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					                                                                                                               Story 908 Issues during Iteration 5.1.7
Number     Date          Build       Brief Description                                   Steps to Recreate                                               Developer   Status   Resolution/Disposition
         1    11/16/2008   The initial window should be defaulted to wizard    Start designer                                                  Tim         Open
         2    11/16/2008   The reference to the myService BizComp is absolute. Start designer                                                  Tim         Open
                  Should it be?
                                     C:/XAware_5.2.0.204/designer/workspace/A Starter
                                     XAware Project Example/myService.xbc

         3    11/16/2008   Should the BizDoc and the BizComp be created        Start designer                                                  Tim         Open
                  under the MyCompany folder? Decision: The BizDoc
                                     should be copied to the root of the starter project
                                     when we are creating a data source for the user.

         4    11/16/2008   Error message when trying to execute BizDoc after      Start designer                                               Tim         Open
                  re-opening with the XAware Service Editor. Note:
                                     Looks like the BizComp was changed???

                                     ceptions.XAwareProcessingException: Error in
                                     executing BizComponent [C:/Documents and
                                     Settings/jpeters/workspace/A Starter XAware Project
                                     Example/myService.xbc]: Null bizdriver name in

         5    11/16/2008   The menu item, File > Xaware Service doesn’t seem Start designer                                                    Tim         Closed   Verified on build
                                     to do anything.
         6    11/16/2008   Opening the myService BizComp returns the         Start designer                                                    Tim         Open
                  following error: Error creating Activity Diagram.
                                     Please see log for details.
         7    11/16/2008   Help text missing for XAware Service Editor.      Start designer                                                    Tim         Open
         8    11/19/2008   Selecting either Connect to a relational data source   Start designer and make a selection.                         Tim         Open
                                     selection causes a severe eclipse error: Unhandled
                                     event loop exception
         9    11/19/2008   Map data screen is blank.                              Start designer and continue creating BizComp until you       Tim         Open
                                                                                            reach the map data screen.
     10       11/19/2008   following spelled wrong in myService.txt file. Stored
                                     the follwing information in myService.xbc             Open myService.txt file                                       Tim         Open

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