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					                                 Computer Networking

                                                                                                                                     Computer Networking - A.A.S.
      Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems
  Computer Networking, an option of the Associate of Applied                                  Curriculum
Science degree program in Computer Information Systems,                                      A.A.S. Degree
prepares students for employment in network management,
networking coordination and networking analysis in a variety of     Course                                              Credits
industries, from banking to business and government. Local          ENGL-111         English I                                  3
computer networks, office automation, personal computers and        CISY-103         Computer Concepts and Programming 4
management work stations all fall within the range of               CISY-219         Networking Essentials                      3
teleprocessing technology.                                          MATH-101         Number Systems1                            3
  Students gain hands-on experience in network design using         BUSI-111         Introduction to Business Administration or
Novell and UNIX-based systems. Over 200 student                     CISY-274         Privacy, Ethics & Computer Forensics 3
workstations are networked to the backbone and a Gateway to
the Internet and the World Wide Web using the TCP/IP                ENGL-112         English II                                3
protocol. All of the local area networks on campus are fiber        CISY-237         UNIX and LINUX                            3
optically linked.                                                                    Humanities2                               3
                                                                    CISY-132         Systems Analysis & Design                 3
  Graduates are able to:                                            CISY-253         Advanced Computer Networking              3
  • understand how telecommunications systems provide for
    the transmission and reception of both voice and data signals                    CIS Elective3                             3
    (messages)                                                      CISY-238         C Programming                             3
  • comprehend analog and digital techniques                        CISY-258         Network Planning and Administration       3
                                                                                     Social Science2                           3
  • use nationwide and worldwide networks as well as local          CISY-217         Operating Systems                         3
    area networks
  • delineate the functions of modems, front ends, multiplexers,    CISY-229         Information Security Fundamentals    3
    concentrators and other hardware                                CISY-211         Systems Development & Implementation 3
  • understand coding redundancy and compression techniques         CISY-285         Data Base Development & Design or
    as a means to improve the reliability of data transmission      CISY-292         Computer Science Cooperative
                                                                                     Education I                          3
  • discuss     networking      systems,      techniques     and                     Humanities2 or
    topologies                                                                       Social Science2                      3
  • define the seven layers of the OSI Protocol Model and the                        CIS Elective3                        3
    functions of each layer
  • describe the concepts of SNA, X-25, Ethernet, token ring                                                  Total Credits 61
    and terminal emulation                                          1
                                                                     Mathematics by official placement test. Students may not take
  • explain how network control resources are defined to            courses below placement level.
    telecommunications access methods and network control           2
                                                                     Select a course from the appropriate category of the General
    programs                                                        Education list.
  • design, administer and monitor a local area network             3
                                                                        Any CISY-200 level course.

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