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ProductName CompanyIDBriefDescription FullDescriptionPrice        SKU        TrackableURL Approval
            Corflex      Controls humeral segments through circumferential soft tissue compression and features deltoid cap ex
Extended Length Humeral Splint APPLICATION INSTRUCTION:
Humeral Splint                        APPLICATION INSTRUCTION:
                                                                                          Inquire                        range of motion pro
                         Provides circumferential soft tissue compression of the humerous while allowing full 1. Slide arm into at s
            Maramed Orthopedic circumference 18"-23" Proper anatomical design Clinically tested
Humerus Fracture Brace bicepsSystems                                          of closed humeral shaft fracturesPostoperative treatment
                                      IndicationsNonoperative treatment
Humerus Fracture Brace S-Series™
                         Clinically Systems
                                      IndicationsNonoperative treatment
                                                                              of Fitting instructions detailing HFB fitting and treatment
            Maramed Orthopedicdesigned for treating humeral fractures. closed humeral shaft fracturesPostoperativehygiene ar
            Maramed Orthopedic PART NUMBER Requires less inventory Ulna available in Sm/Md/Lg Humerus available in
                         Neutral design fits                       
Neutral Humerus Fracture Brace Systemsright or leftSIZE Distal Circumference Proximal Circumference Length HFB-N-100 SM
            Sky Medical AdjustablePRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This comfortable pre-fabricated orthosis is designed compress
                         *              for volumetric             
                                                                                           and loop
Humeral Fracture Orthosis(standard cuff model) changes during healing* Hook Inquire straps maintain soft tissuefor the man
            Sky Medical AdjustablePRODUCT
                         *              for volumetric changes during healing* Hook pre-fabricated orthosis is designed compress
                                                                                           and loop
Humeral Fracture Orthosis (over-the-shoulder)DESCRIPTION: This comfortable Inquire straps maintain soft tissuefor the man
            AliMed, Inc.Miami Fracture Brace
                                      Sizing: Measure circumference at
                                                                             controls humeral segments for treatment of humeral shaf
Miami Prefabricated HumerusPrefabricated Humerus Fracture Brace largest part Inquire       of biceps.Size Circ. Medial Length Lateral Len
Humeral Fracture Brace                After acute pain prefabricated brace for fractures of the humerus, in extended and regular le
                                                                              subsided, fracture bracing is an ideal application to assist
                         Humeral Fracture Brace is aand swelling have
            Orthopaedics Australia DescriptionLow temperature plastic is moulded arm with tubularwith tubular bandage beneat
                         DescriptionLow temperature plastic is moulded around the around the arm bandage beneath. The brac
FB1 - Humeral Fracture Brace                                                              Inquire
            DJO Incorporated Fracture Brace (0ver-the-shoulder) extension, which provides greater alignment control and pr
                         Humeral This brace                        
Humeral Fracture Brace (0ver-the-shoulder) features a deltoid cap Prefabricated foam-lined orthosis designed for the manage
            Orthomerica Products, •Inc.   Ultralight compression molded foam for total humeral diaphyseal fractures. The limits dista
SOFT HUMERAL FRACTURE BRACE Fracture Brace has proven effective forInquire support 
 ―Shoulder Cap‖ design of t
                         The Soft Humeral                                                                      •
            FRACTURE BRACE KITS specific [left or diaphyseal humeral fractures. Both models allow shoulder rangeAdjusta
                         Functional Side                                       model hasInquireanatomical definition for biceps. of moti
HUMERAL Orthomerica Products,braces for mid-shaft right] bi-valved
            FRACTURE BRACE KIT—SHOULDER TYPEprovide improved hygiene easily trimmed to allow elbow range of mo
HUMERAL Orthomerica Products, Foam lining and socks lightweight control. Can be and comfort. Soft hook and pile suspension
                         Polyethylene shell for comfortable                               Inquire
            Ossur Brace Kit
Humeral Fracture Americas             Indications for Use from lightweight polythene InquireTo trim to give elbow and shoulder full b
                         Humeral Fracture Brace made :Closed diaphyseal humeral fracturesFeatures and Benefits: Functional r
            Ossur Brace Kit
                         Functional brace
                                      Indications for Use :Proximal and
                                                                             and lid shaft fractures.
Humeral Fracture Americas - Extended for the treatment of proximalmid-shaft closed diaphyseal humeral fracturesFeatures an
            NAVCHETAN    Sizes :Small, Medium, Large, Extra
                                      Features : An ideal fracture 
Humerus fracture Brace ORTHOPAEDIC APPLIANCES Largebrace - Bi - Valve Interacting directly over the fracture like a cla
            KidiSplint The Soft The design of the compression molded foam provides diaphyseal fractures.
Soft Humeral Fracture Brace Humeral Fracture Brace has proven effective forInquire flexibility at the edges with a rigid stru
            KidiSplint This orthosis screws allow for static lock settings to permit gradual increases in elbow joint extension a
Premier Elbow Corrective Orthoses offers progressive degree of angle adjustment without the use of tools. Thermoplastic hum
            KidiSplint This orthosis provides 10º increment settings of a static lock pin that allows the for post be used static p
                                      Elbow Orthosis               
Respond ROM® Range of Motion The Respond ROM® hinge features flexion/extension elbow control brace to surgical ROM lim
            Hanger Orthopedic Group, type of orthosis is for fractures of fractures of the upper arm. It may have cap extension
                         This           orthosis                              for the upper arm. It may have a shoulder a shoulder cap
Mid-shaft Humeral Fracture type ofThisInc. is appropriateappropriate
            Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. near the is near the elbow, it may beto incorporate incorporate an to avoid any unwa
                         If           If site is                             necessary Inquire
                                                                                           necessary to an elbow joint elbow joint to avo
Distal Humeral Fracture the fracturethe fracture site elbow, it may be
                                      •Designed for management of non-displaced Inquire
                                                                                           distal third distal third humeral
JS-1511 -HumeralUSA•Designed for management of non-displaced mid-shaft tomid-shaft tohumeral fractures

            Trulife Fracture Orthosis                                                                                       •Made from mold
                         •Shoulder •Shoulder extension provides more decreased decreased•Allows for 

            Fidelity Orthopedic extension provides more stability andstability and migration 

Humeral Fracture Brace with Shoulder Extension                                            Inquire                     •Allows for elbow mov
                                                                                                          migration elbow movement and
            Fidelity Orthopedic1/3 •Allows fracture 

                         •Distal                           joint to be locked,
                                                                            •Forearm fracture
Articulated Elbow Fracture Brace humeral for elbow•Elbow fracture 
 free or limited ROM 
 Inquire      •Free shoulder and wrist motion 

            Chris Brace  Features:Universal lightweight design closed humeral fracturesLined withdiaphyseal fractures Post exter
Humeral FractureHanley & Partners                                  
                                      Indications:Non-operative Trimmable polyethylene Humeral closed-cell foam for increased
            Chris Brace &lightweight, lightweight,polyethylene lined with closed-cell foam Adjustable hook and loop straps loop stra
Humeral FractureHanley KitPartners                                 
                                       trimmable trimmable polyethylene lined with closed-cell foam Adjustable hook and to maint
            Chris Orthosis pre-fabricated full rangeis made from the shoulder andInquire joints. Designedthe anatomical shape o
Humeral FractureHanley & Partners                                  
                                      Allows orthosis of motion of polyethylene thermoplastic moulded to for the management
            Chris Hanley - Humeral
                         One piece humeral fracture orthosis with of the shoulder Inquire distal migration and improves stability
                                      Allows limited range         
                                                                                           and full
Over Shoulder Extension& Partners Fracture Orthosis of motionshoulder extension limitsrange of motion at the elbow joint. Des
            Chris Hanley & Humeral
                         Lightweight Lightweight polyethylene lined with foam Adjustable hook and loop straps loop straps to main
                                       polyethylene lined                     closed-cell Inquire
                                                                                           foam Adjustable hook and to maintain good
Universal Extended LengthPartners Fracture Brace with closed-cell

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