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									Dom Vial                                                                             
Online Creative and Art Direction                                                 


1009 – present      Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto. Creative Director, World Wide

                    • Responsible for the overall visual design through the transformation of and its ecosystem
                    (Mobile and Social).
                    • Responsible for the management of several vendors: governance, training, feedback and creative
                    direction of various online projects.
                    • Responsible for the hiring of several employees to build an in-house creative department.

0309 – 1009         Publicis Modem, San Francisco. Associate Director, Creative

                    • Responsible for the development of, working very closely with the client and
                    overseeing of the online strategy, UX (in partnership with the UX team) and visual design.
                    • Responsible for various PayPal OLA projects.

0406 – 0808         Digitas, New York. Associate Director, Creative

                    • Most recently, responsible for the visuals, interactive design and user experience for the
                    build of three websites for Members Project 08’.
                    • Responsible for the strategy, concept development and creative directions of online widgets
                    and the build of a website including a short movie for Turner Group.
                    • Responsible for the strategy and client relationship for American Express OPEN Small Business
                    (.com), including the redesign of the Prospect and Cardmember versions of the Homepage and
                    diverse emails and online campaigns.

1004 – 0406         Digitas, New York. Senior Art Director

                    • Lead the concept development, design and redesign of several American Express
                    projects, including the redesign of the entire shopping experience (a.k.a. Card Center) and
                    • Directed several projects on OPEN Small Business, including online transactional process
                    and online advertising.
                    • Directed the concept development and visual design for the making of interactive visionwares
                    for several new business pitch (AOL Mobile, Disney and Allstate).

0804 – 1004         Digitas, Chicago. Senior Art Director

                    • Was key in the winning of a major Allstate pitch (the Online Quote Engine).
                    • Helped concepting and animating a whole range of Online Advertising and emails for Best Buy.

0200 –0804          Digitas, San Francisco. Art Director

                    • Directed the concept development and visual design of the award winning
                    Roots Of Peace website as a pro bono.
                    • Concepted, designed and built the Demo for the Charles Schwab Online Trading Software
                     “Smart Street Pro”.
                    • Directed the redesign of the Microsoft Small Business and Microsoft Executive Circle websites.
                    • Directed and designed several campaigns involving websites, emails and O.L.A. for Sony Style


1990 –1993          BA in Marketing and Communication in Cagnes sur Mer and Cannes, France.
1987 –1990          Acquired a Degree in Art History and Philosophy.
                    Fluent in French and English and proficient with all the tools required by the industry.

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