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									        There Are No Real Estate
           Investing Secrets!

Released on: March 30, 2008, 5:24 pm

Press Release Author: Phillip Anderson/ New Market Media

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: Real Estate Investing - Maryland,
Virginia, and Washington, DC real estate investing expert
dispells myths and says "There Are No Real Rstate Investing

Press Release Body: Maryland based real estate investing expert
Vernon Vaughan says, "There Are No Secrets to Real Estate
Investing", that the so called secrets that gurus charge you money for,
are easily found on the internet, completely free of charge.

If you live in Prince George's County, Baltimore, Virginia,
Washington,D.C      you've   seen    Vernon      Vaughan's      television
commercials, received a post card from him, or know a family member
or friend that has been helped by Vernon Vaughan. He is a new
breed of young "no b.s., no fluff, 100% content" real estate
investors and educators. He has set the real estate investing world on
fire since starting in 2003 as a young man in his early twenties.
Vernon Vaughan has the elite honor of being one the small percentage
of professionals nationwide that is an investor, realtor, and appraiser.

He is called "The Wholesale Renegade" and "The T-Shirt and
Blue Jeans Real Estate Investor" by his peers. He is known for his
casual dress style and can often be seen cruising Maryland, DC, and
Virginia in his black Jaguar convertible that with a license plate that
reads "BUYFAST". In only his second year in the Real Estate
Investment business, he was 1 of 10 finalist for the National Real
Estate Investor of the Year Award. He is also a highly sought after
coach and consultant to new and experienced investors alike.

Vernon's monthly real estate wholesaling classes sell out consistently
and quickly. "Many gurus are charging people thousands of dollars for
watered down recycled information. One reason I'm called the
Wholesale Renegade is because I offer an all day workshop for only
$125.In my all day workshop I start out by telling my students that
there are no secrets in real estate investing.", says Vernon Vaughan

He credits much of his real estate investing and marketing mastery to
other experts like Steve Cook, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazier, and Minh

Vernon has a rarely seen passion (and flair) for the Real Estate
Investment business and attendees to his classes say that they are
thrilled that one of the best young Real Estate Investors in the contry
is now teaching people in the Maryland, Virginia And Washington DC
area how to invest in Real Estate using battle tested techniques and
cutting out the fluff and mystique that the late night television gurus
use to sell expensive CDs and books to millions of people.

Always the trendsetter, he has hosted free forums on foreclosure
investing and working with banks to negotiate short sales.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 12138 Central Ave, #391
Mitchellville, MD 20721

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