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					Who is Lucy Billings?                     About Lucy Billings
     Lucy Billings is hard working,          Lucy has had a distinguished
decisive, courageous, and independent.
   She has spent her life fighting for
equal justice for people who cannot
                                          24-year legal career in the public
                                          interest, including serving as lead
                                          counsel in many civil rights, tenants’
                                                                                              Lucy Billings
afford a lawyer: tenants, minorities,
                                          rights, environmental justice, public
                                          health, and children’s rights cases.
working men
and women,
                                          • Director of Special Litigation and Training,
                                            Bronx Legal Services
                                          • Staff Counsel, American Civil Liberties
                                                                                              I’m running
families torn
apart, the
homeless, the
                                            Union Children’s Rights Project
                                          • Director of Legal Support, Legal Services for
                                            New York
                                                                                                for Judge
disabled, and                             • J.D., University of California at Berkeley
the dying. She                            • B.A., Smith College, magna cum laude, Phi
believes we                                 Beta Kappa
all are                                   • Coach and umpire of soccer and softball for
                                            American Youth Soccer and Little League
entitled to be
heard promptly and treated with           Lucy and her husband John, a professor at
                                          NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public
dignity and respect in our courts.        Service, live in
             Lucy Billings                Manhattan
                                          with their
       is compassionate and fair.
  Lucy Billings knows how to help         Marion,
people who do not understand the          a student at
justice system and feel left out.         Hunter High
   What kind of judge do you want?
  A judge who knows the law and
understands what people are going
through. A judge whom you respect
and who cares about you—whether                                Lucy
you are a tenant about to be evicted,
a senior with no money, or a worker
who has lost a job because of discrimi-
nation. A judge like Lucy Billings.
                                          Democrat for Civil Court Judge
                                            Democratic Primary — Sept. 9th
  Lucy Billings cares                      Paid for by the Committee to Elect Lucy Billings
    about people.                             33 West 14th Street, New York NY 10011
                                            To volunteer or contribute, call 212-727-3298
 Lucy Billings has dedicated her                                                    Lucy Billings is the only
                                                                                       candidate found
life to helping people get justice.                                                 “Qualified” in this race!
                                                                                   The Independent Judicial Screening Panel
                                                                                   reviews candidates for judge. The characteris-
Lucy Billings forced the City               When she got a full-time job, her      tics the panel weighs include judicial tempera-
                                          nightmare began: the City refused to     ment, scholarship, work ethic, fairness,
to stop showering us with lead            give back her kids! She turned to Lucy
                                                                                   integrity, and independence. Not only did the
                                                                                   panel rate Lucy Billings “Most Highly
paint chips.                              Billings, who sued the City. Lucy’s      Qualified,” but no other candidate received
   Remember when City workers were        suit brought the family back together.   even a “Qualified” rating.
sandblasting lead paint off the bridges
and the chips were falling every-         When Catherine Gibbons’s                 “Most Highly Qualified”
where? Lucy Billings led the court        heart was failing, Lucy                   Independent Judical Screening Panel
fight to force the City to clean up       Billings gave her new hope.               Here’s what other respected legal and civic
its mess: not just on the bridges and                                                groups said about Lucy Billings in 1996:
                                            Catherine could not work any
elevated subways, but in housing, day
                                          longer because of her severe heart
care centers, and schools.
                                          disease, but the federal government
   She stopped the City from                                                                     Citizens Union
                                          denied her disability benefits on a
poisoning us.
                                          technicality.                                  “Highly Qualified”
Lucy helped a mother win                    Lucy Billings fought back and forced       NYS Trial Lawyers Association
                                          the bureaucrats to adopt a fairer way
back her sons.
  When Linda Hauser left her abusive
                                          of measuring cardiovascular disease.                 “Approved”
                                            Catherine and 127,000 other New                 Association of the Bar
husband, she had no way to support        Yorkers now have their life-sustaining           of the City of New York
her children. The City told her to put    benefits.
her three boys in foster care until she                                                       Endorsed by:
was back on her feet.                                                              Councilmembers Tom Duane, Ronnie
                                                                                     Eldridge, and Miriam Friedlander

                                                                                      Village Independent Democrats
                                                                                       Gay and Lesbian Independent
                                                                                    AND MANY MORE COMMUNITY LEADERS

                          Democrat for Civil Court Judge
                                                                                    “Lucy Billings . . . set exemplary stan-
                                                                                    dards of excellence and imaginative-
                                                                                    ness in legal analysis, research, writ-
                                                                                    ing, and complex litigation.” —Bar
                                                                                    Assn. Legal Services Award, May 1996

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