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This is a presentation about
the most spiritual animal of
   all cultures, the eagle.

       By: Terri LeGault
The Spirituality of Eagles

     Eagles are spiritual creatures known by everyone.
    The Aztecs believe that there is a link between eagles
    and the sun. They say that during the creation of the
    world the eagle and the jaguar fought over who would
    have the honor of becoming the sun. In the end the
    eagle settled it and flung himself into the fire and
    became the sun. The jaguar ended up becoming the
          Spirituality of Eagles
 Another myth about the eagle that has been around for
  centuries was that the eagle was the sole animal who could
  look into the sun. It is thought that when the eagle becomes
  old that they go to the sun and singe their wings and evaporate
  the fog from their eyes. Then he dips himself three times into
  the fountain and becomes renewed and young again.
 The Christians adopted this symbolism. They compared the
  eagle looking into the sun to Christ looking at His Father, and
  the renewal of the eagle's youth through its plunge into the
  fountain to the renewal of the soul through baptism. Even
  today, an eagle may be spied on the baptismal fonts in some
  older churches
 For more information: http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/
      Our National Emblem

 Since 1782 the bald eagle has been the national bird
  of the United States.
 The bald eagle was chosen to be our national bird
  because it is seen as a symbol of strength, courage,
  freedom and immorality.
 Benjamin Franklin was an opponent to the bald eagle
  being the national emblem. He wished for the turkey
  to be it instead, but obviously nobody else felt the
  same way as he did.
 Another reason why the eagle is our national bird is
  because it is only found in the North America.
       Our National Emblem

 The bald eagle appears on the president’s flag, the
  mace of the House of Representatives, institutions and
  building, documents, dollar bills, coins, etc. This makes
  it the most pictured bird in America.
 For more information about our National Emblem go to
  http://www.usflag.org/bald.eagle.html or
      Description of a Bald Eagle
 All eagles have rounded, broad wings and they
  have a 80 inch wingspan. They weigh about 10-
  14 pounds.
 Immature eagles do not look like regular adult
  eagles. They have a dark beak and a dark brown
  body, including their head and tail.
 Adult eagles had a yellow beak and a white head
  and tail.
 Immature eagles take about 4-5 years to become
 Female eagles are usually slightly larger than the
  male eagles. They are about 35-37 inches in
 Male eagles are about 30-34 inches in length.
 For more information: http://www.mbr-
    An Endangered Species
 In 1782, as many as 100,000 nesting bald eagles lived in
  the continental United States, excluding Alaska. By 1963,
  only 417 nesting pairs were found in the lower 48 states.
 Now there are 5,748 nesting pairs in the United States.
  Which is a great improvement.
 On the eve of Independence Day weekend, President
  Clinton marked the culmination of a three-decade effort to
  protect and recover this majestic bird by announcing a
  proposal to remove it from the list of threatened and
  endangered species.
 For more information:
 A picture to print off for the class to color.
 A quiz for the class to work on about the eagle.
  Here are the answers to the quiz.

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