Boy Scout Leaders Training

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					                 Boy Scout Adult Leaders Training!
These training courses are for Troop Committee members, interested parents of
              Boy Scouts, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters.

                                March 29, 2008
                         At United Community School
                      (between Ames and Boone on Hwy. 30)

                             New Leader Essentials
   An introductory course which highlights the values, aims, and methods of
  Scouting. This course begins at 8:30 am (registration beginning at 8:00am)
                      (This course need not be repeated)

                        Troop Committee Training
  This course is for Troop Committee members, Troop Committee Chairs, and
   interested Parents. You will learn how to administer and support the troop.
              This course begins at 10:30 am and ends by 2:00pm

                       Boy Scout Leader Training
  This course is for Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, interested Parents.
 Sections 1&2 will be presented on March 29 beginning at 10:30am and end by
 4:30pm. Section 3 will be presented on April 10 at Bethesda Lutheran Church,
   Ames, Ia., 6:30-9:30pm. To complete the course, you must also attend the
              Outdoor Skills Weekend on April 18 (eve.) to April 20.


    Registration for the Boy Scout Trainings Courses on March 29,2008

Name __________________________________ Troop # _________

Phone #____________________                 E-Mail _________________________

Please indicate the courses you will be attending:
_____ New Leader Essentials              _____ Troop Committee

_____ Boy Scout Leader Training (sections 1&2)

                       Pre-registration is due March 26
Training fee: $6- Please pay at the door. This amount covers lunch and facility.
Send registration to: Jane Jones, 1941 240th St., Boone, Ia. 50036
Or phone Jane Jones (515-432-6642) or e-mail (
                          Pre-registration is needed!
        (Contact Jane if you wish to attend Boy Scout Leader training Section 3 or the
                                   Outdoor Skills Weekend)

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