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AGC Monday Morning                                         
July 18, 2011
A G C E nd o rse s Com p reh e n sive P en sio n Ref o rm f o r Cit y of Sa n Die go -
E ve r y Do lla r S a ve d W ill P ut Mo re Mo n e y B a ck in Ne igh b o rho o d
I nf ra s t ru ctu re
By Brad Barnum, Vice President Government Relations

Two words...Pension Reform... have created a buzz saw throughout the United States, as public entities
grapple with the budget busting problem of providing retirement plans for their employees. San Diego's
pension system has had a controversial past, as taxpayers have assumed a disproportionate share of the
cost, while retirees receive "over the top" benefits. This has consumed the City Council, created financial
instability, and curtailed many important infrastructure projects within the City.

The City's pension program clearly is broken (pension costs are currently $230 million, but will grow to
almost $500 million by 2024), as evidenced by the fact that many retirees have been able to receive as
much as 120% of their highest salary when they retire. Some city employees receive "add-ons" and
"specialty pays" on top of their base salary, which is then added to the base salary when calculating
pension benefits. This cartoon from yesterday's Union Tribune says it all about the current system!

A campaign to fix the City's pension crisis is now underway, and AGC's Board of Directors last week
voted unanimously to support the efforts to reform a system that is unable to address the retirement plans
for all City of San Diego employees. The Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) Initiative will save the
City of San Diego $1.2 - $2 billion over the next 27 years, and the short-term and long term savings can
be used to pay for needed infrastructure projects and neighborhood services.
A CPR Fact Sheet provides more details about the initiative, but here are a few "bullet points:

    •   Reforms Retirement Plans for All Employees
    •   Ends "Pension Spiking" 401 (k)-style Plans for New Hires and City Politicians
    •   City Employees to Pay Fair Share of Pension Costs
    •   Caps Pensionable Employee Compensation for 5 Years
    •   Online Disclosure of Pension Payouts
    •   Prevents City Government Unions from Blocking Reforms
    •   Guarantees Death and Disability Benefits for All Public Safety Personnel (Including Police
        Officers, Firefighters and Lifeguards)
Although the CPR initiative has not yet qualified to be put on the ballot (signature-gathering efforts are
underway to qualify it for the June, 2012 Primary), AGC believes an endorsement now sends a message
that this issue is important to the construction industry, as well as to San Diego's quality of life. A fair
retirement system, and one that the City can afford, benefits all of us.

T he Of f ice of Fe dera l Co n t ra ct Comp lia n ce P ro gra m s (OFCCP ) a n d Sa n
Die go Un io n Hirin g Ha ll Re qu ire m e nts
By Jim Ryan, Executive Vice President

In recent weeks, San Diego contractors that have collective bargaining agreements with the
various Building Trades Unions have been issued violations of Executive Order 11246 by the
Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP). These violations have
focused on the allegation that these contractors, that have recently completed a federal contract either as
a prime contractor or as a subcontractor, have not shown a "good faith effort" in recruiting women craft
workers on their jobsite workforce. The allegation alleges that they only used the union's hiring hall as a
recruitment source, and that was not enough for them to comply with Executive Order 11246. These
violations present a real challenge for contractors and the unions.


Before we address this situation, a little background on the OFCCP may be in order. In 1966, President
Lyndon Johnson signed EO 11246, which directed the Department of Labor to ensure that federal
contractors complied with their equal opportunity and affirmative action obligations that they assumed
when they were awarded a federal construction contract (or other type of contract in other industries.)
This EO eventually led to the formation of the OFCCP. A year or two later, President Johnson extended
the role of the OFCCP to ensure there was also no violation of the equal opportunity laws involving the
employment of women. As the OFCCP evolved, it has been charged with enforcing for the benefit of job
seekers and wage earners, the contractual promise of affirmative action and equal opportunity
employment required of those who do business with the federal government. OFCCP has an office in
San Diego.

Now here is the problem....and this is not a new problem....I was first asked to assist contractors with
this same situation in 1979, and periodically since that time. Contractors with union agreements
usually have signed a collective bargaining agreement that includes a provision for a hiring hall.
Each craft's hiring hall works a little differently, but basically contractors have the right to call craft
workers by name from the hiring hall when they have a job only if the craft worker has worked for them
recently. If they are unable to find someone on the union hiring hall out of work list that has worked for
them recently, their option is to simply contact the hiring hall and the next available worker that has the
skills necessary to perform the job that the contractor has open is sent to the contractor and the
contractor employs that person. The contractor can sometimes reject individuals that are sent by the
hiring hall, but there needs to be a job related reason (i.e. the individual does not have the skill set to
perform the job, etc.)

The hiring halls are set up to ensure that those that have been on the list the longest get the first
chance at the job when the individual reaches the top of the "list." In general, unions do not have the
ability to bypass the person at the top of the list that has been waiting for a job and for whatever reason
go to another individual down the list. For instance, a union is not in the position to fulfill a request for a
worker that is a particular gender or race or lives in a certain area if it means bypassing those that are at
the top of the list. In fact, it is not uncommon for the DOL to sanction a union that regularly bypasses the
top of the list, and allows those further down the list to get jobs first. One of the area's largest building
trades unions was recently required by DOL to include some very specific hiring hall language in their
collective bargaining agreement with AGC because their members had complained about their hiring hall
procedures, which evidently involved occasional bypassing those at the top of the list.

Now....there often is some flexibility for unions to go to "down" the list if the contractor requests a woman,
etc., to fulfill a specific requirement for a federal project. But that does not mean that the union has the
individuals available at any point in time to fulfill the request. Bottom is a complex problem that is
not easily solved.

So the problem is that the OFCCP for several decades have been reluctant to factor in the
contractor's and the union's obligation to the hiring hall provision and issuing violations
especially when a contractor's workforce is not made up of about 7% women craft workers. This
situation just continues on and on...the contractor is obligated to work within the union hiring structure;
the union is obligated to work within its hiring hall provisions; the OFCCP is required to make sure EO
11246 complies with the federal contractors.

The contractors only "hope" is that the union can somehow bypass its hiring hall system, but the union is
really not in a position to know the exact "mix" of gender and race requirements for hundreds of
contractors that they serve.

Finally, even though the enforcement of EO 11246 has some problems, it is apparent that the industry
has opened its doors to women since 1979 when I was first involved. In 1979, it was a real
exception to find a construction company employing women in any key roles. Now, women project
engineers, project managers, project executives, and owners of construction firms is "normal" and yes,
there are more and more women craft workers. So, somehow the effort has achieved results. But,
perhaps it is time for the industry, unions, and the OFCCP to sit down and work through this hiring hall

K ie wit I n d u st ria l Ha n d le s Ca rm a ged do n !
By Jim Ryan, Executive Vice President

Congratulations to AGC of California and AGC San Diego member Kiewit Industrial for completing the
demo of a bridge on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles this weekend...and doing it 18 hours early! The
widely published demolition involved shutting down the 405 in L.A....a major "trauma" for that City!

Kiewit's outstanding performance on this project seemed to almost disappoint the's not much of
a story when the contractor does it right and exceeds expecations!

Yo u r L if e , L ib e rt y, a n d P ro p e rt y a re Saf e f o r Ne xt 3 0 d ays a s
L e gis la t u re Re ce sse s

By Dave Ackerman, AGC's Legislative Advocate

The State Legislature has recessed for the summer break, having considered several thousand new
proposed laws following approval of the state budget on June 30. The Legislature reconvenes on August
15 and adjourns on September 9. The second year of the 2011-2012 Legislative Session will begin on
January 4, 2012 (there is a two-year time-frame for bills, if needed).

Below is an updated summary of the status of AGC's top priority legislation and other
construction/business-related bills:

Sponsored bills that are still moving:

AB 780 - Sales Tax on Fixed Price Contracts. Requires public agencies to reimburse contractors who
entered into fixed price contracts prior to enactment of an increase in the state sales tax. (sponsor)

SB 293 - Payment Bonds Claims. Protects contractors against late filing of payment bond claims
following the completion of the project. (sponsor)
AB 720 - Public Contracts: Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Provisions: Alternative Procedures.
Places limits on counties' ability to perform road construction work with their own forces. (co-sponsor)

Legislation we support that is still moving:

SB 468 (Kehoe) - Department of Transportation: North Coast Corridor Project. Provides for a process to
gain Coastal Commission permits and approve both highway and transit construction along the I-5 North
Coast Corridor. (AGC strongly opposed SB 468 as introduced and worked with SANDAG and Senator
Kehoe to reach a compromise that will allow highway and transit construction to proceed as planned.

AB 943 - Public contracts. Provides that if public agencies voluntarily elect to become subject to uniform
construction cost accounting procedures, projects of $175,000 or less may be let by contract by informal
procedures. If all of the informal bids received are in excess of $125,000, the governing board of the
public agency may adopt a resolution, by a 4/5 vote, to award the contract at $187,500 or less to the
lowest responsible bidder. On Governor's Desk.

SB 475 - Public Private Partnerships. Clarifies the procedures for local agencies to enter into public
private partnership projects (P3) and allow the P3 agreements to be for a term of up to 50 years. Failed
passage in Assembly local Government Committee due to opposition from public sector unions and the
State Building Trades. Likely to be a two-year bill.

SB 600 - Prequalification. Requires school districts to use one of two options to prequalify contractors
(limits the use of prequalification to larger projects in larger school districts).

AB 1330 - Career Tech Education. With the 2012-13 school year, adds completion of a course in career
technical education as an alternative to the requirement that a pupil complete a course in visual or
performing arts or foreign language.

SB 724 - Air Resources Board. Requires the California Air Resources Board within 30 days of an
application being filed for approval of a new or renewal engine permit, to inform the applicant that the
application is complete.

SB 120 (Anderson) - State Funds: Registered Warrants. Requires a state agency to accept a registered
warrant issued by the Controller that is endorsed by that payee, at full face value, for the payment of any
obligations owed by that payee to that state agency.

SB 341 - Vehicles: Dump Trucks: Backup Alarms. Requires a commercial vehicle in excess of 14,000
pounds that transports any construction or industrial material to and from a mine or construction site, or
both, to be equipped with an automatic backup audible alarm.

AJR 5 - Transportation Revenues. Requests the President and Congress to consider and enact
legislation to conduct a study regarding the feasibility of the collection process for a transportation
revenue source based on vehicle miles traveled.

AB 397 - Workers' Compensation Insurance: Contractors. Requires, at the time of renewal, an active
contractor licensee, with an exemption for workers' compensation insurance on file with the board, to
either recertify the licensee's exemption or to provide a current and valid Certificate of Workers'
Compensation Insurance or Certificate of Self-Insurance.

AB 878 - Contractors: Workers' Compensation Insurance. Requires a workers' compensation insurer to
report to the registrar of the Contractors State License Board, a licensee whose workers' compensation
insurance policy is cancelled.

Legislation we supported that failed:

AB 1308 - Highway Account: Appropriation of Funds. Would have ensured that highway contractors be
paid for current work in the event of a budget impasse.

AGC was in strong support. Meetings were held with the Speaker of the Assembly and Chair of the
Appropriations Committee. However, the bill was held in the Appropriations Committee. AGC and the
construction industry have twice sponsored similar legislation in two previous legislative sessions with the
same result.
SB 883 - Employers: Good Faith Defense. Permits an employer to raise as an affirmative defense that, at
the time of an alleged violation, the employer was acting in good faith and in compliance with or reliance
upon an applicable employment statute or regulation. Held in Labor Committee.

Legislation we oppose or have concerns with that is still moving:

AB 22 - Credit Reports. Prohibits an employer from obtaining a consumer credit report for employment
purposes unless the information is substantially job-related.

AB 551 - Public Contracts: Prevailing Wage Requirements: Violations. Increases maximum penalty for
willful prevailing wage violations from $50 to $100 for each calendar day and would increase the
minimum penalty from $10 to no less than $40 for each calendar day. Increases the penalty assessed to
contractors and subcontractors with prior violations from $20 to $80, and from $30 to $120 for willful

The bill was amended to clarify that no penalties would be assessed in the event of a mistake or
inadvertence as long as it is promptly corrected.

AB 514 - Public Works: Prevailing Wage: Hauling Refuse. Requires the payment of prevailing wages for
the hauling of materials other than bona fide commodities sold at fair market value.

AB 197 - Recovery of Wages: Liquidated Damages. Increases the amount of liquidated damages that
may be awarded to an employee to twice the amount of the minimum wages unlawfully unpaid, plus

AB 240 - Compensation Recovery Actions: Liquidated Damages. Permits an employee to recover
liquidated damages pursuant to a complaint brought before the Labor Commissioner alleging payment of
less than the minimum wage fixed by an order of the Industrial Welfare Commission or by statute.

SB 111 - English Language. Makes it a violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act to adopt or enforce a policy
that requires, limits or prohibits the use of any language in a business establishment, unless the policy is
justified by a business necessity.

AB 592 - Employment: Leave: Interference. Prohibits employers from interfering or restraining an
employee's exercise or attempted exercise of their rights under the state's medical leave law. SB 56 -
Apprenticeship Council. Provides that no two employee representatives on the California Apprenticeship
Council may be from the same national or international labor organization.

SB 459 - Independent Contractors. Prohibits willful misclassification of employees as independent

AB 51 - Payroll Cards. Prohibits the issuers or employers from charging any fees to employees
regardless of the number of transactions.

AB 1424 - Franchise Tax Board: Delinquent Tax Debt. Allows FTB to suspend licenses of the 250 worst
tax offenders for nonpayment of tax obligations.

AGC was able to convince the author to exempt out the construction industry since the CSLB already has
a process in place to allow them to suspend a license if there is a final judgment against a license holder.

Bills we really don't like that continue to move:

SB 474 - Commercial Construction Contracts: Indemnity. Prohibits general contractors from requiring
agreements from their subcontractors that purport to indemnify general contractors from lawsuits arising
out of a construction project. Such agreements, often referred to as "Type I indemnity" agreements, have
been the source of dispute for subcontractors over the last ten years.

This issue was originally addressed by legislation affecting residential construction. Residential
subcontractors were having a very difficult time securing insurance, and in the absence of a wrap up
policy, it placed residential subcontractors at great risk if they were uninsured or overexposed. AGC had
been successful in the past by creating a commercial construction "carve out," in part because insurance
was readily available.
This year is different and several commercial subcontractor organizations have introduced legislation to
take many of the provisions found in the residential construction liability compromise and apply it to the
commercial context. In addition, as an effort to address issues raised by the general contracting
community, including AGC, the bill now limits indemnity agreements between a general contractor and
their subcontractors to "passive" negligence only (the bill as originally introduced covered all negligence,
including passive negligence). Active negligence under SB 474 can no longer be part of an indemnity
agreement. An issue in the legislation is whether a general contractor can request of a subcontractor an
additional insured endorsement for the general contractor's active and passive negligence if it is part of
the subcontractor's scope of work.

The bill also contains provisions recently agreed to by the author to define what shall not constitute active
negligence for public owners. This includes accepting design plans, the hiring of design professionals,
contractors, subcontractors or suppliers, as well as the failure to supervise work so long as the public
agency is not managing the public work. Since similar provisions do not apply to general contractors, it
raises questions regarding new areas of liability exposure, and thus increased costs.

AGC will be meeting with the subcontractor community to ensure that an equitable compromise can be
reached that works for both subcontractors and generals. Passed Senate 22-13 and passed Assembly
Judiciary Committee. The bill will not be voted on the Assembly floor until late August.

SB 469 (Vargas) - Big Box Superstores. Requires an applicant to a local government for a permit to
develop a big-box superstore to submit an economic and community impact analysis report prior to the
review of the permit application.

SB 883 (Vargas) - Gregory Canyon Landfill. Prohibits the construction of the Gregory Canyon Landfill in
San Diego County.

SBX1 23 (was SB 653) - Authorizes the governing board of any county or city and county, any school
district, any community college district and any county office of education subject to constitutional and
voter approval requirements, to levy, increase or extend a local personal income tax, transactions and
use tax, vehicle license fee and excise tax, including, but not limited to, an alcoholic beverages tax, a
cigarette and tobacco products tax, a sweetened beverage tax, and an oil severance tax.

AB 469 - Employees: Wages. Makes it a misdemeanor if an employer willfully fails to pay a final court
judgment or final order from the Labor Commissioner for wages due.

AGC was successful in removing a provision that would have criminalized willful wage violations.

Bills we don't like that failed, were held in committee, or vetoed:

SB 129 - Medical Marijuana. Authorizes a person who has suffered discrimination from the legal use of
medical marijuana to institute and prosecute a civil action for damages.

AB 448 - Property Taxation: Change in Ownership. Allows for a split property tax roll to allow commercial
property to be reassessed for tax purposes.

AB 400 - Employment: Paid Sick Days. Provides that an employee who works in California for 7 or more
days in a calendar year is entitled to paid sick days which shall be accrued at a rate of no less than one
hour for every 30 hours worked. An employee would be entitled to use accrued sick days beginning on
the 90th calendar day of employment.

AB 553 - Employment Safety: Hazardous Materials. Declares the findings of the Legislature regarding
the rights of workers to be protected from exposure to hazardous substances and toxic materials in the

AB 1399 - Employment Records: Right to Inspect. Requires an employer to maintain personnel records
for a specified period of time and to provide a current or former employee an opportunity to inspect and
make copies of those records within a specified period of time.

SB 569 (Kehoe) - Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program: Electrical Work.
Requires electrical work involved in a project be performed by a licensed electrical contractor or a state-
certified general electrician working under a licensed electrical contractor and requires a project to
include partnership with one or more existing electrical joint apprenticeship programs in the geographic
area of the project.
AB 1286 - Wage Disputes. Provides that when a dispute exists between an employer and an employee
over earned wages that is the subject of a pending class action or representative action, a waiver,
release or settlement is not valid unless all parties are represented by counsel, a superior court approves
the release as a reasonable and good faith resolution of the dispute, as defined, or the Division of Labor
Standards Enforcement has negotiated a settlement between the parties.

SB 104 - Labor Representatives: Elections. Would have permitted agricultural employees, as an
alternative procedure, to select their labor representatives by submitting a petition to the board
accompanied by representation cards signed by a majority of the bargaining unit. Passed Senate 24-14,
and Assembly 51-26, but vetoed by the Governor.

O n e E xh ib it o r S p ace S t ill A va ila b le f o r A G C Af f ilia te Da y- A u g. 8

AGC's 72nd Affiliate Day sold out in two days over a month ago. Members are invited to become course
exhibitors. Over 300 key leaders of San Diego's construction industry will be stopping by each of the
exhibits, which are located on the tee boxes of the two courses at Sycuan Singing Hills Golf Course.

Firms that are interested in connecting with this group are invited to contact AGC staff member Brad
Barnum (858) 731-8158 to obtain exhibitor information. This is the only "trade show" exhibitor space in
which all attendees are guaranteed to stop by your exhibit! Secure your exhibitor space now... Only 1
spot still remains!!!

Sponsorships are still here for more details.

Although this event has!)are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available
A u g 2 - Co n st ru ct ion L ea d e rsh ip Co uncil's 3 r d A n n ua l
A G C S an Die go S um me r Mixe r " Ha wa iia n Ce le b rat io n"

ALOHA! As a way of giving back, the Construction Leadership Council Committee will be hosting the
2011 Summer mixer on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 AGC. The CLC will be partnering with Rady Children's
Hospital and AGC's Build & Serve Committee in collecting new unwrapped toys for the children.

This is a free mixer (we will be asking all attendees to bring a toy to the event) and is designed to create
an atmosphere where the AGC San Diego membership community can socialize, relax and have some
FUN! This event will be a great networking event and allow the CLC committee an opportunity to talk to
professionals in their industry. The Summer Celebration Mixer will have authentic Polynesian style food,
beer, wine, Mai Tai bar, and LIVE music by a Hawaiian born group, "The Islanders".

To register,Click Here

A G C's B u ild & S e rve Co m m it te e A n no u n ce s B loo d Drive -A u gu st 30 t h

                         AGC's Build & Serve Committee provides a venue for AGC members to "give
                         back" to the community. The committee selects charitable projects and programs
                         throughout San Diego County that gives AGC and its members an opportunity to
                         participate in projects that will help the community.

                   The committee is coordinating a Blood Drive on Tuesday, August 30 from 8:00
                   a.m. - 1:00 p.m. AGC thanks the following sponsors for opening up their parking
                   lots and sponsoring this event; Prava Construction, T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.,
and TC Constuction Co, Inc.

               Together, AGC members can make a difference in life!
The Build & Serve Committee has arranged for the San Diego Blood Bank to collect blood at four
different locations throughout the County:
1. AGC office (Sorrento Valley)
2. PRAVA Construction Services, Inc. (Carlsbad)
3. T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc. (Poway)
4. TC Construction Company, Inc. (Santee)

 Click here to register for a time and location. Thank you in advance for giving the gift of life!
                                      BLOOD... "It's in you to give!"

A G C B u ild S a n Diego A wa rd s. . . . No ve m b e r 3 r d , 20 1 1. . . .Sp o n so re d b y
Ha wt h o rn e Ma ch ine ry
By Jim Ryan, AGCSD Executive Vice President

Ok....I assume that most of our members have noticed that marketing is becoming more and more an
important part of the business. Having a project selected for an award by your peers in the industry can
often be the differentiator that gets your firm picked over your competitor as you compete for negotiated
type projects.

The 2011 Build San Diego Awards program will be sponsored once again by Hawthorne Machinery
and we appreciate their involvement. This program presents awards to AGC members for their
outstanding achievements building projects in the following categories:

   • Building Construction - Public Work
   • Building Construction - Private Work
   • Heavy / Highway
   • Underground / Utilities
   • Unique Small Project - Public Work, Not to Exceed $6 Million
   • Unique Small Project - Private Work, Not to Exceed $6 Million
   • Unique Special Project
   (New Category This Year): Build San Diego Sustainable Project Award

 This is a new category for 2011! It includes any project that exemplifies the contractor's ability to
integrate into the project environmentally friendly resources; USGBC concepts; improved energy
consumption; improved water quality measures; improved air quality measures, etc... Both horizontal and
vertical (building) projects are eligible.

(Refer to the full description of these categories inside the Call for Entries Brochure on the AGC website

                   To be eligible the projects must have been completed between
                              September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2011.

The Build San Diego Committee produces a 4 color magazine of all projects that are selected for either a
Build San Diego Award or a Build San Diego Merit Award. Several thousand issues of this magazine are
distributed to public and private sector owners, architects, engineers etc. throughout Southern California.
In addition the Build San Diego Awards Luncheon is attended by several hundred guests of the AGC that
are public and private owners. If selected for an award your project team and the owner of your project
will be asked to accept the award and the winning project will be featured on two large screen projection
systems that are part of the ceremony.

But the lasting value of the Build San Diego Awards program is being able to include the Build San Diego
Award in your project resume when you submit for future projects.

The selection committee will include a number of key public and private owners, design professionals,
and engineers. Their identities will kept confidential until the day of the awards luncheon. is now time to plan to submit projects that are eligible for consideration. There has been some
outstanding projects built in San Diego between 2009 to 2011.....the Build San Diego Awards entry form
may be obtained by clicking on the following link. Click Here!

Please note that the deadline for submitting an application is August 31, 2011.
Rae Krushensky at or 858-731-8157.
Ca le n d a r of Up com in g A G C Saf e t y & E du ca t ion Cla sse s. . .

Check out all the courses AGC offers... AGC Education & Safety Training Catalog - July- December

To register for any of the Education Training classes or Safety Training classes, click here.

July Classes
July 19, 20, 21   QSD Training
July 19-20        QSP Training
July 21           How to Set up and Use and Efficient Prevailing Wage Check List
July 26           Project Manager's Survival Course
July 27           OSHA Safety Crane Regulations
July 27           CPR/First Aid
July 28           Understanding Unions and their Contribution to the Prevailing
                  Wage Worker Classifications

August classes
Aug 1             Activity Hazard Analysis Workshop
Aug 3             Trenching & Excavating
Aug 3             AGC San Diego Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Certificate Course
Aug 4-5           CQM - Contractor Quality Control
Aug 4             AGC San Diego Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Specialized Certificate - The Gray Area of
                  Prevailing Wage Compliance- How to Remain Compliant
Aug 9             Project Engineer's Boot Camp
Aug 9             EM 385-1-1 Jumpstart Only
Aug 9-12          EM 385-1-1 Military Safety Requirements - 40-Hour Training
Aug 9,16,23,30    OSHA 30-Hour with Safety Training Supervisor Orientation
Aug 10            AGC San Diego Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Specialized Certificate Course -
                  Understanding & Dealing with Compliance
Aug 10            Confined Space
Aug 16-17         CESSWI Review Course & Exam
Aug 16 & 23       Microsoft Excel 2007 - Introduction & Beyond
Aug 17             CESSWI Exam or Re-take Exam
Aug 17             AGC San Diego Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Specialized Certificate - Legal Issues/Risks/
Aug 18            Succession Planning/Legacy Building
Aug 18-19         OSHA 10-Hour
Aug 23-25         QSD (Qualified SWPPP Developer)Training
Aug 23-24         QSP (Qualified SWPPP Provider) Training
Aug 24            AGC San Diego Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Specialized Certificate - Prevailing Wage & the
                  Federal Service Contract Act
Aug 24             Forklift & Warehouse Operator & Safety Training
Aug 25             Lead Poisoning Awareness Training
Aug 26             Activity Hazard Analysis Workshop
Aug 31             AGC San Diego Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Specialized Certificate - Mastering the
                  Paperwork- A How-to Hands-on Seminar
Aug 31             CPR/First Aid
Aug 31             Safety Qualifying Rigging & Signal Person

Up c o m in g A G C Com m itt e e / Cou n cil Me e t in gs. . .

     Committee Meetings are held at the AGC office at 6212 Ferris Square, unless noted otherwise.

                  If you would like to volunteer for a committee, click here.


July 21     12:00 p.m.     Meetings & Events
July 26     11:00 a.m.     Airport Authority Liaison- Facilities Mgmt. Bldg. - 2415 Winship Lane
July 29     12:00 p.m.     Technology Trends in Construction

Aug. 1     7:00 a.m.         Safety Committee
Aug 9      12:00 p.m.        Environmental Stewardship
Aug 17     10 a.m.           Joint Health & Safety Council - Cal-AGC and San Diego Chapter
                             (if you would like attend as guest to this meeting, contact RaeMarie)
Aug 17      1:00 p.m.        City of San Diego Liaison - 9601 Ridgehaven Court
Aug 18      12:00 p.m.       Affiliate Council
Aug 23      12:00 p.m.       Specialty Contractors' Council

W elc om e Ne w Me m b e rs.. .

The AGC Board of Directors and AGC Staff would like to welcome the following new members to the
AGC's Motto: "It is good business to do business with an AGC member."

 COMPANY                          TYPE OF WORK           CONTACT                 PHONE
 C2 Reprographics                 Printer                Dan Rogers              (858) 535-0607
 Carolino Construction Corp       GC                     Alex Carolino, Sr.      (619) 434-9200
 Fenceworks, Inc.                 Fencing/Glazing        Alan Kay                (760) 724-8131
 Hillcrest Framing, Inc.          Carpentry              Bob May or George       (951) 894-7100
 Innovative Fire Protection,      Fire Sprinklers        Charlie Sampson         (619) 593-8200
 P.J. Empire Construction Co.     Carpentry              Jeff Russell            (760) 985-1623
 RORE, Inc.                       GC                     Gita Murthy             (858) 404-7393
 Strategic Connections, Inc.      Insurance              Ron Elgart              (858) 775-7757
 Tyner Paving Company             Concrete               Nancy Ibarra            (323) 225-8014

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American Sociey of Professional Estimators (ASPE)
ASPE will be holding its annual Awards Dinner and Installation of incoming Officers/Directors on
Tuesday, July 19 at the Butcher Shop Steakhouse Restaurant (5255 Kearny Villa Road) starting at 5:30

Mark Filanc, CEO of J.R. Filanc Construction Co. and AGC San Diego Chapter President has been
invited to be the keynote speaker talking about "Securing Your Backlog in the New Economy." Outgoing
Officers/Directors will be recognized for their service and several awards will be given to those individuals
demonstrating exception efforts during the past year. Scholarships will be presented to four students and
a check will be handed out for NAWIC's Magic Camp at Construction Tech Academy. Larry Hendrick
with Barnhart-Balfour Beatty and ASPE Southwest Regional Governor will fulfill the duties as installing
officer for the new Board members. The dinner cost is $40 per person with a choice of Prime Rib,
Salmon, or Vegetarian Pasta.

Contact Mike Moyers at Best Interiors to make a reservation by calling (858) 737-7316 or emailing him at

San Diego Community College District - Small Business Outreach Event
On Friday, July 29, 7:30 - 9:00 AM, the San Diego Community College District will hold a contractor
outreach/networking event for the District's $1.5 billion Propositions S & N construction bond program.
The majority of future projects will utilize a Design/Build delivery method, requiring mandatory
subcontracting plans. These plans must include firms who are small, disadvantaged, or minority, woman
or service disabled veteran owned.

Meet Design/Build proposers who are looking to expand their relationships with small and historically
underutilized businesses. Share your expertise, skills, services, product and supply information. Bring
your license and current certification information. Market yourself!

Date: July 29th 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (hot breakfast included) Registration begins at 7:00 a.,m.

Location: San Diego Miramar College (center courtyard of the Hourglass Park Field House)
          10440 Black Mountain Road
          San Diego, CA 92126-2999

More Info: Call (619) 285-7020 or Register on line

Southwestern College Accepting Applications for Governing Board Vacancy

Southwestern Community College (SWC) District is seeking applications from residents within the
College District's boundaries to serve as an appointed member of the Governing Board to fill the balance
of a four-year term which would be up for election November 2012.

 A vacancy occurred due to the resignation of Board Member Nick Aguilar (Seat 3) on June 22, effective
June 30. Aguilar chose to resign at this time so that a new trustee would be part of the screening and
interview process for selecting a permanent Superintendent/President for SWC. In accordance with the
law, the appointment must be made prior to Monday, August 22, or 60 days from Aguilar's resignation.

Application Information

Residents interested in being considered for the vacancy can find application materials at or by contacting the Superintendent/President's office at (619) 482-6301.

The Board will convene special meetings on Tuesday, August 2 and 9 to interview candidates. Meeting
schedules and agendas will be posted on the College District's web site.

Please submit applications to:

Board Member Appointment Process
Office of the Superintendent/President
900 Otay Lakes Road, Room 100C
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Completed applications must be received in the Superintendent/President's Office by Wednesday, July
27 at 4 p.m.

About Southwestern College

Accredited since 1964 and recently reaffirmed, Southwestern College is the only public institution of
higher education in southern San Diego County, serving approximately 400,000 residents of communities
including Bonita, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City, Nestor, Otay Mesa, Palm City, San Ysidro,
Sunnyside and Coronado. The College District offers more than 312 associate degree and certificate
options. For more information, visit

L o o k in g Ah e ad . . .

Day at the Races - July 22 - SOLD OUT!
CLC/AGC Summer Hawaiian Mixer - Aug. 2 Sponsor Form Registration Form
Affiliate Day Golf - Aug. 8 - Sycuan Resort SOLD OUT! Sponsorships still available
AGC's Build & Serve Blood Drive - Aug 30 Blood Donor Form
Aztec Tailgate - Sept 17 registration Sponsor Form
AGC/USSSA Softball Classic - October 29 Registration Form
Build San Diego - Nov. 3 - Entry form may be obtained by clicking here
K e e p u s in t he Lo op . . .

Please notify us if your company has a change of address, phone/fax, or change of contact person, so
we can update our records. Thank you! Email Marcy Knopman of any necessary changes.

A b o ut MMQ B . . .

AGC's Monday Morning Quarterback is a "hot off the press" and to the point Monday morning briefing on the
important issues facing San Diego's construction industry. It is prepared by AGC Executive Vice President, Jim
Ryan, and Vice President Government Relations, Brad Barnum.

Please contact Jim Ryan or Brad Barnum with your comments, or with information that should be conveyed to the
industry through this service. Well over 2,000 individuals employed by AGC member firms are part of this system.

"Building Your Quality of Life"
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