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									                        Higher Education Bulletin
                                 September 2010

The Higher Education staff in the Education Division at Church House (Stephen Heap and
Gabriella Di Salvo) produce this Bulletin to support the network of Anglican Higher
Education Chaplains in England by providing accessible and relevant information for
Chaplains and other interested parties. We are happy to make it available to others also.
Please contact Gabriella or Stephen to go on the mailing list. If there is something you
would like considered for inclusion, please e-mail gabriella.disalvo@c-of-e.org.uk. We hope
to have the next bulletin out on October 18th. Please let us have material for inclusion by
Monday 11th October. Thanks!

To contact the National Adviser, Stephen Heap, please e-mail stephen.heap@c-of-e.org.uk
or phone 020 7898 1513 or write to The Revd Dr Stephen Heap, Higher Education Adviser,
Church House, Great Smith St, Westminster SW1P 3NZ

In this bulletin:

1. Inter-Faith Matters
2. Survey
3. He Issues
4. Forthcoming Events
5. Chaplaincy Documents
6. Books


1.1 Yad Washem Seminar - 4-15 October 2010
The Council of Christians and Jews has written: we are the UK‟s leading agency for the
Church‟s relationship with the Jewish people. Since 1942 we have pioneered Christian and
Jewish dialogue, making great headway in theological, community and cultural understanding.
                                                     Higher Education Bulletin – September 2010
The Seminar comprises an intensive 10 days of lectures, seminars and workshops specifically for
clergy and lay leaders. The programme is designed jointly by the Head of the British Desk at
Yad Vashem, and Dr Jane Clements, CCJ consultant. It features lectures from international
scholars and opportunities to engage with rabbis exploring religious and theological
perspectives. The topics covered include Jewish life before the Holocaust, communities,
the history of Jewish/Christian relations, art, the Final Solution, survivor stories and
theological issues.

Places are extremely limited and are taken up very quickly.
More information and application form can be found http://www.ccj.org.uk/Yadvashem-Seminar
The cost is just £832 which includes flights, in-country transport, all taxes, full board,
excursions, entry fees, tours. Please complete the on-line application form and send to:
 cjrelations@ccj.org.uk marked Yad Vashem Seminar

1.2 Inter Faith Week 2010: 21-27 November
Inter Faith Week will run from Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 November 2010. Its aims are:
         to strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels;
         to increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, in
            particular celebrating and building on the contribution which their members make to
            their neighbourhoods and to wider society;
         to increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious belief.
The Week is being led by the Inter Faith Network for the UK, working with its member bodies.
It will be community-led, with local people and groups of different backgrounds holding their
own events and highlighting work going on to promote understanding between people of
different faiths and beliefs.
Please follow the link below:

1.3 Photography Competition
The Congregational and General Insurance Company is holding a photography competition,
highlighting the positive effects of different faiths on the community. The winner will be
announced during the Interfaith Week in November. Any photographers amongst you who
fancy getting chaplaincy some profile? See http://www.faiththroughalens.co.uk

1.4 Letter from Christians and Muslims
Please follow the link to read a letter from Christians and Muslims who met at Lambeth Place in
July for a Christian Muslim Forum conference. It contains a number of pledges aimed at building
good relations between Christians and Muslims.

                                                      Higher Education Bulletin – September 2010

1.5 Sharing the Gospel of Salvation
Produced in response to a question at General Synod about how we witness to the uniqueness
of Jesus Christ in a multi-faith, multi-cultural context.

It can be downloaded at:

Dear All,
Together with the Chaplains National Executive, I have been looking at how we might develop
accessible, affordable and appropriate training for chaplains. As part of that process, I met with
Andii Bowsher, who has HE Chaplaincy experience himself (in Bradford) and is now on the staff
at St John's Nottingham. That was a particularly fruitful conversation, in my view, and led to
some ideas for training options which could be done on a stand-alone basis or which could be
seen as modules towards a recognised qualification.
Rather than simply assume we know what people might find helpful, we decided to create a
questionnaire, which Andii has done and which can be accessed via the link below. It will really
help us shape something more useful and relevant if you can take a moment to complete the

Please submit the form at the end of September at the latest.

Many thanks
Best wishes

I understand the Browne Review will publish its work on Monday October 11th. That will be
followed by the Spending Review on October 20th, following which HEFCE will write to
institutions about their grant levels. Some possible changes would require legislation, which
takes time. See a speech for David Willetts to University Vice Chancellors about the challenges
and opportunities ahead for UK universities:

                                                       Higher Education Bulletin – September 2010

3.2 Research
Vince Cable made a speech about research on 8th September. Here it is

4.1 New Chaplains Training
January 19th-21st 2011- Holland House, Cropthorne, near Evesham
The Churches Higher Education Liaison Group offers training to all new to chaplaincy (chaplains
and chaplaincy assistants). „New‟ is interpreted widely to mean those who have been in post for
up to a year (or more if you want to come), those about to start, and those thinking they might
want to go into HE chaplaincy at some point and want to explore what it is about.

The training includes a visit to Bristol University and University West of England, theological
reflection on the models of chaplaincy at work in them and other sessions on current topics in
chaplaincy. Subjects typically covered are working ecumenically, working in a multi-faith context,
handling religion in the public sphere, the spirituality of young adults, what are the key issues in
higher education?

To book, please complete the form below:

4.2 Conference of European University Chaplains and Global Conference

 The 2012 Global chaplains conference
  Mosaics in Motion: Spiritual Leadership in a Multi-Faith World.
  June 25th - 29th -Yale in New Haven US

   Please see attachment for further details:

 The Conference of European University Chaplains
  13th to 18th June 2011 in Hungary
  Conference web site is www.ceuc2011.org

                                                    Higher Education Bulletin – September 2010
There is a Yahoo group for exchange of information on the annual European Chaplains
conferences (Christian) and the 4 yearly Global conferences (Multi-faith). This e group
has been going since 2004 and it is possible some of its members are no longer
chaplains and others need to update their details. It would be helpful if any changes could
be made so that the list is up to date. Please join if you are interested in the European
and Global conferences

Post message:     europeanchaplains@yahoogroups.co.uk
Subscribe:        europeanchaplains-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk
Unsubscribe:      europeanchaplains-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk

List owner:       europeanchaplains-owner@yahoogroups.co.uk

UK and Ireland Representative on the CEUC Board: Revd Allan Smith

CEUC representative on IACHE (International Higher Education Chaplains Association -
overseeing plans for the Global Conference). Revd Cass Howes

4.3 Taize and SCM gathering
Manchester 22-24 October 2010

Taize and SCm Gathering presents “Prayers of Freedom” an ecumenical weekend organised by
the Student Christian Movement and Br. Paolo from the Taize Community.

For more information www.movement.org.uk/taize

I am trying to produce a number of documents around chaplaincy which will eventually go on
the Church of England web site and be accessible via there. I am including some with this
Bulletin which you may wish to send me improving comments on. The first one below asks
some questions chaplains may want to think about when leaving a chaplaincy, The second is a
check lost for Diocese appointing a new chaplain.

Thanks. Stephen

                                                      Higher Education Bulletin – September 2010

6. BOOKs

6.1 Is God Still an Englishman?
    Cole Merton

The book is an exploration of contemporary British religiosity/spirituality. Please find a review
of it attached, which appears here with the kind permission of the editor of The Baptist Times.
You will see I think the book has its shortcomings, but it is worth a look at.

6.2 Putting Away Childish Things: A Tale of Modern Faith
    Marcus J. Borg

      Recommended by Fiona Haworth

Kate is a popular religion professor at a liberal arts college in a small town in the Midwest who
retreats to her nearest pub for a Guinness and a cigarette when she needs some air. Kate thinks
her life is right on track - teaching, writing books, getting some notice, but she soon discovers
that even in the twenty-first century, God works in mysterious ways. Kate is up for tenure, and
that is when it all starts to go wrong. A colleague warns her that her books are too Christian
and too popular. She is offered a visiting professor job at a prestigious seminary that employs
the professor she had an affair with years ago. Students ask her views on Jesus, the Bible, and
homosexuality, which leads to a parents' campaign for the school to get rid of her. Along the
way, readers learn about theological and social issues dividing Christians today as the characters
engage them in their lives and work. What is the Bible? What is the quest for the historical Jesus
about? What is the nature of faith? How does the study of religion relate to the practice of
religion? Are reason and faith friends or foes? Who said it would be easy to be a Christian in
today's world? As Kate wrestles with the Bible, the church, the university, her past, and her
vocation, we all learn from and share in what it means to walk in faith today.
About the Author
Marcus J. Borg is Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State
University and author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The Heart of
Christianity, The Last Week, and Jesus. He was an active member of the Jesus Seminar when it
focused on the historical Jesus and he has been chair of the Historical Jesus section of the
Society of Biblical Literature.


                                                     Higher Education Bulletin – September 2010

With best wishes,
Gabriella Di Salvo – Executive Assistant, Lifelong Learning Team, Education Division


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