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									Ansoft Design Environment
• end-to-end High Frequency solutions encompass Digital
Communication System, RF circuits and Electromagnetic analysis


Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design

        Ansoft Designer takes Communication System and
        Subsystem Design to physical implementation.

Design Entry   Waveform     Component    Analysis &         Links to
& Management   Generation    Modeling   Post-processing   Manufacturing
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design
        Model and Simulate end-to-end Digital
        and Analog Communication Systems

• Develop overall system architecture.
• End-to-end system simulation including:
   baseband, passband and channel.
• Complete Physical Design.
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design
                         Determine component requirements and
                         performance tradeoffs

                         • Identify required block-level components
                         • Develop filter specs
                         • Plan power levels for Dynamic Range
                         • Maximize system efficiency
                         • Investigate BER vs. channel noise & fading
                         • Determine acceptable phase noise levels
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design

                                   •   ACPR, BER, SINAD, SNR (Eb/No), EVM,
                                   •   Peak/Average ratios, Crest Factor
                                   •   Signal, Spectrum, Frequency, Histograms
                                   •   PDF & CDF Probes
 • Lumped electrical models        •   Noise, Intercept, Compression,
 • Distributed physical models     •   Dynamic Range, VSWR, Voltages
 • S-parameter black boxes         •   Mixer spur, swept temperature
                                   •   Carrier and Envelope simulation

                                  Ansoft Designer simulates
                                 component interactions due
                                 to impedance mismatch
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design

                Rapid implementation via
               flexible behavioral models

   Component performance
   can be specified by linear and
   nonlinear characteristics:

   •   S-parameters                  Start with simplified models
   •   Return Loss, Gain
   •   AM-AM, AM-PM                   Add more detailed characterization
   •   Third Order Intercept Point
                                     from measurement, data sheets or
   •   Saturated Power
   •   1dB Compression Point         circuit simulation when available
   •   Temperature
   •   Mixer Spurs (mixer only)
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design
         •Large RF and DSP libraries including common wireless

                                • RF Components
                                           Mixers, Amplifiers, VCOs, filters, etc.
                                • Full distributed library (same as found in
                                circuit simulator)
                                • Signal Processing components – modulators,
                                demodulators, etc.
                                • Digital logic and math functions
                                • Channel models
                                • Antenna models
                                • Standard specific libraries
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design
     •Compiled C user models and MatLab co-simulation
     protect IP and expand modeling capability

• Implement standard or user
defined encoding, modulation
and multiplexing schemes

• Co-simulate with your legacy
MATlab DSP models
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design

                   • Model multiple channels and arbitrary topologies
                   • Simulate Time, Frequency and mixed-mode domains

                                                            RF section
                                                            Spectral Plots

Baseband section
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design
          • Apply bit & frame accurate waveforms to system design
              •IEEE802.11a,b Libraries
              •CDMA Libraries
              •GSM and EDGE Libraries
              •WinIQSim Libraries: W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, etc.
   Ansoft Designer
   Communication System and Subsystem Design
                                  Frequency domain

                                        Gain & Group Delay
Swept analysis                                                Multi-carriers



 BER vs SNR            8-PSK                                       System-level
                                                                   phase noise

                       Linear/Nonlinear budgets
                       such as NF,IP3,P,etc.
Ansoft Designer
Communication System and Subsystem Design

Examine system behavior with
advanced graphics and
specialized simulation probes:

• Constellation plots
• Eye Diagrams
• Time Domain
• Spectral plots
• Swept parameter such as
frequency or SNR
• Polar plots
      Modelling a 3G
       Mobile Link
 Waveform Specification and System/Component
Simulation for Today’s Communication Standards
         Today’s Communication Standards
Complex modulation methods are used in mobile communication systems such as WCDMA,
CDMA2000, IS 95 CDMA or GSM/EDGE. These complex modulation modes are usually
generated with the aid of an I/Q or vector modulator. The calculation and generation of the
required base-band signals is of extremely complex.

                                                         IEEE 802.11

                                                             3GPP WCDMA

          Waveform Specification and
         System/Component Simulation

•   Today’s communication systems require demanding performance metrics
    from components

•   Complex and evolving waveforms are not trivial to generate and apply to
    communication chain models

•   Simulation of designs must be done under the under same conditions as
    prototype testing
                      Symphony – System Simulation

w   Time and      Frequency     Domain

w   Eye diagrams / error rates etc.

w   Include at a system level the results
    of simulations from HFSS,
    Ensemble and Spicelink
               Waveform Specification and
              System/Component Simulation

• Provide analysis capabilities for ACPR, Bit-Error-Rates, Error Vector
  Magnitude, crest factor, IP3, etc. via Ansoft Designer (Symphony)

• Provide source generation through fundamental DSP components,
  Matlab/UDM source        code co-simulation, higher-level functional blocks
  (i.e. rake receiver, Reed-Solomon encoder, etc.), or input IQ data from
  alternate source

• Provide bit-accurate IQ data from up-to-date WinIQSIM waveform generator
             WinIQSIM and Ansoft Designer
WinIQSIM is a free software tool (produced by Rhode & Schwarz) allowing calculation of I
and Q base-band signals. Its capabilities range from single-carrier modulation, generation
of multicarrier, CDMA and WCDMA signals through to TDMA frame configurations.

• Digital communication standard sources
• Use same waveforms used to test hardware

• Generate waveform libraries

                                        Signal Generator     RF Synthesizer    Signal Analyzer

                                                           Ansoft Designer
                WinIQSIM – User Interface
WinIQSIM provides a comprehensive, easy to use interface for defining
waveforms for numerous communication standards

 •   Simple block diagram lets users easily set up source configuration
 •   Files (.iqs) pre-set components and parameters to standard specified settings
 •   GUI allows parameters to be altered per engineers specifications
 •   All modulation parameters and impairments can be simulated for single-carrier
     and multi-carrier as well as for CDMA signals.
WinIQSIM – Source Definition
                  • Model Parameters
                      • Modulation type
                      • Reference Level
                      • Coding
                      • Symbol Rate
                      • Sequence Length

                  • Filtering
                      • Filter Function
                      • Roll-off
                      • Window Function
                      • Impulse Length
                      • Over-sampling
                      • Bb. Impulse
WinIQSIM – Library of Pre-configured Sources

• Pre-configured settings
   • CDMA2000
   • CDMA/IS-95
   • GSM
   • Edge
   • HiperLan/2
   • DECT
   • IEEE 802.11
                WinIQSIM – WCDMA example
WCMDA Basestation
Configuration settings
   • up to four Basestations
   • set channel no. and type
   • symbol rates
   • channel code
   • power level
   • data
   • tuning offset
   • pilot length
               WinIQSIM – Mobile Station Example
WCMDA Mobile station Configuration settings
 • up to four mobile stations
    o   PRACH - Physical Random Access Channel
    o   PCPCH - Physical Common Packet Channel
    o   DPCCH & DPDCH - Dedicated Physical
         Control & Data Channels
WinIQSIM – Post Processing

                  •   Review results with powerful
                  •   Export encrypted IQ data file
                      (.ibn) for use in Ansoft
             Ansoft Designer – System Simulation

•   WinIQSIM encrypted IQ data
    file (.ibn) is accessed as a
    source component in Ansoft
    Designer (system)
•   Signals may then be applied to
    system, subsystem or RF

•   Probes are used to extract data
    such as ACPR, EVM, etc.

•   Waveforms may be defined
    independently of Ansoft
           Ansoft Designer with WinIQSIM

•   Using encrypted WinIQSIM IQ data in Ansoft   Designer   requires   an
    optional license

•   Updated Communication standards are available through the Rohde &
    Schwarz website

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