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Email Newsletters


									                                               Em a i l N e ws l e t te r s
                                                                     Let small businesses manage lists of contacts, then
                                                                        create and send professional HTML newsletters.

                                          Email marketing drives successful web sites
                                          Small businesses can take advantage of email marketing to dramatically
                                          increase the revenue potential of their web sites. This tool makes it easy
Benefits of email newsletters             for any builder to create and send professional-looking email newsletters.
   n   Much less expensive than
       traditional direct mail
                                          Email is a prime driver of repeat business. Small business site builders
   n   Keep businesses in touch with      know this. Now you can help them realize the benefits of email
       their customers and prospects
                                          marketing—quickly, easily and affordably. Our service helps them:
   n   Builds long-term, profitable        n Create and send professional HTML email campaigns or newsletters in
       relationships                          minutes
   n   Generates an immediate              n Build customer and visitor email databases
       response                            n Instantly track campaign results

                                          We make it easy to get started
                                          No technical expertise or HTML skill is required. Site builders decide which
                                          fields to add to their signup forms using a straightforward point-and-click
                                          interface. They collect names simply by adding the opt-in box we provide
                                          to their sites:

                                          This service also easily imports names from
                                          in-house lists. It’s important to note that the
                                          tool is designed to help businesses sending
 "Orders pour in within 24 hours after
    I send my newsletters. I would        permission-based email—not spam or other
  recommend Email Marketing to any        junk email.
        small business owner."

                              Au-Co Mai
                                          Customized campaigns and data
                    CEO,   collection
                                          Site builders have significant control over the
Over 30 Professional Designs              appearance, behavior, and content of their
                                          newsletters and their subscriber information:
   n   Newsletters
   n   Announcements                       n   Collect the demographic data they
   n   Promotions                              choose
                                           n   Add an unlimited number of interest
   n   Holiday & Seasonal
   n   Custom                              n   Mailings can be tailored by interest
                                           n   Ready-to-use templates are easily
                                           n   Personalize emails with recipients’
                                           n   Easily add product images and links
                                           n   Automatic formatting and delivery
                                               (HTML, AOL or text)

                                          As shown here, customers can create very effective newsletters that
                                          reflect the look and feel of their business, including photos and other
                                          images as well as links back to their web site.
Em a i l N e ws l e t te r s

      Tracking and reporting
      Small businesses crave results: when they spend
      money on marketing, they expect to be able to see
      an immediate impact. We give them easy ways to
      measure their campaigns’ effectiveness:

          n   Easily manage bounced emails
          n   Track subscriber count
          n   Find out how many subscribers opened an email
          n   See which customers clicked on each link
          n   Learn which emails bring the most visitors
          n   Compare results with other small businesses

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