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									                                              Cobham RFC
                                              2010/11 Season

                            Information for new mini rugby members

Welcome to Cobham Rugby Club and to the U11s squad. Please find below some useful information but if
you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask your U11’s Managers Chris and Sally Mitchell (Home:
01372 470411) or Chris (Mobile: 07860 863017) or Sally (Mobile: 07809 156375), or via email or ask any of the coaches.


Please take the time to read the FULL terms and conditions as registration assumes acceptance. These are
attached to this information and are available on the website.

Note the requirement for all mini players to be supervised at all times on site by a nominated adult, who is
also aware of their responsibility and whom the child is aware of too.

Children are allowed 2 trial sessions before they must commit to joining the club. Those who have already
paid will be refunded if they decide not to continue after this trial. Those joining after Christmas are still
charged full mini subs, to reflect the oversubscribed nature of the mini section, unless particular
circumstances apply.

Parking at Munro House

All visitors and members of the club are to park in the Munro House car park in a designated parking space.
Munro House is the office building almost opposite The Fairmile Pub on the Portsmouth Road.

Under no circumstances should anyone park on the grass or on the driveway of Munro House car park. Only
Managers and Coaches who are often carrying heavy bags are allowed to park in the Club’s car park. The
club car park must have the space to allow an ambulance to drive down and turn at the clubhouse in case of

Boot cleaners are supplied in front of the club house and at the entrance to Munro House car park. We rely
on Munro House’s parking and are anxious not to abuse their generosity, so please take care to clean boots
on the rugby side of the fence. Please also take off rugby boots before entering Munro House as walking on
the concrete wears down the studs, causing them to become sharp which can cause injury.

No one is to park on the main road or the residential side roads around the club as it can cause upset within
the local community. Each age group will be allocated parking duty during the season, please offer your help
when it is U11s turn.
Training at the Club

Training sessions are on Sunday mornings starting at 10 a.m. sharp and finish at 12 noon. There are over 400
mini players so you do need to leave sufficient time to make a punctual start.

As you come into the ground from the Munro House car park, the U11s training pitch can be found on the
left hand side furthest away from the clubhouse near the port-a-cabins.


All kit can be purchased at the club shop which is located at the back of the club house by the exit to Munro
House car park. The shop is open every Sunday morning during the season. Please ensure your child has
appropriate clothing to keep warm and a water bottle.

Shirts – these can be labelled with the child’s name. The club policy is that the shirts should only have the
child’s surname not first names, or nicknames, or initials unless there is good reason i.e. if they are twins!
Labelling can be done anywhere but Sally will arrange a job lot at the beginning of the season. Labelling
does unfortunately mean there are few second hand shirts available.

Boots - Boots with kite marked rugby metal studs MUST be worn. No football studs please as these can
cause serious injuries. Moulded studs are also not recommended. Studs will be checked by the coaches at the
beginning of each training session or festival

Mouth guards - all players MUST have a properly fitting mouth guard (NO MOUTH GUARD, NO
RUGBY): this can be a ‘boil in a bag’ version available from the kit shop or dentist made, either by your
own dentist or by OPRO who visit the club on the first two Sundays of the season. Please note that if you use
OPRO at the Club your child’s mouth guard will not be available until the following Sunday so please bring
a temporary mouth guard to the first session.

Body armour – players may wear scrum caps and shoulder pads are also permitted. Shoulder pads with
protection to the sternum are recommended.


Attached is a current fixture list although, please be aware that this will change as the season progresses. A
full fixture list is available on the website (

Fixtures - A fixture involves a combined training session with a local team followed by matches at the end of
the session. Fixtures can either be home or away. A fixture is usually the same duration as a training session
i.e. 10 a.m. until noon.

Festival – A festival is an opportunity for a player to represent the club competitively. Players are expected to
arrive at the hosting club at 9.30 a.m. and matches and presentations finish at around 3.30 p.m.

Team Selection

Depending on numbers, we aim to run three teams A, B and C but we train as a squad. Team selection is
based on the 4As i.e. Ability, Attitude, Attendance and Availability. All boys are continually assessed by all
the coaches and players will be moved up and down on the basis of these criteria.

Notification of team selection is by both e-mail and text messaging using Clarion Call. We aim to send out
teams no later than Monday evening for the following Sunday’s game. Please respond as to your son’s
availability ASAP but no later than the Wednesday.

Please ensure the contact details as per the member’s website are correct and changes are updated on the
club’s database.

We will use the Clarion Call system to notify you of last minute changes so it is important we have the
correct mobile phone number.

Club Tour

The Club go on tour with all age groups from U9’s to U12’s. This is usually held on the first May Bank
holiday. More details will follow from the Tour organisers.

Who’s Who

Managers and coaches contact details are on the website. Those primarily connected with the mini’s are

Chairman of Minis - Kieran Notter
Membership Secretary - Nicky Eggar
U11’s Head Coach - Steve Rickerd (07790 862068)
U11’s age group managers - Sally Mitchell (07809 156375) and Chris Mitchell (07860 863017)

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic depth of coaches and helpers all of whom are volunteers. Coaches
are qualified to a minimum of Level 1.

Cobham Rugby is a volunteer organisation and dependant on the support of its members. All members are
expected to offer their help on at least 3 occasions during the season, such as at festivals, running the BBQ or
with parking. If you have particular skills, please volunteer them. Training in first aid, coaching and
refereeing are offered.

Above all we hope that we have a fantastic season and look forward to meeting both new and existing
members on Sunday 5th September at 10 a.m.


Chris and Sally Mitchell
Membership Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the FULL terms and conditions as registration assumes acceptance.

   1. Cobham RFC is a volunteer organisation and dependant on the support of its members: all
      members are expected to offer their help. Mini members are expected to help on at least 3
       occasions during the season, such as at festivals. If you have particular skills, please
       volunteer them.

   2. Only registered, paid up players are insured and only registered players are eligible to
       represent the club i.e. be available for selection. Anyone having difficulty with subscriptions
       should talk to their Manager or to the Membership Secretary for a sympathetic response.

   3. Note particularly the requirement for all mini players to be supervised at all times on site by a
      nominated adult, who is also aware of their responsibility.

   4. Age Group Managers and the club's administration communicate with Members primarily by
       email: it is therefore important that Members keep their email and other contact details
       current, and emails are checked ahead of weekends for festival selection and other important

       With such large groups, email offers managers essential economies of scale with regard to
       their time and resources.

   5. Every child from U7s needs a mouth guard to play and train with.

       You can either buy your own "boil in the bag" mouth guards from the club shop (cheap) or use
       the services of the OPRO dentists who come to the club on the first couple of Sundays of the
       season to make the properly fitted ones (not so cheap, but fit well).

       You can look them up at and you can choose your colour/s and pre-pay on
       line and then have the impressions done at the club.

       Or you can normally just turn up on the day to have impressions done and pay then (takes a
       little longer and costs a little bit more).

       OPRO donate equipment to the club.

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