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									                     CO L L E G E O F
                     E D U CAT I O N                                                      news
                                                                                           SPRING 2011

EdTech forms Taiwan partnership
to offer students dual degrees
E   ducational technology students
    will soon have the unique ability
to earn master’s degrees from
                                           professional development for many
                                           virtual programs.
                                                Students enrolled in the dual
universities in two countries at the       degree program will spend a year
same time at a significantly reduced       studying in Taiwan and a year with
cost.                                      Boise State.
     The dual-degree program is the             Taiwan students earn a master’s
result of a partnership between Boise      degree in technology development
State and the National University of       communication from NUTN. They
Tainan (NUTN) in Taiwan. Courses           also earn a master’s degree in educa-         The National University of Tainan
                                                                                         is located in southern Taiwan. It is
will be offered through Boise              tional technology from Boise State.
                                                                                         a major national trainer of teachers
State’s Department of Educational               EdTech’s graduate students
                                                                                         and has about 10,000 students. The
Technology (EdTech) and NUTN’s             can take NUTN courses as electives
                                                                                         College of Education is the largest
Department of Education, Technology        or complete a master’s degree in
                                                                                         college at the university and offers
Development and Communication.             curriculum and instruction or in tech-        five undergraduate, nine masters’ and
     “NUTN is a leading university         nology development communication              two doctoral programs.
in mobile learning,” said Jui-Long         at NUTN. They also earn a master’s
“Andy” Hung, an assistant professor of     degree from Boise State.                      International study
EdTech and the driving force behind             The requirements for both                adds value to degree
the partnership. “This collaboration       degrees are similar, 33 credits for the         ™ Students receive international
can benefit students and faculty at        Boise State degree and 32 credits for             exposure. They live and study
both programs.”                            the NUTN degree. The programs have                in a different culture and
     EdTech is one of the largest          15 credits in common, so students                 education system.
university-based providers of              can apply those credits to both sets            ™ Students link to international
training for K-12 online teachers          of degree requirements.                           networks of contacts and
in the United States and provides                           –continued on page 3             colleagues.
                                                                                           ™ Students can explore potential
                 Advisory Council Profile                                                  ™ Students earn two degrees
                                                                                             faster and at less cost than
                  Beverly Hills Principal                                                    pursuing two degrees in
                  offers lessons on leadership                                             ™ Students can tailor their
                                                                                             education path in order to
                        EDITOR’S NOTE: College of Education Advisory Council
                                                                                             add value to their degree and
                   member F. Willard “Robbie” Robinson worked in public education
                                                                                             reach career goals.
                   for 30 years as a teacher and secondary school administrator.
                   He served as principal of Beverly Hills High School in Beverly
                    Hills, California, for 17 years. There he directed the creation of
                    an educational program that received national recognition for
                     excellence. He also aided improvement of education nation-
                     ally by serving as one of the directors on the College Entrance
                      Examination Board and chairing numerous accreditation teams
                      for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
                         Idaho high school principals who have had to deal with
                      student protests this year can find solace and support from
F. Willard Robinson’s book, Beverly Hills Principal, Inspirational Leadership.
      Robinson led Beverly Hills High School through the turbulent years of the
1960s and ‘70s. Robinson’s book is the story of his professional and spiritual
crisis as he faced student revolts and their demands for control of the school.
It is also the story of his conflicts with the school board over his leadership
                                                                                          Sculpture on the campus of the
through the turmoil.
                                                                                          National University of Tainan
From the Dean’s Desk                                       Beverly Hills Principal continued
                                                                “The drama of the demonstrations was big because so many of the
College’s programs                                         parents of our students were in the movie business,” Robinson said. His
connect students                                           students included such future show business personalities as Richard
                                                           Dreyfus, Bonnie Franklin, Rob Reiner and Shaun Cassidy.
with the world                                                  There was also more drama because college students at the University
      Boise State and the                                  of California, Los Angeles, aided rebels at
                                                           Beverly High. “The student union at UCLA               “Then the winds of
College of Education                                                                                        change swept across campus
primarily serve students                                   planned to take over the school,” Robinson
                                                           said. “’Control Beverly,’ they said, ‘and we can and I slipped from an apparent
from Idaho and the
Northwest. But we                                          control any high school in the state.’”          life of total self-control to
perform on a global                                             School board members and others             a dismal, disturbing world
stage. Even if our gradu-                                  demanded that Robinson bring Beverly             of self-doubt . . . My style of
ates never roam far from                                   High students under control or face the loss leadership was being seriously
this region, they are                                      of his principal post. Robinson had reached      challenged and my position
increasingly connected                                     a low point in his life that also brought on a as principal was in immediate
through the Internet and                                   personal spiritual crisis.                       danger.”
electronic devices to                                           Through the support of his wife Joan                 --F. Willard Robinson in
other parts of the world                                   and friends, Robinson undertook a deeper                    Beverly Hills Principal
at their schools, offices, markets, and homes.             commitment to his Christian faith. With it
      Providing our students an international perspec-     “came fresh and more flexible approaches to a creative leadership style,”
tive is an important educational priority. The college
                                                           he wrote in Beverly Hills Principal. Robinson credits this new style with
continues to expand its global footprint and has
                                                           allowing him to overcome the challenges with the school board and build
been strengthening its international educational
                                                           stronger relationships with Beverly High’s faculty, students and parents.
relations with Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and
other countries. This leadership provides students              Even as he dealt with turmoil at Beverly High, Robinson introduced
with opportunities that can’t be matched anywhere          new programs and improved the educational structure of the school. “We
else.                                                      piloted the first advance placement program in America,” he said. Other
      The stories in this newsletter showcase some         innovations included team teaching, independent study and community
of our international programs as part of a dynamic         work programs.
metropolitan research university of distinction.                Robinson offered some advice to current principals. “Identify the gifts
Among its goals, the college seeks to:                     of others and affirm them along the way,” he said. “Remember that you are
   • Advance academic excellence through a course          building a team.”
      of study that extends to other parts of the world.
   • Increase the faculty’s international expertise in
      order to advance students’ ability to succeed on
                                                                               Book recalls adventurous life
      a global stage.                                                          in peace and war
   • Promote exceptional research through inter-                                   During World War II, Lt. F. Willard Robinson piloted
      national scholarship, creative activities and                           a torpedo bomber aircraft. His missions engaged him
      graduate programs.
                                                                              in epic Pacific air battles as the Allies island-hopped
   • Enhance diversity on campus by increasing the
                                                                              toward retaking the Philippines. One event nearly took
      enrollment of international students.
                                                                              his life.
   • Foster public engagement by reaching out to
      the community on international topics and                  In late January 1944, Robinson and his two-man air crew were
      by tapping into international expertise in the        returning to the U.S.S. Manila Bay from a mostly routine flight when
      community.                                            their torpedo bomber went out of control and crashed into the sea.
      The stories on these pages illustrate how the         The crash and explosions from the plane’s bomb load killed the two
college’s outstanding faculty members, students and         crewmen instantly and blasted Robinson from the aircraft.
graduates are achieving these goals. The result is a             “I saw the plane explode four times,” Robinson said.
culture of constant innovation and leadership that               U.S.S. Caldwell crew members tossed Robinson a life preserver. As
positively impacts people’s lives, not just in Idaho,       he tightly hugged the preserver, the suction from
but across the nation and around the world.                 the ship’s propellers nearly pulled him to his death.
      In this newsletter you also can read about F.         Plucked from the ocean, Robinson was alive but
Willard “Robbie” Robinson’s amazing story as both           his left foot nearly had been torn off. He also had
a Navy aviator and as a principal. As a principal,          shrapnel at the base of his spine and suffered count-
Robinson guided Beverley Hills High School during           less jagged wounds and blast injuries.
the turbulent 1960s and ‘70s. You will discover why              The story of Robinson’s crash is one small part
we value his advice on the college’s Advisory Council       in his engaging book, Navy Wings of Gold. The book
as an educational leader and innovator. As educators        also chronicles Robinson’s life as an adventurous
and Americans living and working in freedom, we
                                                            youth before the war, his training as a pilot and his role in the war from
owe Robinson and other members of his generation
                                                            the cockpit of Navy war birds. The book also tells the stories of seven
a deep debt of gratitude.
                                                            other men Robinson met in the Navy. Joan, Robinson’s wife of 68 years,
                     Diane Boothe, Professor and Dean
                     College of Education                   wrote the final chapter on her reflections as a Navy pilot’s bride.
Counselor education students equip refugees to care for selves
     Boise State counselor education students are helping refugee        meals at the
families find a sound footing in the Treasure Valley. They do so by      refugee family’s
equipping refugees with the skills needed to find jobs and care for      home. Students
themselves in their new communities.                                     also traveled by
     The students coach refugees as a service learning project of        bus with their
their career guidance and vocational counseling course. The project      families to show
allows students to gain practical knowledge and also perform a           them how to get
valuable community service.                                              to the grocery
     “Our counselor students benefit from a profound learning            store, park and
experience when given the chance to connect what we teach in the         library.
classroom with what they see in real life,” said Aida Hutz, assistant         “At the end of
professor in the Department of Counselor Education. “Students            the semester most
gain invaluable experience that could not have been attained in a        students reported Student David Horras, right, talks with a refuee from
                                                                                               the Congo.
traditional classroom setting.”                                          amazement at
     Students gained the trust of refugees with activities not           their ability to overcome language barriers and make a significant
usually a part of a counselor’s tool box. For example, they shared       connection with their families,” Hutz said.

Project advances literacy in Ecuador communities
     Faculty members and graduates of the Department of Literacy               Mary Ann Cahill, assistant professor in the Literacy department
have extended an international helping hand to provide books, a           and vice president of the Idaho Council, noted that “The Rotarians
mobile library and better prepared teachers to children in Ecuador.       of Ecuador constructed a colorful mobile library from a donated
     They were able to do so through a joint project of the Idaho         trailer. The library is currently circulating among the schools of
Council of the International Reading Association and International        Santa Marta.”
Rotary Clubs in Ecuador, Canada, California                                                             In Bahia de Caraquez, most teachers did
and Idaho. The project focused on the                                                              not know how to use new computers they had
communities of Santa Marta and Bahia de                                                            just received through Rotary International.
Caraquez.                                                                                          Bev Pressman, a 1999 Literacy graduate
     “Our literacy project motivates students                                                      who chairs the Idaho Council’s international
to stay in school,” said Lee Dubert, associate                                                     project, and her colleagues showed them.
professor in the Literacy department. “It                                                          “We were able to show teachers how to use
also provides effective teaching tools and                                                         the computers to write stories,” Pressman
motivates teachers.” Dubert is membership                                                          said. Although the computers were not
director of the Idaho Council.                                                                     connected to the Internet, “We were able to
     “My undergraduate students worked                                                             show the teachers how to download books
with Spanish translators to write teaching                                                         and other reading instructional materials
tips for each children’s book,” said Maggie       Ecuador students page through new books.         online when they do have Internet access,”
Chase, associate professor in the Literacy department. Chase, who         she said.
is also president-elect of the Idaho Council, said “The tips had to            Boise State’s literacy experts, the Idaho Council and Rotary are
be something teachers or parents could easily do. Our tips included now expanding their volunteer efforts into neighboring Peru. If you
things such as singing songs, word play or even drawing in the dirt       would like to help or would like more information about the Peru
with a stick.”                                                            literacy projects, contact Pressman at

EdTech forms Taiwan partnership continued                               will provide visiting Taiwanese students regular activities such
     This means that a student needs to                                 as field trips so that they get a chance to experience American
complete 50 credits instead of 65 credits to                            culture,” Hung said. U.S. students in Taiwan will have similar
obtain both degrees. In addition to the benefit                         activities.
of receiving two master’s degrees, Boise State                               “This partnership offers students and faculty from two
students will receive free housing and have                             outstanding universities a chance to connect and to enrich their
the possibility of a graduate assistantship                             lives, professions and programs,” Hung said.
during the year at NUTN. These arrangements
greatly reduce the cost of earning the two                                   For more information about the EdTech
degrees.                                                                     dual degree program contact:
     All courses are in English. But students   Jui-Long “Andy” Hung         Jui-Long “Andy” Hung, assistant professor
who study at NUTN can take additional
language training in Mandarin. Technology requirements for
online learning are provided on a dual-degree website that Hung              Jerry Foster, program admissions coordinator
is creating.                                                                 208-426-1966,
     Both sets of students do more than just go to class. “EdTech
                                                                                                                  COLLEGE OF EDUCATION NEWS    3
Alumni in the News
1970s                                              degree in superintendency and special                             AARON DEAN MCKINNON, bachelor’s
                                                   education directorship through Northwest                          degree in earth science education, ’96;
RONALD K. HILL, master’s degree in
                                                   Nazarene University. In 2009, she became                          master’s degree in curriculum and instruc-
elementary education, ’74, retired after a
                                                   the director of federal programs for                              tion, ’02, was honored with a $25,000
24-year run as principal and superinten-
                                                   the Mountain View School District in                              Milken Educator Award in 2009. The
dent in the Kootenai School District. Now
                                                   Grangeville, Idaho.                                               Milken Family Foundation presents these
living in St. Maries, he started his teaching
career in Council, where he also served as         ANN KEPPLER,                                                      National Educator Awards each year.
head basketball coach, assistant football          physical education, ’85,                                          McKinnon lives in Boise and teachers
coach, track coach and bus driver.                 was featured in the fall                                          at South Junior High School. McKinnon
                                                   2010 Focus on Boise                                               appears in the College of Education video,
JACQUE SCOT T, elementary education,
                                                   State alumni magazine.                                            “Innovators. Educators. Leaders.” available
’74, has retired to Caldwell after teaching
                                                   She is retired in Seattle,                                        on the college’s website (http://education.
26 years in the Vallivue School District.
                                                   does a little substitute                                
She began her career in the Magic Valley.
                                                   teaching and is back
                                                                                                                                          EILEEN BEAT TY,
1980s                                              at school working on
                                                                                                                                         elementary education,
                    WENDY FRENCH,                  a degree in horticulture to augment the
                                                                                                                                         ’98, earned National
                    elementary education           garden design company she started.
                                                                                                                                         Board Certification in
                    and special educa-
                                                   1990s                                                                                 2010. National Board
                    tion, ’82, completed
                    a master’s in school                       at the downtown Boise YMCA, and a student did more than
                                                                           JOHN BROOMHEAD,                                               Certification recognizes
                                                               encourage her to take her skills to the next level.
                    administration and                                     athletic training,                                            effective and accom-
                    supervision from the                                   ’90, take everything.”
                                                               says. “I wanted toaccepted
                                                                                                                                         plished teachers who
                    University of Phoenix,                     In addition commandaof the job and a heavy course
                                                                           to maintaining work-study
                                                                                                                                         meet high standards
                    Idaho, in January                                                                                  based
                                                                           11th laps with history professor Pat Bieter in on what teachers should know and
                                                               load, Keppler swamTransportation
                                                               the campus pool every morning. But it was another venerable
                    2009. The University                                   Battalion at Fort Story,
                                                               Basque professor who changed her life.
                                                                                                                       be able to do. Beatty teaches 4th grade
of Phoenix and Idaho Business Review                                                        Broomhead                  at North Star Public Charter School in the
                                                                           Va. Lt. Col. State was Education of the Excep-
                                                               “My very last class at Boise
presented her the Woman of the Year                                        previously was                              Meridian School District. At Eagle Hills
                                                               tional School Child with John Beitia,” says Keppler. “I had
                                                               worked with special needs students through work-study, but to
scholarship award. French is currently                                     stationed in — I suddenly knew it was what I
                                                               do that every day as a teacher
                                                                                              Colorado                 Elementary School, she was selected as the
working toward an education specialist                                     Springs,
                                                               wanted to do forever.” Colo.                            school’s Teacher of the Year in 2003.

                                                               special education. Over the next 20 years she wove her passion
                                                               for it with her love of physical education, teaching adaptive PE
                                                               in Florida and coaching Special Olympians.
                                                               “There was only one good teaching job in Miami, and I had
                                                               it,” she says. “Special needs students are the total example of
                                                               unconditional love. They live in the now and love whatever you

                                                               Scholarship fund honors memory
                                                               do for them. What could be more rewarding?”
                                                               Three decades after enrolling as a Boise State freshman,

                                                               of school counselor Angela Hoops
                                                               Keppler is retired in Seattle. She does a little substitute
                                                               teaching for fun and is back at school herself, this time for a
                                                               degree in horticulture to augment the garden design company
                                                                    A new $10,000 counseling scholarship
                                                               she recently started.                                     fund in the College of
                                                               Keppler insists that at whatever memory of Angela
                                                              Education honors the age, students need to be openHoops, a counselor at Buhl High
                                                              School in Buhl, Idaho, at the time of her death in 2009. She also had
                                                               to the unexpected.

                                                                             a counselor at Vallivue High
                                                              served as explore,” she says. “Discover something that School in Caldwell, Idaho.
                                                               “Let yourself
                                                               really gets you going.”
                                                                     Marge Hoops, a retired probation officer from Twin Falls, Idaho,
                                                              created the fund in memory of her daughter. She wanted to help ensure
                                                              that the College of Education continued to train caring and compassionate
                                                              professionals such as Angela.
                                                                     A scholarship fund and a memorial courtyard at Buhl High School also
                                                              honor Angela Hoops’ legacy.
                                                                     Moreover, Marge Hoops created a $10,000 scholarship fund in the
                                                              College of Social Sciences and Public Policy for students majoring in
                                                              criminal justice. In her 35-year career in the Magic Valley juvenile justice
                                                              system, she was credited with turning around the lives of hundreds of
                                                                     As an added generous commitment, Marge Hoops has made the two
                                                              Boise State funds the beneficiary of her retirement fund. In doing so, the
                                                              endowments will be significantly increased, providing additional scholar-
                                                              ship awards to deserving students in the two colleges.
    Marge Hoops (seated) created scholarships in her
    daughter Angela’s name.

                                                                                                 Curtis Hayes
2000s                                          JANICE STEVENOR DALE, educational                 remembered
                                               technology, ’06, is an interior designer                                    Curtis Hayes,
                     TODD SCHWARZ, ,’02,       and president of Janice Stevenor Dale                                  73, former depart-
                    educational tech-          + Associates Inc. The firm specializes in                              ment chair and
                    nology, ’02, completed     corporate interior design with offices in Los                          faculty member in the
                    a Ph.D. in education       Angeles, Chicago, and Boise.                                           College of Education,
                    from University of                                                                                died of complica-
                    Idaho. In 2007, he was     ROBYNN CRAWFORD, elementary educa-
                                               tion, ’05, has been named Mountain Home                                tions from pneumonia
                    appointed instructional                                                                           on Feb. 6. Hayes
                    dean at the College of     School District’s top educator. She teaches
                                               second grade at East Elementary School.                                served as chair of the
                    Southern Idaho, where                                                      Department of Elementary Education and
he has worked since 1988. Schwarz is           JASON ROEBER, physical education, ’07,          Specialized Studies from 1995 to 1997.
involved in campus initiatives related to      was appointed to the City Council of Idaho      He was a member of the faculty until
instructional technology and professional      City. He teaches high school health, phys-      retirement in 2000. He was a specialist in
technical education. One of his administra-    ical education, weight lifting and outdoor      linguistics and literacy.
tive responsibilities is for CSI Education     recreation in Idaho City.                            During his tenure, Hayes initiated the
Department.                                                                                    College of Education’s move to a field-
CHRISTINA THRASHER WOMBACHER,                                                                  based program, played a significant role in
                                               We want to hear from you. Please send           starting the most successful charter school
‘02, physical educa-
tion, is the director of
                                               us updates about your career and your           in Idaho, ANSER Public Charter School,
women’s basketball                             achievements and we will include them           worked in the Boise Public Schools and
operations at Arizona                          in Alumni news. Be sure to include your         served on the development of the Idaho
State University and                           name and the year you graduated. Send           Direct Writing Assessment. He initiated a
is in her 10th season                          along a current photo (300 dpi resolu-          tradition of collaboration between univer-
with ASU women’s                               tion) and we will include that with your        sity professors and school teachers that ran
basketball. She and                            update. Send your updates to Ralph Poore        throughout his career.
her husband Mike                               at                        He is survived by his wife, Marialice, a
Wombacher have two                                                                             retired school teacher of 30 years, a son,
children Ella, 4, and Grace, 2.                                                                Michael, an attorney in Texas, a daughter,
                                                                                               Katie, who also is a teacher in Texas, and
                                                                                               five grandchildren.

Awards to recognize outstanding teachers who mentor
                                       Boise State University is      who mentor for the awards.
                                  rolling out a new program called         Educators, school administrators, university supervisors,
                                  Celebration of Teaching—Mentors     students and pre-service teachers from the more than 50 public
                                  of the Year Awards to recognize     school districts in southwest Idaho may nominate one or more
                                  excellent teachers in southwest     teachers for a Mentor of the Year Award.
                                  Idaho public schools. The awards         To make a nomination, please submit:
                                  program will honor teachers who              · A completed nomination form
                                  guide, support and encourage                 · A nomination narrative explaining how the teacher
                                  fellow educators in their pursuit              serves as an outstanding mentor.
                                  of effective teaching and profes-            · A letter in support of the nomination from a
                                  sional growth.                                 superintendent, principal, administrator, colleague,
                                        Teachers selected for the                pre-service teacher, parent or student.
                                  awards will be honored at a          Nominations will be accepted from May 2 to June 17. Send nomi-
                                  Sept. 8 Celebration of Teaching     nations to:
                                  dinner and awards ceremony                   Mentor Awards Committee
       Barbara Morgan             at Boise State.                              Celebration of Teaching
                                        “By bringing mentors                   College of Education
together, we will highlight their quality teaching practices,                  Boise State University
mentoring skills, and abilities to build positive relationships and            1910 University Drive, Mail Stop 1700
provide encouragement,” said Barbara Morgan, Distinguished                     Boise, Idaho 83725
Educator in Residence at Boise State.                                      For a list of eligible school districts, nomination forms,
     The awards program is a joint project of Boise State, the        nomination criteria and other information, please visit
Idaho State Department of Education, Idaho Education Association
and Meridian School District. A distinguished panel of area educa-    You may also request nomination forms the Boise State College
tors and Boise State representatives will select up to 25 teachers    of Education by phone at 208-426-4857 or 208-426-1611.

                                                                                                              COLLEGE OF EDUCATION NEWS   5
Summer Literacy course to explore Korean culture
      Boise State’s partnership with Chonbuk                                                       deposit of $200 is required by June 1 in
National University in Korea has opened                                                            order to reserve a place in the course.
opportunities for educators to learn and                                                                For more information, contact Steiner
work in the Land of the Morning Calm.                                                              at 208-426-3962 or stansteiner@boises-
      A Literacy course this summer, for                                                 
example, takes participants to Korea to
explore its culture through interactive                                                              Partnership boosts
      “This unique opportunity immerses
                                                                                                     educational exchanges
participants into Korean culture through                                                                  Benefits from Boise State’s partner-
the arts, historical site visits, museums,                                                           ship with Chonbuk National University
community festivals, food, and kind people,”                                                         include:
said Stan Steiner, chair of the Department
of Literacy.                                                                                           • Sharing scholarship.
      Steiner and faculty members at                                                                   • Placing teachers of English as a
Chonbuk teach the course. Chonbuk is
                                                                                                         second language in Korea.
located in the heart of Jeonju, a city about
2½ hours south of Seoul. Jeonju is famous                                                              • Enrolling Korean graduate and
for its cooking, festivals, historic structures,                                                         undergraduate students at Boise
and sports. This is the fourth year for the                                                              State.
summer course.                                                                                         • Exchanging professors.
      Course activities include Korean                                                                 • Presenting guest speakers and
cooking, taekwondo, calligraphy, paper             Geumsana temple                                       workshops in Korea and by video
craft, traditional wedding ceremony,
pottery, jungu drumming and much more.             undergraduate or graduate students,                   conferences.
Participants also have free time to explore        faculty, alumni and others interested in            • Deploying the first international
the beauty of Jeonju and the surrounding           the course. But enrollment is limited to              student teacher to Korea (see
area.                                              the first 20 people. Participants leave the           additional story below).
      Enrollment is open to Boise State            United States June 25 and return July 9. A

DeShazo blazes international student teaching trail in Seoul
      Boise State senior Kip DeShazo is                 The professional trail DeShazo is         beyond the borders of Idaho,” said Stan
blazing a trail as the College of Education’s      marking may eventually point the way for       Steiner, chair of the Department of Literacy.
first international student teacher. An            other teacher candidates to follow. But the    “Kip approached me with the idea of
elementary education major, DeShazo                Oregon native’s own path to the classroom      student teaching in Seoul, and of course,
is teaching 6th grade math at the Seoul            was not a direct one.                          I thought it was a good idea.”
International School in Korea.                          “I had worked in Asia for 25 years in          The Seoul International School
                                                   the hotel industry, a number of those years    provides a challenging U.S. curriculum to
                                                   in Korea,” DeShazo said.                       meet the primary and secondary educa-
                                                        DeShazo moved his family to Boise in      tional needs of international students
                                                   2002 so his daughter could attend high         living in Seoul. Steiner observes DeShazo’s
                                                   school in the United States. He went to        classroom using Internet video conference
                                                   work for Micron while his wife taught at       connections.
                                                   Les Bois Junior High.                               “That is real exciting for everyone,
                                                        “When the market downturn hit             including the kids in my classes,” DeShazo
                                                   Micron, my daughter had just graduated         said.
                                                   from the U.S. Air Force Academy,” DeShazo           “The only problems so far have been
                                                   said. “So my wife and I decided to venture     the differences in time zones,” Steiner said.
                                                   out again.”                                    “I do the video supervision in the evenings
                                                        Rather than return to the hotel busi-     in Boise, while Kip is just starting the
                                                   ness, DeShazo decided he wanted to teach.      school day.”
                                                   “Embarking on this new career and adven-            DeShazo’s initiative has also resulted
                                                   ture seemed like a good fit for me, and this   in a job offer. “After I receive my degree
                                                   was a great opportunity,” he said.             this spring, the Seoul school has asked me
                                                        “I feel strongly about Boise State        to return to teach 7th grade math here in
Kip DeShazo                                        students getting opportunities to teach        the fall.”

Schools and communities in Belize                                                      Bahruth influences
subject of summer field study                                                          Taiwan education
     Schools and their relationships to communities
in Belize, one of Central America’s most culturally
and linguistically diverse countries, is the subject of                                      Faculty members from
a new Boise State field study this summer.                                             Boise State’s College of
     The College of Education’s Center for School                                      Education often have a
Improvement and Policy Studies (CSIPS) is                                              chance to influence the
conducting the field study from June 4 to June 15.                                     art of teaching in other
     Participants will visit local schools and meet                                    countries by working with
with teachers and principals about how schools                                         colleagues on the other side
and the curriculum reflect and respond to their                                        of the globe.
communities.                                                                                 It is this reasoning
     For half of the 10 day trip, participants will                                    that brought Roberto                 Roberto Bahruth
visit an elementary school and meet with commu-                                        Bahruth to Taiwan in 1998
nity members in the inland village of Bullet Tree                                      at the invitation of Sun Yat-sen University in
Falls. Here they will also get to climb the Mayan                                      Kaohsiung. Since then, Bahruth, chair of Boise
temples of Caracol and explore the famous Mayan           Belize students hold a       State’s Department of Bilingual Education and
                                                          parade.                      English as a Second Language, has worked with
cave, Actun Tunichil Muknal.
     In the second half of the trip, participants will learn about a high school on    seven different universities in Taiwan on projects
Caye Caulker. Participants will study the school’s teaching philosophy and how         dealing with language mastery, theory and envi-
teachers integrate issues of tourism and conservation into the curriculum. In          ronmental issues.
conjunction with this focus, participants will set sail to explore and snorkel along         “I don’t believe in just teaching a language,”
the second-largest barrier reef in the world.                                          Bahruth said. “People use language as a tool to
     The deadline for applications is April 30. Late applicants will be accepted if    communicate things that are meaningful. I look at
there is space.                                                                        the environment and human relations.”
     For more information on the trip and costs, visit http://csi.boisestate.                Bahruth has worked with officials from
edu/belize, or to register contact Diana Esbensen, CSIPS business manager, at          Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, as well as with, or Bevin Etheridge, graduate assistant and field study        university faculty, to develop a meaningful and
co-coordinator, at                                    environmentally based curriculum for teaching
                                                                                       English as a second language. A recent project
Reviewing Malaysian dissertation                                                       focused on the conservation of green sea turtles,
                                                                                       an endangered species that nests in the islands
provides cultural insights                                                             around Taiwan.
     As the College of Education earns an international                                      His Taiwanese partners contacted him
reputation for innovation and leadership, its faculty members                          because they were intrigued by his language
are sought out by educators in other countries for their                               pedagogy. Bahruth’s communicative approach
expertise.                                                                             differs from the general Chinese model based
     Such has been the case with Jack Hourcade, a professor                            heavily on memorization and rote learning of
in the Department of Special Education and Early Childhood                             grammar. Bahruth asks his students to look at the
Studies. He served as an external reviewer for a doctoral                              big picture, and often has them work in coopera-
dissertation in early childhood special education at the                               tive groups—a new concept for many participants.
request of the University of Malaysia.                                                       “In Taiwan, critical educators call the system
     As a result of this service, Hourcade gained new insights      Jack Hourcade
                                                                                       of education duckling stuffing,” Bahruth said.
into different cultural attitudes about children. “I was                               “It’s very much a banking system of education,
reminded that I, and probably most others, carry cultural expectations that are not    good for passing standardized tests, but not for
universal,” Hourcade said. “This includes expectations about the proper manage-        measuring communicative competence.”
ment of children with behavioral issues, and the nature of basic relationships               Because of his travels and background in
between teachers, students and parents.”                                               anthropological linguistics, Bahruth is able to
     For example, the doctoral student Hourcade reviewed was investigating             share valuable insights with his Boise State
the quality of early intervention programs for young children with disabilities. It    students. These insights include valuable obser-
became apparent that for this scholar an orderly and teacher-directed classroom        vations of the cultural influences on human
was the primary goal for such programs.                                                communication that reflect wisdom.
     “But many professionals in the United States and Western Europe would                   “In every class I teach,” Bahruth said, “I
instead argue that children develop better skills in thinking and solving problems     explain that the Chinese symbol for the verb
when they have to make more decisions and operate more autonomously,” he said.         ‘to listen’ is a composite of four symbols repre-
     “I think this has made me more sensitive to interacting with my students,         senting the eyes, the ears, the mind and the heart.
some of whom come from backgrounds different from my own,” Hourcade said. “As          I explain to my students that our discussion
a result of my work with my Malaysian colleague I am in a better position to help      groups and cultural circles require the complete
my students understand the potential impact of culture on communication with           attention of every student while any one student
parents and children from backgrounds other than their own.”                           is speaking.”
                                                                                                             COLLEGE OF EDUCATION NEWS   7
                                                                                                                              Non-Profit Organ.
                         College of Education                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
                         1910 University Drive                                                                                      PAID
                         Boise, Idaho 83725-1700                                                                                Boise, Idaho
                                                                                                                                Permit No. 1

College of Education
                                       International cycling research began
Associate Dean of Administration
                                       with Idaho Women’s Challenge
208-426-3399                                 Spectators at women’s cycling events at the       in Britain and women’s racing worldwide are                 2012 Olympic Games in London may not know               evident by virtue of the numerous honors she
Associate Dean of Teacher Education    it, but women were not allowed to compete               has received,” Lucas said. “The women cyclists
& Accreditation                        until 1984. Men’s cycling had been part of the          who will be competing in the 2012 Olympics are
KEN COLL                               Olympics since the modern games resumed in              able to do so because of pioneers like Gray.”
208-426-1991                           1896.
                                             Telling the story of women cyclists’ successful
Bilingual Education                    struggle to be accepted by international sport            Pedaling into
                                       governing bodies has been a passion of Shelley
                                       Lucas, associate professor in the Department of
                                                                                                 sports history
                                       Kinesiology.                                                   Visitors to the 2012
Counselor Education                          Her interest in women’s international bicycle
Interim Chair: DIANA DOUMAS                                                                      Olympic Games may get
                                       racing history began not with the Olympics, but           a chance to learn much
208-426-1821             with a race much closer to Boise State.                   more about women’s
                                             “I began by looking into the history of the         struggle to compete in
Curriculum, Instruction &
                                       Women’s Challenge, an international cycling                                                 Shelly Lucas
Foundational Studies                                                                             world cycling champion-
Chair: JENNIFER SNOW                   stage race that took place in Idaho from 1984-
                                                                                                 ships, thanks to Shelly Lucas, associate
208-426-2260                           2002,” Lucas said. “The race brought the world to
                                                                                                 professor in the Department of Kinesiology.            Idaho, attracting elite athletes from 29 countries.”
                                                                                                      She is writing an article on women’s
Educational Technology                       She discovered that she needed to learn
                                       more about women’s racing history in order to             cycling history for possible publication by
208-426-5430                           understand the significance of the Idaho race.            Sport in History. The British journal will              “I soon learned that this topic has not received          issue a special edition on Great Britain
                                       much attention by historians,” Lucas said.                and the Olympics during the London
Chair: RON PFEIFFER                          In Lausanne, Switzerland, Lucas dug into the        summer games.
208-426-1791                           archives of the International Olympic Committee,               Lucas has already presented her                 the Union Cycliste Internationale and working             research to regional and national scholarly
Literacy                               groups for women’s sports. Lucas also poured              gatherings. Her article “Women’s Cycle
Chair: STAN STEINER                    over old cycling rule books, program planning             Racing: Enduring Meanings” will appear
208-426-3962                           documents and other materials.                            in a special issue of the Journal of Sport                   In London, she interviewed Eileen Gray, who         History. The article explores the chal-
Special Education & Early Childhood    almost single handedly turned women’s cycling             lenges of long distance women’s road cycle
Studies                                into a high-quality international sport. Lucas also       racing from the perspectives of athletes,
Chair: KEITH ALLRED                    reviewed Gray’s extensive personal archives.
                                                                                                 promoters and governing bodies.
                                             “Gray’s contributions to the sport of cycling

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