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4-3 Lubricants


									GMR Head Processing Products

 UK Abrasives has developed numerous formulations of Lubricants for Mass Data Storage Industry
 applications. Every effort has been made by our in-house experts to use the latest developments in
 chemistry to formulate different kind of efficient liquid lubricants to enhance performance of “Kiss Lap”
 and “Crown Lap” operations. Lubricants are used in conjunction with Diamond Charged Lap Plate.

 Lubricants physical properties are very important for reducing PTR (Pole Tip Recession) and increasing
 material removal rates. The level of pH affects the degree of Alumina Recession, Pole Tip Corrosion,
 pitting, scratching and smearing of parameters depending on Lubricity and Surface Tension. Use
 properly formulated Cleaning Fluids to remove Lubricants and GMR Head residue without side effects
 on head surface integrity.

 Product’s Controllable Features:
             Oil Soluble Oil Based                            Conductivity
             Water Soluble Oil Based                          Cleaning Characteristics
             Water Soluble Glycol Based                       Used Product Disposal
             Lubricity                                        Shelf Life
             Viscosity                                        Shipping Issues
             Surface Tension                                  pH Level to meet your process requirements
             Low Ionic Content
 UK Abrasives utilizes state-of-the art class 100 clean rooms for production of vehicle, slurry and cleaner

 Quality Assurance:
        Chemical Composition:                          Specialized outside contractors calibrate all metering
                                                        and weighing equipment to insure consistent slurry
        QC Procedures:                                 Meeting or exceeding ISO9002 requirements.
        Process Control:                               Digitally controlled production equipment assures
                                                        production process repeatability.

 Technical Support:
 UK Abrasives offers outstanding technical support and commitment of an ISO9002 registered
 company to achieve total customer satisfaction through meeting customer requirements, on-time
 delivery and providing cost effective products.

 Please refer to the following Data Sheets for other GMR Head Processing Products.
                           Product                                             Bulletin Number
                           Diamond Powder                                       UKA-GMR-DP
                           Diamond Slurry                                       UKA-GMR-DS
                           Cleaning Fluids                                      UKA-GMR-CF

 Bulletin No. UKA-GMR-L-11021-R0

         TO ORDER—Call 1-847-291-3566 or 1-800-298-5121 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Monday—Friday
                              e-mail: • fax: 1-847-291-7670

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