast
           Lunch was at the Hotel   We had lunch at          We ate lunch at La
Lunch      Buffet, it was $3.00
           (USD) per person. They
                                    Mathilde. We ate
                                    Chicken, with salads,
                                                             Habichuela, we ate
                                                             Spaghetti and Garlic
           Served Cheeseburgers     and rice.                Bread.
           with Caesar Salads.      Total: $43.00            Total: $40.00 (USD)
           Total: $15.00 (USD)      559 Pesos                520 Pesos
           195 Pesos

           Dinner was at the        Dinner was held at a     Dinner was at Modern
Dinner     hotel’s restaurant,
           we ate Rice, beans,
                                    fancy Mexican
                                    restaurant called “La
                                                             Art Café, we ate
                                                             shrimp, and tacos.
           and Pork. Total:         Parilla”. We ate         Total: $38.00 (USD)
           $42.00 (USD)             Empandadas, Spicy        494 Pesos
           546 Pesos                Nachos, and chocolate
                                    covered Churros for
                                    Total: $57.00 (USD)
                                    741 Pesos
               Day 1 Day 2                                     Day 3

            We ate breakfast in the   Breakfast was at Casa    Breakfast was at
Breakfast   hotel in Cancun before    Caribe. We ate Café      Jennie’s Waffle House.
            we left in taxi to        con Leche with toasted   We ate waffles with
            Cozumel                   bread.                   strawberries and whip
                                      Total: $34.00 (USD)      cream.
                                      442 Pesos                Total: $45.00 (USD)
                                                               585 Pesos
            Lunch was at La Plaza     Lunch was at Acaurio,    Lunch was at Comida
Lunch       Leza, we ate Fish and     we ate sandwiches.       Tasera Tonita
            Calamari.                 Total: $25.00 (USD)      Total: $20.00 (USD)
            Total: $63.00 (USD)       325 Pesos                130 Pesos
            819 Pesos

            Dinner was at Casa        Dinner was at El Foco.   Dinner was at a
Dinner      Mssion, we ate steak,     We all ate a a Fish      restaurant called
            rice, beans, and          Filets with French       “Rincon Maya”. We ate
            maduros.                  fries and drinks.        different types of
            $15.00 (USD)              Total: $32.47 (USD)      soups and pastas.
            195 Pesos                 422.11 Pesos             Total: $48.00 (USD)
                                                               624 Pesos
                Day 1                   Day 2                       Day 3
            We ate breakfast in the     Breakfast was at “La        Breakfast was at the
Breakfast   hotel in Cozumel before     Casa de los Pancakes” we    hotels continental
            we left to Guadalajara      all obviously ate           breakfast, we ate French
                                        pancakes with               Toast and Orange Juice.
                                        Total: $56.00
                                        728 Pesos
            We had lunch at a casual    We had a picnic at the      We ate “Chai” which is a
Lunch       restaurant in the hotel     beach and we bought the     coffee shop, we ate fresh
            called Los Chilaquiles ,    food from a snack bar       salad, sandwiches, and
            we ate different types of   called “Surfin’             subs, with other tasty
            salads, pastas, and         Mexico”                     dishes.
            tacos,                      Total: $32.00               Total: $42.00
            Total: $27.00               416 Pesos                   546 Pesos
            351 Pesos
            Dinner was at “Karne        “Casa Barichi” is the       For dinner, we stayed in
Dinner      Garibaldi”we ate diced      restaurant we went to       the hotel and made our on
            meat, and bacon, with       that night. We ate steaks   mexican food and desert.
            grilled onions,             with different samples of   We made a Seven-Layer Taco
            tortillas, and refried      cheesecakes.                dip and roasted smores
            beans mixed with corn.      Total: $62.00               outside by the resort’s
            Total: $57.00               806 Pesos                   fire pit.
            741 Pesos                                               Total: $23.00
Activity Coordinator
 By: Natalia Beltran
              Cancun Activities
Day 1-   Go    To       Playa Del Carmen              And             Relax at

April    the pool
Day 2-   10:00- Eat
         breakfast at
                        3:00- Eat
                        Lunch at
                                      4:00- Go to
                                      Coco Bongo
                                                      7:30- Go
                                                      Dancing at
April    the hotel
         11:30- Go to
                        Mathilde      Cancun
                                      6:00- Eat
                                                      The City
                                                      9:00- Go Back
10th     Mayan Aqua
                                      dinner at La
                                                      to the hotel
                                                      and rest

Day 3    10:00- Eat
         breakfast at
                        1:00- Go on
                                      4:oo- Do a
                                                      7:00- Eat
                                                      dinner at
April    the hotel
         11:00- Go to
                                                      Modern Art
11th     Cancun Vista
                        lunch at La
                                      and Adventure
                                                      8:oo- Return
                                                      to hotel and
      Cancun Activity Information
Mayan Aqua Dive- Mayan Aqua Dive offers top service for Cancun dives,
  wreck, caverns, whale sharks and full padi courses. Fee-30 US
Coco Bongo Cancun- Everything from dance teams to trapeze artists,
  gymnasts and scenes from The Matrix and Batman is played out to
  mainstream dance music.
The City- This nightclub has capacity for thousands and all offer
  nightly entertainment.
Cancun Vista- CancunVista can take you on a sail boat off into the
  sunrise or sunset.
Jeep Adventures- You tour the El Rey ruins, zip-lining, swimming in the
  best cenote (sinkhole in a cave with bats), having an awesome lunch
  at a restaurant on the beach. The last stop was a zoo where you can
  pet crocodiles, feed and pet deer and have spider monkeys eat right
  out of your hand. You get your own personal zoo tour guide
Selvetica Canopy and Adventure Tour- The tour is centered around zip-
  lines (steel cables strung from tree platform to tree platform on
  which one rides in a harness connected to cable rollers)
               Cozumel Schedule
Day 4
        4:00- Visit    7:00- Go to     9-10:00-
        Cozumel’s      Punta Celarin   Watch a live

        Island         and enjoy the   show in the
        Museum         view            hotel and
        6:00- Eat      8:oo- Eat       then rest.
12th    lunch at the
        Plaza Leza
                       dinner at
                       Casa Mission
                       and dance.

Day 5
        9:00- Eat      12:00- Go To    2:00- Visit    6:00- Eat
        Breakfast at   Discover        Cozumel        Dinner at El

        Café Caribe    Mexico and      Equestrian     Foco
        and Backyard   learn about     Center         7:00- Return
        11:00- Go      the culture     4:00- Go to    to the hotel
13th    Shopping at
        Los Cinco
                       1:30- Eat
                       Lunch at
                                       the climbing
                                                      and relax at
                                                      the pool.
        Soles          Acuario         park

Day 6
        10:00- Eat     1:00- Visit     3:00- Eat      4:00- Relax at    8:00 Return
        Breakfast at   Punta Sur       Lunch at       the Paradise     To The Hotel

        Jeanie's       Park to relax   Comida         Beach            and pack up
        Waffle House   and learn       Casera         6:00- Eat        our stuff.
        11- Go To      about           Tonita         dinner at
14th    Bowling
                       animals                        Rincon Maya
                                                      and dance
     Cozumel Activity Information
Cozumel Island Museum- Cozumel’s Island Museum offers a geographic view
  and history of Cozumel in four exhibition rooms. Room 1 has an
  original scale model of the Island, Room 2 represents the underwater
  environment, Room 3 exposes Mayan legacy, Room 4 shows what Cozumel
  is today. Fee- 39 Mexican Pesos
Punta Celarin - At the southern end of the island, this lighthouse has
  terrific views of ancient ruins and the soothing beach. Fee- For Free
Discover Mexico- The new mini-cinema. Discover Mexico attraction on the
  road south of town in Cozumel let's you do just that. Visitors first
  experience a visually spectacular short film of Mexico in a 4 screen
      Fee per person- $15 US dollars
Cozumel Equestrian Center - The Equestrian Center first opened its
  stable doors in 2009 and has an impressive stock of horses, including
  Creoles, a Quarter Horse, a Warmblood and local horses of happily
  mixed descent.
Punta Sur Park- Stunning white sand beach with reef for drift snorkeling
  and crystal clear water at Punta Sur Park ecological reserve.
      Cozumel Activity Info
Boliche Bowling-New modern bowling
 alley with plenty of lines and
 billiards too. Open until late with a
 well-priced bar and snack menu. Fee-
 per person- $13

 Discover Mexico

  Equestrian Center
   Guadalajara Activities
Day 7-   Just            Relax              At            The            Hotel

Day 8-   10-11- Go Hot
                         1: 30- 5:00 Go
                         the Guadalajara
                                            7:00 Go
                                            back to

April    Ballooning
         12 P.M.- Eat
                         Shopping Centre
                         5:00- Visit
                                            hotel and
                                            play at the

16th     lunch at the
                         Palacio De
         Los             6:00-6:45 Eat      movies,
         Chilaquiles     dinner Surfin’     then sleep

Day 9-   10:00- eat
         breakfast at
                         1:00- Go
                         shopping at
                                            4:30- Eat
                                            lunch at
                                                          8:00- Go
                                                          dancing in
April    the hotel
         11:00- Go to
                                            5:30- Go
                                                          the Bosse

17       Teatro
                         3:00- Go to
                         Parque Agua Azul
                                            to My Ego
                                            spa and
                                                          10:30- Make
                                                          our own
                                            relax         mexican meal
                                                          11:00- Pack
                                                          clothes in
         Guadalajara Activity Info
Hot-Air Balloon-The adventure begins when Rainbow picks you up at your
  hotel at sunrise. From there we proceed to our launch site where the
  action begins. We inflate the hot air balloons giving you the
  opportunity to become involved "hands on" as a crew member and help
  with the balloon inflation, or you may sit back, observe and take
  pictures as the gentle giant comes alive. At lift off you embark upon
  a journey of uniqueness. Fee- $200 US
Palacio De Gobierno- This 18th-century government building, which
  served as the headquarters of the Juarez administration in 1858,
  contains a number of the famous murals by Jose Clemente Orozco. Free
Teatro Degollado- Opened in 1886, this large neo-Classical building is
  home to the city's opera and orchestra. Fee- 15 per person US
Calle Independencia- A popular shopping strip in Tlaquepaque, a tiny
  suburb on the outskirts of Guadalajara.
Parque Agua Azul- This park is filled with a variety of attractions,
  from art galleries, to local soccer matches to a zoo. Fee- $10 US per
My Ego Spa- Relaxing therapies, body treatments, manicure & pedicure,
  hidrating facial, holistic place, including martini and steam bath
  Fee-25$ per person US
Bosse Club- Bossé keeps people dancing into the wee hours of the night
  with a rotating selection of top DJs . Fee- 10 dollars per person
The End!
Special thanks to……
Valentina’s Dad and Mom,
helping her with the
PowerPoint slides
William’s Mom for cooking
the Mexican Food and his
Dad for driving him to the

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