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									            Effective Online Marketing
How to grow your small business from Local to Global!
                By: Mark A Michael
          “Your Online Marketing Mentor”

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For many small business owners and professionals knowing where and how to get started in effectively
marketing your business on the Internet is almost like learning a new language. The uncertainty alone
is enough to stop many people from ever getting started. I wanted to provide you with this information
as a way to help guide you through some of the initial stages of setting up your own online marketing
system. I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to a number of people who have coached
and mentored me along my online journey and I wanted to be able to share with your some of the
knowledge and skills that have been shared with me.

   1.   Your Blog
   2.   Your Email Marketing System
   3.   Your Social Media Platform
   4.   Local Area Directories

                              Chapter 1 – Your Blog Website:

Some of the reasons I am so attracted to a Blog Website over some of the traditional static
websites are that they are fairly easy, inexpensive and quick to setup, they are very flexible in
what you can do with them and they can be highly effective in both your marketing and sales of
your products and services.

I was first introduced to the real power of a Word Press based Blog through one of the affiliate
programs I had joined and once I began to use it I was amazed at all that I was able to do with it. And at
that point I was still very new to anything about how to create and manage a website. So many of the
tasks that needed to be done regularly have been made so easy that most anyone with only very limited
training can maintain and update one of these websites. For those that are totally computer illiterate or
just have no desire to handle these tasks, these websites are ideal. There are many companies out there
that can help you design and create your website and get it all set up and hosted for very reasonable
amounts, typically less than $500.00, plus hosting the site can be done for less than $10.00 per month.
Once your website is operational you can find any number of ways to maintain the site so you only
have a very limited number of tasks you personally need to accomplish.

For those of you have already have a website in operation there are a couple of options for you to
consider. First you have to decide how effective your original website is and how much traffic you have
coming to the website. If you already have a website that is getting traffic and you are selling your
products from then you may simply want to add a page to direct them to your new Blog site. Your web
developer should be able to do that for you without incurring many cost. I find that it is much easier to
create a totally separate custom Word Press based Blog site that you will use for all your marketing and
sales of your Electronic Media products and leave your other website as it is for now. Once you have
the new website operational and begin creating traffic to it and selling products you can then decide
what to do with the original website. One suggestion is to have different hosting accounts for each of
your websites so that you can create back links between the websites to help with your SEO later on.
As my business has been developing I have had to make a number of different changes in how I am
approaching people for the products and services I provide. I have been fortunate to have a Word Press
website during this time because as the changes have come it was easy for me to make the changes to
the website to reflect those changes. I did not have to hire a web developer to make all the changes for
me and incur the time and expense that would have entailed. I was able to just take a couple hours one
morning and make the modifications that I needed to make on my own. This is one of the real benefits
of these websites; how flexible and easy to maintain they are.

The more websites I have visited lately has really shown me how ineffective so many websites really
are. Sadly, many people have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a website that looks great.
The problem is many of them are rarely, if ever seen by a potential client. And many of those that do
have regular traffic are not designed to effectively market and sell to that traffic. When I conduct a Web
Presence Review for a client there are a number of key components I look for on their Website.

   1. Overall Appearance and layout:

One of the first things I notice when I visit a new Website for the first time is whether or not I can
figure out what the main purpose is of the website. Is there a specific product or service being offered,
is the website just about telling me about your business or are you going to be able to provide me some
form of value if I stay on the site or when (IF) I come back for future visits. You want to be able to
answer all three of these questions. You also NEED to be able to do this in a very small amount of
space. When you go to a website there is a limited amount of space on the home page or other page you
may be directing someone to. It does not may NEVER get past the initial screen view (what we call
above the fold) that shows on your website. So to be effective you want to be able to answer the three
questions above in before someone has to begin scrolling down the page.

   ● Your Header Graphics are critical for giving the person a good idea of who you are (or your
     Business) and what you are about. Typically you will have your logo and tag line included in
     your header along with a picture.

   ● One way to both give away something of value and to be able to capture your visitor's name and
     email address is through a lead capture form that is tied to your email marketing system. In your
     lead capture form you can make an offer in exchange for the person giving you permission to
     market to them in the future. This is one of the major aspects of your entire website. The person
     may never return to your website, so it is critical to be able to obtain their contact information
     so that you can stay in touch with them in the future.

   ● Another way of showing your visitor a look at who you are and what you can do for them and at
     the same creating more value for them is through a short video introducing yourself and your
     business. You may also want to share some tips, techniques or other information they will find
     of value. You may also have some of your blog posts available here for viewing as a way of
     sharing your message.

   ● A call to action is another critical function you want your website to address right away. This
     could be getting them to sign up for your newsletter, a special product offer or even to have
     them call you direct for more information.
Once you have taken care of these important steps at the top of your web page you can use the rest of
the page to provide more information and value to your visitors. I prefer a simple and easy to read
website over one cluttered with too much information and too many advertisements. On most websites
much of the content found in the sidebars will be standard throughout the website. I always want to
have at least one lead capture form on every page in case they did not already sign up. You can also
change up the sidebar information on specific pages if you desire, although you may need some
assistance to learn how to do this the first time or two. Another valuable benefit of word Press Websites
is that there is an extensive amount of information available online and off to help you learn how to
create and manage your website.

   2. Email Capture and Auto Responders:

I want to state again that having a way to collect the information of the people who visit your website is
your number one priority. As long as you can get this information it is going to allow you to continue
putting your name and message in front of them, hopefully for years to come. There are many times we
meet someone at a networking event or other event or they visit our website for the first time, however
they are not yet at the stage of being willing to buy our goods or services. Without having an effective
means to stay in touch with them over time we may never have the opportunity to reach them when
they are ready for what we have to offer them. That is why having a Auto Responder tied to our lead
capture form is so valuable to us. If you are like me and you do not already have an effective way to
follow up with people, odds are you never will. An Auto Responder takes care of this valuable task for
us. Once we have the visitors information they will immediately begin to receive emails from us that
are already we have already written and scheduled to go out on whatever schedule we desire. These
emails can be used for a variety of functions, from customer service after a product sale to sharing them
valuable information that can be used to build rapport and trust with them prior to you offering them
your products or service. Something that is critical to your success that once someone joins your list for
the first time is to NOT bombard them with offers to buy something from you. Just make the first few
emails about giving them information that they will find of value to them. As long as you are proving
something of value they will more than likely stay on your email list, even after you do start sending
them messages asking them to buy from you.

I am on a number of different email newsletter and subscriptions and I personally do not open all of
them all of the time, however there are many of them that I look forward to the content in them that I
will open most of the time. That is really what you are looking for; you want people to regularly look
at what you are sending them, because one day you are going to catch them when they are looking for
something you have to offer and because you have already built up some rapport and trust with them
through your regular messages, there is a great chance that when they are ready to buy, they will buy
from you. Without having an effective system already in place you may never get that opportunity.

   3. Call(s) to Action:

Once you have a new visitor to your website it is now up to you to take control of their experience and
guide them through a process to get them to take whatever the specific action(s) is of your website. Are
you looking to capture their email, have them order a product or to have them call you? Whatever it is
you are hoping to achieve from you website, if you do not get specific and clear of what you want your
visitors to do once they come to your website, the odds are you are not going to get the results you
would like. Here is an example I have seen that is very effective, even if it can be a bit annoying at
times. I have visited websites and the first thing that happens when you arrive is that a pop up window
appears that directs you to sign up for their email list. You only have two options, to join the list or to
leave the website. That is a VERY clear Call to Action message. And it is delivered in such a way that
you only have limited options on what to do. Not all your Call to Action message need to be that direct,
however you need to get the point across in such a way that the majority of your visitors are going to
take the desired action you want of them. For a first time visitor to your website, capturing an email
address is your number one priority, period. Once you have their email address you now have a number
of options on how you can best provide them information and services, so do whatever you have to in
order to get the email address. Giving away a free E-Book, like this one is a great incentive for
someone to give you their contact information.

   4. Pictures:

The old saying a “picture is worth a 1000 words” still applies to your website. Having a number of
pictures and graphics can go a long way in helping to get your message across to someone about your
business or about you personally, so take the opportunity to use pictures throughout your website. You
do not want to go overboard and have a page filled with too many pictures as that will slow down the
time it takes to load a page and some people may get impatient and leave, rather than waiting for a slow
loading page. If you are looking to share a large number of pictures on a specific page, there are a
number of different ways to do it and reduce the page load problem, including using thumbnails (small
version of the picture), or there are also photo album software you can install to share multiple pictures.

   5. Video(s) and/or Audio:

Sharing your message in a video is still one of the best ways that you can use to have the greatest
impact on someone, short of being there with them in person. Video allows you the opportunity to
connect with them with sight, sound and more importantly with how you can connect with someone
non-verbally. You are going to want to take advantage of using videos on a regular basis in a number of
different ways in your Online Marketing. At a minimum you are going to want to have a series of three
videos available in varying lengths. I recommend having a 30 second, a second one from 1-2 minutes
and one from 3 to 5 minutes. The 30 second video is a very clear and precise introduction to who you
are, what your business is and who your target market is and how you will add value to their lives. In
the 1-2 minute video you can expand on this original message giving more details about why someone
would want to do business with you and your company. At this stage it is all about creating value with
your audience so that they are going to be willing to take some form of action with you. In the longer
video you are going to be able to take the time to gain rapport with your audience by taking the time to
continue expanding on what you shared in the shorter videos. You can also take the time to increase the
value you can share with them. You may want to share a brief story demonstrating how you or your
products can benefit them. You can use this time to educate them about what you do. It is about
creating as much value as possible in a short amount of time.

When you get to the point of recording these videos, take the time to prepare what your message is
going to be and how you want it delivered. Rehearse it and get feedback on what you are sharing from
others if possible. You are going to be using these videos in a number of ways that are going to be an
important part of your entire online marketing system, so you do want to take the time to get theses
videos completed in as professional manner as possible. With all the new technology that is available
creating videos is easier and more inexpensive than ever. So creating a good quality video from
inexpensive equipment, like a Flip Cam or even your phone is possible without having to incur the cost
of a professional videographer. I am of the opinion that it is better to get started now and get some
videos created and start using them in your marketing now with the intention of creating new ones done
professionally in the future. That is another of the benefits of electronic media, it can easily be
modified and updated as your message changes or as your budget increases. Quality and Excellence in
what you do are very important and so is taking positive action and getting results now, rather than
waiting on the perfection you'd like now that is not in your budget. My advise is to do the best quality
you can now under your current budget and improve on it later if necessary. Here is some good news,
you are going to be doing things your competition isn't so just that you have taken the time and effort to
create these videos, even at what you know are a reduced quality of what is possible is still going to put
you way ahead of those who are doing nothing and not taking advantage of using videos in their
marketing efforts.

There are so many different ways that you can use these videos in your marketing efforts. You can
obviously use them all in various ways on your website. You can use them in emails. You can post them
on You Tube and other video sharing sites. You will definitely want to use them with your Social Media
activities. Get creative and see how many ways you can come up with to get these videos in as many
places as possible both online and off.

When creating these videos you want to make sure that you include a call to action, directing the
viewers to your website or other lead capture page. You can do this in a number of ways and include as
many as you can. Say the website name, have the website information edited into the video and include
the link to your website when you post the video. If you have a large banner or other graphics with
your website information on it, use that as a backdrop for your video, that way you can have your
website information in front of them during the entire video.

   6. Blog site or Static:

Again for this program I am going to only be talking about using a Word Press or similar type Blog
Website and not be discussing using a traditional static website. One of the keys to having a successful
blog is having regular and current content. I am under the opinion that you want to have at least a
minimum of 2 posts per week and not more than 7. I would prefer starting at 2 days and working up to
more days than to start daily blogging and doing less over time, because you find you do not have the
time. You want to take into account that you also may be having your email marketing campaign going
on at the same time to many of your blog readers, so if you have emails going out on a Monday then
you may want to make Monday's one of your non blogging days. I feel it is more important to keep a
consistent schedule that your readers can anticipate than to try and put content out everyday and then
not be able to deliver. You may have to experiment at first to find what works best for you and your
readers. You may want to take polls and surveys to see what they want. In the end it will come down to
what works best for you, so that you can stay consistent. One way to help yourself be able to deliver a
quality message on a regular schedule is to have good amount of material already created and ready to
go stored on your computer so that even if you have a busy week or are on vacation you can still keep
your blogging on schedule. There are a number of other ways to insure a steady stream of new content
to your website that will be discussed in depth at a later time.

   7. Social Media Connections:
There are a number of different ways to easily connect to your various Social Media accounts through
your website. Visit a number of major websites and usually at the very top (or close to it) you will see a
number of buttons you can click on to connect with their various Social Media accounts. Once they are
connected to you through these accounts it is going to be easier for you to stay in contact with them
even more each week. Someone may never come back to your website to read your daily blog,
however that may see a link to your post on Twitter or Face Book and click on it there. That is where
you will find the power in Social Media. It allows you to get the same message across to someone on a
number of different platforms at one time, so someone can connect with you in the way that works for

   8. Basic SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website on the search
engines. This is largely done through the use of specific keywords throughout your website. Each
search engine uses it own formula for ranking websites so I am only going to talk about some of the
basics of SEO at this point.

Some of the key areas you want to focus on in dealing with SEO are:

   •   Your domain name:

Anytime you can include your keywords into your domain name it is going to help your page rankings
for instance lifecoach.com is going to be better than yourname.com although yournamelifecoach.com is
a good alternative also. With this is mind it may be that you will want to get multiple domains that use
you keywords and have a mini website created around those domains and have them forward the traffic
to your main website. Having multiple websites specific to certain keywords is a strategy that you can
employ as part of your overall SEO stategy.

   •   The Title of your website:

How you set up the title of your page is one of the most important uses of keywords on your entire
website. When someone comes to your website the words in blue at the very top of your browser is
your Title tag. When you set this up on your website you want to be as descriptive as possible and use
your main keywords there. Your name, “life coach” specializing in “Spiritual Growth” located in Las
Vegas would give visitors a good idea about what you do and also will cover a number of your main
keywords in the process, while improving your overall SEO.

   •   Backlinks:

Back links from other websites are another key factor the search engines take into consideration when
ranking your website. All back links are not the same however, so you want to be selective in some of
the websites you have content associated with. Major websites are a great place to have links back to
your website. This is why one of the reasons I recommend joining a number of social media websites,
even if for the most part you never use them directly. When you set up your profiles you are going to be
able to list your website information which will create a valuable back link from these websites. Also
when you list your products on websites like Ebay-Amazon-Clickbank, again you will be creating links
back to your website. For the most part having as many links back to your website as possible is going
to help you out in the long run. Having links back to your website from any articles you publish online
is an important factor also.

   •   Meta Tags:

Meta Tags are part of the HTML code your web developer uses in creating your website. The part that
you need to be aware of and make sure of is what specific keywords you want to use to be found by the
search engines. Some keywords are much easier to get a higher ranking on that others. Using the term
“life coach” is going to be harder to get a high ranking on than “spiritualist instructor” for instance.
However the term life coach is going to have a lot more people searching for it. And on the other hand
a person who is specifically searching for a spiritualist instructor is more likely to visit your website
over a traditional life coach. This is where focusing on niche marketing is important. Knowing what
your main keywords are going to be ahead of time in designing your website is going to be an
important factor in its success.

   •   Current Content:

Having current (new) content on your website is extremely important, which is why we are using a
blog website over a traditional website in the first place. Adding new posts or other content on a regular
basic is good for both your SEO , along with the added benefit of being able to give extra value to your
website visitors and members.

   •   Video:

Many people prefer to watch a video clip over reading a long article and video content and the search
engines rank pages higher with video content. Also using websites such as YouTube and other video
sharing sites provide quality back links to your website. Imbedding your YouTube videos on your site
serve both functions. Google now has separate searches just for videos, which is another way for
people to find your website.

   •   Images:

You can also tag the images on your website with your keywords. The words (even though they are in
the background and not seen) are then able to be read by the search engines. Google now has separate
searches just for images, which is another way for people to find your website.

   •   Location:

I am seeing more and more that the way people are finding businesses on the internet is now through
your business listing which is tied to the location of your business. I will be discussing this in detail
later in the program.

   •   Use and Placement of Keywords:

How often and where you use your keywords throughout your web pages is another important factor in
creating a successful SEO strategy. Search engines read your page from the top to the bottom of the
page, so with this is mind you want to insure that you use your keywords in the first paragraph of your
website. They also tend to place more value on the words starting a sentence.

   •   Anchor Text:

Anchor text are words that you may use on your website that have hyperlinks in them. For instance if
you had a page on your website that is about “daily practices”; when describing daily practices in an
article for instance you would create a hyperlink in the words “daily practices” that will direct the
person to the other page on your website. These anchor text words are another way to improve your

   9. Content:

Hopefully by now you understand that almost everything we are going to be focused on when dealing
with your website is about helping to add additional value to the people who come to your website. The
more value you can create the greater likelihood that your visitors will take action on your website. It
doesn't really matter what form of content you add on the website, but you do want to see how it can
add, not distract from the value to your visitors. Like a cluttered house an overly busy looking website
is also not attractive. On the other hand a nice picture with a inspiring caption can be a nice addition to
your website. Informative articles and videos are another great way to add value to your site's content.

   10. Products for Sale and other income generating ideas!

Having your products and services available both on your website and in your various methods of
marketing is what this whole process is all about. I have visited my share of websites and never even
seen a product for sale or a service I can join and in my opinion that is a shame on that business owner.
It doesn't matter what it is you do there are ways you can monetize your website and you should take
all of these advantages to increase your profits. Even though I am not a big fan of viewing Google Ads
on websites I visit there are cases when that may be the only good alternative to creating some form of
revenue for the website. If you are against having products for sale on your website for some reason
affiliate links that you can get income from by referring your traffic to other websites is another way to
be able to sell other people products. Selling ad space on your website can be a profitable way to
increase your income, typically this is going to work better once you have a larger amounts of traffic to
your website.

That wraps up my introduction to “Website Basics” and hopefully it gave you a number of ideas and
things you want to take into account in creating your website. In the next section we will begin to
discuss the importance of a quality shopping cart system and how that will benefit you in marketing
and selling your products.

                              Chapter 2 – Your Email Marketing System

Without having a great system in place to be able to handle the new contacts you are going to make
through your Online Marketing you are just going to waste a lot of your time and effort. One major
difference with Online marketing that you have to take into consideration is that after you meet
someone you do not have anything physical, like their business card to keep track of them or their
contact information, so you need to be able to immediately have a way to get back to them. You really
only have one chance to make sure this happens, so you don't want to risk not getting this valuable
information the first time, because you may never get another chance.

There are a number of key factors that you are going to want to take into account when you decide on
which system you are going to choose. I have researched a number of the different systems and finally
decided to use and represent COMF5. To me it is one of the most powerful systems on the market and
it is very versatile in how you can use it. Here are just some of the reasons to use this system:

   •   It is a complete email system in itself...I can send and receive all my emails from within the
       system, no more jumping between accounts.

   •   I can create web sign up forms...I can use these forms on my Website and Facebook to collect
       email addresses of visitors to my sites, so that I can market to them in the future.

   •   Emails can be sent as a Text or HTML email...this allows me to tailor my emails into different
       formats for greater versatility.

   •   Powerful Video Email Capability...Share Video content right from your email.

   •   Live Broadcast Capability...Live Video Streaming of your messages. This is another powerful
       feature to reach even large audiences in a format that they can get a full experience of.

   •   Auto Responder messages on your schedule...Create message series that you can pre-schedule
       to follow up with your contacts. This is how you keep your name and message in front of
       people for years, until they are ready to make a buying decision!

   •   And More...These are just a some of the tools that will improve your Online Marketing.

Not every person who visits your website or you connect with through social Media is going to be
ready now, if ever to purchase your products or services, however you want to be able to keep your
name and message in front of them until they are ready to make a buying decision or know of someone
who is. If they have been getting your emails for months, by now you have established some level of
rapport and hopefully trust with them that when they are ready to buy, you are going to be their first
choice. Here is a good example of how this can work for you. I am going to a computer repair company
in this example. Joe Consumer recently met a Tom the “Computer Guy” at a recent networking event or
saw his website and got onto Tom's email list and has been receiving regular emails, giving tips and
tricks on how to keep your computers up to speed and running smoothly. Tom never was pushy in
trying to sell his products or service, so he was mostly just providing some great value in the tips he
was offering. Unfortunately disaster stuck Joe today as he dropped his laptop and he can't get it to boot
up, and at just the wrong time as he has a busy week scheduled and not having his laptop is going to be
a major problem. Now Joe is in a buying mode and just wants to get this problem solved right away,
money is not an option today, getting the computer fixed is. So who do you think is going to be the first
person he is going to call? The guy in the phone book or the person who has been helping him out the
last few months via email? Especially when most people can get email right on their phones, Joe can
just go right to one of the old emails to get Tom's Contact information. This is just one of the reasons to
have this type of system in place and working for you, it produces results.

                           Chapter 3 – Your Social Media Platform
There are a number of ways to get started on this subject, however being it is an area that has many
components to it I want to break it down into a number of key areas.

   •   Your Blog
   •   Social Websites
   •   Local Area Directories

What I am seeing more and more these days is that having a number of ratings, reviews, likes and
comments is one of the best ways to really boost your visibility online. It can happen for a couple of
reasons, the more people that view your website or other online content that you may have, there is a
greater chance that they will forward it on to their friends, who may do the same. Also, it appears that
the search engines are starting to give the ratings and reviews more attention in how they view your
website. The term for this is Social Proof and it appears to be gaining more popularity in how your site
can be found.

                                       Your Blog & Social Media

Your blog is still going to be the main hub for all your social media although that may be changing as
time goes on. A combination of Facebook and Mobile Media are starting to be another major factor in
creating your Online Social Media Platform. As I've stated a number of times already, creating fresh
content on a regular basis is still the key to creating an Online Presence and your website is going to be
where someone can go to get all the content in one place. This is no different that a well known author
that has a number of books and other products available, usually major bookstores may have most of
the works there, but usually not all of them. So if you wanted to order the entire collection of that
author's works you would most likely have to go direct to the author to get their entire catalog. Your
blog is really no different. It is going to be the place that someone goes to get all of your material,
including articles, videos and other media you have created, even if you only use it for marketing. It is
a good idea to archive every thing you have in some way. When it comes to new content, more is
definitely better.

Getting your visitors to make comments on your blog posts is a good way to start creating a sense of
community on your website. Also once you have a good number of people writing reviews and ratings
and likes of your posts it encourages others to comment also. I recently visited a site and the current
post for that day had a number of comments and likes, which to me adds credibility to the post.
Sometimes you may have to get creative in getting people to take the time to make comments, although
asking friends and family is a good way to get it started. Bribery helps too (I mean influence), be
creative and have fun with it.

Do not over look YouTube as another source when considering your social media. Although it may not
technically be a social media website, it serves that function also. I would suggest having at least one
video that is hosted on YouTube placed on your home page for a couple of reasons. First for good
content for the page, second for the link back from YouTube and also for the traffic that can be
generated back to your site from the viewers and comments they make.

Integrated Social Media functions are pretty standard on most WordPress type blogs today. It is just a
good way to share your new content with people on the other social media sites in case they are not a
regular visitor to your site. You will find a number of plug ins for your website that can link your
website to your other Social Media pages readily available. I also have buttons installed to be able to
share my posts and/or like them directly from my website to Facebook. So after I finish each post,with
just a push of a button my new post goes directly onto my Facebook page.

A good thing I just heard (literally, I'm actually listening to another online marketer's video as I am
typing this, now that is called current content) that really makes sense as far as the content you use in
your Social Media is the old “80/20 rule” Give 80% content that is of value to the reader and only 20%
that is asking for something from them (product offer). I can relate to what she is saying here in that if
all we are doing in our posts on our Social Media sites is trying to sell people something, eventually
people are not going to be willing to click on the links you send them or read your material.

                                         Social Media Websites

There are numerous social Media sites all over the internet and more showing up all the time, so for
this discussion I am only going to talk about three of the largest ones, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
What I found is that the only one I use on a consistent basis is FaceBook. I resisted joining any of them
for some time, however once I got the feel of FaceBook I now would have a hard time, not being a
member there, even if they were to start charging for it. I have been a big networking fan for some time
now and have belonged to a number of different organizations and what I found is that I get to regularly
interact with people from all the different groups in one place, all from the convenience of my
computer. When I talk about taking your business from local to global, literally overnight, Facebook
and other Social Media sites is how it you can make it happen. This is especially true for a business that
does not require face to face interaction and can done over the phone and by a computer, such as with a
Coach or Trainer. It is a great way to build rapport and establish trust over time until your “Friend” is
ready to become a client, either direct or through purchasing your products.


Besides your personal page you can also communicate with others through various niche groups as
well as establishing your own Business Fan Page. There have been a number of changes going on with
how the FaceBook Groups are now operating, there is still a lot of controversy over privacy issues and
such still going on so for now I am going to stick to a discussion on the Fan Pages. At this stage Fan
Pages are really the best option for advertising your business on Facebook. I feel EVERY business
owner needs to have at least one, if not more. With recent changes it is becoming easier to create
customizable fan pages that have the look, feel and functionality of a website. This includes graphics,
video, lead capture and even more impressive, live video streaming. Just think, rather that trying to get
50 people to go to your website for a webinar, they can just stay on facebook and join you live on your
fan page for a live training. There are a number of ways I can see using this to increase your exposure.
For instance at 6:00 pm you post a new event for 6:30 pm to your lists (personal & fan page) along
with a number of other friends re-posting the event to their list and in no time at you may have
hundreds, if not thousand of new “Fans” on your page for a free training you are conducting. The only
way someone could access the training is by becoming a “fan” of the page. So if you have it planned
out you can start promoting at 6:00, start at 6:30 and be done by 7:00. What I like about this idea is that
it is short notice so that if they are already online at facebook, it doesn't take a real big decision, on
whether or not to go to the event. Yes, I'm online and have nothing planned, so let's check it out, if I
don't like the training I just leave.

The other things I like about Fan Pages, unlike the old groups is that they are more interactive.
Anything that get's posted on the fan pages gets sent to the fan page member's personal page. This is
how you can keep people updated in a way they see you messages regularly. Again, you want to
remember the 80/20 rule from above and make sure that you are providing a lot more valuable content
over posts pitching your products and services. The more trust you can establish through the giving of
valuable content the greater chance people are going to be willing to take action on your offers.

Another powerful feature of Facebook is that you are able to promote your events to all your friends
and fans very easily. It doesn't matter if it is a online or offline event. From what I have observed using
the event feature is a good way to get the message about your event out to a lot of people, however it is
not always effective in actually getting people to show up for your live events, especially free events
you may be promoting. It is just too easy for someone to say they are coming and then change their
plans, as they do not have any real commitment to coming. I am seeing that it is better to promote your
event and then have a call to action directing them to your Fan Page or Website to RSVP or to pay for
the event there. Basically it is better to make the signup process slightly more difficult so that the
people who RSVP are more likely to attend if they are willing to take those extra steps before they
attend. In the long run it is better to have less people that you know are committed to attending than to
expect 50 people and only 5 show up. I feel you will have more overall success using Facebook to
promote a free event like an Tele-Seminar and then use the Tele-Seminar to promote your paid event.
You are going to want to use a number of different marketing approaches at once for each event you are
promoting. You just do not want to get to where you are expecting to post an event on Facebook and
expect to fill your event from it. You will be able to use Facebook and your other Social Media sites to
increase your attendance overall at your events. To me that is the attitude you need to have, is you are
going to keep promoting your events as you have in the past and use the different online marketing
strategies to help boost the attendance you get at these events. Over time your goal is going to be more
about selling your online products and less on live events, as that is how you are going to be able to
increase your marketplace. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that you necessarily want to quit doing
live events, just that you can be more selective in how you do them in the future.

Even though I am not a big fan of pay per click advertising, it is something that is available on
Facebook that you may want to consider using on occasion, either as a way to promote specific
upcoming events or as a way to test the effectiveness of your sales copy. This is where you want to take
advantage of using your Fan Page, by using it as a way to generate interest on your products, without
taking people away from Facebook to your website directly. What I am hearing is that people are
willing to stay within the confines of Facebook, where they can still interact with their friends than they
are willing to follow links to other websites. The key then is to be able to be able to establish good
rapport and trust with your Facebook friends and Fans by providing them with more content without
them having to leave Facebook to receive it.


LinkedIn is a major Social Media site that is more geared towards Business Networking. Over time
they have begun adding more Social Media aspects to your overall experience when on LinkedIn.
Where I have found LinkedIn to be the most successful is through the use of the groups. You can join
any number (50 at a time) niche specific groups on pretty much any topic you want. You can also create
and manage your own groups as another way to create a following of people who share a specific
interest as you or want to receive your information. What I have found effective is that when you start a
discussion on LinkedIn in one of the groups you belong to you are able to add live links to them. The
more links you can have leading back to either your website or other social Media connection the better
off you are going to be.
You can also set up your LinkedIn account to display your blog posts from your website directly onto
your LinkedIn Profile as another way to be able to share your message with the people you are
connected with there.

One of the keys to using LinkedIn is to be active in a number of different discussions in the groups you
belong to. The more active you become, the more people will see you and hear your message and have
the opportunity to connect with you or visit your website.


Twitter is a Social Media website that allows you to send out short (140 character) messages to the
people who follow you, as well as onto a system wide feed. What I have seen as the main benefit of
using Twitter is that it is a good way to generate a good sized following in a relatively short period of
time. Once you have this following you can then use the messaging as a quick way to get a message out
about anything that interests you, from a link to your website or other item of interest. You are able to
set up a brief Bio on yourself in your profile that allows you to add links to your website also,
providing a good back link to your website. I think the value of Twitter is to make the connections there
and then take the contact off of Twitter. A good example of this is that after I began following a number
of coaches a while back I got a follow up message from them offering me a free coaching session. So
through those coaching sessions I received some great value by working with them for a short time and
they got a great opportunity to speak directly with a potential new client. With the automatic reply
functions that you can set up when someone starts following you can also offer them links to articles or
E-books or any other way to introduce them to you and your services.

                                     Ping.fm and Friendfeed.com

Ping.fm and Friendfeed.com are great productivity tools that allows you to be able to send out one
message to all your Social Media accounts at one time. These are tools that will let you be able to
simply manage all your accounts, without having to each one of them every time you have a new
message to share. You will have some initial set up time in getting all your accounts set up originally,
however after that it is a very simple process to send out your message. You are also able to enclose
links in your messages, which is one of the main advantages to these services. Another feature of these
sites is that they are helpful in that when you go into the add a more networks sections, they will give
you a list of the other networks you can use through them, so you can view these other networks and
even signup for them through the links that are provided there. If you were to just add one new network
a day (or have your assistant do it for you) in no time at all you would be able to increase your reach
through these various Social Media Accounts tremendously. In addition to that you will again be adding
valuable back links to your website from each of the Social Media accounts you set up. That alone will
be worth the extra effort of adding these other website accounts.

This is by far a very short list of the available Social Media websites you can join, however just joining
these that I have mentioned and having regular blog posts is going to go a long ways towards
establishing a Online Presence that will create interest and drive new traffic to your business that you
want to take advantage of.

                                        Local Area Directories

Another area you may want to begin taking advantage of is having your business placed in a number of
the various business directories that can be found online. Even though your overall goal is going to be
about growing your business globally I am seeing that by being active on these directories is just
another way to add expose to your business. It is also another way for you to improve the SEO for your
website. I am seeing that by being on these directories and receiving comments, ratings, reviews and
likes on these directories it appears the search engine is taking notice of them and ranking your website
higher than a website without them. It also adds to your credibility when people see all these positive
reviews about you. The real trick and where the work will come in is getting your friends, family and
clients to take the time to either visit or join these networks so that can make make these reviews for
you. Although a good way to influence them to do it is that it will also get them valuable exposure to
their businesses if they have one. It helps if you can get people that you have also done business with to
give you reviews, so that you can then review their products or services also.

Again there are more of these directory services available than I am going to spend time on here. You
will find that there are many of them that are free, and some you have to pay for. I would start by
focusing on the free ones and then you can decide later on if you want to upgrade into the paid services
that they provide. I would tend to stay away from the ones that you only have the option of a paid
                                    Your Online Marketing Strategy

The strategy you use in marketing your business is going to vary based on what you do. I feel that most
any business is going to do most of the same basic steps in setting up your system. Again, I think you
can actually do more in marketing your business and going after referrals through your email marketing
than you can generate through through most other methods, because with email marketing you now
have time on your side, you are not just trying to meet someone and then turn around and sell them
your product or service. Either converting your existing website to a blog site or establishing a second
blog website is going to be a major factor in your marketing, because you can now keep adding new
content, both to attract new prospect and also to help in being found on the search engines. As you
begin to create new content you will be able to start spreading the word about you and your business to
more people and expand your markets. You can begin creating an identity for yourself as an expert in
your field by how you position yourself online. The best way to do this is to begin to expand your reach
online by sharing valuable to content.

You also want to start looking for ways to not only promote yourself online, but to start making money
online. There are a number of different ways to do this even if you have what is traditionally just a local
business. You can do this through creating informational products, like a E-book or Audio training
program. You can also market and sell other people's products, which is called affiliate marketing. You
can also sell other products either related or not to you primary business. You can also do something
online totally unrelated to business that you enjoy, maybe its time to write that book or other thing
you've been putting off for way too long. Get creative and have some fun with this, you never know
where it will lead.

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