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									   WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                   MAY 12, 2010                                                                   ISSUE 1346

                     Ka    Ta
               Elena Kagan Tapped
                   Supreme Court
               For Supreme Court                                                                    EDITORIAL. . . . . .
TON, D.C. (Observer
Update) - President
                                                                                                                         hree Votes
                                                                                                                        Three Votes
Barack Obama on                                                                                          On Tuesday, May 18, voters across Arizona will go to the polls to
Monday nominated                                                                                determine whether to codify for the next three years, an increase of one cent
Solicitor General                                                                               on the state sales tax, raising it from 5.6 cents to 6.6 cents.
Elena Kagan to the
Supreme Court, de-                                                                                      Two-thirds of the monies raises would be appropriated for public
                                                                                                primary and secondary education and one-third would be appropriated for
claring she would
                                                                                                health and human services and public safety purposes.
demonstrate the
same        indepen-                                                                                    Proposition 100 is a temporary tax hike, not permanent and will go for
dence, integrity and                                                                            the services designated.
passion for the law
exhibited by retiring                                                                                   This is the first of three important votes Arizonans will face this year.
Justice John Paul                                                                               For the editorial staff of the Observer, it is a simple choice. Yes to save
Stevens, reported the                                                                           education, health and human services and for the Department of Public
AP on Huffington                                                                                Safety. Nothing more and nothing less.
         If confirmed by the Senate,          administration. Judges must not walk                      Then our work doesn’t stop with this vote. On August 24, vote for solid,
                                              into court with a preconceived idea of            progressive-minded candidates in the primary election and on November 2,
Kagan would become the third woman
                                              who should win,” he said, adding that             vote out the idiots who got Arizona into the mess with their ideological extrem-
on the high court. At 50, she is relatively                                                     ism.
young for the lifetime post and could         Republicans would have a vigorous
                                              debate on that principle.
help shape the high court’s decisions
for decades. The former Harvard Law                                                                At Equality Forum: Dan Choi
                                                       Obama began with high praise
School dean “is widely regarded as
one of the nation’s foremost legal            for the retiring Stevens, a leader of the
                                              court’s liberals, calling him “a giant in
                                                                                                   Urges All To Engage In LGBT
minds,” Obama said. He introduced her
in the White House East Room as “my
                                              the law,” impartial and having respect
                                              for legal precedence. Kagan “embod-
                                              ies the same excellence, indepen-
          Kagan said she was “honored         dence and passion for the law,” Obama
and humbled by this nomination.” She          said.
called it “the honor of a lifetime.”
                                                       “She’s an acclaimed legal
         “I look forward to working with      scholar with a rich understanding of
the Senate and thank you, Mr. Presi-          constitutional law. She is a former White
dent, for this honor of a lifetime.”          House aide, with a lifelong commitment
                                              to public service and a firm grasp of the
       Obama cited what he called             nexus and boundaries between our
Kagan’s “openness to a broad array of         three branches of government,” Obama
viewpoints” and her “fair mindedness.”        said. Kagan served in the Clinton White
        “Our constituents deserve a
civil and thoughtful debate on this                    Obama noted that neither
nomination, followed by an up-or-down         Kagan’s mother nor father “lived to see
vote,” he said.                               this day, but I think her mother would
                                              relish this moment. I think she would
        The Republican leader, Sen.           relish, as I do, the prospect of three
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said his         women taking their seat on the nation’s
party would make sure there was a             highest court for the first time in history ...        PHILADELPHIA (Observer Up-            discharged from the Army under
“thorough process, not a rush to              a court that would be more inclusive,             date) - At a special panel at Equality     “Don’t Ask” last year after he an-
judgment” on the nomination. “Judges          more representative, more reflective of           Forum, Lt. Dan Choi urged everyone         nounced he was gay on MSNBC’s
must not be a rubber-stamp for any            us as a people than ever before.”                 to participate in the gay rights move-     The Rachel Maddow Show. He is
                                                                                                ment, reported On Top Magazine.            currently appealing the Army’s deci-
          Annual Tucson
     22nd Annual Tucson AIDS                                                                             In answering a question about

    Candlelight Memorial May 16                                                                 whether he would be interested in
                                                                                                running for elected office, Choi, the
                                                                                                                                                    Over the past month, activists
                                                                                                                                           have ratcheted up their demands for
      TUCSON (Observer Update) -              makers, and create community dia-                 nation’s most visible opponent of          repeal as a narrow window of opportu-
The 22nd annual Tucson AIDS Candle-           logue about HIV/AIDS prevention, care,            “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the 1993 law      nity to repeal the law this year
light Memorial will be held the Sunday,       and treatment.                                    that forces gay troops to serve in         continues to shrink. Congress is
May 16, with lighting of candles at                                                             secret, evaded the question, saying        preparing to vote out of committee
sunset at Himmel Park (First Street/                 For more information call (520)            he’s “already in politics,” then added     next year’s defense budget – be-
Tucson Blvd.), 5:30 - 9 p.m.                  624-1779.                                         that participation in the equality move-   lieved to be the best bet for repeal –
                                                                                                ment came with few requirements.           but the White House and the Penta-
         This year’s theme is “Many                                                                                                        gon appear united in urging lawmak-
Lights for Human Rights.” Join commu-                                                                   “It doesn’t require someone        ers to kick repeal down the road a bit.
nities around the world for the oldest                                                          to be called representative or senator
tradition against HIV/AIDS.                                                                     or councilmember, what have you,”                  Choi, and at least 10 other
                                                                                                Choi said in response to Sirius XM         gay activists, have handcuffed them-
        The purpose is to honor all                                                             OutQ News’ Tim Curran. “I think every      selves to the White House gate during
those affected by the AIDS pandemic,                                                            single one of us has a moral               three separate demonstrations in
as well as to educate about HIV/AIDS,                                                           responsibility to step up.”                protest of the military gay ban. Choi
influence local and national policy                                                                                                        has been arrested twice.
                                                                                                        Choi, 29, an Arab linguist, was         Continued on Page Two
PAGE TWO                                                                    MAY 12, 2010                                                              WEEKLY OBSERVER
                                                                                       Border Action Net-
                                                                                       work Entertainment
                                                                                         Night May 15
                                                                                           TUCSON (Observer Update) -
Treasures For TIHAN                          8:00 pm, Monday through Friday and      Join Border Action Network Saturday,
                                             cast your vote for Eon’s next Prom      May 15, 6:00 p.m., at Hotel Congress for
      May 22                                 Queen and King!                         a night of great entertainment and
     TUCSON (Observer Update) -                                                      information regarding SB 1070.
“Treasures for TIHAN,” the signature
                                                      The EON Prom is free, open
fundraising benefit for the programs
                                             only to ages 13-23, and is a safe and            Border Action Network has
and services of TIHAN, celebrates its
13th anniversary with a spectacular          sober event. While this is a free       been on the front lines of the fight
event!                                       event, but a canned food and            against SB 1070 since its introduction.
                                             additional donations at the door will   We are having this event to raise funds
         Join event co-chairs Tom            benefit Eon’s Homeless Youth            for our comprehensive effort to fight this
Murray and Deb Van Sant for a                Project. For more informaiton, con-     bill at a legal and community level. If
sparkling evening of cocktails, great        tact Stephanie Arendt (520) 624-1779,   you feel this is an unjust law, please join
music, fantastic food, and wonderful         eonyouth@wingspan.org.                  us Saturday night May 15th. At 6:00 pm
auction items.                                                                       we’ll kick it off with a silent auction and
                                                                                     art sale in the Plaza while we enjoy the
         Advance tickets for the event        Bowling For Tommy                      mariachi border songs of Pablo, Sally
are $40 each or two for $70, and can be
purchased online from our payment
                                                    May 21                           and Bubba. The wonderful Mariachi
options page. Tickets purchased on                TUCSON (Observer Update) -         Tesoro de Tucson follows and Poi Zen
the day of the event will be $50. The        Bowling for Tommy is a memorial         fire dancers will present two enlighten-
value of food and services received in       event honoring the work and legacy      ing performances during the evening.
return for each ticket purchase is $30.      of Tommy Gin, a SAAF Board
                                             Member and an active community                  In the Club, Tucson favorites,
         $5 RAFFLE:        Win $1,000        member.                                 The Last Call Girls play followed by the
CASH! Raffle tickets only $5 each (or 5                                              amazing Kevin Pakulis Band. The
tickets for $20, or 15 tickets for $50).            Register now for a fun           auction ends at 9:00 pm. Please note:
Purchase your raffle tickets from our        evening of cosmic bowling in            some of our art and sculpture pieces
payment options page at tihan.org.           Tommy’s memory on Friday, May 21,       were created especially for this event.
                                             2010 from 6-8pm at Camino Seco          We are also auctioning off two JMStar
        (You do not need to be
present at the auction to win the raffle.)   Bowl.                                   scooters! We promise you a wonderful
                                                                                     Tucson evening with information, edu-
          TIHAN, Tucson Interfaith HIV/              Join this event as an Indi-     cation and joyful music!
AIDS Network, is a volunteer-based,          vidual Bowler or as a Corporate
nonprofit organization focused on mo-        Sponsor Bowling Team. The cost is              Suggested donation $10.00.
bilizing the resources of faith communi-     $30 per person for all ages. The        For more information, contact Jill (520)
ties to respond compassionately to           evening includes: bowling shoes,        623-4944, jill@borderaction.org.
those infected and affected by HIV/          unlimited cosmic bowling, 1 large
AIDS and to promote awareness and
the prevention of HIV/AIDS. For more
                                             pizza and a pitcher of soda per lane      Lutheran Church In
                                             (6 people per lane).
information, contact TIHAN at (520)
299-6647 or scott@tihan.org.
                                                                                        Atlanta Reinstates
                                                                                                                                            P.O. BOX 50733,
                                                    Register     Now        at             Gay Pastors                                   TUCSON, AZ 85703
   EON Prom May 14                           tommy/
                                                                                          ATLANTA (Observer Update) - A                (520) 622-7176 (Voice)
                                                                                     Lutheran denomination is reinstating a         Computer FAX ()792-8382
     TUCSON (Observer Update ) -                                                                                                    ComOffice
                                                                                                                                    Com Office Hours: 9a.m.-6p.m.
                                                                                     gay Atlanta pastor and his partner to its
Eon’s Annual Prom is happening
Friday, May 14, from 6:00 - 11:00 pm, in      HIV Testing Update                     clergy roster, reported 365Gay.com.                  Monday thru Friday
the Art Gallery on the northwest corner           TUCSON (Observer Update) -                                                           Office Closed Thursdays
                                                                                              The Chicago-based Evangeli-
of Speedway and Stone. The theme is          HIV Counseling and Testing is pro-                                                     792-8382puter FAX (520)792-2
                                                                                     cal Lutheran Church in America said
Famous Couples and Celebrities, so           vided in collaboration with the Pima                                                    Observer on the World Wide Web                 :
                                                                                     Tuesday the Rev. Bradley Schmeling
dress to impress as your favorite            County Health Department.                                                                 www.tucsonobserver.com
                                                                                     and the Rev. Darin Easler have been
celebrity or famous couple!                                                                                                         E-Mail: info@tucsonobserver.com
                                                                                     approved for reinstatement. Schmeling,
                                                     Testing is available at SAAF,                                                            ——————————
                                                                                     who served as pastor of St. John
         There will be a drag show,          local bars, and at community events                                                          EDITOR/PUBLISHER:
                                                                                     Lutheran Church in Atlanta, was re-
raffle, food, and, of course, a DJ           throughout the year. All tests are                                                                  Bob Ellis
                                                                                     moved from the church’s clergy roster
hosted dance party!                          confidential. SAAF uses a Rapid HIV                                                           ARTS & GRAPHICS:
                                                                                     in 2007 for being in a same-gender
                                             Test, with results available in ap-                                                                Gary Clark
                                                                                     relationship with Easler.
        Eon’s Prom Queen and King            proximately 15 minutes.                                                                       MANAGING EDITOR:
and Princess and Prince will also be                                                                                                            Mark Kerr
                                                                                              The church adopted revisions
revealed and crowned that night.                     For more information on test-                                                         Special      Events      Photos:
                                                                                     to ministry policy documents last
Haven’t voted for your Court Royalty         ing or to make an appointment,                                                                     Bill Morrow
                                                                                     month, making it possible for “eligible
candidate yet? Eon youth are wel-            please call (520) 628-7223.                                                                      Hunter Johnson
                                                                                     Lutherans in publicly accountable,
come to come into the Lounge, 3:00 -                                                                                                           Amanda Irvin
                                                                                     lifelong, monogamous, same-gender
                                                                                                                                          Contributing Columnists
                                                                                     relationships” to serve as clergy.
                                                                                                                                               Mark R. Kerr
                                                                                     Easler was removed from the clergy
                                                                                                                                              Jack Melichar
                                                                                     roster in 2006 after having been without
                                                                                     a parish for three years.                      Publication of names or photos of any person
                                                                                                                                    or organization in the OBSERVER is not to be
                                                                                       At Equality Forum:                                construed as indication of the sexual
                                                                                                                                      orientation of such person, organization or
                                                                                           Continued from Page One                       advertisers or any employees thereof.
                                                                                              “Would you have thought two           Opinions that are expressed in Letters to the
                                                                                     years ago, my being an Army officer,              Editor or columns by contributors are not
                                                                                     closeted, Southern Baptist family, Ko-         necessarily those of the OBSERVER, its staff
                                                                                     rean-American, that I would be the                 or advertisers. OBSERVER assumes
                                                                                                                                     responsibility for its own editorial policy only.
                                                                                     voice for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ or that I
                                                                                     would be a gay activist?”                          Although OBSERVER has many fine
                                                                                                                                    advertisers, we do not accept responsibility for
                                                                                              “The fact of the matter is, there      any claims made pertaining to their products
                                                                                                                                                   and/or services.
                                                                                     is no perfect resume for anybody to                                    *
                                                                                     participate. All that is required from you       Permission to reprint (except for separately
                                                                                     is for you to stand up and reclaim your        copyrighted material) is granted when credit is
                                                                                     dignity,” he added.                                      given to the OBSERVER.

                                                                                           Equality Forum is the annual
                                                                                     LGBT activist meet up in Philadelphia.
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                 MAY 12, 2010                                                               PAGE THREE
                                                                                                   “The Democratic whip’s of-        inclusive bill this year, while dozens of
                                                                                          fice has circulated an e-mail asking       Democrats who supported the 2007
                                                                                          members if they’d support a version        bill have not signed on as cosponsors
                                                                                          of the non-discrimination act that         this year.
                                                                                          includes the transgender protection
                                                                                          and if they’d oppose an anticipated                Congressman Barney Frank
                                                                                          motion to recommit that would water        of Massachusetts, the bill’s chief
                                                                                          down or strike that provision,” re-        sponsor, remains confident that it will
                                                                                          ported The Hill.                           pass, although its fate in the senate
                                                                                                                                     remains uncertain. The senate did not
                                                                                                 Some Republicans who                vote on ENDA after it passed the
                                                                                          supported the bill in 2007 said they
                                                                                          would not support the transgender          House in 2007.

                     To Marria
Civil Unions Unequal To Marriage                                                          AROUND THE GAY GLOBE. . . GA GLOBE.
     TRENTON (Observer Update) -                     “A separate system of rights for       A violent attack marred
The American Civil Liberties Union           a particular minority group has once                                                    by Argentine judges who say the
                                                                                          Lithuania’s first gay pride parade on      country’s constitution supports free-
submitted an amicus brief for a lawsuit in   again failed to fulfill the actual promise   Saturday (May 8), where about 400
New Jersey, which argues that civil          of equality, as has been the case                                                       dom of choice for couples. But other
                                                                                          people marched for equality in a           judges have overturned some of
unions are not equal to marriages,           throughout history,” he said in a press      sealed off area of downtown Vilnius.
reported advocate.com.                       release.                                                                                those marriages as illegal. The Ro-
                                                                                          More than 1,000 protesters threw           man Catholic Church strongly op-
                                                                                          smoke bombs and tried to break             poses the legislation.
        According to a statement from                The state began issuing civil        through the barrier before being
the ACLU of New Jersey, the courts have      unions in 2006, after a court decided that   stopped by police firing tear gas,
allowed legislatures to enact separate       gay couples deserved equal treatment.                                                            A man who stabbed his hus-
                                                                                          according to the Associated Press.         band to death in Manchester, En-
systems of rights for minorities, but the                                                 Unable to pass the barrier, protest-
ACLU contends that judges have al-                    The other signatories to the                                                   gland, was sentenced to life in prison.
                                                                                          ers then started throwing rocks and        Michael Edwards, 32, will serve 13
ways struck down those systems when          brief submitted today are the American-      street signs at police. Two Lithuanian
they are shown to perpetuate dispari-        Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the                                                 years before he becomes eligible for
                                                                                          lawmakers were detained after              parole in the U.K.’s first domestic
ties.                                        Anti-Defamation League, the Asian-           trying to climb the barrier, and a
                                             American Legal Defense and Educa-                                                       violence murder case in a same-sex
                                                                                          Catholic mass was held at the              marriage. Edwards admitted in court
         Vice dean of Rutgers-Newark         tion Fund, the Garden State Bar Asso-        nearby national cathedral to pray for
School of Law Ronald Chen authored           ciation, the Hispanic Bar Association,                                                  to stabbing his husband, John
                                                                                          the gays.       Eight-hundred police       Edwards, 35, after a night of drinking in
the amicus brief on behalf of the ACLU-      Legal Momentum, and the National             officers were put on duty to secure
NJ and seven other notable minority                                                                                                  the Manchester bar where they both
                                             Organization for Women of New Jersey.        the event. They detained 19 people.
rights and civil rights organizations.                                                                                               worked. An argument over a heating
                                                                                                                                     bill became violent. Michael Edwards
                                                                                                    Gay marriage is a big step       grabbed a knife and chased John
                Democra Balking
       Centrist Democrats Balking At                                                      closer to becoming law in Argentina.       Edwards, stabbing him in the chest.
                                                                                          The House of Deputies approved             He died from the wounds the following
                 ENDA Vote
                 ENDA Vote                   want to be forced to vote on a hot-button
                                                                                          same-sex marriage by an ample              day. Manchester Crown Court Judge
      WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer                                                          margin Wednesday and sent the
                                                                                                                                     Anthony Gee told the defendant, “You
Update) - As pressure for a vote on the      issue popular on the left as they            legislation for consideration in the
                                             approach November congressional              Senate.       President         Cristina   went through a civil ceremony together
Employment Non-discrimination Act this
month increases, some moderate Demo-         elections in which heavy Democratic          Fernandez has promised not to veto         and in the main you lived happily
crats are concerned that a show of           losses are expected.”                        the measure if it reaches her desk.        together thereafter. I am prepared to
support for the transgender inclusive                                                     Gay rights activist Esteban Paulon         accept that you now bitterly regret your
legislation could hurt their reelection              In 2007, a version of ENDA           calls it historic – the first time a gay   actions and the loss you have caused,”
prospects, reported advocate.com.            without transgender protections won          marriage initiative has been de-           UPI reported.
                                             support from some centrists, and passed      bated in a national legislature in
       According to The Hill, “The bill      the House in a bipartisan vote of 235 to     Latin America. Five gay and lesbian
scares centrist Democrats, who don’t         184.                                         couples already have been married
PAGE FOUR                                                 MAY 12, 2010                                                     WEEKLY OBSERVER

                                                       DADT Repeal In Jeopardy
                                  WASHINGTON, D.C. (Ob-
                            server Update) - Capitol Hill insiders
                            continue to assess the fallout on
                            “don’t ask, don’t tell” following a
                            potentially game-changing letter in
                            which Secretary of Defense Robert
                            Gates urged for a delay, reported

                                     Armed Services Committee
                            chair Ike Skelton of Missouri not to
                            vote on repeal before the Pentagon
                            completes its implementation study
                            in December.

                                     “Clearly the world changed
                            dramatically with the Gates letter,”
                            said one Hill veteran who spoke on
                            condition of anonymity. “Everyone is
                            trying to figure out how to put Humpty
                            Dumpty back together again.”

                                     The source said that prior to   order to find common ground.
                            Gates’s letter, Senator Carl Levin of                                                        Rep. Barney Frank of
                            Michigan who chairs the Senate                      Both sources said it was         Massachusetts has strongly advo-
                            Armed Services Committee was just        difficult to know where the votes stood     cated for full repeal but in an inter-
                            one to two votes shy of the 15           now in the Senate Armed Services            view prior to the Gates letter said a
                            needed to attach a repeal measure        Committee, but that things should           moratorium could certainly be better
                            to this year’s Department of Defense     become clearer in another two to three      than nothing.
                            authorization bill in committee.         weeks.
                            Folding repeal into the must-pass                                                            “If it was a moratorium that
                            Defense funding bill in committee                 They both agreed that Rep.         was only going to be for six months
                            would place the onus on those who        Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania, chief       and then [‘don’t ask, don’t tell’]
                            oppose repeal to find 51 votes to        sponsor of the House repeal bill (H.R.      would go back into effect, that would
                            strip out the measure on the Senate      1283), had the 216 votes to pass the        be a problem,” he said. “But a
                            floor.                                   measure as either a stand-alone bill        moratorium that would be the first
                                                                     or an attachment to the Defense             step to abolition is almost as good
                                    Multiple sources worried that    authorization bill on the House floor.      as abolition right away.”
                            moderate Democrats such as Sen.
                            Jim Webb of Virginia would now be                  “The question is, does the
                            nearly impossible to sway.               House want to take a vote on some-
                                                                     thing that might go nowhere in the           Elton John Banned
                                    “When people are asked to
                            vote against the recommendations
                                                                     Senate?” said the second source. The         From Egypt Concert
                                                                     House has already passed more than
                            of the Defense Secretary, that           300 bills this Congressional session              CAIRO (Observer Update) -
                            makes it a very heavy lift,” said the    on which the Senate has yet to act,         Elton John will not be performing a
                            source.                                  and as the midterm elections loom,          private concert in Egypt this month,
                                                                     some members worry that every new           the Jerusalem Post reported.
                                     Another Hill insider said the   vote is a potential liability that could
                            question now is whether it’s possible    be turned against them. The House is                 Egypt’s Music Union, which
                            to usher through some alternative        likely to consider the Defense funding      controls what foreign stars perform in
                            approach, such as taking a repeal        bill on the House floor the week of         Egypt, banned John from the planned
                            vote this year but delaying imple-       May 24 — the same week that the             May 18 performance, reported
                            mentation in accordance with the         Senate Armed Services Committee is          365Gay.com.       The foreign news
                            Pentagon’s preferred timeline.           scheduled to vote on the legislation.       agency DPA reported Mounir al-
                                                                     Repeal advocates have been                  Wasimi, head of the Music Union,
                                    “But that would require the      concerned that simultaneous consid-         said he could not sanction an event
                            White House weighing in and              eration in both chambers could              from “a homosexual who wants to
                            changing the dynamic and I’m not         hamper efforts to attach a repeal           ban religions, claimed that the
                            confident they will do it,” said the     measure; they generally believe the         prophet Issa (Jesus) was gay and
                            source, who also agreed to speak         best-case scenario would be for the         calls for Middle Eastern countries to
                            on the condition of anonymity.           Senate Armed Services Committee to          allow gays to have sexual freedom.”
                                                                     address the issue first.
                                    White House press secre-
                                                                                                                         Al-Wasimi was referring to
                            tary Robert Gibbs appeared to be                 Another alternative to full         controversial comments John made
                            unfamiliar with such a delayed           repeal might the fallback of putting a      during an interview with Parade
                            implementation strategy during           moratorium on discharges.                   magazine several months ago. “I
                            Wednesday’s press briefing but
                                                                                                                 think Jesus was a compassionate,
                            said he would check into it.                      The second source said             super-intelligent gay man who under-
                                                                     suspending discharges might gain            stood human problems,” he told
                                     The source said there were      traction even though advocates have         Parade in February. “On the cross, he
                            likely two schools of thought in the     been reluctant to settle for anything       forgave the people who crucified
                            White House on the matter.               less than full repeal.                      him. Jesus wanted us to be loving
                                                                                                                 and forgiving. I don’t know what
                                     “Some are probably saying,               “If you buy into the idea that     makes people so cruel. Try being a
Your 401k might not be in   ‘We made deal with Gates and we          the Pentagon study is not about if but      gay woman in the Middle East —
  great shape buy why       just need to stick with that.’ Others    when, it makes perfect sense.”
                                                                                                                 you’re as good as dead.”
     shouldn’t YOU          might be saying, ‘The community is
                            kicking the crap out of us right now              Though Pentagon officials
   PERSONAL                 and we need to come up with a Plan       have consistently opposed suspend-
                            B.’”                                     ing discharges, some Democratic
    TRAINER                                                          leaders on the Hill continue to support
       Private Gym                   The “deal” the source           it, suggesting that it may be a potential
                            referred to was the probable under-      alternative to voting on full repeal this
     $20/Hour !!!           standing that the Pentagon would be
                            allowed to steward the implementa-
                                                                     year. Sen. Levin has been floating the
                                                                     concept publicly for several months,
    Call ANDREW             tion process according its own           and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    520-909-4649            timeline. The source added that          called on the administration to “imme-
                            finding a “Plan B” would require the     diately place a moratorium on dis-
                            White House to reengage Secretary        missals” in her response to the letter
                            Gates on the matter of repeal in         from Secretary Gates.
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                            MAY 12, 2010                                                                     PAGE FIVE

                                         BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ - BUZZ is BUZZ
                     BUZZ - BUZZ - BUZZ - BUZZa result, her battalion - recommending she repay her scholarships:
                                                                                 As        BUZZ BUZZ
                                                                        The bill now stands at $79,265.14.       “I really don’t know how I’m going to make
             130-Year-Old Cross-                                        it happen. I don’t have $80,000 in my back pocket to just give to the Army,” she
       Dressing Ban Repealed
    OAKLAND (Observer Update) - After more than 130 years of being
banned, it is now legal to cross-dress in Oakland, California, reported
                                                                              Marquette Accused Of Re-
       City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan proposed a repeal of the        scinding Job Offer To Lesbian
century-old law saying such laws are frequently used to oppress the LGBT
community. The council voted unanimously Tuesday to remove the ban. A                     MILWAUKEE
second vote is necessary to complete the repeal process. That vote is set           (Observer Update) - A
for May 18.                                                                         Seattle University
                                                                                    professor is accusing
        The law, adopted in 1879, bans people from dressing “in the attire of       Marquette University
a person of the opposite sex,” the Associated Press reported. Officials said        of offering her a job
                                                                                    and rescinding the
the law was never enforced.
                                                                                    offer when they
                                                                                    learned she is a
Calif. Asssembly Passes Bill                                                        lesbian, 365Gay.com
  Eliminating Barriers To                                                                    Jodi O’Brien
     Dissolve Marriages,                                                            told WISN 12 News
                                                                                    she accepted a post
 Domestic Partnerships For                                                          as Dean of
                                                                                    Marquette’s College of

     Same-Sex Couples                                                               Arts and Sciences, but
                                                                                    the university’s presi-
      SACRAMENTO (Observer Update) - The California State Assembly                  dent stepped in before
                                                                                                                                     Jodi O’Brien
passed the Separation Equity Act (AB 2700) in a 44-21 vote. The bill, intro-        it was made public.
duced by Assemblymember Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco) and co-spon-                     “I’m stunned and
sored by Equality California and the Conference of California Bar Associa-          disappointed,” she said. “The College of Arts and Sciences at Marquette is strong
tions, would create a consolidated form and procedure to dissolve both a            and vibrant, and I was looking forward to working with the students and faculty
civil marriage and domestic partnership.                                            there.”

         “Currently, couples must navigate a confusing system that is espe-                 Hundreds of students protested the decision, chanting and carrying signs
cially daunting for those who lack legal representation,” said Geoff Kors,          outside the annual faculty dinner. Students and professors told WISN the school
Equality California executive director. “Since the State of California treats the   was scared off after they discovered O’Brien’s academic writings about gay
relationships of same-sex couples differently, we need this legislation to          marriage and sex. “This is not about sexual orientation,” Marquette spokesperson
prevent couples from having to jump through bureaucratic hoops until we             Brigid O’Brien Miller told WISN. “This is about looking through the prism of a major
restore a system of fairness and equality.”                                         leadership position and someone’s total academic writings and public work.”

         AB 2700 would amend the state’s family code, allowing for couples
who first registered as domestic partners and who legally married thereafter,
to dissolve both contracts through a single, uniform procedure. The current
                                                                                         G/L Parents Win Rights In
system forces couples to go through a separate process for each. “AB 2700
brings us a step closer towards marriage equality by recognizing that ALL
                                                                                                 New York
marriages are treated alike, even when it comes to dissolving marriages,”                  ALBANY (Observer Update) - New York State’s highest court affirmed two
Assemblymember Ma said.                                                             cases on parental rights for non-biological parents, reported 365Gay.com. In the
                                                                                    first case, the court voted 4-3 to allow a woman to seek child support from her
                                                                                    former partner, even if the ex is not the biologically related.
   ROTC Student Must Return
                                                                                             In the other case, which experts cited as the more important of the two, the
     $80,000 Scholarship                                                            court ruled the non-biological parent can seek visitation rights on a child that she
                                                                                    helped raise.
      After Coming Out                                                                      “In many ways this is a real breakthrough in New York,” Susan Sommer,
                                                                                    senior counsel and director of constitutional litigation for Lambda Legal told the
                                                                                    New York Times.

     CHAPEL HILL (Observer Update) - The costly military ban, Don’t Ask,
Don’t Tell, is adding up to almost $80,000 in debt for one University of North
Carolina student, reported 365Gay.com. Sara Isaacson was offered an
ROTC scholarship that financed her UNC education. But the values the
ROTC instilled in her left her with a conundrum: Should she come out to her

          “What it came down to for me is that I felt I needed to come out to my
commander because of integrity,” Isaacson told Campus Politics. “Integrity
is one of the seven Army values and is something that they train us to live by
every day, every second, whether someone’s watching or not. … Without
realizing it, the policy really asks people to lie, to lie about who they are, to
tell small lies about what they did or didn’t do. It’s something that I wasn’t
willing to do because if I don’t have my values to fall back on, I have noth-
PAGE SIX                                                              MAY 12, 2010                                                   WEEKLY OBSERVER

Douglas J. Newman, P.C.                                                           COMMENTA RY. . . .
           A T T O R N E Y                       A T          L A W                               End The Gay Ban
           Corporations . Limited Liability Companies . General Business               (“Stories from the

               Wills . Trusts . Estate & Estate Tax Planning . Probate
                                                                             Frontlines: Letters to President
                                                                             Barack Obama” is a new media
                                                                             campaign launched to under-
                2650 North Country Club Road . Tucson, Arizona 85716         score the urgent need for
           Phone 520-325-2053 . Fax 520-325-2274 . dougnewmanlaw.com         congressional action and
                                                                             presidential leadership at this
                                                                             critical point in the fight to repeal
                                                                             “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).
                                                                             Every weekday morning as we
                                                                             approach the markup of the
                                                                             Defense Authorization bill in the
                                                                             Senate and House Armed
                                                                             Services Committees, SLDN
                                                                             and a coalition of voices
                                                                             supporting repeal, will share an
                                                                             open letter to the President from        Ex-President Harry S.Truman and Family
                                                                             a person impacted by this
                                                                             discriminatory law. We are urging the
                                                                             President to include repeal in the                  While I have no idea where
                                                                             Administration’s defense budget            my grandfather would stand on
                                                                             recommendations, but also to voice         “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” I do know that
                                                                             his support as we work to muster the       he admired service and sacrifice.
                                                                             15 critical votes needed on the Senate     An estimated 66,000 gay and lesbian
                                                                             Armed Services Committee to include        Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen
                                                                             repeal. The Defense Authorization bill     and Coastguardsmen are willingly
                                                                             represents the best legislative vehicle    risking their lives to defend our
                                                                             to bring repeal to the president’s desk.   nation, despite being treated as
                                                                             It also was the same vehicle used to       second class citizens.
                                                                             pass DADT in 1993. By working
                                                                             together, we can help build momentum                I would hope that my grand-
                                                                             to get the votes! We ask that you          father would want his openly gay
                                                                             forward and post these personal            great-granddaughter and others like
                                                                             stories.)                                  her to have the opportunity to serve
                                                                                                                        the country they love with dignity and
                                                                                       May 7, 2010                      integrity.

                                                                                     President Barack H. Obama                    Mr. President, as you have
                                                                                                                        said many times, including in your
                                                                                     The White House                    State of the Union Address earlier
                                                                                     1600 Pennsylvania Avenue           this year, ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t
                                                                                     Washington, DC 20500               Tell” is the right thing to do. This
                                                                                                                        year is the right time to do it.
                                                                                     Dear Mr. President:
                                                                                                                                  I commend you for your
                                                                                      Tomorrow, my family and I will    commitment and hope the example
                                                                             mark the 126th anniversary of my           of my grandfather, Harry Truman, will
                                                                             grandfather President Harry Truman’s       help you lead with the same courage
                                                                             birthday. There are many reasons we        and conviction to ensure the “equal-
                                                                             celebrate his life and contributions to    ity of treatment and opportunity for all
                                                                             our nation, but in particular we are       who serve our nation’s defense.”
                                                                             proud of his decision to desegregate
                                                                             the U.S. Armed Forces in July 1948,                Respectfully,
                                                                             which paved the way for future civil               Clifton Truman Daniel
                                                                             rights advancements.
                                                                                                                          Judge Hears
                                                                                                                          Judge Hears
                                                                                     It was not easy. He faced
                                                                             fierce opposition from inside and            Arguments
                                                                                                                          Arguments On
                                                                             outside the military. Many, including
                                                                             Army Chief of Staff Gen. Omar Bradley,
                                                                                                                         ederal Marria
                                                                                                                        Federal Marriage
                                                                             argued that mixing black and white               Law
                                                                             soldiers would destroy the Army.                BOSTON (Observer Update) -
                                                                                                                        An attorney for married gay couples
                                                                                      My grandfather, however, was      has argued that the federal Defense
                                                                             appalled that African-American             of Marriage Act is unconstitutional
                                                                             service members had been beaten            because it treats same-sex married
                                                                             and lynched upon their return home         couples differently than heterosexual
                                                                                                                        couples, 365Gay.com reported.
                                                                             from fighting in World War II. They had
                                                                             risked their lives to defend our nation,              Mary Bonauto, an attorney
                                                                             but were denied the full rights and        with Gay & Lesbian Advocates and
                                                                             responsibilities of American citizen-      Defenders, said in federal court in
                                                                             ship. Implementation of his order to       Boston that the law denies gay
                                                                             desegregate wasn’t easy, but it made       couples an array of federal benefits,
                                                                             our military stronger and our nation a     including the financial advantages of
                                                                             brighter beacon of democracy.              filing joint tax returns.

                                                                                      There are strong parallels                 U.S. District Court Judge Jo-
                                                                             between the desegregation of the           seph Tauro heard arguments on the
                                                                                                                        government’s request to dismiss the
                                                                             military and the debate over “Don’t
                                                                                                                        lawsuit, and on a request from the gay
                                                                             Ask, Don’t Tell,” the law that mandates    couples to find the law unconstitu-
                                                                             the firing of a service member based       tional.
                                                                             solely on his or her sexual orientation.
                                                                             Opponents argue that allowing openly                 A Justice Department lawyer
                                                                             gay and lesbian service members to         says the Obama administration wants
                                                                             serve alongside their heterosexual         the act repealed, but that the depart-
                                                                             comrades will endanger discipline          ment is obliged to defend the constitu-
                                                                             and morale.                                tionality of laws passed by Congress.
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                            MAY 12, 2010                                                                        PAGE SEVEN
   IN A LIGHTER VEIN . . . . . .                                                             Anti-Gay Movement Leader
                                                                                                         port      Rent-Bo
                                                                                           Spotted In Airport With Rent-Boy
    Gay Adoption Play ‘The Kid’                                                              MIAMI (Observer Update) -                 What Families Should Know About
                                                                                       George Alan Rekers, a co-founder of             Homosexuality.” He’s advised U.S.
              Off Broadw
        Opens Of f Broadway                                                            the Family Research Council, was                government leaders and his testi-
      NEW YORK (Observer Update)         our own plot and music on their lives,” the   caught on camera returning to a Miami           mony in Florida helped cement the
- An Off Broadway production of “The     author of the musical, Michael Zam, told      airport after a 10-day holiday. His             state’s gay adoption ban.
Kid,” based on sex columnist Dan         the New York Times. “But it was also          escort through the airport, according to
Savage’s gay adoption memoir of          thrilling to create a show around a           a Miami New Times investigation, is                     “While he keeps a low
the same name, opened Monday,            person who is not your standard role-         truly an escort. He advertises his              public profile, his fingerprints are
May 10, reported 365Gay.com.             model character, who is insightful about
                                                                                       services on male escort directory               on almost every anti-gay effort to
                                         his foibles and admits to them and who
         The musical looks at what       has all these powerful emotions that we       rentboy.com.                                    demean and dehumanize LGBT
happens when Savage and his              knew — somehow — could be turned into                                                         people,” Wayne Besen, a gay
partner, Terry, decide to start a        powerful songs.”                                       According to the New Times             rights advocate in New York City
family.“We also wanted to create a                                                     report, Rekers payed for a 10-day trip          and executive director of Truth
musical that was true to the experi-            Savage said watching a recent          to Europe with a rentboy who was                Wins Out told New Times. “His
ences of Dan Savage and his              performance was “a surreal experi-            referred to as a “travel assistant.”            work is ubiquitously cited by lobby
partner, Terry, capture the essence of   ence.”                                                                                        groups that work to deny equality to
who they were, without just imposing                                                           Rekers is a rabid Christian             LGBT Americans. Rekers has
                                                                                       with vehemently antigay values. He’s            caused a great deal of harm to gay
             Tony Award Nominations
                  Award Nominations                                                    published numerous articles and                 and lesbian individuals.”
                   Announced                                                           books including “Growing Up Straight:

                                         “Fela!” and “La Cage aux Folles.”

                                                 Among the Tony nods:

                                                   Out actor Robin De Jesus
                                         earned a nomination for best featured
                                         actor in “La Cage aux Folles.” He earned
                                         a nod in 2008 for “In the Heights,” but did
                                         not win.

                                                 Sean Hayes of “Will & Grace”
                                         fame got nominated as best actor in a
                                         leading role in his Broadway debut role
                                         in “Promises, Promises.”

                                                 Levi Kreis, the out vocalist,
                                         made his first appearance on Broadway
                                         as Jerry lee Lewis in “Million Dollar
                                         Quartet,” and earned a best featured
                                         actor nod.
                                                 “In the Next Room,” also called
                                         the vibrator play, won three Tony nods
     NEW YORK (Observer Update)          including best play.
- The Tony Award nominations
announced Tuesday include a host                 “Next Fall” also won a nod for
of gay stars and storylines, reported    best play. It was also nominated in the
365Gay.com. Leading the pack with                                                                                 George Alan Rekers
                                         best direction category.
11 nominations is a tie between

                                                                                                                                              Community Bars
                                                                                                                                  1. THE BIZ
                                                                                                                                              2900 E. Broadway 318-
                                                                                                                                  2.    IBT’S
                                                                                                                                               616 N. 4th Ave. 882-3053
                                                                                                                                  3.        VENTURE-N
                                                                                                                                               1239 N. 6th Ave.    882-
                                                                                                                                  5.    WOODY’S
                                                                                                                                               3710 N. Oracle Rd,
                                                                                                                                  6. COYOTE MOON PUB
                                                                                                                                               915 W. Prince Rd.      293-

                                                                                                                                   8. COLORS FOOD & SPIRITS
                                                                                                                                              5305 E. Speedway 323-

                                                                                                                                       A.     MCC -    METROPOLITAN
                                                                                                                                                     COMMUNITY CHURCH
                                                                                                                                            3269 N. Mountain - 292-9151

                                                                                                                                       B.      CORNERSTONE FELLOWSHIP
                                                                                                                                            2902 N. Geronimo   - 622-4626

                                                                                                                                       D.     WINGSPAN
                                                                                                                                        430 E. 7th Street -624-1779
                                                                                                                                   E. S.A.A.F. - 375 S. Euclid 628-7223
                                                                                                                                   G. TIHAN - Tucson Interfaith HIV-AIDS
                                                                                                                                         Network - 1101 N. Craycroft
                                                                                                                                            Suite 301 - 299-6647
                                                                                                                                      H. EON YOUTH CENTER
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Bisexuals, Trans, Queer, Women. Meets Mondays                 and related benefits at no charge. For more info call       to educate legislators and citizens about sound AIDS
(6:00 - 7:30pm) at Wingspan, 425 E. 7th Street, Tucson,       Adrienne at 889-7298.                                       policy. For more information write AZAPA, 6523 N.
AZ 85701. For more info, pleases contact Brenda                                                                           14th St., #112, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or call 602-279-4805.
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HIV. Anonymous HIV testing and support groups                 Transgender and Straight Chorus, has been singing           please call Mirto Stone, MSW, at 327-1171 (if
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Street, Tucson, AZ 85701. For more info, pleases              N. Campbell Ave. #365, Tucson, AZ 85719.                    week in Tucson. People who wish to stop their
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bcassey@umcaz.edu                                             AA Meeting with HIV/AIDS focus, Wednesdays, 7:30            0775 for current information.
                                                              p.m., Wingspan Annex, 425 E. 7th Street. All alcoholics
P.F.L.A.G. - Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays         welcome.                                                    TUCSON GREATER SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION.
- is a support group available to anyone who has a                                                                        Interested? Call Kelly Quinn, (520)906-0669 and or
son, daughter or friend who is Gay. Call 360-3795 or          MEN’S SOCIAL NETWORK: Social organization for               Mona Garcia 256-8728.
write P.O. Box 36264, Tucson, AZ 85740-6264. All              men of all ages. Building an extended Gay family in
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Start getting more out of life with TUCSON PRIME              HIV/AIDS Network (TIHAN) offers trained,                    REVEILLE MEN’S CHORUS rehearses Monday
TIMERS. We’re the local chapter of Prime Timers               compassionate and committed volunteers to provide           evenings 7_10pm at the Historic Y, corner of
Worldwide, the preeminent social organization for             services including friendly visits, light housekeeping,     University Blvd. And 5th Ave. Join us!! Call 304-1758
mature gay and bi men as well as younger (21+) men            assistance with meals, shopping, errands,                   for more info.
who enjoy their company. Each month we sponsor a              transportation and companionship for medical
wide range of dining events, cultural enrichment              appointments, and respite care for primary care             LGBT SUPPORT GROUP FOR VICTIM/
activities, parties, meetings, bowling, day trips, picnics,   givers. No judgement or proselytizing - we are here         SURVIVORS OF Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault,
tours and much more. Visitors are always welcome.             to be of service. For information call Scott at 299-6647.   Hate Crimes, Bias Acts, Harassment. Call Megan at
For info call our message phone 520-743-9514 Visit                                                                        Wingspan, 624-1779, ext. 116. Services are free.
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SOURCES UNLIMITED, a Lesbian & Gay referral                   weeks. 694-7063.                                            appreciate them.
service. Business and individual listings are free of
charge. All information available to anyone just              ANONYMOUS HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING                        CANCER SUPPORT GROUP for Lesbians,
simply by asking. 322_5655. Leave message.                    is available through the Pima County Health                 Bisexuals, Trans, Queer, Women. Meets Mondays
TucsonSources@aol.com                                         Department at sites throughout Tucson, Very Gay             (6:00 - 7:30pm) at Wingspan, 425 E. 7th Street, Tucson,
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INNER WISDOM _ Try hypnotherapy for pain relief,              appointment call 791-7676.                                  Casey,        LMSW          520-694-0247             or
past life exploration and addiction release. Also
available: Spiritual Counseling and Dream                     SMART (Self Management And Recovery Training)                       GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP
Interpretation. 579_9020                                      a free non-12-step self_help alternative for people               Sponsored by TMC Hospice and Valor Hos-
                                                              working to overcome addictive and other emotional           pice Care. 1st & 3rd Thursdays 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the
BEARS OF THE OLD PUEBLO - a social club for                   problems meets in Tucson Monday thru Thursdays              Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22nd Street,
bears and bigger, more robust men (and of course,             at different locations. For more information about          Tucson. Located one quarter mile east of Swan on
those who prefer their company). For more info, Call          SMART, contact Jennifer at 838_3975.                        22nd St. For more information please contact Steve
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at 3202 E. 1st St. (the “Ward 6” Office Bldg.) Just south     free environment, please call or email: 888-8010 ‘til       minute silent sitting meditations, and reading from
of Speedway & East of Country Club. PotLuck Dinner            9pm, or joycesmth1@aol.com. The group dines OUT!            Buddhist Spiritual text and discussion. Bring a friend
begins at 6:30 and the monthly meeting follows at 7:15        and attends shows, movies, comedy events, etc. Now          and a pillow or cushion. Takes place every Sunday
p.m.                                                          in our 23rd year, 7th in Tucson.                            from 10-11:30AM at 3 Jewels, 314 E. 6th St. Donations
                                                                                                                          accepted. for more info. 323-2293.
someone’s drinking? Meeting every Tuesday 8:45 to             (SAGA). The Southwest’s largest transgender and
9:45 p.m. at Lambda Center, 2940 E. Thomas,                   gender-diversity advocacy organization. Speakers
Phoenix. Ellie 581-8850 or Ronn 968-2384.                     and panelists available. General meetings monthly
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CHRISTIAN SCIENCE GROUP - Outreach to Gay and                 meets 2nd Mondays at 7pm; Dezert Boyz (FTM
Lesbian people in Arizona. Meets monthly. Write to            Support) meets 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm. Also serving
P.O. Box 893, Phoenix, AZ 85001 or call Eddy Walters,         partners, youth, intersex, service providers and allies.
(602)371-1102                                                 Call (520)624-1779 x26 for more info.
T-Squares, Tucson’s Gay & Lesbian square dance                EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT GROUP FOR
club, dances Tuesdays 6:30_9 pm at the Cornerstone            ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES. Not a dating club.
Fellowship Social Hall, 2902 N. Geronimo Ave                  Discreet. Meetings every Monday evening. Call for
(Northwest of 1st Ave & Glenn St). No experience              more info. APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) 602-
needed, no partner required! For more information             415_1123. 24-hr multi-choice message including
contact     Barb    at   886-0716,      or    visit           information, calendar and location.
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                 Poet’s Corner
                        BP (British Petroleum) BLUES
                        by Ron Rose - Tucson

                        Don’t put no oil in the frying pan                                CLASSIFIED ADS ARE 25¢ PER WORD, $5.00 MINIMUM
                        BP took care of that,                                            FOR RENT                                     MASSAGE
                        Slide the fish in the frying pan                                                                         MATURE MASSEUR offers pain
                                                                                           HOUSEMATE               WANTED.
                        Ain’t no need for fat.                                        Male couple to rent room. Must like        relief, stress relief massage, quiet
                        Boats don’t need no gasoline                                  dogs. $375/mo + 1/3 utilities. Near Tuc-   setting, professional table. 10 years
                        Just pump the ocean dry,                                      son Mall. 403-2295                1347     experience. Near downtown & UofA.
                        While fish filets in the frying pan                                ROOMMATE                 WANTED       9am-9pm daily, $50/hr (Discounts for
                                                                                      FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT                    seniors and students. Dick 520-732-
                        Fill their tanks, then die.                                                                    RENT.
                                                                                                                                 1698                       1344
                                                                                      Includes Private bathroom, utilities,
                                                                                      cable-TV, garage, home gym, pool-spa       DISCOUNTED RATES for students
                                                                                      access. Northwest Tucson. 15 minutes       &      seniors.            AWESOME
                                                                                      from downtown. Call 991-8782 1349          PROFESSIONAL               MASSAGE
                                                                                                                                 Ecstatic Tantric Sessions!              A
                                                                                             ALTERATIONS AND RE-
                                                                                                                                 SATISFYING sensual experience!
                                                                                                                                 Creating a sacred space for 28 years.
                                                                                      PAIRS. Let me keep your clothes            Marc - 881-4582. 8 am - 8 pm - - Touching
                                                                                      fitting properly and in good rrepair.      men with sensitivity since 1981.
                                                                                      Experienced - Economical - Prompt.                                   1342
                                                                                      Merle Hudson, (520)888-7264 in Tuc-
                                                                                      son.                           1345

  Army Mulling Anonymous Suggestions To Soldiers
      WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer                     The Defense Department’s         members, their families, veterans, and
Update) - Army Secretary John               recommendation on implementing the        citizens are wondering what to do to
McHugh announced authorities are            repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is      stop this ill-advised repeal of policy
considering a system to allow               expected to be delivered by Decem-        that has achieved a balance between
soldiers to anonymously submit their        ber 1. Due to the current law, soldiers   a citizen’s desire to serve and accept-
views on gays serving openly in the         cannot speak candidly about their         able conduct,” Mixon wrote. He
military.                                   sexual orientation without facing the     reportedly did not say anything at
                                            risk of discharge.                        Friday’s announcement.
          “We’re trying to do this in the
quietest way possible, and by that, I               McHugh made the announce-
simply mean not to sensationalize it,
to try to really assess the soldiers’
                                            ment with Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon,
                                            who expressed his support of the ban
                                                                                       Army Secretary
opinions,” McHugh said at Hawaii’s
Schofield Barracks, according to the
                                            on gay troops in a March 8 letter to
                                            Stars and Stripesnewspaper.
                                                                                        John McHugh
Associated Press. “Anonymity, of
course, is an important aspect.”                    “I suspect many service
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                  MAY 12, 2010                                                                 PAGE ELEVEN

          DAILY BAR
                                                                    THURSDAY                                                         Bar Specials
                                                                                                                                 FRIDAY, MAY 14
                                                                       THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 5-
                                                              8pm. Y-NOT Karaoke 9pm-2am with Meco pouring the                   WOODY’S- A special Meow Mix featuring “God-
          CALENDAR                                            best drinks in town. Come out and play.
                                                                       COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour
                                                                                                                           Eess and She’ In concert 10:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                 SATURDAY, MAY 15
                                                              3 - 8 pm, $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints, $3.50            COYOTE MOON - TMI is here playing classic
     SUNDAY                                                   sm. Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Pitcher. Latin Thursday: Latin         rock, blues, and ooriginal music. 9pm. $5 cover.
         THE BIZ - Open 5pm - 2am It’s Latin Sunday like      music 8pm to close. $2,50 well margaritas. $3 Mexican              WOODY’S - “Cap and Gown Graduation Party
the good ol’ days. Catch DJ Dmenace spinning the best         beers, $3.50 Jose Cuervo.
                                                                                                                           9:00 to closing. Hot dance, drink specials for Grads
Cumbias. Get your Bucket of Beer ... 5 Bud Bottles for $5!             IBT’s -Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2
                                                                                                                           and Alum’s.
         COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 11am. Beer Bust               Well or Domestics. 10pm-close “Boyz Nite Out” w/
Sunday - $1 draft beers (12 oz), domestic only; $2.25         Bartenders in their underwear. DJ Hurricane spinning
domestic long necks. Hair of dog special $1.50 well           Top 40 & DJ Mike Lopez on the patio. $1.75 Long                  SATURDAY, MAY 22
bloody mary, screwdriver,,Cape Cod, salty dog or              Island, $1.50 Tequila Shots, $3 Skyy Cape Cods and $4            COYOTE MOON - T-Dance. All your favorite
margarita.                                                    Skyy Cosmos.                                                 dance music 4-8 pm - no cover
         IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm $2                              WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am; Happy
Well or Domestic Beer. Karaoke on the Patio 4-8:30pm.         Hour 11am-8pm (excl Spec Events); Full Menu Kitchen                SATURDAY, JUNE 5
Burger BBQ 5-8pm + $1 pint draft. 9pm-close Karaoke           open 11am-10pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar open 8pm-                   COYOTE MOON - MCC - Water of Life Church
inside with Troy & $1.50 Well or Domestic Beer, $2.50         close. Cheap Party Day **FREE POOL**, $1.00 PBR              benefit show 8pm
Call or Premium Beer. DJ Hurricane on the Patio.              Longnecks, $2.00 Tecate Longnecks. Techno and Top
                  WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am. Peter’s            40 Dance with DJ Jeff 9pm - close..
                                                                                                                                SATURDAY, JUNE 12
Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar 11am-2pm. Happy
                                                                                                                                COYOTE MOON - Dragstar Troupe is here with
Hour 11am-8pm (excluding special events). Full Menu
                                                                                                                           another mind-blowing show. 10pm
Kitchen open 11am-8pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar 2pm-
2am. Beer Bust 2pm-7pm. Karaoke with Michael D                     FRIDAY
9pm-Close. Drag Bingo every other Sunday 8-9pm.                                                                                 FRIDAY, JUNE 19
                                                                      THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 5-8 pm.
Check our Ad for Special Events or Parties                   GoGo Fridays with 2-4-1 drinks for the ladies til midnight.        COYOTE MOON - Vivika D’Angelo and
                                                             Catch Shorty spinning the hottest Hip Hop, R&B and Top        Friends drag show. 10pm
     MONDAY                                                  40 remix dance of today.
         THE BIZ - Closed for employee training.                      COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour 3                   TUESDAY, JUNE 22
         COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour              - 8 pm, $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. $3.50 Sm.           COYOTE MOON - Extxended girlz night spe-
3 - 8 p.m. $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. $3.50     Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Pitcher. Shots shot specials 8-close..      cial hours 6-10pm for Pride Week.
sm. Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Bucket o” Beer - $10 Domestic, $12     Dance lessons with Lawrence at 7pm $5 per person,
Imports and microbrews (4 beers to a bucket, for 2 or        Country Dancing 8:30 p.m. to close with DJ Pat.                     WEDNESDAY JUNE 23
more people, Some brands excluded).                                   IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2                 COYOTE MOON - Extended Bouz night spe-
         IBT’s -Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm $2            Well or Domestics. 9pm -close DJ Hurricane inside.
                                                                                                                           cial hours 6-10 pm for Pride Week.
Well or Domestic Beer. 8pm-close $5 Scratch Long             10pm-close DJ Mike Lopez with “I’m a Sexy Bitch Night”
Island Varieties. 9pm-close DJ Hurricane with “All           on the patio.
                                                                                WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am; Happy                   SATURDAY, JUNE 26
Request Music”.
                                                             Hour 11am-8pm (excl spec events). Full Menu Kitchen                 COYOTE MOON - Tea Dance. All your favor-
         WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am. Happy Hour
11am--8pm (excl spec events) Full Menu Kitchen open          open 11am-11pm Back Pocket Patio Bar open 5pm-                ite dance music. 4-8pm no cover
11am-10pm Back Pocket Patio Bar 8pm-close. Karaoke           close. Enjoy the Live Blues/Motown/Soul sounds of
                                                             Simon Crown 6-9 p.m.; Request your favorite Music
with Michael D. 9pm-close.
                                                             Dance Night with DJ Clint 9pm-close. Monthly Birthday                  CHILL WITH A
                                                             Party every 2nd Friday Night of the month.
          THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 5-8 and                                                                                  MASSAGE
Game Night all night long. Play Wii, beer pong and pool
with the staff.
          COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour
3-8. $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. Girlz Nite                THE BIZ - Open 5pm - 2am. Latin night with
.75 for your favorite well drink or domestic drafts 6-8pm.   Latin Drag Show the 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturdays of the
Ladies only Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 6 p.m. Y-Not Karaoke        month. DJ Dmenace spinnin’ the best Cumbias,
with Anna at 8pm. - Drink specials during karaoke $1         Salsa & Merengue. $3 pitchers and $2 Tequila shotz
Michelob Ultra or Bud Light.                                 all night long!
          IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2                   COYOTE MOON PUB – Open at 2pm.
Well or Domestic Beer. 8pm-close “2’sDay” - $2 Well or       Happy Hour 2-8pm, $2.50 well, domestic longnecks
Domestic Beer. DJ Q 9pm-close.                               & pints. $3.50 sm. Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Plus check out the
                   WOODY’S - Open 11am- 2am. Happy           bartenders choice of shot specials. $5.00 cheese-
Hour 11am-8pm (excl spec events). Full Menu Kitchen          burger & fries. $3.00 Cuervo and $4.75 Jager Bombs.
open 11am-10pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar open 8pm-              Check our calendar for the Saturday Night Special
close, Caribbean Party Night with Woody’s own Specialty      Entertainment.
Mojitos, Caprioskas and Martinis with Tucson’s Hottest                 IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm,
Bartenders.                                                  $2 Well or Domestics. 5-8pm Karaoke on the patio
                                                             $1Draft Pints. 9pm “Saturday Starrlett’s” w/Bunny
                                                             FuFu & Janee Starr. After the show, DJ Q spinning                       Starting @ $49.00
                                                             inside & 10pm-close, DJ Mike Lopez with the “Party
     WEDNESDAY                                               on the Patio”.
                                                                                                                                     Outcall only 24/7
                                                                                WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am;
         THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 5-8pm.
                                                             Happy Hour 10am-8pm (excl spec events); Full                         Friendly & Courteous
Wild Wednesday 18+ Party with DJ White Shadow
spinning the hottest Hip Hop, R&B and top 40 remix           Menu Kitchen open11am-11pm. Back Pocket Patio                                 Guy
dance of today. 21+ NO COVER. 18+ $8 Cover.                  Bar open 5pm-close. Techno and Top 40 Dance with                     TONY 520-390-0330
         COLORS - Open 4-10pm. Happy Hour 4-7pm,             DJ Jeff 9pm til close. Check our ad for Twice-A-
$3.75 Skyy cocktails, $3.00 Domestics and Well. ½ price      Month Special Events or Themed Parties.
appetizers 4-6. Full menu served until 10pm. Nightly
dinner specials.
         COYOTE MOON PUB –Open 3pm. Happy Hour
All Day $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints, $3.50
sm. Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Pitchers. Boyz Night - .75 for your                      THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 5-
favorite well drink or domestic draft beer for men 6-8pm.             8pm. Wild Wednesday 18+ Party with DJ White
Karaoke with Anna at 8pm drink specials during karaoke                Shadow spinning the hottest Hip Hop, R&B and top
$1 Michelob Ultra or Bud Light..                                      40 remix dance of today. 21+ NO COVER. 18+ $8
         IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2                   Cover.
Well or Domestics. “Diva-Licious” show w/Bunny FuFu.
                                                                               COYOTE MOON PUB –Open 3pm. Happy
                                                                      Hour All Day $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints,
11pm - -close “Reverse Happy Hour”. DJ Q Inside & DJ
                                                                      $3.50 sm. Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Pitchers. Karaoke with
Mike Lopez playing 80s music on the Patio.
                                                                      Ynot Entertainment at 9pm.
                    WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am;. Happy                            IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm,
Hour 11am-8pm excl. special events). Ful Kitchen open                 $2 Well or Domestics. “Diva-Licious” show w/Bunny
11am-10pm. Back Pocket Bar open 8pm-close. Service                    FuFu. 11pm - -close “Reverse Happy Hour”. DJ Q
Industry Employee Special All Day Long - $1 off all drinks            Inside & DJ Mike Lopez playing 80s music on the
except schnapps and draft. Different Themed Underwear                 Patio.
Party 9pm-close with $1.00 off for those who participate                       WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am;. Happy Hour
(excl. Schnapps and Draft). Retro 80s & 90s Dance with                11am-8pm excl. special events). Ful Kitchen open
DJ Clint 9 til close..                                                11am-10pm. Back Pocket Bar open 8pm-close.
                                                                      Service Industry Employee Special All Day Long - $1
                                                                      off all drinks except schnapps and draft. Different
                                                                      Themed Underwear Party 9pm-close with $1.00 off
                                                                      for those who participate (excl. Schnapps and Draft).
                                                                      Retro 80s & 90s Dance with DJ Clint 9 til close..
PAGE TWELVE                                                                  MAY 12, 2010                                WEEKLY OBSERVER

     COMMENTA RY. . . .                                    by John Corvino

                    Rekers’ Rentboy
                       ers’ entboy
                     eker Rentbo
          So, we have a new line to add       feeling sorry for these people.
to the file labeled “Seriously?!?”—
alongside Reverend Ted Haggard’s “I                    As the Gay Moralist, I like
bought the meth but didn’t use it,” ex-       to give all people the benefit of the
gay leader John Paulk’s “I had to use         doubt. It’s not a strategy so much
the bathroom and had no idea it was a         as a matter of empathy. I was once
gay bar,” Rep. Eric Massa’s “I’m just a       a closeted homosexual conserva-
salty old sailor,” and Senator Larry          tive myself, and I came close to
Craig’s “I have a wide stance.”               entering the Catholic priesthood. I
                                              often wonder whether, had my life
        Now add Reverend George               gone slightly differently—different
Rekers’ “I hired him to lift my luggage.”     influences, different opportunities,
As a co-founder of the conservative           different choices—I’d be missing
Family Research Council, a board              truths that seem obvious to me now.
member of the National Association
for Research & Therapy of Homo-                         I even wonder whether I
sexuality (NARTH), and an author of           might have acted out sexually in
numerous anti-gay works, Dr. Rekers           inappropriate ways—hiring male
is a major right-wing figure.                 prostitutes privately while railing
                                              against homosexuality publicly, or
         And so he did what any               hitting on college seminary stu-
straight, family-oriented Baptist             dents (not children) in my priestly
minister would do when looking for            care. While I’m no longer a be-
someone to carry his luggage on a             liever, the phrase “There but for the
ten-day European excursion. He went           grace of God” still resonates with
to rentboy.com and hired a prostitute.        me.

         I can’t make this stuff up.                   I am not denying that we’re
                                              responsible for our choices and
         The Miami New Times broke            actions. I’m simply saying that there
the story this week, complete with            are often mitigating factors beyond
details from 20-year-old blond Puerto         observers’ ken. I don’t know
Rican rentboy “Lucien’s” profile: his         Rekers personally, and I can only
“smooth, sweet, tight ass,” his “per-         make an educated guess at what
fectly built 8 inch cock (uncut)” and the     demons he wrestles with.
fact that he’ll “do anything you say as
long as you ask.” These are important                  But I know from hard
attributes for travel assistants, no          experience that the best way to
doubt.                                        tame demons is to start being
                                              honest with yourself and others.
         A blogger at Unzipped.net            That, instead of using self-respect-
quickly uncovered the rentboy’s               ing gays as a proxy for whatever
profile, which identifies him as              internal foes you’re fighting.
Boynextdoor/Geo and was purged of
some of the earlier sexual content; the               Unsurprisingly, not even
profile has since been removed from           Rekers’ religious right buddies are
the site altogether to protect the young      buying his “lift my luggage” line, or
man’s privacy.                                his more recent claim (in a mes-
                                              sage to blogger Joe.My.God) that
         (Incidentally, we SHOULD             he spent time with the youth in order
protect the young man’s privacy. 20-          to share the Gospel: “Like John the
year-olds don’t typically go into
prostitution because it’s the best
                                              Baptist and Jesus, I have a loving
                                              Christian ministry to homosexuals
                                                                                            COMMUNITY FRIENDLY
among many excellent job opportuni-           and prostitutes in which I share the                                       Free Inspection
ties.)                                        Good News of Jesus Christ with                                          with mention of this ad
          Lucien/Geo is the same age
as a son that Rekers adopted four                     Lift his luggage? Share the
years ago, which might not be relevant        Good News? These lines make
were it not for Rekers’ vigorous              great double-entendres for late-
opposition to adoption by gays.               night comedians (“Is that what the
Rekers testified in favor of nasty            kids are calling it these days?”) but                             520-622-3500 or 520-623-0644
homosexual adoption bans in both              they don’t get Rekers a whit closer                                          Fax 520-624-6574
Arkansas and Florida. Indeed, on the          to addressing his real baggage.
blog page where he repeats his lame                                                         2208 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705
luggage excuse, there’s a link labeled                 (John Corvino, Ph.D. is an
“Should homosexuals be allowed to
adopt children?” This leads to a page
                                              author, speaker, and philosophy
                                              professor at Wayne State Univer-
                                                                                            COMPLETE CAR CARE
full of outright falsehoods, including:       sity in Detroit. His column “The Gay
                                              Moralist” appears 365gay.com,
         “Large research studies              from which this is reprinted from.)
consistently report that a majority of
homosexually-behaving adults have a
life-time incidence of one or more
psychiatric disorders, while a majority
of heterosexually-behaving adults do
not suffer a psychiatric disorder…. So
my professional conclusion that
homosexually-behaving adults should
not be allowed to adopt children is
based on research and logic.”

         And perhaps personal experi-

          This is not funny. It is not even
sad. It’s disgusting. And I’m tired of

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