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                                     NEWSLETTER OF THE MID SOUTH EAST DRESSAGE CLUB
                                           OCTOBER 2011 EDITION
Well here we are into October and the year 2011 is quickly drawing towards it‟s close. For all of us it has been a
busy year so far and it doesn‟t seem as if that‟s going to change in a hurry as the year is reeling in. Is it just us, or is
it true for everyone, that as the years are added onto us, the time clicks over faster and faster, yet we seem to be
slowing down. Or maybe there lies the reason why time seems to have gained momentum!!

September saw us hold our first activity day as the new committee. The weather held perfectly for it and although
the numbers were down, the day was successful for those who attended. Although not many were present for the
arenas to be erected, it is hoped that a better show of hands will present for the next activity day. Hence, only one
arena was put up but it provided the necessary training area for those who had brought their four legged friends
along. Luckily, a couple more were present for the arenas to be packed up, so those left were able to go home at a
reasonable hour.

Because of the low numbers present, it was decided to hold off the B-b-q until our next activity day. Our President,
Diane Green, was saavy enough to wait to see how many turned up before taking the planned trip to the supermarket
to buy the necessary meat for the lunch time get together. In the end, we all bought our own lunch and sat around
socialising for an hour before getting back to the program.

It was good to see members sharing their knowledge with each other, having some healthy discussions on one matter
or another and generally, seeing riders having some fun, but also getting their horses out and about and into the arena
without the competition pressure. All the combinations seemed to gain some positive outcomes from this
atmosphere. And all the while, the sun shone.

Don‟t forget there is another activity day in October. Date and details in the calendar section of the newsletter.
Cancer Council fund raiser. Get out all your pink gear and wear it!! It will be like the Mardi Gras of horses!!!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the newsletter and we will take on board what members have commented on
and try and improve things even more. Read on to find out what‟s happening in your club or what might happen in
the future. And don‟t forget that if you have anything to contribute you can do so via email, sending your item of
interest to If you don‟t have access to a computer or are not too friendly with the
contraptions, then send it in writing via the post or just hand it to one of the committee members at an activity day or
competition. It will find the appropriate set of hands in the end to place it into the pages of the newsletter.

With that said, we will let you get on with the reading of this edition. We hope you continue to enjoy the content.
We wish you all plenty of riding time in this wonderful sunshine and that we see you all soon.

  1. This segment will be one of the regular articles in the newsletters and is put here to ensure members know
     what the chatter (and there‟s plenty of it!!!) at the committee meetings is all about.
      The decision was made to go ahead and purchase our new arena. Our Treasurer Janet Watts will now
      proceed with this matter and hopefully before much longer, we will have another lovely plank arena.

  2. Dates for the Country Championships were discussed and April seems to be the month that this will occur.
     However, our Secretary Kristel Klitschener will contact the EA to make a definite date for these. Further
     information will be forthcoming over the future months, concerning this matter.

  3. The EA has now bought in a rule that for all official competitions, there must be gear checkers present.
      This means if our club holds any official competitions, we are now obliged to find people to carry out this
      duty on top of all the other jobs that we have to try and get volunteers to do!

  4. A new computer is needed by the club due to the old one not being overly co-operative. The committee
     made the decision to purchase a new one. Our new computer whiz, Kristel Klitschener, is in charge of
     sourcing prices and capabilities of different brands, and will report at the next committee meeting.

  5. There is to be a “Rules and Policy folder” put together, so that we can look up rules and policies at the click
     of a button or so members can look up on the website to check on anything along these lines that they are not
     sure about. The committee will have one copy and members a copy. One on the computer and one on the
     club website. We will keep you updated as this progresses.

  6. As stated in this section of the September edition, our Club Championship will be held in September 2012.
     In order to qualify to ride at this event, members have to be seen as doing their „bit‟ for their club. This
     starts at the next competition – Club Activity Day in October. Members who help on the day are asked that
     they go to the club rooms sometime during the day and get a committee member to tick their name off the
     list and what duty they performed. This list will be used over the next months leading to the Champs in
     order to know who has qualified and who has not. You must have volunteered on three separate occasions in
     order to meet this qualifying criteria.

  7. The committee had quite a lengthy discussion concerning the formation of a regional squad. This was an
     idea that the previous committee had also had discussion around. It was decided to ask the previous
     Secretary, Carly Boon, to come to the next committee meeting and give a presentation to the new committee
     concerning this matter. Once this is done and there is a greater understanding of this squad idea by the
     current committee, we will discuss it further. Members will be informed as updates arise. In due course,
     members will be able to have their say on this matter also, so that the committee can make the right decision
     in the long run.

  8. The newsletter will be available in the second week of each month. For the month of October, all members
     will be notified, or at least the ones that are on our current list. However, after this October edition,
     members are asked to check on the website as no notification will be sent out from November onwards.
     Again, if you don‟t have access to a computer and require a hard copy, please let Editor, Marie Clarke, know
     and a copy will be sent to you.

     Winter Series: One horse-one rider. When you nominate yourself and the horse that you wish to compete on for the
      Championship, it means only your scores will count for the Championship. Under no circumstances are you to change
      a rider onto this horse and have this combination‟s scores used towards your Championship points. This is not only
      unfair to other competitors but is going against the rules of our competitions.
      If you need to let someone else ride your horse on the day, then let a committee member know before the horse
      competes in it‟s test.

     Plaiting is not a compulsory requirement. However, at Official competitions from Preliminary upwards, it is an
      etiquette. It also allows the judge to view the working of the neck better and of course it looks good.

     Late entries will no longer be accepted for our competitions. This rule will be waived only if you phone before the
      closing time to confirm that your entries are in the post. Other than that, there are no exceptions.

     When a horse and rider have entered an arena to do their test, be mindful of where you ride near that arena. Even if you
      are going to the other end to ready yourself and your horse to go in the arena next, be thoughtful of that combination
      trying to do their best under enough pressure, without you adding to it. There is a 10 metre ruling that applies to riders
      warming up near arenas. In other words, you should not be riding closer than 10 metres from an active dressage arena.
      It is also about courtesy and thought towards other competitors. We are all trying to do our best, but it doesn‟t take
      much effort to make an effort. In that way there will be more harmony overall.

     The sale of arena letters will continue until the end of December 2011. Read on to see ad concerning this.

     Outside clinics/schools that are run under the MSEDC insurance policy:
      A letter of application must now be sent to the committee. In this letter you must include the date of the clinic/school,
      venue, whom the instructor is and names of all participants. This will then go to a committee meeting for discussion
      and a decision will then be forwarded to the applicant.

     Pertaining to M.S.E.D.C. activity days/competitions/ or any other events held at our club grounds: No child is to be on a
      horse, even if being led, unless they are wearing a correctly fitted helmet and footwear. And they must be members of
      the M.S.E.D.C.

     New M.S.E.D.C. Dress Code for Official Competitions- Associates to wear formal dress as per EA ruling.

                                            Next Committee Meeting:

                                      When: 3rd November 2011.
                                      Venue: Naracoorte Hotel.
                                      Start Time: 7:30 p.m.
                          Dinner can be ordered prior to the meeting starting.
                   Meetings will be alternated between Naracoorte and Mundulla.
                           Mundulla‟s to be held on a Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
                           Naracoorte‟s to be held on a Friday at 7:30 p.m.
     Naracoorte meetings will be held at Naracoorte Hotel (Billy Mack‟s) in the Breakfast Room.
 If attending and not sure where this room is located, just ask the hotel staff and they will direct you.
                                           All are welcome.
                                 ACTIVITY DAYS/CLINICS CALENDER

     October
30th – Club Activity Day – “PINK RIBBON – GIRLS DAY OUT” - $20 per test (Male judge!! No...not male
model...although we guess he could be...either way it could be interesting!!) 9 a.m. start (putting up arenas).
                    This is going to be a fun day to help raise money for breast cancer. As we know, breast cancer doesn‟t just
affect women, so please don‟t feel like you are not welcome if you are of the other variety. Come and join in. It all goes to a
good cause. Bring along your family and friends.
                    A B-b-q will be available. We ask members to donate a salad or sweets for the cause. We will also have
available for the sweet-tooths, some pink cup cakes to go with the theme of the day.
                    Please come along and support this important day and help spread some positive vibes out to all those who
have gone through or are currently going through this awful illness.
Mister Edz Saddlery of Mundulla have cans of pink spray for the occasion and for every one sold Janet Watts, the owner, is
donating $5 to the Cancer Foundation and $5 to the MSEDC.
Read on further to find entry form for the day.

     November
27 – Activity Day - $15 per horse – 9 a.m. start (putting up arenas)
                 A pooled luncheon will be arranged. A B-b-q will be available, if there is enough in
attendance to warrant this. Sausages and bread supplied by the club. We ask that members bring a plate of
salad or sweets along to share. B-Y-O drinks.
We would also like to see more members make the effort to arrive by 9 a.m. to help put the arenas up. If
you can‟t be there to put them up then be there to help take them down. This makes it fairer on everyone

     December
11th – Christmas Activity Day/Competition – $15 per test.
                     There will be freestyles. This year there will be a Christmas song chosen by the committee for each level.
Everyone competing at that level will have to make their test up to that one song. It will be judged. It‟s sure to be fun. It will
provide some welcome entertainment, no doubt, to onlookers.
Presentations of the „Horse of the Year‟ award and other club awards will take place.
 Again, we are providing a B-b-q, with meat and bread provided by the club. We need members to once again provide a salad
and/or sweet toward a pooled lunch. B.Y.O: chair and drinks.
                    Come and support your end of year function and just enjoy a day away from home with your horse and like-
minded friends.
                    Father Christmas will be calling in to spread good cheer and probably to share a beer (or two!!) before bolting
off in his horse drawn sleigh. Make sure your own horse is secure as he may need one or two replacements if any of his have
gone lame!!

If any member has any suggestions for Activity Days in the future or anything they may like to see incorporated into our
calendar of events, please don‟t be shy. Let the committee know and we‟ll seriously look at the possibility of doing something
about it.
                               SHOWS/DRESSAGE COMPETITIONS CALENDER

           OCTOBER                                                      Contacts                         Phone

7th-16th                XIII Australian Masters Games                    General Enquiries:               8409 1900
(13th-15th)             Dressage – Southern Vales Dressage Club

15th                    Coonalpyn Show                                   Helen Marshall:                  8571 1032
16                      Naracoorte Show/Dressage competition             Amanda Lock:                     8764 2104
                                                                         Carly Boon:                      04088 18473

21st/22nd               Mount Gambier Show/Dressage competition          Kris Mitchell:                   8725 1873
     th    th
28 /29                  Penola Show                                      Kathy Fennell:                   8737 2323

           NOVEMBER

4th/5th / 6th           Millicent Show/Dressage competition              Bev Copping:                     0419809870
10th-13th               Equitana Sydney
                        Sydney Showgrounds                               Refer to website for more info

18th-20th               Adelaide 3-D-E
                        Adelaide Parklands/Victoria Racecourse           Refer to website for more info

           DECEMBER

8th-11th                Dressage Festival –
                        Pacific League World Cup Final
                        Werribee Park Equestrian Centre                  Caroline Colby:                  (03) 5943 1344

           FEBRUARY

                Lucindale Show/Dressage competition

                Southern Stars Arabian and Other Breeds                  Janet Watts                      8753 4119
                Equestrian Show - Mundulla

           MARCH

3rd/4th – Mundulla Show/Dressage competition                      Faye Young:                             8753 4241
Rider Profile


Where were you born:        Adelaide

What is your background: I grew up in Adelaide. I have done some show jumping, little bit of eventing, hunted with Salisbury
                         Hunt Club for a few years & loved it. Was never really into the "proper" riding. I have 2 children.
                         Jason Deer, the oldest, who is not into the horses, & Renee Deer, who many of you would have seen
                         out & about on her Arabian gelding. When I was about 27 I moved to Kangaroo Island, where I
                         lived for 7 years. I then moved to Keith, where I met my husband Ian Watts.

How long have you been a member of MSEDC: I first joined about 13 years ago when I moved to Mundulla, & have been a
                                          member on & off over the years

Profession/School Level: I did year 10 (which was called intermediate). I have had varied professions including working in a
                         factory, Secretarial/Admin, Jillaroo, Car Detailer, Rouse-a-bout & currently own Mister Edz Saddlery
                         & Gifts, which is situated on our property at Mundulla.

Favourite food: Chinese, Pizza & anything spicy

Favourite movie/song/book:
Movie – Man from Snowy River
Song – Tania Kernaghan .... When I Ride
Book – Jessica

When did you start riding: When I was about 9. I would go up to the trotting stables & work on a Saturday morning, were then
                           given bridles for the ponies & left to it. We used to get books from the library & look at the
                           pictures & tell each other if we were sitting the same.

What was your first pony’s/horse’s name: Pete. He was a 2yo black colt (we didn't realise it at the time) but soon found out!!!

What is the name of your current pony/horse:
Glenmar Mizz Lizzie - Anglo Arabian mare - grey
Mister Edz Allira - Part Bred Arabian mare - bay
Havanna Snow Puzzle - Black & White Pinto Part Arabian mare
Mister Edz Nanga Mai - Pure Arabian 2yo filly - grey
Nagaina - Pure Arabian mare - bay
Mister Edz Little Johnny Reb, Anglo Arabian yearling colt - brown
Mister Edz Wungarra Malka (Boy with body markings) Pinto Part Arabian yearling colt - tricolour
Oh & Mini Me, the chestnut shetland pony!

Current Competition Level: Lizzie - Elementary Allira - Walk/Trot maybe Prelim

Funny Pony/Horse story: I was asked to take Father Christmas - alias my brother, to the Mundulla Primary School for the
                        kids. We arrived a bit early so decided we should call into the Mundulla to kill a bit of time, & of
                        course Santa had soft drink. When we returned Santa went in & saw all the children who were very
                        excited that Santa had come by Pony & Cart. Of course this was the first time the pony had had
                        Santa, so when we headed away. Between the children yelling & Santa ringing his bells the pony
                        got faster & faster. I told my Santa that that was enough of the bells, but he thought I said, they love
                        the bells the pony wondered what the heck was going on & was out of there. At the speed we were
                        going Santa's hat come off in the wind. The kids loved it, & as we went back to pick up Santa's
                        hat, I made sure there was no more bell ringing & was very thankful that it was only the hat that
                        came off & not the beard & hair as well!!!!
Equestrian and/or Life Goals: To compete successfully on a horse I have bred & educated.

Equestrian Highlights: Owning Lizzie, together we have learnt so much & I have been able to go places I have only dreamt of.
                       There are 2 biggest highlights, one was getting Supreme Ridden Arabian in 2008, & getting a garland,
                       & the other was Lizzie getting Dressage Horse of the Year with SA ARABS in 2009/10

Other skills: Sewing, crafts & gardening....... but don't have time to do them!!!!

Name a person who has been an inspiration to you? Jim Skinner (my son‟s father) who passed away when Jason was 4.

Why? He was a hard task master, but was behind me 100% with the horses & knew how to get the most out of both the horse &

Have you a favourite saying you use or have heard: Ridings easy, as long as you keep the horse between you & the ground,
                                                   you're going well!!!

Is there anything else you want to include in this profile:
I am currently in the process of getting the South East Arabian & Equestrian Club (SEA & EC) up & running. We will be
holding Activity Days so that kids & adults that don't have all the flash gear etc, & just want to enjoy their horses, can come &
have a go & enjoy the old fashion fun we used to have as kids.

Glenmar Miz Lizzie&
 Owner Janet Watts
take a moment to relax.

(Photo by Tina Garrard)


                       Bev Copping competed at the Spring Championships with some success.
       Sue Thornley is off to the Masters Games. If there is anyone else going please let us know, so that, we can
      acknowledge you in the next edition. Sue and Bev have been kind enough to agree to do a write up on their
                                   experiences at these events for the next newsletter.

                                 SUNDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2011
                               OFFICIAL, JUNIOR & ASSOCIATE

                        DRESSAGE TO BE HELD ON THE OVAL.

                  Entries to: Dressage Convener, PO Box 1090, MILLICENT SA 5280

                               Entries Close: Tuesday 25th October 2011
                          ENTRY FEES: $12 Official Senior & Junior, Assoc $8.
              START TIMES WILL BE EMAILED – Thursday 3th November; also available on
     Cheques made payable to Millicent AH & P Society
     Competitors must be members of the Millicent AH & P Society - $35 OR
     Day membership - $15 & Junior Under 18yr - $10
     Official Dressage competitors must have a current Dressage Card a photocopy to be attached
       with entries
     Entry form, disclaimer, available online or your local saddler
     Placing to 4th – prize money & or product
 Preliminary 1B                                   Novice 2B
 Elementary 3B                                    Medium 4B
 ELEMENTARY, MEDIUM TESTS – maybe unofficial depending on availability of judges.
Preparatory 1
Preliminary 1B                                    Novice 2B
Preliminary 1B                                    Novice 2B
Elementary 3B                                     Medium 4B
WAIVER FORM to be signed & sent with entries
Rider Name
EA Number
Owners Name                           |       EA Number
Email Address
Contact Phone

I hereby certify that the particulars supplied on this form are true & correct. I agree to abide by the
conditions of entry.

(If under 18yr parent or guardian must sign).
HORSE 1                                      |        HORSE 2
EA Number                           |        EA Number
Points                              |        Points
Sex                                          |        Sex
Breed                               |        Breed
Official                            |        Official
Senior/Junior                       |        Senior/Junior
Associate                                    |        Associate

Official Test entered            X $12 each |
Assoc Test entered               X $8 each |
EA Dressage Levy (ALL HORSES)          $3 ea         |
Admin Fee                                     $2            |
Day member (if not society member)     $15. Jun $10 – un 18yrs |
TOTAL PAYABLE                                               $

Official Test entered            X $12 each |
Assoc Test entered               X $8 each |
EA Dressage Levy (ALL HORSES)          $3 ea         |
Admin Fee                                     $2            |
Day member (if not society member)     $15. Jun $10 – un 18yrs |
TOTAL PAYABLE                                               $
                                SALE OF M.S.E.D.C. ARENA MARKERS.

                                     TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST!!


                                 ONTO THAT MARKER FOR ALL TO SEE.



                                           $50.00 PER MARKER

Committee is as follows:

President:      Diane Green- Duties: All general enquiries. (Mob: 0428534003 or Hm: 08 8753 4003)

Vice -
President:     Marie Clarke – Duties: General enquiries and newsletter editor. Contact for any newsletter
                              queries. (Mob: 0432996771 and

Treasurer:     Janet Watts – Duties: Accounts, payments, etc.

Secretary:     Kristel Klitscher – Duties: Answering queries in general, processing mail.

Secretary:     Ann Dodd – Duties: Taking and processing of the committee meeting minutes.
(only)                   Arena Co-ordinator.

Secretary:     Jo Middleton-Clark – Duties: Processing entries for competitions, answering queries
                                    associated with the draws.

Committee: Belinda Ridgway – Duties: General enquiries.
           Cynthia James-Martin – Duties: General enquiries. Arena Co-ordinator.

                                                           Pink Ribbon – Girls Day Out
                                                                          Entry Information.

                Mid South East Dressage Club Members and Non-Members: $20.00 per test
 Non-MSEDC members must also include $30.00 Day Membership fee and Non-Member Waiver (available on the
MSEDC website). Day membership is only available on ONE occasion per year. Please contact MSEDC for further
                                             information on this.
                 Please Post Entries to – Draw Secretary – PO Box 922 Naracoorte SA 5271

                     Horses may be entered in a maximum of 3 tests on the day, over 2 consecutive levels.
            Please try and abide by closing date – if you post your entry and know that it will not reach the Secretary by
               the closing date, please ring and notify the Secretary of this, otherwise your entry may not be accepted.

                                                CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES – OCTOBER 21ST
                                    To be held at the Naracoorte Showgrounds – Starts at 9 a.m.
                           Classes on Offer:             Preparatory 1 and 3              Preliminary 1A and 1C       Novice 2A and 2C

                                                          Elementary 3A and 3C                 Medium 4A and 4C

Horse Name                          Rider Name                           Test Entered                       Cost Per Test

Non-members – please remember to add $30.00 Day Insurance Payment
Please make cheques or money orders payable to the Mid South East Dressage Club Inc

Contact Name.............................................................................................            Post Entries To: Draw Secretary
                                                                                                                              PO Box 922
Postal Address...........................................................................................                  Naracoorte SA 5271


*A big thank you to Lindy Launer, who allowed her wonderful photos to be used in this edition.
(There is an amendment to be made re: the Winter Series results published in the September newsletter.)

       Highest Percentage for the 2011 Winter Series was won by Bev Copping and Snoopy with 79.00%.

                                                                         Bev Copping and Snoopy

                                                                         Preparatory Champions

 Sue Thornley and
Montazza Bonfire Brandy

 Preliminary Champions
                            Ken Croser and
                                 Grand Kadenza

                            Novice Champions

Amity Hancock and
    Ellinvale Bedazzled

     Elementary Champions

                            Sue Thornley and
                                 Style Master

                            Medium Champions
                A group shot of the above named champions.

Priscilla Baker with Anna Malthouse       Jodie Middleton-Clark and Kristy
2011 Winner of the Baker Family                         Boord.
Pumpkin Patch Perpetual Trophy               Kristy presented Jo with a
                                             Certificate of Appreciation
                                              for her, and her company,
                                            Statewide Shearing Services,
                                          contribution and support of the
                      A new addition to the M.S.E.D.C.

                                ZAC JAMES

(A future dressage star? He looks like he knows his butts in the wrong saddle!)

   M.S.E.D.C. member Renee Deer with her son who was born in August.
                 Grandma is Janet Watts our Treasurer.
                        A first for both ladies!!
 The committee would like to thank the following sponsors for their ongoing support of the Mid South East
                                             Dressage Club.

            South East Saddlery                                         Equistyle
             62 Smith Street                                            P.O. Box 439
               Naracoorte                                                  Keith
               S.A. 5271                                                 S.A. 5267

           Ph: (08) 8762 2447                                        Ph: (08) 8757 0006
           Fx: (08) 8762 3151                      

(Proprietors: Ann Dodd and Jackie Black)                        (Director: Miescha Materne)

                                     Statewide Shearing Services

                                     Contact: Jo Middleton-Clark
                                          Ph: 0427778428

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