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Region Five Trail Riders


									                                                  April/May/June 2010

                                                 Hoofprints       of the

                                                          Region Five
                                                          Trail Riders  Association, Inc.

   Meet, Greet                                                                                Meet &
  and Compete
  with RFTRA
                                                                                             Photos by
                                                                                            Kathy Nicholl

 What’s Inside                                      At the
President’s Letter ................... 2           RFTRA
Editor’s Letter ........................ 3          Mini-
Minutes .................................. 4
Junior Rider Program ............. 6
Nominating Ballot.................. 7
Back Country Horsemen ........ 7                       (And ...
R5 Chat Group ....................... 8                 Eat!)
Mini-Convention .................... 9
Laminitis Symposium .......... 12
Proposed Rule Changes ....... 13
Ride Schedule ...................... 14
Membership Application...... 15                   Compete
Hints ..................................... 16
                                                                                     Open Division National
                                                                                      Champions: Debbie
                                                                                        Jones (Khapital),
                                                                                       and Wayne Tolbert
                                                                                      (Windstorm Sienna).
                                                                                      Not shown: Lori Lee
                                                                                     Williams (Alens Pretty
                                                                                     Boy Floyd) and Tommy
 Region Five is one of six regions                                                     Mitchell (CJ Garnet
comprising the North American                                                              Reflection)
     Trail Ride Conference
                                                April/May/June 2010
                                                                          Region Five Board Members
    President’s Letter
              from Gary Clayton                              PRESIDENT                      VICE PRESIDENT
                                                             Gary Clayton        12/11      Wayne Tolbert       12/11
      By the time this                                       6774 W Old Hayneville Rd       9598 Antioch Church Rd W
 Newsletter comes out, the                                   Hope Hull, AL 36043            Lenoir City, TN 37772
 2010 season will be well                                    334-281-5509                   865-986-3333
 started, with at least two                        
 CTR’s behind us. There are
                                                             SECRETARY                      TREASURER
 ten scheduled CTR’s, three of
                                                             Regina Broughton    12/10      Connie Driskell       12/10
 which are new rides. Putting                                201 Sleepy Hollow Road         524 Mills Gap Rd
 on a sanctioned CTR is a hard                               Bristol, TN 37620              Arden, NC 28704
 and sometimes thankless job.                                423-968-2303                   828-684-5650
 It is very important for members to get out and support
 our Ride Managers who are willing to step up and
 do the hard work that enables us to enjoy this sport.       Tanya Kingsley      12/10      Mary Leslie          12/10
 In addition to Ride Managers, please remember the           1991 Greer Road                4661 Sandy Creek Rd
 many volunteers essential for a successful CTR—they         Hillsboro, GA 31038            Madison, GA 30650-2721
 are the backbone of our organization. Without these         706-468-0794                   404-434-1851
 non-riders, our CTR’s could not happen, so to all you    
 riders, please remember to thank them every chance
 you get.                                                    Tammy Lineback     12/11       Cindy Keen          12/11
      If you missed the Mini-Convention this year,           662 Mark Trl                   1620 Bellevue Rd
                                                             Woodstock, GA 30188            Dublin, GA 31021
 you missed out on a good time. There were many
                                                             770-928-3012                   478-272-5097
 interesting speakers, a good banquet, and great   
 fellowship with good friends. I hope you will join
 me in thanking both Kim Cowart and Linda Clayton                                           MEMBERSHIP
 for the great job they did organizing and running this      Vince Harris        12/11      Sallie Kudra        12/12
 event.                                                      P O Box 3183                   220 Byrlie Way
      A very important date is coming up next February.      Daphne, AL 36526               Seneca, SC 29678-5005
 On February 10-13, 2011, Region 5 will be hosting
 the National Convention in Nashville, TN. This
 convention is even more special because NATRC               Ted Curtis             12/10   NATIONAL DIRECTOR
                                                             1024 Pine Grove Church Rd      Connie Driskell       12/10
 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. We want
                                                             Sunset, SC 29685               524 Mills Gap Rd
 to make this a spectacular event, and to do so, need
                                                             828-777-7180                   Arden, NC 28704
 support from our entire membership. Kim Cowart is           t.curtis@                      828-684-5650
 Convention Coordinator and will be calling on many
 of you for help. Especially if you plan to attend (and
 I strongly encourage you to do so), then I urge you to      REGIONAL ALTERNATE             NATIONAL DIRECTOR
 contact Kim (email: and         Linda Clayton       12/10      Gary Clayton        12/11
                                                             6774 W Old Hayneville Rd       6774 W Old Hayneville Rd
 ask him how you can help. This is an opportunity for
                                                             Hope Hull, AL 36043            Hope Hull, AL 36043
 Region 5 to shine at more than just riding horses! You
                                                             334-281-5509                   334-281-5509
 will be hearing more about the convention in future    
      We have a very ambitious clinic schedule this year.    REGIONAL ALTERNATE
                                                                                            NATIONAL ALTERNATE
 There has already been one at Florida’s Coldwater           Joyce Lewis          12/10
                                                                                            Sallie Kudra        12/12
 Recreation Area. Others are scheduled in Virginia,          8075 Mauney Rd
                                                                                            220 Byrlie Way
                                                             Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124
                  Tennessee, and Alabama. Be sure to                                        Seneca, SC 29678-5005
                  encourage riders who are new to our                                       864-972-9125
                  sport to attend a clinic and learn what                         
                  NATRC is all about.
                      Please come out and enjoy our new      Next RFTRA Board Meeting: July. 17, 2010
                  ride year.                                 Contact Gary Clayton for details
                                                    April/May/June 2010
                                                                  stepped up their efforts to help filter out spam/junk e-mail,
        Editor’s Letter                                           I have to say that we often, though unintentionally, negate
                 from Kathy Nicholl                               their spam filters when we send out or “forward” our own
      Since I am “unhorsed” at the                                group e-mails. Now, it’s pretty relevant to point out that
present time, i.e. I have sold O. C.                              there is “scam” spam and there is “non-scam” spam; but
but not yet found a replacement                                   both are, by the above definition, spam. How many e-
horse, I hope you will not be too                                 mails have you received from someone you know who
unhappy while I discuss one of                                    has included you in a group of “83 (or so) of my closest
my pet peeves: SPAM! To get a                                     friends” that they hope will enjoy the forwarded joke or
good definition of spam, I googled                                video? This may have started out, and may still be, “non-
“spam,” which yielded 207                                         scam” spam, but the more it is passed around, the more
million matches! I only looked at                                 easily and likely a scam spammer can pick up a nice long
the first page of matches (the other 206+ million are spam        list of valid e-mail addresses. Also, if the e-mail you
to me!) and found that of the 12 or so listings on page 1,        received has been forwarded so many times that you have
two are about the Hormel food product, the rest are about         no idea who started it, it could be a virus-infected mail
e-mail/electronic media. Quoting Wikipedia, “spam” is             that, as soon as you open it or its attachment, will infect
defined as “ ... the abuse of electronic messaging systems        your computer. No spam filter will throw out e-mail from
... to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.”          someone in your address book.
Wikipedia adds, “Spam in e-mail started to become a                    So here are a few suggestions I have to protect both
problem when the Internet was opened up to the general            you and me. First of all, follow basic precautions when you
public in the mid-1990s. It grew exponentially over the           forward an e-mail to a group of people. This means after
following years, and today comprises some 80 to 85% of            you click the “Forward” button, don’t put your group name
all the e-mail in the world, by a ‘conservative estimate’.”       after the “TO” field, put it in the “BCC” (Blind Carbon
      Another source ( comments: “Spam             Copy) field so that none of the people who receive it will
is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same             see all the names and addresses in your group. Second,
message, in an attempt to force the message on people             click and hold your mouse button down while you select all
who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam           the previous forwarding information headers, releasing the
is commercial advertising, often for dubious products,            mouse when you get to the first line of the actual message.
get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services;” and this        All of these long lists of valid e-mail addresses and possible
source later points out “One particularly nasty variant of        comments should be highlighted. Hit your “Delete”
e-mail spam is sending spam to mailing lists. ... Because         button, so that all of those disappear. You can type in a
many mailing lists limit activity to their subscribers,           comment or message at the top of the e-mail before you
spammers will use automated tools to subscribe to as many         hit the “Send” button, but you should have no e-mail
mailing lists as possible, so that they can grab the lists of     address information left in the message area for a spammer
addresses, or use the mailing list as a direct target for their   to pick up. Occasionally I have found multiple copies of
attacks.”                                                         the original “item of interest”. This doesn’t happen often,
      Much as our ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have         but if it does, by all means highlight and delete all but the
                                                                  original item(s).
        Region Five Trail Riders Association, Inc.                     While I think the above guidelines will help a lot, I
            Newsletter — Published Quarterly                      wish that group “cards” could only be used for original
    Publication Deadline               For Issue                  e-mails, not for forwarded e-mails. Please try to consider
          Dec 15                 Jan/Feb/Mar (Winter)             how many of those “83 closest friends” are really going
          Mar 15                Apr/May/June (Spring)             to be happy to get your forwarded e-mails, and maybe do
          June 15              July/Aug/Sept (Summer)             some kind of periodic check to see if they would prefer not
          Sept 15                 Oct/Nov/Dec (Fall)              to be included. This would be especially appreciated for
                                                                  e-mails that are large and take quite a while to download.
Please send pictures and stories to:                                   Another problem occurs when “forwarding” a warning,
Kathy Nicholl, Newsletter Editor                                  or even a touching story that you have
3454 Cullowhee Mtn Rd                                             not checked out yourself. Many very
                                   ail!                           believable stories periodically appear
Cullowhee, NC 28723             Em
                             EW                                   and circulate anew when they were either
(828) 293-5835
                      < ---N                                      never true, or are no longer true. An <------NEW Email!                           excellent and easy-to-use website (http://
                                                                  (Continued on page 4)                               Page 
(Continued from page 3)                           April/May/June 2010 can often help you to quickly determine                 Chapman,	who	resigned	for	personal	reasons.
whether a story is truth or spam. Please check out these        2.	 REGION	FIVE	MEMBERSHIP:		Region	Five	
kinds of messages, and do not pass anything on that you do          currently	has		the	following	membership	numbers:
not know to be true.                                                      2 Yr Membership (those with lifetime
     Thanks for listening to my complaint. Despite what                   memberships or expiration dates >= 1/2010)
may sound like a hatred of e-mail, I feel that e-mail is a                •	 216 (280 counting Family as 2
wonderful, free, and very useful tool. I don’t think I could                  memberships like National does)
live without it. Unfortunately, neither could spammers!                          Ø	14 (+14) Lifetime Family
Protect your computer and your friends; use e-mail                               Ø	50 (+50) Family
                                                                                 Ø	1 Honorary Region 5 Lifetime
responsibly and safely.
                                                                                 Ø	3 Honorary Lifetime Single
     BREAKING NEWS! Speaking of email, the one I’ve                              Ø	7 Junior
been using has been deleted by Verizon! It may return, but                       Ø	24 Lifetime Single
it may not, so PLEASE NOTE the new one at bottom left                            Ø	106 Single
of my Editor’s page. It is All future                      Ø	11 Region 5 Newsletter
emails should be sent to this new email address.                                    Subscription only

    Summary of RFTRA BOD Meeting Minutes                                  Current membership (those with lifetime
                                                                          memberships or expiration dates >= 1/2011)
                     Submitted by Regina Broughton, Secretary             • 119 (162 counting Family as 2
Present:	 Gary	Clayton,	President                                             memberships like National does)
                                                                                  Ø	14 (+14) Lif
         	Wayne	Tolbert,	Vice	President	&	Equipment	
                                                                                  Ø	29 (+29) Family
            Committee	Chairperson                                                 Ø	1 Honorary Region 5 Lifetime
         		Regina	Broughton,	Secretary                                            Ø	3 Honorary Lifetime Single
         		Connie	Driskell,	Treasurer                                             Ø	2 Junior
         	Tammy	Lineback—Fundraising	Committee	                                   Ø	24 Lifetime Single
            Chairperson                                                           Ø	44 Single
         	Sallie	Kudra,	National	Board	Member	and	                               Ø	2	Region	5	Newsletter	
            R5	Membership	Chairperson                                              Subscription	only
         	Tanya	Kingsley—Points	and	Awards	
            Chairperson                                   Mary	Britt	continues	to	do	outreach	to	recruit	new	
         	Vince	Harris—Computer	Committee	                members	from	clinics	and	ride	participation	and	
            Chairperson                                   encourage	non-renewing	members	to	do	so.		Current	
         	Ted	Curtis—Trail	Development	Committee	         count	from	the	2009	ride	season	to	contact:	251.		
            Chair                                         With	the	addition	of	other	Membership	Committee	
         		Cindy	Keen—Fundraising	Co-Chair                members	for	different	states	within	the	Region	we	
Guests:			Mary	Britt—New	Member	Liaison                   hope	to	encourage	those	who	have	tried	us	to	join	
           Kim	Cowart—Ride	Scheduling	and	                and	reap	the	benefits	of	membership.		The	outreach	
             Sanction		Chairperson                        members	are:
           Marty	Findley	and	Julie	Hall,	Region	5	                    •	 Carolyn	Chapman:	Alabama	and	
             members,	made	a	presentation	to	the	                        Florida
             Board	regarding	the	2011	National	                       •	 Lori	Rand:	Georgia
             Convention                                               •	 Lori	Lee	Williams:	Tennessee
	     	                                                               •	 Mary	Britt:	North	and	South	Carolina,	
The	meeting	of	the	RFTRA	Board	was	called	to	order	                      (Kentucky,	Ohio	and	Virginia?)
on	February	27,	2010,	at	7:45	a.m.	in	the	Piedmont	       3.	     FUNDRAISING:		Tammy	Lineback	reported	that	
Room	of	The	Phoenix	Inn	in	Greenville,	SC.		              denim	shirts	embroidered	with	the	Region	Five	Trail	
                                                          Riders	logo	will	be	available	for	sale	at	the	2010	rides.
                  1.	    BOARD	VACANCY	FILLED:		          4.	     NATRC	LOGO:		Connie	Driskell	reported	that	the	
                  Linda	Clayton	was	appointed	to	fill	    NATRC	logo	is	being	registered	and	future	displays	
                  the	Alternate	position	on	the	Region	5	 of	the	logo	must	be	in	compliance	with	the	National	
                  Board	of	Directors	vacated	by	Tanya	    NATRC	logo.		A	suggested	picture	(horse	and	rider	
                  Kingsley.		Tanya	was	appointed	to	the	 on	the	logo)	was	edited	to	show	the	rider	wearing	a	
                  voting	position	vacated	by	Carolyn	     helmet	and	proper	rein	position.	However,	since	the	
                                                    April/May/June 2010
                                                                   to	get	involved	in	some	aspect	of	this	once	every	six	
                                                                   year	project.	The	program	ideas	were	well	received	by	
                                                                   the	Board	and	approved	unanimously.	
                                                                   9.	      NATIONAL	CONVENTION	2011:		Kim	Cowart,	
                                                                   2011	Convention	Chairperson,	presented	a	list	of	the	
                                                                   Committee	Chairpersons	for	the	Convention.		We	still	
                                                                   need	to	appoint	a	Publicity	Chair	and	an	Entertainment	
                                                                   Chair	as	soon	as	possible.		Kim	Cowart	told	committee	
                                                                   chairpersons	 that	 we	 will	 provide	 them	 with	 budgets	
                                                                   and	 that	 people	 with	 ideas	 for	 specific	 areas	 should	
                                                                   contact	the	appropriate	committee	chairperson.		Regina	
                                                                   Broughton	 will	 assist	 Kim	 Cowart	 as	 co-chair	 for	 the	
New RFTRA BOD (L to R): Sallie Kudra, Tanya Kingsley, Ted          10.	     RIDE	 SCHEDULE:	 	 Region	 5	 has	 10	 rides	
Curtis, Mary Leslie, Connie Driskell, Regina Broughton, Gary       scheduled	 for	 this	 year:	 	 3	 new	 rides—Springtime	 at	
Clayton, Linda Clayton, Wayne Tolbert, Tammy Lineback, Cindy       Biltmore	 (April	 10-11),	 Virginia	 Highlands	 CTR	 (July	
Keen, Vince Harris. Not shown: Joyce Lewis.                        10-11),	 and	 Kings	 Mountain	 CTR	 (November	 6-7);	 3	
                                                                   clinics—one	in	Florida,	one	in	Virginia,	and	one	at	East	
old	picture	was	taken	from	an	actual	picture	of	Bev	               Fork	Stables.		Gary	Clayton	said	that	there	may	also	
Tibbetts,	for	historical	reasons,	the	Board	agreed	                be	another	clinic	in	Alabama.		Cindy	Keen	mentioned	
to	(in	the	memory	of	Bev	Tibbetts)	keep	the	original	              that	in	the	ride	booklet,	the	contact	info.	for	the	Benefit	
silhouette	of	Bev	as	the	official	NATRC	logo.	                     Ride	 is	 inaccurate.	 	 It	 will	 be	 corrected	 before	 these	
5.	      SOUTHEASTERN	EQUESTRAIN	TRAILS	                           things	 go	 out.	 	 The	 Ride	 Calendar	 has	 the	 Benefit	
CONFERENCE:		Region	5	will	be	a	Silver	Sponsor	                    Ride	 information	 correct,	 but	 does	 not	 list	 the	 King’s	
($500)	and	will	have	a	booth	at	the	2010	Southeastern	             Mountain	CTR.
Equestrian	Trails	Conference	(SETC)	on	July	15-                    11.	     COMPUTER	 EQUIPMENT	 MANAGEMENT:	                     	
17,	2010	in	Atlanta,	GA.		Our	representatives	to	this	             Vince	 Harris	 reported	 about	 Yahoo	 Groups—setting	
Conference	will	be	Ted	Curtis	and	Mary	Leslie.		Mary	              up	a	group	discussion	forum	in	Yahoo.		Region	4	has	
Leslie	and	Tanya	Kingsley	will	manage	the	booth.	                  one	 and	 it	 is	 a	 good	 source	 for	 discussion.	 	 Vince	
6.	                F    B
                                 M           D     C           	   passed	 out	 a	 proposal	 for	 chat-list	 rules.	 	 Vince	 has	
It	was	also	suggested	that	we	have	our	summer	Region	              already	 set	 up	 a	 Yahoo	 Group	 for	 Region	 5	 and	 will	
5	board	meeting	in	conjunction	with	SETC.		The	Board	              start	inviting	members	soon.		Sallie	Kudra	and	Carolyn	
decided	to	have	our	Board	meeting	on	Saturday,	July	               Chapman	will	be	moderators	and	Vince	Harris	will	be	
17	 at	 5:00	 p.m.	 	 Mary	 Leslie	 will	 secure	 a	 site	 near	   the	Administrator.		Inappropriate	posts	will	be	deleted	
the	 Conference	 for	 the	 Board	 meeting.	 	 This	 is	 a	         and	disciplinary	actions	can	be	taken.		Also,	Gary	has	
change	 from	 the	 meeting	 date	 of	August	 7	 originally	        asked	 Vince	 to	 explore	 the	 Constant	 Contact	 e-mail	
scheduled.                                                         service.		He	will	pursue	this.
7.	      AMERICAN	TRAILS	SYMPOSIUM:		The	Board	                    12.	     RIDE	 EQUIPMENT:	 	 Because	 several	 of	 our	
also	 discussed	 the	 need	 to	 contribute	 some	 money	           numbered	 ride	 pennies	 go	 missing	 each	 year,	 the	
to	 support	 the	 American	 Trails	 National	 Symposium	           Board	voted	that	for	the	2010	ride	year—ALL	Pennies	
in	 Chattanooga	 on	 Nov.	 14-17,	 2010	 and	 send	 a	             will	be	collected	at	the	end	of	each	ride--even	pennies	
representative	there	to	man	the	booth.		Doreen	Portner	            purchased	 at	 the	 Mini-Convention	 Auction.	 	 	 Sallie	
will	 be	 in	 attendance	 from	 National	 but	 wants	 R5	 to	      Kudra	made	a	Motion	to	change	the	way	we	conduct	
man	the	NATRC	booth.		Regina	Broughton	and	Wayne	                  the	 Penny	 auction	 to	 make	 it	 a	 silent	 auction	 with	
Tolbert	will	attend	this	Symposium	from	Region	5.                  starting	the	bids	for	Open	at	$75	and	that	the	Novice	
8.	             N          C                 P
         2011	 ATIONAL	 ONVENTION	 ROGRAM:	 he	             T
                                                            	      and	CP	bids	start	at	$25.			The	motion	was	voted	on	
2011	NATRC	national	convention	ideas	were	presented	               and	approved	unanimously.
by	 Marty	 Findley.	 	She	 shared	 with	 us	 her	 plan	 for	       13.	     PROPOSED	RULE	
“Awakening	the	Spirit	of	the	Horse	Within	Each	of	                 CHANGES:		Connie	Driskell	reported	
Us”.		She	presented	her	budget	that	included	speaker	              on	the	proposed	rule	changes	made	
fees,	airfare	for	speakers,	and	other	expenses	that	she	           by	the	National	Board.
expects	 to	 realize	 as	 the	 program	 progresses.	 	She	                      1.	 Rule	changes	were	
emphasized	the	need	for	each	member	of	Region	Five	                                  discussed	regarding	
                                                                   (Continued on page 6)                                Page 
(Continued from page 5)                           April/May/June 2010
                changes	to	the	Boot	rule:		Pulling	of	
                Sanctions	for	under-mileaged	rides,	
                and	to	require	the	horsemanship	judge	
                to	be	at	the	final	vet-out	exam.		
            2.	 Awards	changes:		Adding	ride	types—
                clarifies	what	a	DO	is	and	that	AA	rides	
                consist	of	three	days	of	riding.		Clarifies	
                how	AA,	A	and	B	rides	are	computed	
                for	awards.	
            3.	 Rule	changes	and	Awards	Changes	
                will	be	voted	on	by	National	Board	
                Members	after	receiving	input	from	
                their	memberships.	
            4.	 Suggested	By-Law	changes:		National	
                Board	of	Directors	Term	Limits;	
                eliminating	ballots	when	electronic	                 ATTENTION ALL JUNIOR RIDERS!
                ballots	will	suffice	or	printing	them	in	          JUNIOR RIDER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                the	Hoofprint;	putting	nominations	               THIS PROGRAM WILL BE CONTINUED
                solicitations	in	the	hands	of	the	                       FOR THE 2010 RIDE SEASON!!
                Regions	rather	than	the	National	
                Board.		These	Bylaws	changes	will	be	           An anonymous donor has generously agreed to
                voted	on	by	the	general	membership.             extend this program to offer a $50 Ride Entry Fee
14.	REGION	FIVE	BOARD	ELECTION	                                 reimbursement, for each qualified ride, to Junior
    NOMINATIONS:		Nominations	are	due	in	July.                  Riders competing in Region Five during 2010. To be
    Mary	Leslie’s	term	will	expire	and	she	will	not	run	        eligible for the Junior Rider Assistance Program:
       for	re-election.                                         • The Junior Rider must be an NATRC member of
    Regina	Broughton’s	term	will	expire	and	she	will	               REGION FIVE as of October 1, 2010;
       run	for	re-election.                                     • A qualified ride is any Junior Class in any
    Ted	Curtis’s	term	will	expire	and	he	will	run	for	re-           Division of any Region 5 NATRC sanctioned ride;
       election.                                                • The Junior Rider must time out on the first day of
    Tanya	Kingsley	is	in	Carolyn	Chapman’s	position,	               competition of the qualified ride;
       which	will	expire,	and	she	will	run	for	re-              • The Junior Rider must provide, in writing,
       election.                                                    the name and dates of each qualified ride to
    Connie	Driskell,	who	will	be	going	off	the	National	            the Region 5 Treasurer, along with supporting
       Board,	will	also	run	for	election.                           documentation, such as copies of scorecards.
    Two	alternates	must	be	elected	as	well.		                       Postmark deadline is December 15, 2010;
                                                                • A reimbursement check will be presented to
    The	meeting	was	adjourned	at	1:05	p.m.                          each eligible Junior Rider at the Annual Region
                                                                    Five Mini-Convention and Awards Banquet in
To	obtain	a	copy	of	the	complete	minutes	of	this	                   February, following the ride year conclusion;
Board	meeting,	please	contact	Regina	Broughton	at	              • Each recipient is encouraged to be present at the                                            Mini-Convention and Awards Banquet in order to
                                                                    receive the reimbursement check. --Anonymous--
                                                                Please submit your requests to:
R5 lost Pat Harmon, a member and friend, on February 4,         Junior Rider Program
2010 after a brief battle with cancer. Pat was a farrier by     c/o Connie Driskell             home: 828-684-5650
trade and a cowboy at heart. He was a charming, quiet man       524 Mills Gap Rd      
                   with a constant smile on his face, as well   Arden, North Carolina 28704
                   as being an excellent horseman. While
                   this cowboy loved to dance, whenever he      Note: Please provide mailing addresses and check
                   competed, he always wore an ASTM-SEI         payable information along with your reimbursement
                   approved helmet! Region 5 will miss          requests. Any questions, contact Connie Driskell.
                                                   April/May/June 2010
                      Did You Know?
               by Kathy Nicholl as explained by Connie Driskell
                                                                      Attention NATRC Region 5 Members
     A brief listing of how well our Junior Rider                              Nominating Ballot
Reimbursement program has been working might help                          for the 2010 RFTRA BOD
members to fully understand and appreciate the generosity
of our anonymous donor, who would love to see those                   Elections for the Region Five Trail Riders
Junior Riders who have received reimbursement. It is                  Association’s Board of Directors will be held this
hoped that the Junior Riders of 2010 will attend the big              summer.
celebration at the combined National and Regional Mini-
Convention in Nashville, TN, on February 10-13, 2011, to              There are four Board positions up for election, as
receive their reimbursement checks and to be recognized as            well as two Alternate Board Member positions.
the wonderful Region 5 Junior Riders that they are.
     The first year of this program was 2007 and a                      Mary Leslie’s term will expire and she will not run
whopping total of $1,500 was distributed to the following               for re-election.
nine Junior Riders: Corianna Bowman, William Goza,                      Regina Broughton’s term will expire and she will run
Christina Infanti, Marcy Lineback, Emily Molgaard,                      for re-election.
Sydney Riggsby, Joshua Schaefer, Morgan Whitmer, and                    Ted Curtis’s term will expire and he will run for re-
Laura Williams.                                                         election.
                                                                        Tanya Kingsley is in Carolyn Chapman’s position,
     The second year (2008) saw $400 being awarded to
                                                                        which will expire, and Tanya will run for re-election.
three Junior Riders: William Goza, Charles Kaarlie, and                 Connie Driskell, who will be going off the National
Caroline Mabey.                                                         Board, will run for election to the Regional Board.
     At this year’s Mini Convention and Awards Banquet,                 Two alternates must be elected as well.
a total of $1,000 was awarded to the following eight
2009 Junior Riders: Hannah Glenny, William Goza,                      If you are interested in running for the Board, or if
Christina Infanti, Charles Kaarlie, Marcy Lineback, Kaylie            you would like to nominate someone for candidacy
Livingstone, Cassee Nalazek, and Emily Rand.                          (with their permission), please contact:
     Each year, Connie notifies the anonymous donor of
the total amount of money that has been applied for that                   Regina Broughton, Region Five Secretary
is eligible for reimbursement and a check, written out to              
“RFTRA,” is sent to Connie. She then writes an official                             Phone: 423-968-2303
receipt for the donated funds, which can then be used as a
deduction on personal income taxes.                                   THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR GREAT
     Did you know that any time you donate money to                    ORGANIZATION WITH YOUR TIME AND
RFTRA, Connie will be glad to write you a receipt for use                          TALENTS.
as a deduction on your taxes? For instance, BOD members
might prefer to have a donation receipt when they don’t
want to take reimbursement for an expense. Connie says                     Back Country Horsemen of America
that if reimbursement isn’t wanted, members could accept
                                                                                                            from Regina Broughton
the reimbursement check, but then turn around and write
a personal check back to RFTRA for the reimbursement                        Attention NATRC Region Five members:
amount. Not a bad idea if you’d like to help RFTRA and            The Back Country Horsemen of America is an organization
want to know that all of your donation is going to a worthy       that is very active in maintaining and sustaining trails in the
cause, with no overhead to reduce your donation.                  United States.
                                                                  The purpose of this organization is stated as:
                                                                  1. To perpetuate the common sense use and enjoyment
       Junior Riders Cassee                                            of horses in America’s back country and wilderness.
         Nalazek and Marcy                                        2. To work to insure that public lands remain open to
          Lineback receiving                                           recreational stock use.
    their 2009 Junior Rider                                       3. To assist the various government
     Reimbursement checks                                              and private agencies in their
   at the February 27, 2010
                                                                       maintenance and management of
                                                                       said resource.

                                                                  (continued on page 8)                                   Page 
(continued from page 7)                          April/May/June 2010
4. To educate, encourage and solicit active participation
    in the wise use of the back country resource by
    horsemen and the general public commensurate
                                                               SAFE HORSE TRAINING
    with our heritage.                                                               with
5. To foster and encourage the formation of new state                     JOYCE LEWIS
    Back Country Horsemen’s organizations.
                                                                   Specializing in Obstacle Negotiation,
Their web site is at:
                                                              Despooking, and Overall Horsemanship Training

Region Five Trail Riders Association encourages you
to join a local chapter of Back Country Horsemen to
assist with trail maintenance, and to promote legislative
activity to maintain and expand trails in the United
States.                                                                    704-836-6201

For more information, contact Ted Curtis, Region 5
Trail Advocacy Committee Chairperson, at:                                Still thinking about recipes?                                       Try this one from Mary Britt:
                                                                              Fruit Salad Dessert

                       *** NEW ***                            1/2 C. sugar
             Discussion group for Region 5 of                 2 Tbl. cornstarch
  The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC)            1 (20 oz.) can pineapple chunks, drained (reserve
  An online place for NATRC Region 5 members and              juice)
                                                              1 Tbl. lemon juice
  others to post: Information on rides
                                                              1 Tbl. grated orange peel
                  Conventions updates
                                                              1/3 C. orange juice
                  Items to sell or buy                        1 (11 oz.) can mandarin oranges, drained
                  Ride stories                                2 medium apples, cut up
                  Pictures                                    2 bananas, sliced
                  Mentor                                      Stir sugar and cornstarch together in saucepan.
                                                              Blend in 3/4 C. pineapple juice, lemon juice,
                  Be mentored
                                                              orange peel and orange juice. Cook over medium
                  Promote this great sport                    heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens
                  Stay in touch with your NATRC               and boils. Boil and stir 1 minute. While hot, pour
                   Region 5 friends                           over fruit. Refrigerate uncovered several hours or
                             AND IT IS FREE!                  overnight. 12 to 16 servings.
                  group/natrc5 in the address bar of your     Tanya Kingsley is still collecting favorite recipes
                  internet browser and                        for a possible cookbook. Please send Tanya any
                  Come Join in the fun today!!!!              you’d like to share at:

                                                   April/May/June 2010
               RFTRA Mini-Convention                             needed. Adding in acreage for barns, rings, paddocks, and
                 February 27, 2010                               grain and hay growing makes loss of land to development
                                                                 a fast-growing and critical problem. Libbie urged land
                                              by Kathy Nicholl   owners to look into putting their land into a conservation
     Our 2010 mini-convention on Feb. 27, at The Phoenix         easment to keep it available for future horse use.
Greenville’s Inn in Greenville, SC, was well attended. The             Finally, Julie Capaldi, representing Specialized
new regional Board of Directors, elected and installed           Saddles, did an excellent presentation on saddle fit. Julie
at the end of the November 21 meeting, met Saturday              pointed out that sore backs are not always due to saddle
morning. New members include Cindy Keen and Vince                fit, and that riders needed to also look at conformation,
Harris, with Wayne Tolbert and Tammy Lineback re-                conditioning, usage, and other factors. Saddles are used
elected for a new 2-year term. Filling the unexpired term        to distribute weight evenly on a horse’s back and must
of Carolyn Chapman is Tanya Kingsley, and filling Tanya’s        fit (1) width (side-to-side), (2) arch over the withers, and
Alternate position for 2010 is Linda Clayton. Officers           (3) angle of bars. An ill-fitting saddle results in pressure
elected by the Board at the November meeting are Gary            and/or bridging, causing soreness. Julie demonstrated
Clayton-President, Wayne Tolbert-Vice President, Regina          how she custom adjusts every Specialized Saddle she sells,
Broughton-Secretary, and Connie Driskell-Treasurer.              using both the tree size and assorted shims to achieve a
     The afternoon featured four different presentations,        comfortable fit.
with Kim Cowart hosting. First were Marty Findley,
Mark Jones, and Debbie Jones, describing how to manage
a successful CTR. Even though there might always be
problems which cannot really be understood until someone                                                       Presenters
actually manages a ride, the presenters emphasized how                                                           at the
worthwhile it was for them, and they encouraged members                                                          Mini
to try it, or at least to volunteer to help others who try it.
If you can find 25 miles of safe, well-marked trails and a                                                     Convention
good camping area, you can hold a CTR.
     Seven necessary steps were discussed: (1) select a
date, (2) secure key people, (3) get sanction and camping        Debbie & Mark Jones, Marty Findley
area, (4) get support people and NATRC’s Management
manual, (5) publicity, (6) prepare a budget, and (7) do a
good ride info sheet for riders’ packets so riders know what                              Julie Capaldi,
they are paying for.                                                                         Specialized
     After a quick break and before the next presentation,
Janis Baldwin hooked up a laptop computer and
demonstrated the changes she is making to the existing
Ride Management System. She showed how the new, more
user-friendly screens would look, and said that she hopes to
complete the changes this calendar year.                          Libbie Johnson,
     Next Libbie Johnson, representing Equine Land                    ELCR
Conservation Resources (ELCR), gave the battle cry:                                                        Janis Baldwin,
“No land, no horses!” She explained that by ELCR’s                                                         R5 Webmaster
calculations, 250 acres are being lost to horse/rider use
every HOUR! This is based on the fact that 34 million
acres have been lost in the last 20 years—that’s 250 acres
per hour, or 4.168 acres per minute. Libbie said that there
are 9.2 million horses in the U.S., 2 million horse owners,          The Banquet and Awards Ceremony began after a
with a $102 billion impact on the GNP, involving 1.4             brief Meet and Greet session. The penny auction normally
million jobs and paying 1.9 billion in taxes. Furthermore,       following the banquet was changed to a
71% of all horses are owned for recreation by middle class       silent auction, where riders could check
owners (46% fall in the $25,000 to $75,000 income range,         bid lists until the end of the Awards
only 26% make over $100,000). 45 states have horse               Ceremony, when the winners and
populations of over 20,000 horses. One horse requires            amounts bid were announced. After the
1.5 acres, but if pastures are rotated, 3 acres per horse are    meal, master of ceremonies Kim Cowart,
                                                                 (continued on page 10)                                 Page 
(continued from page 9)                                April/May/June 2010
assisted by Tanya Kingsley, presented the Region 5 2009 Horse Condition and Horsemanship Awards. Next, National
Awards that had been announced at the NATRC convention were presented again in Region 5. Other Open, Novice, and
CP, Team, National Championships, Mileage, and Breed awards from the national level were also presented.
     Next, Appreciation awards were presented to Kathy Nicholl (Region 5 appreciation) and Linda Clayton (NATRC’s
appreciation). There was also a tribute to Mary Anna Woods and her all-time NATRC total mileage horse, Elmer Bandit.
Checks were given to Juniors who participated in the Junior Rider Reimbursement program. To close out the evening,
Marty Findley played a slide show, featuring riders, judges, and volunteers—past as well as present—who have made
Region Five so memorable.
     Many thanks to Region 5’s great Board of Directors for making this mini-convention possible. Congratulations to
all winners and sincere thanks to all riders (and the many volunteers) who train and work so hard to support our sport of
competitive trail riding.
     The mini-convention provided another festive and memorable end to a year of competition, and a great start for the
2010 ride season.

    Congratulations to Open Division Award Winners

                                                                                                                     Kathy Nicholl and presenter
                                                   Open Lightweight: Martha Findley,                                       Gary Clayton
 Open Heavyweight: Gary Clayton, Elsa
     VanEysbergen, Wayne Tolbert                    Regina Broughton, Debbie Jones

      Congratulations to CP Division Award Winners                                                                     2009 Appreciation
                                                                                           Photos by Kathy Nicholl


                                                                                                                      Region 5 Appreciation
                                                                                                                       Award presented to
                                                                                                                         Kathy Nicholl
                                                                                                                      National Appreciation
                                                                                                                       Award presented to
                                                                                                                         Linda Clayton

   CP Condition: Tammy Lineback, Ted             CP Horsemansip: Cindy Keen, Ted Curtis,
    Curtis, Karen Curtis, Cindy Keen                 Karen Curtis, Tammy Lineback

   Congratulations to Novice Division Award Winners

                          Novice Lightweight:
                            Michelle Daniels,
                           Julie Hall, Melissa

                                                                                                                     Linda Clayton and presenter
                                                                                                                           Wayne Tolbert
Page 10
                                                     April/May/June 2010
OPEN HEAVYWEIGHT CONDITION                               Photos by Kathy Nicholl     OPEN HEAVYWT HORSEMANSHIP
1-Windstorm Sienna/ Wayne Tolbert              118                                   1- Wayne Tolbert      104
2- CJ Garnet Reflection/ Tommy Mitchell         80                                   2- Gary Clayton        67
3- Marno’s Terra Cotta/ Sallie Kudra            58                                   3- Sallie Kudra        62
4- Red Bird’s Ransom/ Gary Clayton              47                                   4- Tommy Mitchell      52
5- Jake 4/ Elsa VanEysbergen                    23                                   5- Lisa Scott          30
                                                                                     6- Elsa VanEysbergen   17
1- Khapital/ Debbie Jones                      86                                    OPEN LIGHTWT HORSEMANSHIP
2- Alens Pretty Boy Floyd/                     76                                    1- Debbie Jones        81
    Lori Lee Williams                                                                2- Carolyn Chapman     62
3- Gypsy Dancer L.R./ Carolyn Chapman          50         Master of Ceremonies       3- Lori Lee Williams   58
4- Tommys Impressev Ace/Regina Broughton       36             Kim Cowart             4- Martha Findley      39
5- Fletcher Wildflower/ Martha Findley         33                                    5- Regina Broughton    38
6- Oak Knoll Holly/ Julie Nathan               24                                    6- Julie Nathan        18
OPEN JUNIOR CONDITION                                                                OPEN JUNIOR HORSEMANSHIP
1- Charlie’s Prince Andrew/ William Goza       16                                    1- William Goza         15
NOVICE HEAVYWEIGHT CONDITION                                                         NOVICE HVYWT HORSEMANSHIP
1- Heart’s Desire/ Sandy West-Pegram           88                                    1- Sandy West-Pegram  70
2- Royal Sky/ Courtney Keen                    44                                    2- Courtney Keen      44
3- Royal Serendipity/ Terry Silver             34                                    3- Terry Silver       28
4- Ledo Angus/ Lucy Barber                     26                                    3- Lucy Atkins        28
5- Loco Motion/ Douglass McConnell             16                                    4- Linda Corwin       25
6- Feather’s Jumpin’ Jack/ Barbara Robertson   12                                    5- Barbara Robertson  18
NOVICE LIGHTWEIGHT CONDITION                         Open Hi Pt Ltwt Team Debbie Jones NOVICE LTWT HORSEMANSHIP
1- Painter’s Polka Dots/ Melissa Molaison      82    Open Hi Pt Hwt Team Wayne Tolbert 1- Melissa Molaison    90
2- ML Meadowlark Traveller/                    66                                      2- Julie Hall          33
    Mary Ann Wenck                                                                     3- Patty Lucas         30
3- Sunny Georgia/ Patty Lucas                  42                                      4- Victoria Eriksson   26
4- Scatoaks Major Jake/ Julie Hall             41                                      5- Susan Roberts       25
5- Emily’s Lady Margarit/ Victoria Eriksson    40                                      6- Michelle Daniels    21
6- Buffett/ Michelle Daniels                   23
                                                                                     NOVICE JUNIOR HORSEMANSHIP
NOVICE JUNIOR CONDITION                                                              1- Charles Kaarlie      21
1- Dakota Firestorm/ Charles Kaarlie           23                                    2- Emily Rand           14
2- That’s My George/ Emily Rand                19
                                                                                     COMPETITIVE PLEASURE
COMPETITIVE PLEASURE CONDITION                                                       HORSEMANSHIP
1- Susie’s Stardust/ Tammy Lineback   70                                             1- Ted Curtis                          72
2- Pride’s Second Girl/ Ted Curtis    62                                             1- Tammy Lineback                      72
3- Dakota’s Dark Knight/ Kathy Hardin 52                                             2- Karen Curtis                        56
4- Delight’s Amber Beauty/ Cindy Keen 46                 Novice Hi Pt Ltwt Team      3- Kathy Hardin                        49
5- Khiss N Bandyt/ Waltrine Miller    38                   Melissa Molaison          4- Cindy Keen                          48
6- Jubilee’s Shadow/ Karen Curtis     28                                             5- Waltrine Miller                     28
                                                                                     6- Joyce Lewis                         34
                TEAM AWARDS
                                                                                             HIGH POINT AWARDS
 Open Heavyweight Team: Windstorm Sienna &
    Wayne Tolbert                                                                    High Point Open Horse: Windstorm Sienna
 Open Lightweight Team: Khapital & Debbie Jones                                         ridden by Wayne Tolbert
 Open Junior Team: Charlie’s Prince Andrew &                                         High Point Open Rider, Polly Bridges
    William Goza                                                                        Award: Wayne Tolbert
 Novice Heavyweight Team: Heart’s Desire & Sandy                                     High Point Novice Horse: Heart’s Desire
    West-Pegram                                                                         ridden by Sandy West-Pegram
 Novice Lightweight Team: Painter’s Polka Dots &                                     High Point Novice Rider: Melissa
    Melissa Molaison                                                                    Molaison
 Novice Junior Team: Dakota Firestorm & Charles                                      High Point CP Horse: Susie’s Stardust
    Kaarlie                                                                             ridden by Tammy Lineback
 CP Team Award: Susie’s Stardust & Tammy                                             High Point CP Rider: (tied) Ted Curtis and
    Lineback                                          CP Hi Pt Team Tammy Lineback      Tammy Lineback

                                                                                                                    Page 11
                                                   April/May/June 2010
                 Laminitis Symposium                              discovered that laminitis is incredibly common—almost
              by Kate Bond, Mill Spring, NC (via Julie Capaldi)   everyone we knew had a heartbreaking story to tell.
                                                                      As a result of our common experiences, we joined
                                     I have had several
                                                                  with another friend, Linda Symborski (who also had a
                                 horses in my life but
                                                                  laminitis story) and decided to organize the First Annual
                                 Shoshone was the
                                                                  Carolina Laminitis Symposium, to be held on Saturday,
                                 special one. She was a
                                                                  May 15, 2010, at the SC State Museum in Columbia, SC.
                                 gray Arab cross with a
                                                                  The purpose of the symposium is to provide every horse
                                 stellar endurance record,
                                                                  owner with the most current information and research on
                                 including the famous Tevis
                                                                  laminitis. Dr. Don Walsh, director of Clinical Research at
                                 Cup. When I had to have
                                                                  Homestead Veterinary Hospital and President of the Animal
                                 her put down in March
                                                                  Health Foundation, and Kathryn Watts, forage specialist
                                 2008, at age 19, I was
                                                                  and owner of Rocky Mountain Research and Consulting,
                                 devastated. It was laminitis
                                                                  Inc., will be presenters. All proceeds will go to the Animal
and I blamed myself. She had recovered from laminitis
                                                                  Health Foundation, a non-profit organization made up
once before and was doing great. It must have been
                                                                  entirely of volunteer veterinarians and researchers, so they
something I did or did not do.
                                                                  may continue their research into the causes and possible
    I did what every good horse owner does when she
                                                                  cures for this complex disease.
wants to do the very best for her horse; I searched the
                                                                      For more information on the Symposium, the
internet for everything I could find regarding causes,
                                                                  presenters, and to register to attend, you can go to the
symptoms, triggers, feed, etc. for horses prone to laminitis.
                                                                  Symposium website: or call
I took advice from everyone. I kept her weight down, used
                                                                  Julie Capaldi at 864-420-1635. Registration is limited to
a muzzle, made a dry lot, and restricted her grazing. But I
                                                                  200 participants, so please register early.
lost her anyway. Amazingly, as common a problem as it is,
everything I had read and heard about laminitis seemed to
contradict something else. Everyone had different advice.
No one seemed to have an answer.
                                                                       SPECIALIZED SADD
    I had gotten Shoshone from my best friend, Julie
                                                                         The One       LES
Capaldi, and she grieved with me. Then last summer,
                                                                        with the
Julie’s horse, Buddy, was diagnosed with laminitis. This
just couldn’t happen! Julie Capaldi was the most obsessive
horse owner I have ever known. No one took better care
of a horse than Julie. Over the months that followed, Julie            “THE ANSWER” for
                                                                       thousands of endurance,
discovered Dr. Don Walsh, a veterinarian from St. Louis,
                                                                       competitive trail, team
Missouri, and founder of the Animal Health Foundation.                 penning, barrel racing, and
His research and resulting paper, “Laminitis Attack: The               pleasure riders worldwide. Free
First Line of Defense,” provided immeasurable help to Julie            DVD and brochures. Demo
                  and Buddy, and because of Dr. Walsh’s                program available.

                  research and advice, Buddy is now doing              • •
                  well. But in the course of supporting                Julie Capaldi, Authorized Rep.
                                                                       PO Box 424 • Pickens, SC 29671
                  and sympathizing with each other and
                                                                       864-420-1635 •
                  in talking to other horse owners, we had
Page 1
                                                   April/May/June 2010
     PROPOSED RULE CHANGES FOR 2011                                 Page 6-2 Section 6.C.1.c. Reads: Tack and Equipment:
                                                                        The evaluation of tack and equipment ... proper
    Submitted by Betty Wolgram, National Director for Region 3          fit, adjustment, repair; trail gear placement and
At the National Board Meeting in Reno, NV, February                     security.
18, 2010, the Board of Directors approved the following             Change by adding: The evaluation of tack and
proposed rule changes to be passed on to the NATRC                      equipment ... proper fit, adjustment, repair;
membership for review. Board will discuss comments                      adjustment, proper fit of any attached strap,
by membership at its July meeting as part of the rules                  keeper, or gaiter; trail gear placement and security.
adoption process, and at its November meeting will vote          Purpose: From the Judges Committee; the new boot
on the proposed rule changes. If approved, they will go                 designs have given riders much more of a choice
into effect for the 2011 ride season. Please contact your               in how they would like to compete. This will also
regional directors Gary Clayton e-mail gclay24251@                      encourage and remind judges to check for rubs, fit, (334) 281-5509 and/or Connie Driskell e-mail                etc. (828) 684-5650 with comments,
questions, etc. that you wish presented at the July              3. Page 5-4 Section 5 J2.e Reads: Catastrophic
meeting. Proposed changes are bolded and underlined.             circumstances or uncontrollable acts of God causing
                                                                 disruption of completion of time schedules will be
1. Page 2-1 Section 2.A.3.Add:                                   adjudicated by management in consultation with judges and
         c. All participants, personnel, and equine              Rules Interpreter.
owners must sign a NATRC liability release form.                    Add: Rides failing to meet the minimum mileage
Purpose: The Rule Book requires participants in clinics to       criteria may have sanction withdrawn by the Sanction
sign a release form, but does not require the same for rides.    Chairman with the approval of the BOD. (See Section
                                                                 4A1b and A2c for minimum mileage requirements)
2. Page 5-2 Section 5.E. Reads: Shoeing                          Purpose: To clarify and remind management, judges and
       1. There are no shoeing restrictions.                     Rules Interpreter of the minimum mileage for a CTR. Also
   Change to: 5.E. Hoof Protection                               state the consequences if minimum mileage is not met.
       1. There are no shoeing restrictions.
       2. All types of hoof boots that provide sole              4. Page 6-1 Section 6.A.5. Reads: Final Examination:
           protection are allowed. However, any                  There must be a final examination (including condition,
           attached strap, keeper, or gaiter must not            soundness, and manners) of all horses by the veterinary
           extend above the pastern. The judges may              judge after the completion of the final day’s ride.
           request to observe the area covered by the               Change to read: There must be a final examination
           attached strap, keeper, or gaiter.                    (including condition, soundness, and manners) of all horses
                                                                 by the veterinary and horsemanship judges after the
  Page 5-2 Section 5.F.4. Reads: Protective devices on           completion of the final day’s ride.
       the legs of the horse are not allowed. The leg is         Purpose: To require both judges to be present at the final
       defined as all structures above and including the         evaluation to increase communication, so both judges
       coronet band.                                             will know the status of the team at the end of competition.
  Change to : Protective devices, such as bell boots or          For example, if a horse gets “completion only”, the
       wraps, are not permissible on the legs of horses          horsemanship judge will know.
       except for hoof sole protections as allowed under
       Section 5.E.2. The leg is defined as all structures        NATRC Thanks Our 50th Anniversary Sponsors
       above and including the coronet band.
   Page 6-2 Section 6.B.2. Reads: Soundness 45%: The
       evaluation of soundness shall include, but not be
       limited to, the following: lameness ... cinch sores,
       rubs, splints, ringbone, spavin, sidebone, etc.
   Change by adding: The evaluation of soundness
       shall include, but not be limited to, the following:            
       lameness ... cinch sores, rubs (including areas
       covered by any attached strap, keeper, or                     
       gaiter), splints, ringbone, spavin, sidebone, etc.

                                                                 (continued on bottom of page 14)
                                                                                                                  Page 1
                                                   April/May/June 2010

                          Region	Five	Remaining	2010	Ride	Schedule
April	10-11	       	      Springtime	@	Biltmore	          	       	      Asheville,	NC	 	             A-O,N,CP;	B-N
	        	         	      Connie	Driskell,	524	Mills	Gap	Road,	Arden,	NC	28704	 	       	             828-684-5650
May	8	 	          	       Virginia	Highlands	CTR	Clinic		       	         Christiansburg,	VA	
                 IN       Judith	Shrum,	1364	Laurel	Creek	Rd	NE	,	Pilot,	VA	24138	        	           540-651-8492
	      	       CL 	       Email:	 	       	       	         	       	       	           540-320-0499
June	5-6	          	      Faye	Whittemore	Farms	CTR	 	           	       Jasper,	AL	        	         A&B-O,N;	A-CP	
	      	           	      Michelle	Goza,	8046	Bluff	Ridge	Rd.,	Bessemer,	AL	35023	          	         205-229-3202
July	10-11	        	      Virginia	Highlands	CTR	       	       	         Ivanhoe,	VA	      	         A-O,N,CP/B-O,N,CP
	       	          	      Judith	Shrum,	1364	Laurel	Creek	Rd	NE	,	Pilot,	VA	24138	          	         540-651-8492
	       	          	      Email:	 	       	       	         	      	          	         540-320-0499
August	4	          	      East	Fork	CTR	Clinic	 	        	       	       Allardt,	TN	   	
                L IN      Wayne	Tolbert,	9598	Antioch	Ch.	Rd.	W.	Lenoir	City,	TN	37772	 	             865-986-3333
               C          Email:		     	       	       	        	     	             865-363-7563
September	4-5	 	          Region	Five	Benefit	Ride	      	       	      Dawsonville,	GA	              A-O,N,CP;	B-N
	     	        	          Cindy	Keen,	1620	Bellevue	Rd.,	Dublin,	GA	31021	    	        	              478-290-3868
	     	        	          Email:	    	       	      	     	        	              478-272-5097
September	11-12		         Ride	The	Edge		          	       	       	       Allardt,	TN	    	          A-O,N,CP;	B-N
                          Virginia	Tolbert,	9598	Antioch	Ch.	Rd.	W.	Lenoir	City,	TN	37772	 	          865-986-3333
                          Email:		       	       	       	        	      	          865-363-7563
September	25-26	          Heart	of	Dixie	 	      	      	        	      Troy,	AL		      	             A&B-O,N,CP
	     	       	           Linda	Clayton,	6774	W	Old	Haynesville	Rd.,	Hope	Hull,	AL	36043	             334-281-5509
	     	       	           Email:	     	        	      	        	      	             334-567-6766
October	9-10	      	      Autumn	@	Biltmore	 	            	       	      Asheville,	NC	 	             AA-O;	A-O,N,CP;	B-N
	      	           	      Connie	Driskell,	524	Mills	Gap	Road,	Arden,	NC	28704	 	       	             828-684-5650
November	6-7	 	           Kings	Mountain	CTR	 	           	      	      Kings	Mountain,	NC	           A-O,N,CP
	     	       	           Mary	K.	Britt,	P	O	Box	725,	Hazelwood,	NC	28738	     	       	              828-456-7554

           Ride	schedule	is	subject	to	change,	so	be	sure	to	contact	the	Ride	Manager	for	specific	ride	information.
                         All	rides	need	volunteers!		Register	for	rides	online	at
	        	        	       Other	Clinics	may	be	offered	in	2010
	        	        	 IC    Please	check	the	web	site	for	current	information
	        	    C LIN
                  	       Possible	Clinic	with	date	not	yet	set:
	        	        	       Clinic	@	Faye	Whittemore	Farms	         	      Jasper,	AL
	        	        	       Michelle	Goza
 (continued from page 13)
                                      NATRC thanks our 50th Anniversary Sponsors                                                                                                                                               

Page 1
                                                                      April/May/June 2010
                                           N.A.T.R.C. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                       YOU CAN ALSO RENEW, JOIN OR PURCHASE ITEMS ONLINE!

                  New member must list you as the one responsible in helping them in their decision to join NATRC.
    Memberships run from January 1-December 31. NATRC offers ten membership plans: six Regular, two Platinum and two Lifetime Annual Platinum
      Upgrades. The Platinum plans receive all the benefits of the Regular plans plus personal excess liability coverage with a $1,000,000 policy limit.

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: All NATRC memberships include: one Rule Book (upon request) or as many rulebooks as desired downloaded from,
newsletter, eligibility to compete for NATRC annual high score awards and championships, rider and horse mileage awards, and reduced ride entry fees.
          Memberships include both national and regional dues. When you join NATRC you are automatically a member of your respective region.

    __ FAMILY........................ $60.00 per year Household of 1 or 2 adults and children under the age of 18 as of Jan 1 (2 votes)
    __ SINGLE ADULT........... $50.00 per year Single adult member (1 vote)
    __ ASSOCIATE.................. $50.00 per year Equine-related groups or businesses only (no vote)
    __ JUNIOR...........................$35.00 per year Single Junior member under age 18 (no vote)
    __ SINGLE LIFETIME...... $600.00                    Any person of any age (1 vote)
    __ FAMILY LIFETIME..... $800.00                     Husband and/or wife at the time membership is obtained and children under the age of 18 as of Jan.1 (2 votes)

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: Platinum members receive insurance benefits thorough Association Resource Group-ARG. Platinum members receive personal
excess liability coverage with a $1,000,000 policy limit. Coverage is for claims brought against members of NATRC (Platinum) arising from the use and /or ownership
of a horse and for horse-related accidents involving third party bodily injury or property damage. Coverage will apply when engaged in any horse related activity,
and coverage is in excess of any existing valid and collectible insurance. There is no deductible. Professional Liability is not included, and business exposures are

    __ FAMILY............................ $100.00 per year Household of 1 or 2 adults and children under the age of 18 as of Jan 1 (2 votes)
    __ SINGLE ADULT.............. $70.00 per year Single adult member (1 vote)
    __ ANNUAL UPGRADE TO SINGLE LIFETIME....$20.00annual fee
    __ ANNUAL UPGRADE TO FAMILY LIFETIME...$40.00 annual fee

HOOF PRINT SUBSCRIPTION ONLY: ___.$15.00 per year US or ___ $20 foreign

NATRC Specialties (Optional)
 RULEBOOK…………………………... $5.00, free with all memberships. Or save NATRC $$$ by downloading from
 Patch (inc. w/new membership). .............. $5.00
 10’’ Round Sticker with NATRC Logo... $5.00 Back in stock
 4’’ Round Sticker with NATRC Logo…. $3.00 Back in stock
 NATRC Introduction DVD ……….…... $8.95
Colorado residents please add 2.9%
$ enclosed ___________ Please make checks to “NATRC” and mail to: NATRC, P.O. Box 224, Sedalia, CO 80135
Questions? Call 303-688-1677 or email to:
Please list first and last names of all competing family members. We especially need to know if members of the family have different last names:
Street________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________
Phone (____)_____________Email: _________________________________________Birthdates of Junior(s)_____________________________________________
If you are a new member, can you share with us how you find out about NATRC?_____________________________________________________________________
If you are a new member, is there a current NATRC member that helped in your decision to join NATRC? If so, please list them________________________________

 Also available: RFTRA Newsletter Subscription only .................$15 per year (January through December)
  Make checks payable to RFTRA and mail with information listed below to: Mary Britt, P.O. Box 725, Hazelwood, NC 28738
 Street________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip________________________________________
 Phone(s) (____)_______________________________________Email: ________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                              Page 1
                                                                  April/May/June 2010

                                                              Helpful Hints
                 URGENT!                A public service announcement concerning the Potential Danger of Horse Hair        URGENT!

 In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous
 substance in the hair of horses. This substance, called “amobacter equuii,” has been linked with the following
 symptoms in females:
 * Reluctance to cook, clean or do housework.
 * Reluctance to wear make-up, good clothes or heels.
 * Reluctance to spend money on home or car repairs until after “baby has new shoes, pad, blanket, tack, grain, hay,
   and supplements.”

 “Amobacter equuii” usually results in long hours away from home and exhaustion, which may lead to a loss of
 physical contact with other humans (especially spouses).
 “Amobacter equuii” is thought to be addictive, driving the need for additional     ADVERTISING RATES:
                                                                                    Classified: Free to R5 Members,
 sources— this may lead to a “herd mentality,” or like the potato chip commercial,
                                                                                                $5 to non-members
 “you can’t have just one.” (Especially potent if infected from miniature equines.) Business Card (3 1/2” x 2”): $10
 Beware! If you come in contact with a female human infected by this substance,     1/4 Page: $15
 be prepared to talk about horses for hours.                                        1/2 Page: $25
 Surgeon General’s Warning: Horses are expensive, addictive, and may impair the     Full Page: $50
 ability to use common sense.

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                          Sallie Kudra                                                                                U.S.	Postage
                                                                                          D	FR

                          220 Byrlie Way
                                                                                                        E	287


                          Seneca, SC 29678-5005                                                    23
                                                                                            MA                        Permit	No.	35

                                                                         RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
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