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									Show Me The Money
Finding & Coordinating an AVON Fundraiser
Benefits of a Fundraiser
Increases Award Sales & Earnings Finds new customers and recruits Helps local organizations to achieve financial goals Increases public awareness of Avon’s fundraising programs.

Competitive Advantages
Quick turn-around for funds Greater variety of products Flexible and customizable programs Well-known and respected global brand 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + Excellent Company Return Policy

Take full advantage of the tools AVON provides. Make sure you order the Getting Started kit and at least one (1) Presentation Packet (Cost = $7.00). Be familiar with the materials AVON offers so you can make accurate recommendations. Order a set of each of the materials available. Become familiar with them & keep on hand. If there are materials available for seasonal fundraisers, such as postcards, order at least one set to use for prospecting (Cost = $1.25/set of 10)

Identify Potential Clients
What organizations, clubs, or groups do YOU belong to? Ask family, friends, helpers, and/or customers to search for you. Think about those around you who belong to groups or have a personal/family need. See the accompanying sheet for ideas on organizations to target for fundraisers.

Put fundraising labels on every brochure & distribute everywhere, everyday. Wear Avon and/or SSS buttons and carry brochures with you at all times. Put a sign in your car, window, or outside with a magnet. Hang signs in creative places: telephone poles, bulletin boards, phone booths, bathroom mirrors, etc. Drop or mail fliers or postcards to potential organizations. Hand business cards (designed just for fundraising) with samples attached. Put magnets on the back of business cards & leave on phone booths, bank machines, bathroom stalls, etc Visit sports registration tables, scout meetings, etc. & ask who to contact re: fundraising. NOTES:

Presenting a Fundraiser
Become familiar with the Fundraising Evaluation Sheet in the Getting Started Kit. Determine how many people will be involved and how soon they need funds. Large number of people OR short duration = mini-brochure OR one-page flyer Small number of people OR long duration = full brochure OR ongoing fundraiser Determine how much of your profit you are willing to donate to the organization. Large number of people = greater sales = higher percentage (35-40%) Small number of people = lower sales = lower percentage (30-35%) Determine whether who will absorb the cost of the supplies necessary for the FR. Higher percentage = group absorbs cost (& will issue a check in advance to cover the cost) Lower percentage = you absorb the cost Be prepared to do a presentation, if necessary. STUDY the materials and learn the business terms! If you’re uncomfortable, call me and I can come with you, or do the presentation for you. Make sure that all prospective clients know that they will have the proceeds when their products are delivered – that’s a MUCH faster turn around than most expect.

Coordinating a Fundraiser
Once you have a firm commitment for a fundraiser: Determine when the fundraiser will start and end. Schedule to deliver supplies, pick up their order & funds, & deliver orders & proceeds. Determine an acceptable quantity of supplies. If the organization is absorbing the cost of supplies, request a check to cover the cost of the supplies. Determine the most efficient way to gather, process, and distribute fundraiser orders. YOU will be placing the order for the fundraiser, but YOU determine whether the organization will place a completed order form to you with their payment OR whether you will accept their individual order forms and complete the order form for them. The best way to coordinate a fundraiser is for YOU to bag the orders for each child or person who places orders (not for their individual customers). However, you could gain more customers by bagging each order, placing a brochure and biz card in each, and then placing the orders in boxes or a larger bag for each child. Funds must be collected when supporters place their orders and ALL checks must be made payable to the organization, not YOU. The organization will then issue ONE check to you at the time they place their supporters’ orders. Therefore, you will have the cost of the products, your earnings, and the group’s proceeds in your hand so that you are able to issue one check back to the organization when you deliver their products. Call AVON to register the fundraiser (especially if the organization is tax-exempt) and order supplies.

Administering a Successful Fundraiser
Refer to the Getting Started information to get great ideas on how to bolster participation and sales. It will also give good ideas for having local merchants donate prizes for top sellers. NOTES:

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