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Olympic organisers defend Dow
sponsorship despite protests from MPs
Concerns over Dow’s links to 1984 Bhopal disaster • Company is
sponsoring decorative wrapping on stadium Page 2

Fabio Capello plays futures market to
leave England a healthy legacy
The Italian took satisfaction from victory over Spain but he will ring
the changes for Tuesday’s match against Sweden Page 2

Robin van Persie will not discuss new deal
with Arsenal until summer
Striker will only consider position at end of season • Arsenal
anxious to avoid repeat of Samir Nasri situation Page 3

RFU ‘partly paid for’                       Wayne Rooney                                 Armenia makes         Petr Cech keeps
bar trip that cost Mike                     three-game ban                               chess compulsory in   Czech Republic on
Tindall England place                       appeal hearing on 9                          schools Page 5        course for European
Page 4                                      December Page 5                                                    Championships Page 6
                                                                                         Danny Welbeck
Peter Roebuck ‘faced                        Striker goes in goal,                        to miss England v     Andy Murray drawn
sexual assault charge’                      saves two penalties                          Sweden friendly       against Novak
Page 4                                      and scores winning                           Page 6                Djokovic at ATP World
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                                                                     three points that you raise – environmental, ethical and social
                                                                     – they met by some distance every one of those requirements in
Olympic organisers defend Dow                                        that process,” said Coe.
sponsorship despite protests from MPs                                    Asked by the MP Steve Rotheram whether Dow could
                                                                     be replaced if the company did the “honourable thing” and
• Concerns over Dow’s links to 1984                                  withdrew from sponsoring the wrap, the Locog chief executive,
Bhopal disaster • Company is sponsoring                              Paul Deighton, said it was “getting very late” to do so and had
                                                                     no indication that the company would pull out.
decorative wrapping on stadium
                                                                         Coe said he was “satisfied with the process and satisfied with
Owen Gibson                                                          the history”.

Lord Coe has defended London 2012’s decision to sign a
sponsorship deal with the Dow Chemical Company, despite
renewed protests from campaign groups and MPs who claim it
                                                                     Fabio Capello plays futures market to
has outstanding liabilities relating to the 1984 Bhopal gas leak     leave England a healthy legacy
    Appearing before the culture, media and sport select             The Italian took satisfaction from victory
committee, Coe said he had met concerned politicians
                                                                     over Spain but he will ring the changes for
including Keith Vaz and Tessa Jowell, the shadow Olympics
minister who remains on the London 2012 board.
                                                                     Tuesday’s match against Sweden
    Responding to suggestions that the Games could face a            Kevin McCarra
boycott from Indian athletes over the issue, Coe insisted he
                                                                     The Wembley crowd cherished England [
had not heard anything to that effect from the Indian Olympic
                                                                     4v7v9n]’s victory over the world champions, Spain, but they
Committee, with which he had been in dialogue.
                                                                     will want no reminders of the way in which it was achieved.
    MPs, Indian athletes and other groups launched a campaign
                                                                     Fabio Capello [] will certainly
on Tuesday aimed at convincing Locog to change its mind. The
                                                                     change the face of his team when England meet Sweden at
campaign is being co-ordinated by the MP Barry Gardiner, chair
                                                                     Wembley. It seems entirely possible that Theo Walcott will be
of the Labour Friends of India []
                                                                     the one outfield player to stay in the starting lineup.
                                                                         While it would have been absurd if there had been no
    Campaigners including Amnesty International and the
                                                                     alteration from one friendly international to the next, this is not
Bhopal Medical Appeal claim that Dow Chemical continues to
                                                                     simply about appeasing those who missed out on the win at the
face outstanding lawsuits relating to the 1984 tragedy.
                                                                     weekend or had just a cameo. The methods employed against
    Louise Mensch, the Conservative MP who is a member of
                                                                     Spain will seldom be appropriate again, since opponents of
the committee, said it was “very worrying” that London 2012
                                                                     their accomplishment cannot crop up very often.
was associating itself with Dow Chemical and Coe said that the
                                                                         In any case, Capello has often gone with the grain of English
London organising committee had looked at the issue “very
                                                                     football tradition, in which sitting deep and playing on the
carefully”. He said that the disaster had happened under the
                                                                     break is thought dishonourable. Whatever else is said of the
previous owners of the plant and that the Indian supreme court
                                                                     Italian, he has usually prevented dreariness from becoming
had upheld an earlier damages award in 1999 and 2009 to settle
                                                                     the dominant tone on the pitch. The regrettably prominent
the liabilities from the explosion.
                                                                     exception to the rule was the monotony-ridden campaign at the
    According to campaigners, more than 120,000 people still
                                                                     World Cup finals last year.
suffer from ailments caused by the accident and subsequent
                                                                         His side had a cutting edge in qualifiers for the World Cup
pollution of the plant site.
                                                                     and now the European Championship – 51 goals were scored
    “They are a global partner of the IOC, they are within our
                                                                     in those two campaigns. Even so, there is no risk of anyone
territory able to associate with the London Games and they are
                                                                     assuming that England will be devastating in Poland and
sponsoring the [stadium] wrap. It is worth remembering that in
                                                                     Ukraine next summer. If anything, Capello may be counting on
the comprehensive spending review that funding for the wrap
                                                                     an element of surprise in the forwards he uses at Euro 2012.
was withdrawn.”
                                                                         Wayne Rooney is omitted for the moment since England
    Dow signed a deal with the IOC in 2010 to become a global
                                                                     must prepare to do without the suspended striker at the
Olympic sponsor and this summer agreed a deal with Locog
                                                                     start of the finals, but his absence is helpful in any case. The
to pay for the unbranded fabric wrap that will surround the
                                                                     dependence on him has been too great for the good of his
stadium. Funding for the £7m wrap, which was to have been
                                                                     country or, for that matter, himself. Capello would have
met from the Olympic Delivery Authority’s budget, was
                                                                     redoubled his search for an alternative to Rooney even if the
removed in last year’s CSR process as a concession to cost-
                                                                     forward had not witlessly incurred that red card in Montenegro.
cutting within the overall £9.3bn public funding package.
                                                                         The manager would like to throw open the doors to his
    “I am aware of the size and scale. I am the grandson of an
                                                                     squad, but there is still some stringency to the admission policy.
Indian so I’m not completely unaware of this as an issue. But
                                                                     Consider Andy Carroll, who made his international debut
I am satisfied that at no time did Dow operate, own or were
                                                                     prior to his £35m move from Newcastle United to Liverpool,
involved with the plant at the time of the disaster or the time of
                                                                     and followed it with his first goal for England, in the March
the full and final settlement,” said Coe.
                                                                     friendly against Ghana. That promise has not been fulfilled
    Mensch said that selecting Dow as the sponsor of the 1km
wrap appeared to be at odds with Locog’s stated values. “On the
                                                                         Capello is capable of trust, but the extent of his loyalty can © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                             
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be brief. The manager was brusque when he was asked if Carroll
had been one of the players in whom he had most hope. “Yes,
but that depends on him,” said Capello. “Not on me.”
                                                                     Robin van Persie will not discuss new
    Restructuring a team is always likely to have a trace of         deal with Arsenal until summer
idealism about it, but the manager is far too severe to be a
daydreamer for long.                                                 • Striker will only consider position at end
    “Some players are good at this moment of the season,”            of season • Arsenal anxious to avoid repeat
Capello said, “but they will be tired at the end of the season and
                                                                     of Samir Nasri situation
not at the top. During the period we stay together before the
Euros, I will have time to decide to see which players will be at    Jamie Jackson
the top. We play two games before we leave for Poland. We will
                                                                     Robin van Persie [] will not consider
understand which players will be the best.”
                                                                     negotiating a new contract with Arsenal [
    If he seems to beam upon Danny Welbeck [http://tinyurl.
                                                                     3fh47r] before the end of the season even if the club attempts to
com/ccewe39], it is because of the evidence of his usefulness
                                                                     force the issue, according to his representatives.
that has come from his recent outings for Manchester United
                                                                        Arsenal are conscious that the striker who has scored 13
and for England. Capello would also have warmed to the
                                                                     times in 19 appearances for the club will only have a year
ambition that saw Welbeck making an impact during his loan
                                                                     remaining on his deal next summer. Arsène Wenger, the
spell at Sunderland last season, despite an injury that brought
                                                                     manager, wants no repeat of the scenario that meant Samir
it to a premature end. The attacker has a minor knock at the
                                                                     Nasri had to be sold in August to Manchester City 12 months
moment and Capello’s desire to advance his international
                                                                     before his deal ended, or he would have been able to leave for
career must fight it out with the obligation to protect a player’s
                                                                     nothing a year later.
                                                                        But Van Persie has told friends he will consider his position
    The manager’s present zeal to assemble a few proteges
                                                                     only at the end of the current campaign.
is part of a proud individual’s yearning to leave some sort of
                                                                        Cesc Fábregas, who left Arsenal for Barcelona in the summer,
legacy. The Tottenham Hotspur defender Kyle Walker, for
                                                                     offered a warning to his former club earlier in the week [http://
instance, may get his first start for England.
                                                           ] when he said of the 28-year-old: “At his
    Capello must suppose it implausible that he will close his
                                                                     age, if he wants to move it will be his last chance and if he wants
career with the European Championship trophy in his grasp.
                                                                     to stay he will stay and retire at Arsenal. He is the role model of
He does what he can, and that includes creating an increase in
                                                                     Arsenal, the star player and they cannot afford to lose him.
the uncertainty over his preferred XI. This is most likely bluff
                                                                        “I don’t know if they will keep him. We will see what he
but Capello, with a little impishness, wastes no opportunity to
                                                                     decides but he’s been very loyal to Arsenal for a few years. He is
name alternatives to the people he has customarily chosen.
                                                                     a key player, the fans love him.”
    Gary Cahill, of Bolton Wanderers, can never have anticipated
that he would be mentioned so often, but the centre-back
pairing actually sent out at the weekend filled Capello with
what sounded almost like paternal pride.
    “I was sure [Joleon Lescott] would play really well, and he
did play really well,” he said, “and I’m really happy with what
the manager of Everton said because he supported my decision
that [Phil] Jagielka could play against Spain [despite a toe
    Capello’s mind is unexpectedly submerged in joyous
thoughts at the moment and someone like the defensive
midfielder Scott Parker, who has an achilles problem and will
not start against Sweden, is proclaimed to be “at the top”. There

has been a change in Capello’s thinking, or the player’s impact,
if not both, since the manager left him out of the 23-man squad
selected for last year’s World Cup.
    The hope that Capello was generating on Monday seemed
vast, but he has not forgotten that, with good reason, Spain,
Holland, Germany and Italy rank above England in Europe.
Despite that, it is the manager’s duty to send confidence              Compare and buy
coursing through the squad and the country. Capello must trust
that a stubborn Sweden do not cause instant disappointment.
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                                                                    whereabouts after the visit to the Altitude bar. Tindall said that
                                                                    he did not go on to another bar with the blonde woman, only to
RFU ‘partly paid for’ bar trip that cost                            admit that he had done so after further reports in the press.
Mike Tindall England place                                             Tindall, who was a member of the 2003 World Cup-winning
                                                                    team, has won 75 caps in an 11-year international career.
• RFU provided ‘tab’, according to reports
• Tindall fined £25,000 and dropped over
                                                                    Peter Roebuck ‘faced sexual assault
Martin Pengelly

rugby world cup 2011                                                South African police were poised to arrest
The England players’ night out in Queenstown that caused            cricket commentator before he jumped
controversy during the World Cup in New Zealand was partly          from 6th floor window, says former
paid for by the Rugby Football Union [
38uhetq], it was reported last night.
    The Daily Mail said that an email sent by the England team      Alex Duval Smith in Cape Town
operations manager, Tom Stokes, had indicated to players that
                                                                    South African police were about to arrest the cricket
he had reserved “an area [of a] bar/pub in town called Pub on
                                                                    commentator Peter Roebuck [] on
the Wharf from 19.30”. The email also contained the words
                                                                    a charge of sexual assault when he apparently jumped from a
“yes, there is a tab” and made clear, the newspaper said, that
                                                                    hotel window, according to a close friend who was with him
the “tab” was intended to be used to pay for drinks. Dinner for
                                                                    just before he died.
the England players was to be served in the team hotel at 7pm.
                                                                       Jim Maxwell, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s
    Last week an RFU investigation into events in Queenstown
                                                                    main commentator, told the Guardian he left Roebuck’s Cape
on the night of 11 September, conducted by Rob Andrew,
                                                                    Town room “less than a minute” before the 55-year-old former
the RFU’s professional rugby director, and Karena Vleck, the
                                                                    Somerset captain apparently leapt to his death on Saturday.
head of legal, concluded with the former England captain
                                                                       “He was in a state of utter despair – apoplectic,” said
Mike Tindall [] being fined £25,000
                                                                    Maxwell. “He was sitting in a chair near the window. It takes
and dropped from the Elite Player Squad. Andrew said the
                                                                    just five seconds to open that window. Given his emotional
punishment given to the Gloucester centre was for “misconduct
                                                                    state he must have suffered a brain explosion and out he went.”
that was unacceptable in a senior England player and amounted
                                                                       South African police refused to confirm that an officer was
to a very serious breach of the EPS Code of Conduct”.
                                                                    with Roebuck when he leapt from the 6th floor of the Southern
    In response Tindall issued a statement through the Rugby
                                                                    Sun hotel, near Newlands cricket ground. Oxford-born Roebuck
Players Association in which he said that he would appeal
                                                                    was staying at the hotel while covering Australia’s Test series
against the “unprecedented fine”. No date has been set for the
                                                                    for Australian media.
                                                                       Police spokesman Colonel Vishnu Naidoo said: “We have
    England’s night out in Queenstown, the day after an
                                                                    opened an inquest docket to determine the cause of death. We
unconvincing 13-9 victory over Argentina in Dunedin in their
                                                                    will interview everyone who can shed light on the buildup to
first World Cup match, produced a media furore after pictures
                                                                    what happened on Saturday night. There is no evidence of foul
were published of team members apparently under the
influence of alcohol and posing with participants in the Altitude
                                                                       Naidoo refused to comment on reports in South Africa’s New
bar’s “Mad Midget Weekender”.
                                                                    Age newspaper [] that a 26-year-old
    Furthermore British tabloid newspapers obtained CCTV
                                                                    Zimbabwean man had gone to nearby Claremont police station
footage of Tindall, who is married to Zara Phillips, the daughter
                                                                    earlier on Saturday and laid charges of indecent assault against
of Princess Anne, in conversation with a blonde woman. It was
                                                                    Roebuck. According to the report, the man told police he had
later revealed that Tindall’s companion was a former girlfriend.
                                                                    met Roebuck after the broadcaster arrived in Cape Town on 7
    It was also reported that players had been seen to be drunk
                                                                    November to discuss a university sponsorship, but instead was
when they left the first bar, after three or four hours, and that
                                                                    subjected to an attempted sexual assault.
one group of players had then gone to the Altitude bar.
                                                                       Maxwell said Roebuck had called him to his room on
    The severity of Tindall’s punishment by the RFU is believed
                                                                    Saturday at about 9pm. “There were two officers there. They
to relate to his having misled the England management,
                                                                    were going to arrest him on a charge of sexual assault. He was
including Martin Johnson, the team manager, over his © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                            
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very emotional. I asked whether he wanted me to call Fairfax,
his employer. He said ‘No, they will know soon enough’ or
something like that. He wanted a lawyer. And he wanted me to
                                                                    Striker goes in goal, saves two penalties
find a way of contacting friends who were planning to greet him     and scores winning spot-kick
at the airport.”
    Maxwell, who left the Newlands hotel on Monday morning          • Corby’s James Harrison has memorable
with other journalists covering the Test, said he had known         night in FA Youth Cup • Side will now travel
Roebuck for more than 30 years. In 2001, he appeared as a
                                                                    to Manchester City in next round
character witness for Roebuck when he received a suspended
sentence for assault after beating three 19-year-old cricketers     Katy Murrells
across their bare buttocks. The South African teenagers had
                                                                    It was all in a night’s work for Corby Town’s James Harrison.
been invited to stay at his former home in Taunton, Somerset,
                                                                    Forced into goal after their keeper was sent off during the FA
for coaching in the late 1990s.
                                                                    Youth Cup [] tie against Dagenham &
    “We all have our demons,” said Maxwell. “People will make
                                                                    Redbridge, the striker saved two penalties in a shootout, before
assumptions about Peter because of that sentence 10 years
                                                                    putting away the non-league side’s winning spot-kick.
ago. But as far as I know nothing untoward ever happened with
                                                                        Harrison started the game in his usual position up front but
all the young people Peter supported.”He spent thousands
                                                                    was given the gloves when Daniel Wallace, who had already
of dollars of his own money helping people and supporting
                                                                    saved a penalty himself, was sent off in extra time for handling
cricket. He was a philanthropist,” said Maxwell.Sebastian
                                                                    outside the area. Cue Harrison’s heroics.
Berinato, general manager of the four-star Southern Sun
                                                                        The youngster survived the remaining 17 minutes to ensure
Newlands, confirmed that Roebuck fell from his window and
                                                                    the score remained level at 2-2. He then denied Dagenham’s
died instantly after landing on a ledge above the reception area.
                                                                    Ellis Sands and Liam Foster from the spot, before dispatching
Staff at the hotel were to receive trauma counselling, he said.
                                                                    what turned out to be the decisive penalty.
    Roebuck captained Somerset and opened the batting for
                                                                        And what of the striker-turned-goalkeeper-turned-striker’s
much of the 1980s. He passed 1,000 runs nine times in 12
                                                                    reward for his endeavours? A trip to Manchester City in the
seasons. After retiring from cricket, he had established a media
                                                                    third round.
career in Australia. He also had a home in South Africa [http://], near Pietermaritzburg.
    He had spent the hours before his death with members of
                                                                    Armenia makes chess compulsory in
the Australian cricket team, who were beaten by South Africa
[] by eight wickets in the first Test on   schools
                                                                    Authorities say teaching pastime to primary
                                                                    school children is about building character,
Wayne Rooney three-game ban appeal                                  not breeding future champions
hearing on 9 December
                                                                    Associated Press in Yerevan

• Uefa announces date to hear England                               Tiny Armenia [] is a big player in
                                                                    world chess [], and a new gambit
striker’s appeal • Rooney currently set to
                                                                    could make it even bigger: mandatory chess in school. The
miss Euro 2012 group games                                          former Soviet nation has made the game part of the primary
Press Association                                                   school curriculum along with such standards as maths and
                                                                    history for children between the ages of seven and nine.
Wayne Rooney []’s appeal against the
                                                                        Chess is a national obsession in this country of 3 million
three-match ban which is threatening his Euro 2012 [http://
                                                                    people tucked away in a corner between Turkey and Iran. The] participation will be heard on 9 December,
                                                                    passion was fostered in modern times by the exploits of chess
Uefa [] has announced.
                                                                    champion Tigran Petrosian, who won the world championship
    Uefa’s appeals body will deal with the case of the England
                                                                    in 1963 and successfully defended his title three years later.
[] striker a week after the draw for
                                                                        In July a six-person national squad came first at the World
the Euro 2012 tournament.
                                                                    Team Chess Championship in Ningbo, China. The returning
    Rooney was red-carded for violent conduct in England’s final
                                                                    players and their coach were greeted as heroes and collectively
qualifier against Montenegro.
                                                                    awarded $20,000 (£12,000). That group included up-and-
    Uefa said in a statement: “The Uefa appeals body will deal
                                                                    coming player Levon Aronian, 28, who is currently third in the
with the case of England striker Wayne Rooney on Friday 9
                                                                    World Chess Federation’s rankings.
December at Uefa’s headquarters in Nyon.
                                                                        Armenian authorities say teaching chess in school is about
    “This follows Uefa’s receipt on Friday 4 November of the
                                                                    building character, not breeding chess champions.
official written appeal from the English Football Association
                                                                        The education minister says taking the pastime into
against the three-match suspension given to Rooney by the
                                                                    classrooms will help nurture a sense of responsibility and
Uefa control and disciplinary body on 13 October.”
                                                                    organisation among schoolchildren, as well as serving as an
                                                                    example to the rest of the world.
                                                                        “We hope that the Armenian teaching model might become © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                          
Page 6 G24 Sport                                                                Tuesday November 15 2011                 16:17 GMT

among the best in the world,” said Armen Ashotyan.                    your job rather than parachuting in to take over someone else’s.
   Half a million dollars were allocated to the national chess        Bosnia and Portugal drew 0-0 and the Czech Republic beat
academy to draw up a course, create textbooks, train instructors      Montenegro 2-0, a match most notable for Petr Cech appearing
and buy equipment. A further $1m paid for furniture for chess         in goal wearing not just his usual skull cap but also a mask for
classrooms.                                                           a broken nose, and looking in his own words “like Batman”.
   The only thing eight-year-old David Ayrapetyan is hoping           Which is, to be fair, doing Batman a great disservice.
for from the programme is an opponent worthy of his skills.           Hamilton on upward curve
The chess whiz finds the local retirees and fellow children to be         The Formula One season thrummed weakly back into life
pushovers. Only classmate Aren Sedrakyan can give him a run           with Lewis Hamilton’s fine victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand
for his money.                                                        Prix. Suggestions Hamilton’s only chance of winning another
   David’s father, Arman, says he thinks chess is good for him        race this season would involve Sebastian Vettel retiring on the
no matter what the future holds. “Even if he doesn’t become           first corner remained undisturbed by Vettel retiring on the first
a grandmaster, chess will teach him to think logically and            corner, but Hamilton held off Fernando Alonso gamely and put
improvise, as those are indispensable qualities in life,” he said.    his victory down to “positive feelings”. “My friends and family
   Wendi Fischer, executive director of the US Foundation for         have been incredibly supportive particularly in recent weeks,”
Chess, has campaigned for the game to be taken up in American         Hamilton said, pretty much blaming his friends and family for
classrooms and says Armenia’s programme has big potential.            not being supportive enough in the weeks before when he kept
   “By incorporating chess as part of the curriculum you are          losing.
including a game, and that’s how kids see it,” she said. “They
                                                                      All out in time for tea
think they’re focused on fun. So I think it is a great way to cross
                                                                         South Africa and Australia played out one the most
over between a true hardcore curriculum that’s mandatory and
                                                                      extraordinary Test Matches ever seen over three fevered days
the young children being able to play and explore and have
                                                                      in Cape Town. For the first time in Test history all four innings
                                                                      either ended or began on a second day that saw South Africa all
                                                                      out for 98, before bowling out Australia for 47, with the lowest
                                                                      score in Test history avoided only via a last-wicket stand of
Danny Welbeck to miss England v                                       26. Hashim Amla and Graeme Smith scored hundreds as the
Sweden friendly                                                       Proteas chased down 236 to win.
                                                                      Tevez trips over trouble
• Manchester United striker returns to club                              Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez found himself facing
with injury • Fabio Capello to ring changes                           disciplinary action from his club after he flew to Argentina, with
for England at Wembley                                                City claiming that this defied an order to stay in Manchester
                                                                      and work on fitness. Tevez returned to Buenos Aires during
Press Association                                                     the international break; he and his representatives claim there
The Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck has been                  was no directive to stay put. City offered no comment until
withdrawn from England []’s friendly         they know how far the Argentinian is going to take this latest
international against Sweden at Wembley on Tuesday night              dispute.
because of a muscle strain.
   Welbeck suffered the setback when appearing as a late
substitute during Saturday’s 1-0 victory over the World Cup           Andy Murray drawn against Novak
winners Spain at the national stadium.                                Djokovic at ATP World Tour Finals
   The England head coach Fabio Capello intimated on Monday
that Welbeck was doubtful for Tuesday’s game and the 20-year-
                                                                      • Murray will also face David Ferrer and
old returned to Old Trafford that afternoon.
   Capello has Darren Bent, Daniel Sturridge, Bobby Zamora
                                                                      Tomas Berdych • Rafael Nadal and Roger
and Theo Walcott available as forward options to face Sweden.         Federer both in Group B
                                                                      Press Association

Petr Cech keeps Czech Republic on                                     Andy Murray [] has been drawn
                                                                      against Novak Djokovic [], the world
course for European Championships                                     No1, in the group stages of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals
                                                                      [], which start at the O2 Arena in
Lewis Hamilton turns the corner; wickets                              London on Sunday.
tumble in Cape Town Test; trip causes                                    The world No3 will also take on the Spaniard David Ferrer
trouble for Tevez                                                     – who he defeated in the Australian Open semi-finals earlier
                                                                      this year – and Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic in Group
Barney Ronay                                                          A. The latter provides a chance for revenge for Murray, after
Next stop a 1,000-km-wide area across Poland and the Ukraine!         Berdych ended the Scot’s 18-match winning run last week at the
Ireland all but sealed a spot at Euro 2012 with a stirring 4-0 away   Paris Masters [].
win in Estonia in the play-offs’ first leg. Also booked on the           Rafael Nadal is the top seed in Group B alongside Roger
short-haul flight are Croatia, who beat Turkey 3-0 and left coach     Federer – who won a record-equalling fifth circuit finale title in
Guus Hiddink on the verge of finding out what it’s like to lose       London last year – plus Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France and the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                             
Page 7 G24 Sport                                                              Tuesday November 15 2011                 16:17 GMT

American Mardy Fish.                                               night’s friendly against Sweden, which will also see the return
   Djokovic has had a stunning season which has seen him           as captain of Terry, who has categorically denied racially
claim the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open titles            abusing Ferdinand.
among a total of 10 tour successes. However, he is struggling at
present with a shoulder problem which forced him to withdraw
from the Paris Masters.                                            Manchester United post 16.5% increase
   Murray has won five tour titles so far this season, in          in turnover
Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Cincinnati and at Queen’s.
   Nadal and Federer meet in a repeat of the 2011 French Open
final, Federer’s only grand slam final appearance of the season.
                                                                   • Club reports pre-tax loss of £6.9m for
The 30-year-old comes into the tournament fresh from victory       quarter • United’s gross debt down, but still
in Paris, however, and can surpass Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras     stands at £433.2m
with a sixth finals title with victory in London.
                                                                   Press Association

                                                                   Manchester United [] have boosted
Chelsea condemn fan’s alleged racial                               revenues by 16.5% for the quarter ending 30 September 2011 to
abuse of Daniel Sturridge                                          £73.8m.
                                                                       United reported growth in all areas, with the commercial
                                                                   side benefiting from the £40m deal with DHL to sponsor their
• Abuse alleged to have come from Chelsea                          training kit, helping it rise 22.3% to £29.6m.
fan at Genk • Club working with police to                              While it meant the club was able to draw down some of its
identify supporter                                                 debt, now standing at £433.2m, it did however report a pre-tax
                                                                   loss of £6.9m, mainly due to currency fluctuations on its debt.
Press Association
                                                                       Media revenues were up from £19.4m to £22.6m, largely
Chelsea [] have been forced to            thanks to United’s status as Premier League champions
condemn more allegations of racism by their own fans following     ensuring they get a larger share of the Champions League pot,
claims one of them called Daniel Sturridge a “monkey”. The         and a lucrative five-match tour of the United States.
alleged incident occurred during the 1-1 Champions League              In addition, matchday income has also grown 9.6% to
draw at Genk two weeks ago, the same game in which some            £21.6m, thanks to the first complete sell-out of seasonal
of their travelling support abused the QPR defender Anton          hospitality boxes since the Old Trafford quadrants were
Ferdinand.                                                         completed in 2006.
    Fans were heard chanting, “Anton Ferdinand, you know               After posting turnover of £331.4m and profits of £110.9m
what you are”, in apparent support for the Chelsea captain         last year, matching a campaign when they won the title and
John Terry, who is being investigated by police and the Football   reached the Champions League final, where they were beaten
Association over claims he used a racial slur against Ferdinand.   by Barcelona, will not be easy given Manchester City’s rise to
    The club immediately launched an inquiry and have now          prominence, including a 6-1 derby-day annihilation last month.
widened their probe following a complaint from a Chelsea               It places more emphasis on the commercial side, which has
executive club member against a fellow supporter, who was          grown thanks to a “territorial” approach to marketing, which
sat alongside the likes of the British Airways chairman, Martin    rival clubs may attempt to copy. However, speaking last month,
Broughton, and the computer multimillionaire Peter Harrison.       their commercial director, Richard Arnold, was relaxed about
    The unnamed fan – reportedly a well-dressed, middle-aged       that prospect.
man – allegedly shouted, “They are bringing on the monkeys”,           “There is only one Manchester United,” he said. “While a lot
when 22-year-old Sturridge came off the bench and is also          of the strategy is public knowledge, I am very fortunate to be
alleged to have joined in the chanting about Ferdinand.            with the club I am with and able to do these deals.
    A fellow fan sat nearby was apparently so appalled, he sent        “A lot of hard work has gone into getting to the position we
an email complaining to the Chelsea chief executive, Ron           are in now and we are already looking to the future. If people
Gourlay.                                                           want to recreate what we did five years ago that is up to them. It
    The club said in a statement: “We are investigating several    isn’t other clubs that I worry about; it is what we are going to be
complaints as part of our ongoing investigation into offensive     doing in the future.”
behaviour at the game in Genk. We take all complaints of this          United have also been boosted by recently securing five
nature extremely seriously and are working with supporters         players on new contracts, including the England international
and police to identify those that took part.                       Chris Smalling and the striker Javier Hernández, in addition to
    “It can sometimes prove difficult to identify offenders at     the summer arrivals of Ashley Young, Phil Jones and David de
European away games as there are varying degrees of CCTV           Gea.
and TV footage available to us. However, we will continue to           However, there was no comment on speculation that the
vigorously pursue any evidence of individuals or groups taking     Portugal winger Nani may be the next to benefit from an
part in discriminatory behaviour and take the strongest action     extension to his present deal, which is due to expire in 2014.
against them.                                                      The position of the £30.75m record signing Dimitar Berbatov
    “Chelsea FC believes such activity shames the club and the     also remains unresolved.
game of football and we are fully committed to eradicating such
offensive behaviour from the sport.”
    Sturridge is expected to make his England debut in Tuesday © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                            
Page  G24 Sport                                                                Tuesday November 15 2011                  16:17 GMT

PCB plans anti-corruption measures in                                VVS Laxman and MS Dhoni put India in
wake of spot-fixing verdicts                                         control against West Indies

• Chairman Zaka Ashraf announces plans                               • India 631-7 dec; West Indies 34-2 • West
for vigilance division • ‘We are going to                            Indies trail by 597 runs
keep a very strict eye and discipline’                               Press Association
Press Association
                                                                     A 224-run partnership between VVS Laxman and the captain
The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Zaka Ashraf, has         Mahendra Singh Dhoni put India well on top against West
announced a “vigilance division” will be set up to prevent           Indies on day two of the second Test in Kolkata.
players from being tempted into illegal betting practices.               Centuries from Laxman and Dhoni, together with an
    The move comes less than two weeks after the former              opening-day ton by Rahul Dravid, enabled India to declare on
Pakistan captain Salman Butt and the fast bowler Mohammad            631 for seven before West Indies reached 34 for two at the close
Asif [] were found guilty of               of play at Eden Gardens.
conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to accept corrupt payments            Following the dismissals of Adrian Barath for one and Kraigg
at Southwark crown court in London. A third player, the              Brathwaite (17), the tourists ended the day 597 runs in arrears
teenage pace bowler Mohammad Amir, had already admitted              when bad light forced a premature end.
his part in the plot to bowl fraudulent no-balls during the Lord’s       Resuming on 346 for five, the hosts added 87 to their total
Test against England in August 2010.                                 before bad light brought a premature end to the morning
    The high-profile court case, and subsequent guilty verdicts,     session. Laxman started the day 73 not out alongside Yuvraj
have raised awareness of betting in sport and Ashraf is adamant      Singh and soon set about advancing towards his fourth Test ton
the PCB will be at the forefront of reform.                          against West Indies. Yuvraj survived the opening exchanges
    “My immediate plans are that I am setting up a vigilance         with Kemar Roach and Fidel Edwards, only to fall lbw for 25 in
division in my cricket board and there we are going to keep          Darren Sammy’s first over of the day.
a very strict eye and bring in very strict discipline so that my         Undeterred, Laxman brought up his 17th Test hundred soon
players, wherever they are, don’t get in touch with people who       after with a trademark shot for four, whipping through the
try to drag them into such negative business,” he told www.          onside off Darren Sammy. [].                         Yuvraj’s dismissal saw the arrival of Dhoni and the India
    “We want to discourage that, we want to eliminate that.          captain enjoyed two big slices of luck when he twice edged to
We have to be a respectable board, we have to work with the          the wicketkeeper Carlton Baugh – each time off careless no-balls
English Cricket Board, with the rest of the world and we have to     from Roach.
move forward.”                                                           After taking India to 433 by lunch, the pair pushed on in the
    International cricket in Pakistan has been suspended since       afternoon session as they drove India past the 600 mark with
March 2009, when a bus carrying the Sri Lanka team was               Dhoni racing to a hundred and Laxman passing 150. Laxman
attacked in Lahore. They have played recent “home” fixtures          and Dhoni scored 180 runs in the session, with Laxman going
in the United Arab Emirates. But Ashraf is hoping that situation     into the break unbeaten on 168 and Dhoni not out 138.
can soon be addressed.                                                   The 200 partnership came up in the 145th over, the best so
    “We have had a meeting with the chairman of the                  far in the innings as Laxman and Dhoni plundered 19 runs off
Bangladesh Cricket Board and we discussed a lot of things,”          Brathwaite, including a four and a six to the India captain.
he said. “He was of the view that Bangladesh would come and              India passed 600 shortly before Dhoni’s dismissal. Dhoni
play one or two matches [in Pakistan]. We will arrange all the       had hit a straight six off Roach in the first over after tea, but was
security so there will be no lapses. It should be a foolproof        dismissed off the next ball when he flailed wildly outside off
security system.                                                     stump and edged to Baugh.
    “Then the other teams can start coming and the                       With Dhoni falling on 144, four short of his highest Test
arrangements will be such that there will be no security lapses,     score, India were 620 for seven. Laxman was unbeaten on
all sides will be covered. What we discussed with the chairman       176 and Ravichandran Ashwin was not out four when the
of the BCB probably will be discussed in December in Dhaka and       declaration was made 11 runs later.
we will then formulate the plan.”                                        At the close, West Indies were 34 for two with Kirk Edwards
                                                                     unbeaten on 12 and Darren Bravo not out four, still needing 397
                                                                     runs to avoid the follow-on.

  Fantasy League Classic
  Manage a squad of 16 players and a budget
  of £75 million. £75,000 worth of prizes to
  be won in weekly, monthly and overall © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                               
Page  G24 Sport                                                              Tuesday November 15 2011                 16:17 GMT

                                                                       Randall Cobb delivered an 80-yard punt return for a score
                                                                   just 1:18 into the game and the Packers took a 17-0 half-time
Celtic face SPL investigation over fresh                           lead with Rodgers just warming up. The quarterback tossed the
claims of offensive chanting                                       first of two scores to Jordy Nelson to open the third quarter, the
                                                                   second coming in the fourth to give his team a 38-7 lead.
• Follows allegations of pro-IRA songs                                 The back-up quarterback Matt Flynn even got in on the act,
during Hibernian game • Celtic already                             leading a drive and scoring on a three-yard scramble to cap the
                                                                   scoring in the fourth.
facing Uefa action over chanting against
                                                                       The Green Bay defense had been the only weak link of the
Rennes                                                             team’s dominant start but they put together one of their best
Press Association                                                  performances to hold down the Vikings (2-7), who remain at the
                                                                   bottom of the NFC North division.
The Scottish Premier League [] has
                                                                       Adrian Peterson managed a three-yard score in the third
opened an investigation into allegations of pro-IRA chanting at
                                                                   but Minnesota had just 266 total yards on the night. The
Celtic [] Park.
                                                                   Packers had three sacks and one interception against the rookie
    The SPL’s operations officer, Iain Blair, confirmed that, in
                                                                   quarterback Christian Ponder, who completed just 16 of 34
his role as match commander at the Celtic versus Hibernian
                                                                   passes for 190 yards.
[] league game at Parkhead on 29
                                                                       “I felt as a defense we owed it to ourselves to play a game like
October, the former referee and senior policeman Eddie Smith
                                                                   that,” the Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson said. “We
complained to a match delegate about songs sung during the
                                                                   needed a game like that. It feels good, but it’s still one game.”
goalless draw.
    “Eddie mentioned to our delegate that there was pro-IRA
chanting from one specific section of the stadium,” Blair said.    Carlos Tevez situation will only get
“It was included in the report and is now subject to an ongoing
                                                                   worse, says PFA’s Gordon Taylor
    It has been reported that two arrests were made during the
Hibs match.                                                        • Taylor believes resolution is ‘more
    Blair also told the Daily Record: “I am currently gathering    impossible’ by the day • Tevez remains in
information about what happened during the match when the
                                                                   Argentina after failing to report back at City
arrests were made. We need to find out more about when it
happened and what exactly went on. We also have to establish       Press Association
that Celtic, as I am sure they will have, co-operated fully with   The Professional Footballers’ Association’s chief executive,
the police in the aftermath of this event.”                        Gordon Taylor, believes a reconciliation between Carlos Tevez
    Celtic are already facing disciplinary proceedings from Uefa   [] and Manchester City [http://
[] over “illicit chanting” during] becomes “more impossible” by the day.
their Europa League tie against Rennes at Parkhead on 3                The club had requested the striker return to England on
November.                                                          Monday but he opted to remain at home in Argentina [http://
                                                         ]. While there is still dialogue between the
                                                                   27-year-old’s representatives and City officials, Taylor thinks
Aaron Rodgers the touchdown sorcerer                               the longer Tevez remains out of the country the worse the
as Packers extend perfect start                                    situation will become.
                                                                       “It’s another week and there are more problems really,” he
• Green Bay defeat Minnesota Vikings 45-7                          told Sky Sports News. “The situation continues and the longer
                                                                   it goes with him being away the more impossible it becomes to
• Quarterback Rodgers produces another
                                                                   reconcile the situation.”
electrifying display                                                   Tevez’s presence had been requested back in Manchester to
Reuters                                                            discuss last week’s, apparently unauthorised, trip to Argentina
                                                                   to visit family. It was the latest development in a saga which has
Aaron Rodgers produced a four-touchdown masterpiece as
                                                                   been dragging on ever since his alleged refusal to play against
the unstoppable Green Bay Packers crushed the Minnesota
                                                                   Bayern Munich in the Champions League in September.
Vikings 45-7 on Monday, the home team improving to 9-0 and
                                                                       Despite Tevez’s failure to return, discussions took place
extending their best start since 1962.
                                                                   between the player’s representatives and City officials over the
   The quarterback, who has electrified with MVP-like
                                                                   weekend about how matters should move forward and those
performances this season, also extended his NFL [http://
                                                                   talks are expected to continue over the coming days.]-leading touchdown pass total to 28 in
                                                                       Some reports in South America suggested the striker had
another superb outing that included 250 passing yards and just
                                                                   obtained a medical certificate stating he was unable to leave
seven incomplete passes.
                                                                   Argentina. That has been dismissed by his representatives,
   “We just have so much momentum right now and a lot of
                                                                   who also said they were unaware of further disciplinary action
confidence,” Rodgers said after the Super Bowl champions
                                                                   against him.
extended their winning streak across two seasons to 15 games.
                                                                       City have declined to comment on the latest issue, which
“No disrespect to our competition, we take the field and we
                                                                   began to develop last Wednesday when reports emerged Tevez
know it’s about us.”
                                                                   had travelled to Argentina. That was a day after it emerged © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                            
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                               Tuesday November 15 2011                 16:17 GMT

that the striker would not be appealing against a club fine           else decided they didn’t want the job. And in other Hull news
for misconduct after being found guilty of refusing to play in        Bolton and Everton are both keen on the 22-year-old defender
Munich, one of five breaches of contract.                             James Chester.
   Tevez has not appeared for City since that game at the                In the Mirror, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and
Allianz Arena, after which the manager, Roberto Mancini,              Liverpool are all in a funk over the Brazilian “wonderkid” Lucas
claimed the player was “finished” at the club. He was                 Rodrigues, who is 19, plays for São Paulo and recently made
suspended for two weeks while an investigation was conducted          his international debut. He’s going to cost about £20m. In the
and was then asked to train alone, and later with the youth           Mirror’s opinion, the presence of “other south Americans” such
team, after returning. He was initially fined four weeks’ wages       as Luis Suárez may swing it Liverpool’s way, which is a bit like
but that was halved following intervention by the PFA.                saying Wayne Rooney’s more likely to sign for the Los Angeles
                                                                      Boneless Box Banquet because they’ve got a Welshman playing
                                                                      for them.
Football transfer rumours: Jack                                          Chelsea and Manchester City are both “tracking” Valencia’s
Wilshere to Real Madrid?                                              Turkish defensive midfielder Mehmet Topal, who could be
                                                                      available for £10m. Diniyar Bilyaletdinov says he has to leave
                                                                      Everton in order to play at Euro 2012. “I’m of no interest to Dick
Today’s flim flam had a capital time                                  Advocaat,” Bilyaletdinov said. “I am not satisfied with this.”
Barney Ronay                                                          And who would be? Carlo Ancelotti has “urged” Milan to sign
                                                                      either Didier Drogba or Nicolas Anelka. “Certainly, they are
According to the Daily Mail, the gilded Arsenal midfield scamp
                                                                      great players in good physical condition,” Ancelotti salivated,
Jack Wilshere [] – who said he
                                                                      crossing his legs. Newcastle are after the ace Huddersfield goal-
wanted to stay at Arsenal for life about a fortnight ago, albeit
                                                                      sniffer Jordan Rhodes, who could be available for a special offer
in his nascent hormonal teenage consciousness “life” probably
                                                                      £2m. Rhodes is 21 years old and has scored 58 goals in the last
seems like some wonderfully brief and frisky romp through
                                                                      two seasons.
assorted toll-free pleasure gardens that takes about two weeks
                                                                         In the Sun, Alan Pardew’s telescopic hunting sights are
rather than the slow, painful and turgidly repetitive circular
                                                                      instead trained on “£10m Montpellier hitman Olivier Giroud”.
narrative of decline The Mill knows it to be – could be off to Real
                                                                      Giroud has scored eight goals this season, enough to make him
Madrid in the near future.
                                                                      the top scorer in Ligue 1 and earn a first call-up for France. Sam
    Madrid, who have a glorious history of hoovering up and
                                                                      Allardyce is running his big fat sweaty finger across a smudged
then ruining exciting young footballers from across the world,
                                                                      passport photo of the Arsenal defensive embarrassment
have drawn up a five-man hit-list of young players they want to
                                                                      Sébastien “The Squid” Squillaci and grunting with undisguised
hoover up and ruin as soon as practically possible. Wilshere is
                                                                      longing. Squillaci could be available on loan.
among them, along with the Lille jink-merchant Eden Hazard,
                                                                         According to the Freiburg striker Papiss Cissé has
Teuton-fantasista Mario Götze, the Barcelona skill-imp Rafinha
                                                                      cranked up his field telephone and issued an old-fashioned
Alcântara and somebody else called “Iker Muniain of Athletic
                                                                      “come-and-get-me-plea” to unspecified Premier League clubs.
Bilbao” whose work The Mill is not familiar with. The list,
                                                                      Arsenal, Sunderland, Newcastle, Fulham and Spurs have all
which is essentially just five names written by a man who works
                                                                      been mentioned as possible destinations and why not? “I would
for Real Madrid, was “leaked” to toadying local rag Marca.
                                                                      be a big success in England,” Cissé has announced, clearing
    Newcastle are “showing interest” in the Auxerre midfielder
                                                                      that one up. The former Real Madrid stroller Guti could be on
Alain Traoré, although they may just be being polite. Traoré
                                                                      his way to the Kansas City Cheeseburgers of the MLS. And West
is 22 years old, comes from Burkina Faso, once had trials with
                                                                      Brom goal-whizz Peter Odemwingie will not be signing for
Manchester United and “may struggle to get a work permit”. He
                                                                      Dagestan regional development agency and billionaire’s Lego
plays on the left side of midfield.
                                                                      set Anzhi Makhachkala.
    Liverpool and Sunderland are both after the FC Zurich striker
Admir Mehmedi, a brave departure for both of them given
that Mehmedi (a) hasn’t just popped up on Kenny Dalglish’s
telly looking half-decent on Super Sunday while he’s got his
notebook out writing down the names of future members of
Kenny’s not-at-all haphazard Anfield revolution; and (b) he’s
never been a so-so squad member at Manchester United.
    Moussa Dembélé doesn’t want to leave Fulham after all: he is
simply “flattered” by the idea of going to Spurs. Spurs are going
to offer the Maradona of the Seven Sisters Road, Luka Modric,
£100,000 a week to keep Chelsea and – probably – Manchester
City at bay. Crystal Palace are “in pole position” to bring in
Coldplay’s Chris Martin on loan from Norwich.
    Meanwhile, swerving east through rich industrial shadows …
dum de dum … fishy-smelling side streets, head-scarved wives
… past the poppies bluish neutral distance. Yes: it’s Hull, home
not just to Sado-inclined library-bound poetical genius Philip
Larkin, but also to versatile midfield ace Nick Barmby, who may
soon be “unveiled” as Hull City’s new manager after someone © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                              

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