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									                                                                              Email Marketing Overview


Achieve Total
           Email Marketing Overview
           Your Email Delivery Experts                                        Email Marketing Editions
           EDGE delivers superior Email Marketing Solutions and                   Professional - For small or medium-sized businesses
           Services, Dedicated Email Server and Custom Email                       who need to send marketing communications to
           Solutions. We offer high email deliverability, powerful                 clients and prospects quickly and easily.
           email reporting, and custom email automation.                          Enterprise - For more advanced marketers who
                                                                                   develop targeted content, perform split tests, analyze
           Email Marketing Facts
                                                                                   reports and run strategic automated email campaigns.
                  Billions of email messages are sent every year.                Platinum - For highly advanced marketers who need
                 There are more than 120 email service providers                  all of the advantages of Enterprise, plus training
                  (ESPs) in 18 countries.                                          courses, consulting, private IP, and full branding.
                  ESPs range from small, independent businesses to           Managed Dedicated Servers
                   large global companies.
                  Email Marketers increasingly demand high                   EDGE offers Managed, Dedicated Servers for increased
                   deliverability, security, CRM integration and reporting.   security, scalability flexibility, and more stable delivery to
                                                                              send larger mailings. The servers are located in our
           About Our Email Marketing Suite                                    upgraded datacenter with the highest security available
           EDGE’s email marketing solution designs, sends, tracks,            while using green energy.
           and measures the success of your email campaigns. With
                                                                              Business and Agency Programs
           options like free HTML templates, unlimited image hosting,
           automated email campaigns, A/B/N email split testing,              Our Agency Programs are perfect for Insurance Agencies,
           and whitelist monitoring, it’s a system that marketers             OSJs, RIAs and Broker-Dealers who provide content
           and IT staff can both appreciate.                                  management for email marketing to their own agents. We
           Email Marketing Features & Benefits                                provide multiple account management, private branding,
                                                                              discounted pricing tiers, and we manage the software,
                 High Email Deliverability gets your messages through        data center, network connections, and delivery.
                  quickly to more of your audience.
                                                                              Privacy & Spam Policies
                 Powerful Email Tracking & Reporting helps you know
                  exactly how your messages perform.                          EDGE does not sell nor provide any email addresses, and
                 Superior Segmentation and Automation means you              we work hard to ensure compliance with best practices
                  choose who gets your emails and when.                       and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
                 Personal & Expert Service means we answer every
                  phone call to quickly meet your needs.                      For more information about EDGE , write to
                                                                              david@lspedge.com or call (877) 263-8285        .

                       LSP EDGE LLC | 1383 Dalewood Drive | Atlanta, GA 30329 | (678) 399-3229

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