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					                                                      The Mobile & Outside

                                                                                                     Summer 2009 Issue 11

The Last Word                                                              A vehicle fitted with a machine, appliance, apparatus
                                                                           or other contrivance which is a permanent or essen-
                                                                 tially permanent fixture, provided that the only goods carried
Following the last two editions of the Newsletter there is
                                                                 on the vehicle are -
still some misunderstandings regarding licensing,
tachograph’s, showman’s vehicles and the like, so we
                                                                 (a) required for use in connection with the machine, appliance,
wrote to the traffic commissioners asking for a meeting to
                                                                 apparatus or contrivance or the running of the vehicle;”
clarify the situation, below is the reply pending the meet-
                                                                 This exemption usually applies in cases where a machine,
We have printed it in full, Let us know if you feel we still
                                                                 appliance or apparatus (e.g. a crane, compressor or genera-
need a clarification meeting"                                    tor) has been fixed or bolted on to the vehicle.
Dear Bob
                                                                  Any goods carried on such a vehicle must be strictly in
                                                                 connection with the use of such equipment, (i.e. the vehicle
I refer to your letter of 28 April, addressed to the traffic
                                                                 should effectively form a moving platform for these permanent
commissioners, concerning the above. It has been passed
                                                                 or essentially permanent fixtures, and absolutely no goods that
to this office for reply, as we deal with policy queries in
                                                                 are not essential for the equipment to function [e.g. loose tools
relation to operator licensing. Please accept my apologies
                                                                 or other articles] should be carried on the vehicle). This is also
for the slight delay in replying. I will deal with the matters
                                                                 one of the main categories under which the users of catering
that you have raised under separate headings
                                                                 vehicles consider themselves to be exempt.

                                                                 However, in our view, this exemption will generally not apply to
The need for a goods vehicle operator's li-                      the users of such vehicles, as goods or burden
cence                                                            (e.g. foodstuffs, cooking equipment/utensils etc..) is being
                                                                 carried on the vehicle, which is not essential for the fixed
Most goods vehicles with a gross plated weight of over 3.5       equipment to function. .
tonnes or, if there is no plated weight, an unladen weight
of over 1525 kg require a goods vehicle operator’s licence,      Showman’s goods vehicles
if they are used to carry goods or burden of any
description in connection with a trade or business, or for       Showman’s goods vehicles are exempt from the requirement
hire or reward. The requirement also applies to vehicles         to hold an operator’s licence, if they are classed as showman’s
used for infrequent periods - such as one day.                   goods vehicles for the purposes of paying vehicle excise duty.
                                                                 This is because the exemption from the operator’s licensing
Vehicles with "fixed" equipment                                  system is linked by para 3(2) to part 1 to Goods Vehicles
                                                                 (Licensing of Operators) Regulations 1995, to the definition of
Schedule 3 to the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Opera-            showman’s goods vehicle in Section 62 of the Vehicle Excise
tors) Regulations 1995, lists the categories of goods vehi-      and Registration Act 1994. This is defined as a goods vehicle
cle that are exempt from operator licensing. Schedule 3          that is permanently fitted with a living van or some other spe-
(15) (a) prescribes that the following type of vehicle is
cial type of body or superstructure, forming part of
the equipment of the show of the person whose              Where it is considered that the above will apply, a
name is registered under the 1994 Act. It must also        tachograph may not be required in a catering vehicle.
be a vehicle registered under the 1994 Act, in the         Otherwise, the user of the vehicle would be advised
name of the person following the business of a             to have a tachograph fitted - and used - in the
travelling showman and where he is the sole user of        vehicle.
the vehicle, for the purposes of his business and for
no other purpose.                                          Driver licensing
Whether or not a catering vehicle used at shows and        In our view, the driver of an HGV catering vehicle will
festivals could be classed as a "showman's" goods          require full HGV (category "C") entitlement on their
vehicle would be ultimately for a Court to decide.         licence. However, for definitive information on this,
However, in our view, catering vehicles are very           you should contact the DVLA on 0870 2400009, the
unlikely to be exempt from goods vehicle operator          website address
licensing under this category.
In conclusion - VOSA consider that the majority of
HGVs used as catering vehicles require goods               If - having read the above - you still wish to approach
vehicle operator's licences.                               the traffic commissioners for a meeting, you should
                                                           contact Helen Clark, Personal Secretary to the Sen-
Tachographs.                                               ior Traffic Commissioner on 01323 452403 e-mail
The most likely exemption from EU drivers' hours
regulations is under Article 13 (d) of EU Circular         I should point out that the information given above is
561/2006 EC : -                                            in VOSA’s view and does not constitute legal opinion.

    "vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a           I hope that the information given above has been of
maximum permissible mass not exceeding 7,5 ton-            some help. If you have any further queries, do not
nes used:                                                  hesitate to contact me.

    .......- for carrying materials, equipment or ma-      Regards
chinery for the driver's use in the course of his work.
                                                           Chris Slowley
                                                           Senior Operator Licensing Policy Advisor Roadwor-
    These vehicles shall be used only within a 50          thiness and Testing Policy Group
kilometre radius from the base of the undertaking,
and on condition that driving the vehicles does not
constitute the driver's main activity;

Tragic accident in Shrewsbury
A 69-year-old man died in a freak accident when he was struck by a set of traffic lights just seconds after a
vehicle collided with them on a Shropshire road.

David Evans died after he was hit by the traffic lights in The accident happened just a week before his 70th

                                      Apparently the accident happened when a white Volvo transporter itself
                                      carrying a catering trailer whilst towing another crossed a junction on
                                      Welshpool Road, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, during May.
                                      A hatch sprang open on one of the two trailers hitting traffic lights which
                                      then struck Mr Evans.

                                      Emergency services resuscitated him at the scene following the incident,
                                      which happened at about 4.35pm, before taking him to the Royal
                                      Shrewsbury Hospital where he later died.

                                      Our sympathy goes to the family of Mr Evans
Massive changes to the NCASS
web site and your business
Monday July 27th will see the biggest                    All of which can be emailed directly from the site to
changes to NCASS since its foundation .                  event organisers or site concessionaires such as Re-
                                                         tail Concessions
We are investing in excess of £20,000 in a
brand new system which will make your life
easier and bring you more business                       Finding you
Look and feel                                            On your profile page you will be able to add your own
                                                         keywords which will be seen and registered by
The problem is that there are over 200 pages on the      search engines such as Google meaning that your
site and it grows every month, making it very hard for   page will become a ‘web site in its own right ‘ but
anyone to find what you are looking for.                 with the advantage of a direct link to NCASS which
The new web site will tackle this with a completely      ranks in the top pages of most if not all search
new and easy to use menu system based on                 engines. This will give you a major competitive
websites that most of us use on a daily basis such as    advantage over none NCASS members and other
the BBC, Google, Ebay and many others                    members who haven't done it yet.

Making your life easier                                  You will be able to directly affect your own rankings
                                                         in a search of the NCASS website, the more com-
One of the major features of the new site will be the    plete your information the higher you will rank in the
member pages over which members will have a              searches.
great deal of control with a much easier to use inter-   That means just because you’re a new member, it
face.                                                    doesn't mean that you will be at the bottom of the list.
As each member
renews from Aug
1st onwards the
following will auto-
matically be dis-
played on your
entry when a
member searches
for you:

     mini copies
      of training
      along with
      names etc.
     Copy of
      your food
      safety risk
     Insurance
      cover confir-
      mation if
      you insure
      with NCASS
      via Com-
      mercial Ex-
Search rankings will be affected by 8 criteria, and      what you have done for them which other potential
you will be able to see what you need to do to           users can see, you will of course have the ability to
improve them.                                            delete them if you wish.

For sale                                                 Getting additional work opportunities
A brand new for sale section includes the ability to     The system will automatically generate search en-
add multiple images, increase the visibility of your     gine rankings for members meaning more work op-
advert and automated payment which will mean that        portunities for every one. Searchers will then be able
the advert is instantly displayed and no longer needs    to email or text you directly from the search results
authorising by the NCASS team.                           pages.
The advert display will be much more attractive with
a search facility and several other features.            Event ratings
Advertising                                              From Jan 2010 all known events can receive a rank-
                                                         ing or rating
If you want to increase your business you will be        As you know we already publish the events book
able to buy a simple box advert on the search pages      which is the most comprehensive list of events in the
similar to those you will see on all the search en-      UK.
gines.                                                   You will be able to rank each one of those events or
                                                         organisers in order to build up a history for the bene-
You will also be able to purchase additional advertis-   fit of yourself and other members. The long term
ing to go into the Industry guide all from your mem-     benefit will be that eventually we will be able to do
bers home page.                                          away with those organisers and shows who are ei-
                                                         ther overcharging or simply defrauding members

Get ready now
                                                         Trailer security
If you want to take advantage of the these new
changes, then you can get ahead of the game by           Trailer theft is becoming a increasing problem for our
making sure that we have up to date images of your       members so from the launch of this new site as you
units, you can send them in by email or by post.         add each trailer and its picture, you can also add its
                                                         security details such as serial, ‘Thiefbeater’ ,‘Datatag’
Changes to Categories                                    or Tracker number.

Some caterers have been listing themselves in large      The object of this is that over a period of years we
amounts of categories irrespective if that’s what food   will develop a profile of all the trailers in use in the
they really do. Up to now this has gone unchecked,       UK and to whom they belong or have belonged.
the result is that the quality of the information that
can be viewed by potential employers is becoming         With this information in the future, a buyer will be
less useful. Therefore on the new site we are limiting   able to obtain a report like an HPI check on a car,
the amount of categories to three per trailer operated   and the days of buying a ‘pup’ or a stolen unit will
and for which we have an image.                          begin to come to an end.
This way it stops members with one trailer listing un-
der dozens of categories, but at the same time if the    In addition to that a seller will be able to download a
member has multiple trailers they will be listed in a    report assuring a potential buyer a history of the
representative number of categories.                     trailer.
                                                         Giving the buyer increased confidence to buy from
Statistics Page                                          you.

From your statistics page you will be able to see:       There will be a stolen section on the website as well
 How many have viewed your page.                        so any member can just report a stolen trailer with
 How many work opportunities you have been              one click, and potentially even send a text to all other
   sent and what they are.                               members telling them to beware of buying your sto-
 You will be able to calculate your own ranking on      len unit, albeit this element would have to be paid for.
   the NCASS web site and also find out what you
   can do to improve it.                                 We will also be able to offer a special rate for a DIY
                                                         security marking kit, for those with trailers without an
                                                         existing serial number.
Caterer Reviews
                                                         By 2012 it will be a legal requirement for all new trail-
Just like Ebay and many other sites the new system       ers to have a VIN plate like a car, and by then our
will also allow for customers to write a review on       system will be well under way.
NCASS Insurance

We have been           Caterer Liability Insurance
                       We have made several enhancements to our liability insurance package :
working close with     • Option to increase public liability cover to £10 Million
                       • Additional Page which is for Event Organisers
                       • Excess reduced to £250 (for existing customers will change at next renewal)
our insurance broker   • Option to include business equipment and/or stock cover

to improve the         If we do not currently provide your business liability insurance, then call us today on
                       0845 094 0420 or quote and buy online at

insurance offerings    Van Insurance - You’ve been asking for it and so here it is!
                       NCASS are delighted to announce the launch of its exclusive catering insurance facility,
for our members and    offering insurance for converted catering vans such as:
                       • Ice Cream Vans
to keep our products   • Hot Food Vans
                       • Jiffy Style Delivery Vans

at the forefront of    • Mobile Shops
                       • Coffee Vans

the market.            Our insurance policy will cover the vehicle and the vans permanent fixtures and fittings
                       with full fire cover automatically included at no additional cost. Cover can be arranged
                       for either 6 or 12 months
                       To qualify, you must fit the following criteria set by our insurance company:
                       • Policyholder must be aged 25 or over
                       • Any Additional driver must be aged 21 or over
                       • All drivers have a FULL UK Driving License for a minimum 2 years
                       • Maximum vehicle value £35,000
                       • Vehicle Weight must be under 7.5 t
                       NCASS members also benefit from an additional 10% discount, call today and speak to
                       our insurance team.
Trailer Insurance                                                                                       NCASS
                                                                                                   Members save u

In addition to already offering insurance with a choice of covers, discounts for security and a
unique no claims bonus, we now have:
                                                                                                                 p to
• New & Improved postcode ratings
Remember also that as a member you will benefit from a 20% discount from your trailer
insurance, so if we don’t already insure your catering trailer, call now for your quotation and
see how much you could save.
                                                                                                   on Premiums
Breakdown Insurance
We have now launched a new breakdown product through Europ Assistance

New Reduced Price - Only £69 Per Annum
Provides roadside assistance, nationwide recovery and home start for your vehicle & the
catering trailer
What would happen if your vehicle broker down pulling your catering trailer on the way to an
event? It could potentially cost you anything up to £10,000, can you afford to take the risk for
Acceptable Vehicle/Trailers
• Vehicle/Trailer under 15 years of age
• Maximum 3500kg weight (each unit)
• Maximum 7m length (each unit)
• Maximum 3m height (each unit)
• Maximum 2.25m width (each unit)
When you call for a quotation, we have recruited Adrian Perry and Ian Derbyshire                               NATIONWIDE
(both formally of Mobilers Insurance Services) to deal with your requests and                                  CATERERS
quotations so that you can be assured of a first class service and knowledgeable                               ASSOCIATION
people that understand your catering insurance requirements.

Call us now
0121 603 2524 / 0845 094 0420
Level 3 Food Hygiene Course now online
You’ve been asking for it for ages and                    The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
now we have delivered it, Level 3 food
hygiene training online.                                  This applies to restaurants, pubs, wine bars, hotels,
                                                          offices, shops, businesses and organisations.
And as far as we are aware we are one of
                                                          It requires all employers to provide information,
only two online providers in the UK and                   instruction, training, and supervision so that their
it goes live from July 1st.                               employees work in healthy safe conditions.

What's more we are giving all our members one             The Management of Health and Safety at
place FREE, which may not sound a lot but this
course if you could find it anywhere else would cost a    Work Regulations 1999
minimum of £250 per candidate, that makes
membership even better value for money.                   This requires owners of businesses to provide health
                                                          and safety training for all employees including
                                                          part-time workers.
Great marketing tool
                                                          You must also carry out Risk Assessments and have
One way to put yourself ahead of the competition is
                                                          in place a documented food safety management pro-
to appear more professional than the rest, and what
                                                          cedure. We can give you advice on how to
better way than being able to say that you have at
                                                          implement these. They can help identify your training
least one member of staff trained to level 3 standard.
Do you need it?                                           Regulation (EC) 852/2004 of the European
If you are employing staff you may well be asked to       Parliament on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs
have a level 3 hygiene certificate which is as you
can imagine quite a step up from a level 2.               This requires training of Food Handlers:

Whilst we are on the subject if any of you are                 Food handlers must have adequate instruction
operating using a level 1 certificate you are in danger         and/or training in food hygiene to enable them
of leaving your self wide open if you have an incident          to handle food safely.
as level one is only applicable to permanently super-          Those responsible for the Hazard Analysis
vised staff.                                                    Critical Control Points based procedures must
Every food business owner should, by now have a                 have received training to ensure that they have
level 2 certificate.                                            enough relevant knowledge and understanding
                                                                to ensure procedures are operated effectively.
What is the legal position?                                    Skills may be obtained through on-job training,
                                                                self study or relevant prior experience.
The legal requirements for training are under:

   The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974                There is no legal requirement to have a food hy-
                                                          giene/safety certificate. BUT
   The Management of Health and Safety at Work
    Regulations 1999                                      Conclusions

   The Food Safety Act of 1990                           Since January 2006 there has been a greater onus
                                                          and accountability on anyone in the food business
•Regulation (EC) 852/2004 of the European                 with supervisory responsibility.
Parliament on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs
                                                          The owner of the food business is responsible for
The law holds you responsible for the health and          ensuring that the above happens and if there is an
safety of all your employees, including part-time         incident the only method of proof in a due diligence
workers, while they are at work.                          defence would be formal hygiene and safety training
                                                          of the owner and the staff.
You are also responsible for the supervision, and
instruction and/or training of food handlers in food      So it may not be a legal requirement, but in essence
hygiene matters related to their work activities.         it is, in order to prove to the enforcement bodies that
                                                          training has been carried out, otherwise it is well
These requirements are set out in the following:          within their powers to close the food business down,
                                                          on the basis of it being a public heath hazard.
For those working in a catering businesses at a su-
pervisory level
                                                                 Win an Airdancer
      Level 3                                                                          &
 Course Programme
1 - Introduction                                                         Megaflator
2 - Legislation
3 - Requirements of Legislation                                                  see page 11
4 - Contamination
5 - Microbiological hazard                                  To launch this unique product air-
6 - Physical hazard
                                                   is giving away 2 x Megaflator
7 - Chemical hazard
8 - Allergens hazards                                       systems complete with all accessories. For
9 - Food Poisoning                                          your chance to win one of these eye-
10 - Food Bourne Disease
11 - Temperature control storage and preservation           catching structures
12 - Personal Hygiene
13 - Premises and equipment                                       Just answer the following question:
14 - Cleaning & Disinfection
15 - Pest Control
                                                                 How tall are standard Megaflatables?
16 - Food Safety Management
17 - Supervisory Management
18 - Quality Management                                       Call 0870 401 4084 with your answer NOW
19 - Staff Training
20 - Inspections introduces the Megaflator
                                 an attention grabbing inflatable sign
The UK’s leading provider of high quality inflatable promotional equipment,, has designed, de-
veloped and patented an exciting new marketing product that is set to help caterers stand head and shoulders
above their competition.

Aptly name the Megaflator, these inflatable models can stand up to 20ft in the air and be seen over half a mile
away from where they are situated. It’s perfect for those who operate at outdoor events and venues, but also
can be used by pubs, restaurants, café’s and coffee shops to attract roadside attention.

With a long tube as the main body, the top part of the feature can hold a replica of any chosen product. From
bottles to burgers, chefs to pizzas, is able to provide ready made megaflatables, or design be-
spoke structures that will not only clearly promote the customers type of business but also allow them to create
any bold messages that they wish to display.

Using's unique all weather blower system and a standard generator, the Megaflator takes just
over one minute to set up, making it incredibly easy to operate. Wind-stabilizers are also fitted into the structure
to allow it to with stand weather conditions from strong winds to heavy rain. They can be floor or roof mounted
and fitted with internal lighting for night time use.

This dynamic marketing tool, provides 100’s of hours usage for all types of businesses looking for a fresh and
cost effective approach to promoting their product or service to hundreds of potential customers.
Major brands including fast food retailers Subway and Dominoes have already contracted to
provide Megaflator structures at many of their outlets nationwide.

WIN A FREE MEGAFLATOR and AIRDANCER see page 11 for details

Special price for NCASS Members Complete Megaflator system plus 20ft Megaflatable
( chosen from present designs) ₤395 + VAT INCLUDES FREE Printing & UK Delivery
Jiffy Trucks – The Benefits of Being Mobile
                                                           develop your “round” and respond to opportunities
Many food businesses are discovering the real bene-        and changes in the area as they happen. Being first
fits of having a mobile sales operation – either as        in your area is a real advantage – do it well and you
their core activity or to complement existing fixed        will keep others at bay!
                                                           A Jiffy “Bocado” on finance over 4 years costs
A Jiffy Truck mobile “sandwich round” can                                     £23.67 /day*
consistently turnover £500 per day - even in today’s       *Example only - actual cost will depend on status &
economic climate. Plus there are benefits of owning        conditions
a Jiffy Truck such as trading at weekend fairs,            Example Vehicle Operating costs
sporting events and festivals – the list is endless.       Insurance / day                              £5.00*
                                                           Fuel / Day                                   £3.50
Introducing a mobile operation is not a new concept        Maintenance allowance / Day                  £2.00
in itself, but the way many people now work, means         Employee Pay (assumes 7 hours at £6.50)
that it has new- found relevance in today’s society.                                                    £45.50
Increasing numbers of out of town businesses which         Other employee costs                         £9.00
don’t have access to shops or facilities to enjoy a
choice of good quality hot and cold food, present          Cost of stock assuming 50% mark up             £250
numerous opportunities for the entrepreneurial             Total daily operating costs                    £338.67
sandwich and snack business to increase their trade        Daily cash margin                              £165.33
and reach new customers.
                                                           Trading consistently at this level for 46 weeks will
By identifying business premises who don’t have on-        deliver the following:
site facilities or access to shops nearby – there are      Weekly turnover                          £2,520
100’s of potential customers who would welcome the         Annual turnover                          £115,920
choice offered by a Jiffy Truck operation.                 Annual costs                             £77894
                                                           Total Annual Profit                      £38025
A typical Jiffy Truck business can achieve the
following turnover everyday:                               The Bocado has capacity to carry the following:
                                                           Sandwiches             480(24 Baskets)
24 customer calls per day                                  Pastries               220(11 Baskets)
Businesses like office parks, industrial estates,          Drinks                 100
universities, etc                                          Crisps                 108
7 customers per call                     Average
£3.00 spend per customer                 £3-4 is typical   Hot soups, curries, mushy pies etc can all be carried
£504 turnover per day                                      in the gastronorm pans, which enable the Jiffy Truck
                                                           operator to vary their product offer according to their
The real benefit of a Jiffy Truck is the low operating     customer base and the weather.
cost, which means that profits, compared to a shop
premises are high.                                         Jiffy Trucks are not a franchise, vehicles are owned
                                                           by the operator, however Jiffy Trucks can provide a
Also, you are not tied into a lease on a site which        whole host of best practice advice and support.
may not be working for you, and you can flexibly           There’s never been a better time to go mobile!
                                                           For more information please contact Jiffy Trucks on
                                                           01274 596000
The Nationwide Caterers Association                                     Association House, 89 Mappleborough Rd, Shirley,
                                                                        Solihull. West Midlands. B90 1AG.
                                                                        Tel: 0121 603 2524 Fax 0121 474 3938 Email

                                     Organic Cleaning Products
     Health Concerns Solutions Ltd are purveyors of Organic antiviral / bacterial sanitising and sterilising products,
     hand gels, soaps, slow release granules, food sprays & disinfectants.

       Totally, natural organic product
       Kills up to 99.9998% of dangerous pathogens
       Broad spectrum anti-microbial activity
       Non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting and non-volatile
       Effective, even in the presence of organic matter
     Approved by the Department of Health (HPA)

     Citroxx Bio is 100 times more powerful than other natural cleaners & those with
     toxic chemicals yet completely harmless to humans, animals, fish & the envi-
     ronment. Citroxx Bio is manufactured from a patented blend of non-toxic
     Bioflavonoids extracted from orange pith mixed with fruit acids dissolved in wa-
     ter. They are known to possess anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal proper-

     The Food Sprays can be applied directly to food to eliminate bacteria such as
     Salmonella, Listeria, Legionella, Ecoli, MRSA, Clostridium, Viruses, Fungi and
     Pesticides and increase shelf life (currently used by large chain supermarkets
     on food counters & for washing prepacked foods & salads etc).

     Health Concerns Solutions Ltd 2, Carey, Hockley, Tamworth, Staffs B77
     5QB Tel: 01827 251126 Fax: 01827 288024 Email: Website:
 NCASS A5 Advert:Layout 5   7/5/09   15:51   Page 1

    Catering Insurance

     Catering Trailer                          Caterers Liability                     Catering Van

    Call and save now….. Instant cover & documentation the same day
    (See centre pages for further details)

    Call us on
    0845 094 0420                                              

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