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					      Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                                 11/15/2011


      Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                   November 15, 2011
                      Table of Contents
   Presidential Posts to MSTA Members ---------------- 1                2008 MSTA Convention will be held at the
   Legislative Updates and Other Information Excerpts                   Marroitt Hotel in Jackson on October 20-
     from NSTA Reports --------------------------------- 1-2            21. Room Rates are $114. Make your
   Freebies for Science Teachers ------------------------ 2-3
   Save the Dates—A Southern Flair --------------------- 3              reservations before September 19. Mention
   Personal Development by John Ammons ----------- 3-4                  MSTA when you make your reservations.
   Mississippi Department of Education News --------- 4
   From the NSTA Teacher Awards Banquet ---------- 4                    communication, the deadlines for most submissions
   Scholarship and Grant Opportunity ---------------- 4-5               would have expired. I hope you find the legislative
   Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Calendar of                    updates and online resources to be useful. Sheila
     Events for April -------------------------------------- 5-7
   Modeling Instruction Science Workshops ---------- 7-9
   Online Ops: ------------------------------------------------ 9
   MSTA 2008 Convention Advanced Registration
                                                                             Legislative Updates and Other
     Forms --------------------------------------------------- 10       Information Excerpts from NSTA Reports
   MSTA 2008 Convention Exhibitor Request Form - 11
   Volunteer for the NSTA 2009 New Orleans                              “It‟s official: Reauthorization of the NCLB Act, the
     Convention -------------------------------------------- 12         federal education law, did not happen before the
   MSTA 2008 Convention Program Proposal Form 13                        110th Congress adjourned in December. It is unclear
   Testing Oral Antiseptics -------------------------------- 14         whether the federal law will be renewed during 2008
   Annotations from Aleta --------------------------------- 14          because the nation is right in the middle of an
   Membership Form --------------------------------------- 15
   MSTA Boar Members ----------------------------------- 16             election year. A huge obstacle to renewing the law
                                                                        this year stemmed from the teachers unions‟ fierce
Presidential Posts to MSTA Members,                                     opposition to performance-pay language in the House
With the end of the school year fast approaching,                       NCLB discussion draft. Including science in AYP
I know you don’t want to hear anything about                            continues to draw more Congressional support.
MCT, SATP, and ACT assessments. I know you                              Three influential members of Congress sent letters
have worked very hard all year in preparing                             over the past couple of months to leaders of the
your students to learn and appreciate science.                          House Education and Labor Committee, urging
Your dedication to science education will reflect                       science proficiency be counted in a school‟s AYP.”
in your school’s data reports. Good luck!                               “Last summer, the Center for Education Policy
Many of you have emailed to inquire about NCLB,                         (CEP) issued a report that confirmed what many
legislative updates, teaching resources, and summer                     science educators have long suspected: A majority of
opportunities. I hope I have responded to each                          the nation‟s school districts were increasing time
request satisfactorily. I have compiled data from the                   spent teaching reading and math in elementary
last three issues of NSTA Reports that will address                     schools since NCLB became law in 2002, and most
some of these inquires. I will not include summer                       of these districts decreased the time spent on other
opportunities because by the time you receive this                      subjects, including science. Instructional Time in

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                        11/15/2011
Elementary Schools: A Closer Look at Changes for             create a state-of-the-art facility that will allow
Specific Subjects is available online at www.cep-            science educators nationwide to engage in leadership”                                                     and content-based learning opportunities.”
“On February 4, President Bush submitted his                 On April 1, NSTA announced a call for entries for
budget for fiscal year 2009 federal programs. The            the 2008–2009 NSTA New Science Teacher
president is requesting $59.2 billion in discretionary       Academy. Co-founded by the Amgen Foundation,
appropriations for the U.S. Department of Education          the NSTA New Science Teacher Academy is a
(ED). The president is seeking level funding for             fellowship program created to help promote quality
ED‟s Math and Science Partnerships ($179 million).           science teaching, enhance teacher confidence and
To support his American Competitiveness Initiative,          classroom excellence and improve teacher content
the administration is seeking funding for other math         knowledge. NSTA Fellows selected for the program
and science programs: $70 million to train teachers          will receive a comprehensive membership package,
to teach AP/IB courses and expand low-income                 online mentoring with trained mentors who teach in
students‟ access to these courses; 95% million for           the same discipline, and the opportunity to participate
Math Now, to prepare K-8 students for more                   in a variety of web-based professional development
rigorous high school math classes; and $10 million           activities, including web seminars. In addition, each
for an Adjunct Teacher Corps to bring math and               NSTA Fellow will receive financial support to attend
science professionals into high-need schools as              and participate in NSTA‟s 2009 National Conference
teachers. The administration is seeking $2.8 billion         on Science Education in New Orleans. This year‟s
for Teacher Quality State Grants (Title II B), which         150 new science teachers supported by the Amgen
help ensure teachers are highly qualified. Program           Foundation will be named Amgen-NSTA Fellows.
funding for National Science Foundation‟s                    Science teachers located throughout the country who
Education Program fared better than those at ED.             will be entering their second or third year of teaching
For FY 2009, the president is proposing $6.85                and whose schedule is a minimum of 51 percent
billion to NSF, which represents an increase of $822         middle or high school science, can apply to the
million above FY 2008 levels.”                               become an NSTA Fellow. For more information
“The Council of Chief State School Officers has              about the NSTA New Science Teacher Academy or
released its 2007 State Indicators of Science and            to learn how to apply to become a fellow, please visit
Mathematics Education. National and state           Applications must be
information on key issues and trends in math and             submitted no later than May 23, 2008, to be
science education can be found in this publication.          considered.
Access the publication at                         Freebies for Science Teachers
cs_Education_Indicators.                                     WolfQuest - In this 3D simulation game, players
“Three websites are helping science educators                learn about ecology by living the life of a wild wolf
examine the candidates‟ views on science and                 in Yellowstone National Park. Fact sheets and 20
education issues as the presidential race continues.         classroom activities are also included at
Culled from debates, official statements, and      
interviews, the sites offer the candidates‟ views on         Physics Website – This website from England at
science and education issues, often in their own    offers access to thousands
words.” The sites are:                                       of pages of materials for physics teachers and,                    students. and
                                                             Earthwatch’s Teaching Tools – More than 50
“NSTA announced on February 26 the launch of a               lesson plans from educators who have participated in
$43 million, five-year effort to create a national           Earthwatch expeditions are available at
Center for Science Education (CSE). CSE and its    
initiatives will promote science literacy, produce the
next generation of science education standards, and          Secrets of the Sequence – The Center for Life
                                                             Sciences Education at Virginia Commonwealth
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                     11/15/2011
University offers K-12 teachers access to 50 videos        collected from a variety of sources, along with links
on genetic research and the latest advances in the         to current science news stories and relevant websites.
life sciences at
                                                           Songs for Teaching – Nearly 200 artists have                contributed to, a
Meet the Greens – At,                website that offers music related to science and other
students can watch the animated adventures of the          academic subjects and classroom management.
Green family and find environmental science games,
news, downloads, a blog, printable tips and Internet            Save the Dates – A Southern Flair
links.                                                     Make plans now to attend state and national science
Periodicity – This weekly podcast from the                 conferences for the 2008-2009 school year. Active
Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers features             participation in science conference workshops will
science news and current issues in science                 allow you to network with your peers, fulfill
education, with contributions from leading                 professional development requirements, learn new
scientists, researchers, and science writers. To           science strategies and be among the first to know
subscribe and to access more than 50 archived              about new innovative science teaching resources and
additions, see                  products.
The Little Shop of Physics – Colorado State                The MS Science Teachers Association (MSTA)
University‟s hands-on science outreach program has         Conference will be held October 20-21, 2008 at the
posted activities on                                       Marriott Hotel in Jackson. If you have a classroom        strategy or activity that works, consider sharing it
iments for the classroom and online activities.            with other teachers around the state. Submit a
                                                           proposal before leaving for the summer. Proposal
Science Gems – This website at                             and registration forms are included in this features links to science           communication. Your board members are hard at
resources sorted by category and grade level.              work preparing for our fall conference.
Astronomy Learning Aids – Printable resources              The National Association of Biology Teachers
for astronomy lessons available at                         (NABT) will be held on October 15-18, 2008 at the                             Marriott Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Registration
Online Science-related Resources from Rice                 and hotel information can be found at
University – Three new resources involve students
in science related activities: The Reconstructors,         The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
CSI: The Web Experience and the N-Squad.                   Conference will be held on March 19-22, 2009 in
Teaching tips and student handouts can be                  New Orleans, Louisiana. Information can be found
downloaded from,            at, and                                    Professional development for teachers is a crucial
                                                           component of improving student achievement in the
Hands-on Activities for Middle Schools – This              science classrooms. This summer, I encourage you
website includes experiments and activities.               to not only take some time for yourself, but also to                      learn something “new” by participating in a summer
Endangered Species Ringtones – The Center for              workshop.
Biological Diversity‟s website at                          Please feel free to contact me across the summer at allows visitors to listen to
and download endangered wildlife ringtones, as well
as photos, cell phone wallpapers, and facts for each       Have a great, relaxing summer vacation!
of the featured species.                                   Sheila Smith, MSTA President
Biology Browser – At,               Personal Development by John Ammons,
you will find useful life science information
                                                           President Elect
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                       11/15/2011
We all know those truly energetic and creative               Mississippi Department of Education
teachers. Have you ever wondered what makes
them keep going and going, like that “Pink Bunny             News: The 2010 Mississippi Science Framework is
Rabbit” we have all see on those TV commercials. I           nearing completion. Plans are being made to present
think it is Personal Development within our craft            a draft of competencies and objectives to the State
that allows us as teachers to remain positive and            Board of Education in May 2008 and then place the
innovative for the long haul. Yes, I believe that            draft on the MDE webpage
personal development can be an important                     ( The
component of professional development for each               2010 Mississippi Science Framework will be piloted
one of us. For me these tenets are; technology,              for two years and implemented in the 2010-2011
attitude, and attend meetings at all levels.                 school term. The first assessment of the new
                                                             framework is planned for the
Technology is growing and expanding at such a
rapid pace that we must keep up or our students will         2010-2011 school year. Look for more details in
leave us behind. Technology bring new avenues in             upcoming issues of Mississippi Science Spots!
teaching with allow us to introduce many different           The Mississippi Department of Education announces
teaching strategies in our classrooms. With so many          the Mississippi Rising Summer Conference to be
rapid technological upgrades what are we to do?              held June 2-5 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Find more
Ask students for help, talk to your peers and attend         information at
Attitude should be reflected in a positive manner            ml Mary Wroten, MDE Science Coordinator
one that reflects a respect of all students and peers.
Attitude allows us to be creative when the budget
                                                             From the NSTA Teacher Awards Banquet
                                                             Holly Bailey, 7th grade science teacher Tupelo
says “no money”. As teachers with attitude we can
                                                             Middle School, is a CIBA Foundation Exemplary
draw on that trait to overcome classroom roadblocks
                                                             Middle Level Teaching Award Winner. In Bailey's
and turn them into avenues of learning. How do we
                                                             unique way of engaging students with science and
sustain or re-charge our attitude? Get to know our
                                                             math content, she invites firefighters to her classes
students‟ learning styles and abilities interact with
                                                             and teaches Newton's laws using their fire trucks;
our peers, through solving common problems and
                                                             they also enlighten students about how science and
attend meetings.
                                                             math are used in fighting fires. Her students design
Attend science meetings. Nothing makes me                    and create solar ovens and conduct experiments
personally feel more renewed and reenergize than to          featuring a "solar cookout" Her principal notes that
attend a science meeting. Next year we have a                Bailey is "highly requested for professional
wonderful opportunity to attend meetings at all              development raining" and frequently presents
levels. Once again our own MSTA will be held in              sessions at state conferences. Recipients of the Ciba
October next year in Jackson. In March of 2009 the           Awards are presented with a check for $2000 and
granddaddy of all science teacher meetings, the              $500 toward expenses to attend the NSTA National
NSTA will be held in New Orleans. So, now is the             Conference. Jean May-Brett
time to talk to your principal or supervisor and begin
to plant the seed for your personal development.                             Scholarship and Grant
MSTA does offer scholarships, so do not delay in
applying for one. Offer to make a presentation at a                          Opportunity
meeting. All of us have something unique or special          Otis Allen Criteria
that we do in our class, so for my personal
development or someone else‟s share those skills or          1. Request a scholarship application (national or
                                                                regional) from the scholarship chairperson).
ideas. I am looking forward to meeting and greeting
each one of you at these meetings with a reenergized         2. Requests must be received two months prior to the
and invigorated self. John Ammons                               national convention or regional meeting to be
                                                             3. A person may receive a scholarship once in three
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                         11/15/2011
   to five years.                                            Principal: _________________________________
4. Earliest application received will receive first          1. How long have you been at the school?
                                                             2. What do you plan to do with the money?
5. Each recipient will receive scholarship monies as
   partial expense reimbursement after submitting a          3. List the materials and cost of supplies for this
   copy of their registration and a letter signed by            project.
   his/her principal stating that the recipient              4. Where is this project located in relationship to the
   attended the meeting.                                        school?
To request a scholarship application, contact the            5. Do you have the support of the principal? _____
chairman of the scholarship committee. Send the
                                                                other teachers? _____ If so, name/s. __________
request to the following: Minnie C. Parham,
Chairman, Otis Allen Scholarship Committee 402                  _______________________________________
Bell Avenue, Greenwood, MS 38930                             6. What kind of monetary or “in kind” support do
                                                                you have? List. If “in kind” support is provided,
R. C. Roberts Grant Form                                        estimate its monetary value.
The R. C. Roberts Fund was initiated to honor Mr.            Complete the grant form and attach the proposal and
Roberts, a long-time science supervisor in the
                                                             return to: Bess Moffatt, MSTA Executive Officer,
Mississippi Department of Education and assist
teachers in developing outdoor classrooms, nature            1510 Oldfield Road, Gautier, MS 39553
centers, or nature trails at their respective schools.
Maximum funding that can be obtained by one                   Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
teacher from one school at a particular time is $100.        Calendar of Events for April - August 2008
Applications for funding must show that additional           NatureFest!: April 12, 2008 The Museum opens its
funds from sources other than R. C. Roberts have
                                                             indoor and outdoor spaces for a celebration of nature.
been obtained to support the proposed project. This
may be “in kind” support as well as monetary.                The 8th annual Nature FEST will commence
Individuals who receive support from the R. C.               Saturday, April 12 at 10:00 a.m., featuring activities
Roberts Funds may apply for additional funding               for the entire family.
provided a period of three years has elapsed since
the original funding was granted.                            Come meet the “Snake Man”, Terry Vandeventer,
                                                             enjoy birds of prey demonstrations with Master
Guidelines for the R. C. Roberts Fund                        Falconer David Hall, see divers feed the fish, and
Individuals interested in applying for funding should        watch live animal presentations by the Museum
get an application form the Newsletter or request an         education staff. Go behind the scenes with our
application form from the Executive Officer or               scientists and researchers to learn about some of their
President of the Mississippi Science Teachers‟               unique research tools. Take a tour of the Museum
Association. The completed application must be               Collections area and discover how these valuable
attached to the proposal and returned to the                 specimens are collected and maintained.
Executive Officer. The Executive Officer will
assemble a committee of at least three individuals           Join us for Flumpa and Friends LIVE! the nationally
involved in science education who will examine the           acclaimed, multi-award winning family
proposal and recommend funding status. The                   entertainment duo starring Flumpa, the blue eyed, red
decision of the review committee to fund or reject           footed, adventurous tree frog and Wendy Whitten -
the proposal is final.                                       „The Singing Scientist‟. Flumpa and Friends LIVE!
R. C. Roberts Grant Form                                     has been touring since 1995 entertaining millions of
                                                             children and families. Don‟t miss your chance to
Name: ___________________________________                    experience this high-energy, interactive musical
School: __________________________________                   science adventure!
School Address: ___________________________
Phone: ___________________________________
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                        11/15/2011
Botanists and volunteers will conduct guided tours           DINOSAURS are on the move! Nine amazing and
of the nature trails. The Native Plant Garden will be        lifelike robotic creatures, including the multi-plated
in full bloom and we will offer a plant sale, too.           Stegosaurus, will take you back millions of years. All
                                                             it takes is a trip to the Museum! Sightings Daily
Buffalo Peak Outfitters will demonstrate the latest in
                                                             MAY 24, 2008 through January 4, 2009.
outdoor equipment and will offer kayak paddling on
Mays Lake!                                                   Visit the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and
                                                             travel back millions of years as you roam amongst
Come celebrate with us!
                                                             the dinosaurs. From a Protoceratops with hatchlings
Native Plant Garden Tours, April 26 10 am – 3                to a Tyrannosaurus rex - see them walk, roar, feed,
pm Come join us for tours of the Museum‟s lush               fight and care for their young. This robotic dinosaur
native plant garden. See Mississippi natives like            exhibit will fascinate children and adults of all ages!
swamp azalea, bell flower, smooth phlox, mountain
                                                             According to Kokoro, the company that created the
laurel, and sweet shrub. You can see displays of
                                                             robotic dinosaurs, “each creature is individually
indigenous plants near the Museum‟s entrance; visit
                                                             computer-programmed and handcrafted. As pliable
our Liberty Garden where victims of 9/11 are
                                                             as living tissue, the outer skin is finished with the
remembered; stroll through the Millennium Grove –
                                                             model in motion, to achieve and maintain uncanny
dedicated to perpetuating America‟s Famous &
                                                             resiliency. And Kokoro models embody every bit as
Historic Trees; and explore our nature trails. The
                                                             much science as they do technology: distinguished
Museum‟s tour is part of The Garden Club of
                                                             paleontologists are consulted every step of the way
Jackson‟s 2008 House & Garden Tour. Call 601-
                                                             on all aspects of the creatures‟ attributes and
354-7303 for details.
                                                             functioning. So Kokoro dinosaurs don‟t just look like
First Tuesday Lecture: May 6, 2008 BATS : a Fly              dinosaurs, they behave like dinosaurs. Motion is
by Night Affair Chester Martin, Research Emeritus,           amazingly fluid and lifelike and beautifully complex.
Environmental Laboratory, U.S. Army Engineer                 Walking, feeding, roaring, fighting, hatching and
Research & Development Center, Corps of                      caring for their young – Kokoro models act and
Engineers, Vicksburg Chester will present an                 interact with captivating realism”.
overview of the biology, life history, ecology, and
                                                             Snake Day: June 3, 2008 Learn how to tell the
management of bats, with emphasis on species
                                                             difference between venomous and non-venomous
native to Mississippi and their ecological
importance. He will describe bat anatomy,
including skeletal features, and morphological               Biologist Terry Majure will de-mystify our much
adaptations for flight and foraging. Other topics            maligned native reptiles – SNAKES! Learn the
include hibernation, migration, roosting habitat,            characteristics that will help you recognize the
formation of maternity colonies, and habitat                 differences between the six venomous and 55 non-
management.                                                  venomous snakes found in Mississippi. Majure will
                                                             separate myth from reality and provide accurate
International Migratory Bird Day: May 10, 2008
                                                             natural history information about our native snakes
Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day on                and their valuable place in the ecosystem. Live
Saturday, May 10 from 10 am to 3 pm.                         Mississippi snakes will be exhibited, with experts on-
Did you know the Museum‟s grounds and nature                 hand to answer your questions.
trails offer stopover spots for migratory birds? Mark        One hour lectures are scheduled at 10 AM and Noon.
your calendar for May 10, when we‟ll gather for              There will also be displays of venomous and non-
bird watching, nature hikes, and lots of hands-on            venomous snakes from 10 AM until 3 PM.
activities. Join in the fun and help support migratory
                                                             Speaker: Terry Majure, is Aquarium Coordinator for
bird conservation.
                                                             the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.
 ―Dinosaurs!‖ exhibit: May 24, 2008 – January 4,
                                                             Snake exhibits are provided by Terry Vandeventer,
2009 Watch for Humps!
                                                             Living Reptile Museum, of Terry, MS
                                                             Katfishin’ Kids: June 14, 2008
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                        11/15/2011
Bring the kids and join us for a fun-filled day where          How YOU Can Prevent Dinosaurs from Going
children can learn the basics of fishing.                      Extinct!!
Join us at Turcotte Lab for this free event open to            “Dinosaur” always means huge and extinct?
children ages 5-14 - no fishing equipment is needed.           WRONG!!! Discover how scientists found that there
Children will learn what a fish is and become                  are MORE dinosaurs living today than in the PAST!
familiar with its habitat, how to tie a knot, select the       LEARN how the adventurer who discovered T. rex
correct lure, bait hooks and cast and try their hand at        also found the clue to living dinosaurs!!! THRILL to
fishing in the stocked catfish pond. Each child                amazing discoveries, such as a RAPTOR with four
participating will receive a free T-shirt and goodie           wings!! LEARN about a society which fights to
bag while supplies last. Lunch is provided free of             PREVENT the extinction of dinosaurs. LEARN how
charge.                                                        YOU can actually attract, enjoy and protect
The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the
Mississippi Wildlife Federation (verifying if they             First Tuesday Lecture: August 5, 2008 Noon – 1
are a sponsor), the Mississippi Department of                  pm
Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, and all local Wal-              SPEAKER: Dr. David Dockery, Chief, Surface
Mart Stores are working together to bring this free            Geology Division, Mississippi Office of Geology.
event to our community.
                                                               How the Dinosaurs Come to the Shores of
Mark your calendars: June 14th from 8:30 AM – 11
                                                               Mississippi in the Late Cretaceous Period
AM at Turcotte Lab off Hwy 43 at the Ross Barnett
Reservoir. For more information or to volunteer call           This presentation will illustrate the Cretaceous
601-354-7303.                                                  formations of Mississippi and the dinosaur fossils
                                                               they contain. Mississippi was covered by an ocean in
Fun Friday: June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27 and              the Cretaceous Period that extended from the Gulf of
July 11, July 18, July 25 (from 10 am – Noon)                  Mexico to Alaska and which separated a western
“Prehistoric” Fun Fridays                                      landmass from the remnants of the Appalachian
                                                               Mountains to the east. Dotting this seaway were
Hands-on activities for everyone.
                                                               volcanic islands located at Jackson, Mississippi and
Fun Fridays are interactive, hands-on programs                 in the Delta area around southern Humphreys
offered every Friday in June and July (except July 4)          County. Were these islands inhabited by dinosaurs?
from 10:00 AM to Noon. Program topics coordinate               Based on dinosaur fossils in the Cretaceous marine
with the “Dinosaurs!” exhibit opening at the                   formations of Mississippi, the answer would have to
Museum on May 24th. An adult must accompany                    be yes.
DATES                  TOPIC                                    Subject to change. Please call the Museum at 601-
June 6                 Dinosaurs                                 354-7303 to confirm an event.
June 13                Fossils                                 Modeling Instruction Science
June 20                Prehistoric Mammals
June 27                Prehistoric Fish                        Workshops
July 4                 Museum Closed                           What: BCS will host Modeling Science Workshops
July 11                Prehistoric Insects                     for:
July 18                Prehistoric Birds                       o Modeling Instruction in Physics: Mechanics
July 25                Prehistoric Reptiles                    o Modeling Instruction in Physical Science
                                                               Where: Briarwood Christian High School
First Tuesday Lecture: July 1, 2008 Noon – 1 pm                6255 Cahaba Valley Road, Birmingham, AL 35242
SPEAKER: JOHN DAVIS, Retired, Science                          When: One Week, Two Weeks, or Three Weeks
Educator, St. Andrews Episcopal School and                     Workshop
Volunteer Research Entomologist, Mississippi                   Opportunities
Museum of Natural Science                                      Week #1 – June 9-13
                                                               Week #2 – June 16-20
                                                               Week #3 – June 23-27
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                         11/15/2011
June 9- 27, 2008- Complete Workshop Experience*               Science Department Coordinator/Physics Teacher,
Typical weekly schedule                                       Briarwood Christian School, Birmingham, AL, B.S.,
Monday – Thursday – 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Lunch              Physics, Samford University, M.A., Science Education,
provided)                                                     University of Alabama at Birmingham, Highly
Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.                               Qualified Teacher – Physics, National Board Certified
Optional activities Friday evenings and each Saturday.        Teacher – Physics, E. Scott Barr Award recipient for
Sunday (Worship).                                             Excellence in Physics Teaching (given through
Goals:                                                        University of Alabama Physics Department)
                                                              Mr. Donald Yost
equip science teachers to enhance and expand student          Taught High School Physics for 35 years
interest in science and develop a practical, conceptual       B.A., Physics, Sacramento State College
understanding of science.                                     M.A., Physics, University of Notre Dame
 Prepare teachers to implement modeling instruction          Active Modeler since 1991, Modeling Workshop
   pedagogy and materials into their classroom in the         instructor at ASU and University of California at Davis,
   Fall of 2008.                                              Co-authored second year Modeling Physics program at
 Demonstrate Modeling Instruction as a very                  Arizona State University
   effective methodology for teaching science courses         Physical Science Mrs. Martina Norton
   and for Pre-AP science classes.                            Physics, Physical Science Teacher, Vestavia Hills High
Support:                                                      School, Vestavia Hills, AL,
 Ongoing Modeling Instruction support would be               Bachelor of Science, Biology Education with Physics,
   available for our Workshop participants from our           and Chemistry Minors, Louisiana State University,
   teachers, resources on the Arizona State University        Master of Arts, Physics Education, University of
   Modeling Instruction Program website, and                  Alabama at Birmingham, Graduate Studies – Physics
   membership in the A.S.U. Modeling teachers                 Modeling, Arizona State University, Highly Qualified
   Listservs. Teachers will not be alone after the            Teacher – Physics, National Board Certified Teacher –
   Workshops!                                                 Physics
General Information: Valuable information about the           Mr. Dennis Glass
Modeling Instruction                                          Physical Science, Chemistry Teacher
Program can be obtained from the Arizona State                Briarwood Christian School, Bachelor of Science in
University Modeling website: http://modeling                  Natural Science, University of Alabama at For 17 years, the Modeling Instruction              Birmingham, M.Ed., Secondary Biology, UAB,
Program has been helping teachers attain knowledge            Graduate Studies – Chemistry Modeling, ASU
and skills needed to benefit their students. Modeling         Mr. Barry Walker
Instruction is the only high school science program           Chairman, Math and Science Departments
recognized as Exemplary by the U.S. Department                Briarwood Christian School, Birmingham, AL, B.S.,
of Education.                                                 Physics, Montana State University, M.A., Education,
Workshops Faculty: Research Consultant                        Azusa Pacific University, Presidential Scholars‟
Miss Kimberly Carraway                                        Teacher Recognition Award, U.S., Department of
Learning Specialist and Education Consultant, B.S.,           Education, Highly Qualified Teacher – Physics and
Vanderbilt University, Ed. M., Harvard University,            Mathematics
The Carraway Center for Learning, Nashville, TN               Workshops Dr. Byrle Kynerd
Physics                                                       Director: Chancellor, Briarwood Christian School,
Dr. Tim Burgess                                               B.S. and M.A., Mississippi College, Ph.D., University
Science Department Co-Chair McGill-Toolen Catholic            of Georgia, Van Lunen Fellows Faculty, Calvin
High School, Mobile, AL, Masters of Education in              College, ACSI Board Member
Secondary Science Education, University of South              Tuition/Fees: The goal of BCS is for the Workshops to
Alabama, Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional                be self-supporting and to keep the cost reasonable and
Systems Design, University of South Alabama,                  modest while providing exemplary Science
Presidential Award for Excellence in Science                  Advancement Training. A Resource Notebook, Lab
Teaching National Winner                                      Book, lunch Monday through Thursday for twelve
Mr. Victor Nichols                                            days, and one informal dinner are included in the fee.
                                                              The tuition/fee for Modeling Instruction Science
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                        11/15/2011
Workshop is: One Week - $425.00, Two Weeks -                  science or permission of instructor. Dr. Kevin Dillon.
$850.00, Three Weeks - $975.00 *Recommended                   Special Topics: Barrier Island Ecology; COA 490,
Registration: An Application may be obtained by               590. Five semester hours credit. KEVIN DILLON,
visiting or calling Mrs. Calderini at          Ph. D. Assistant Professor Gulf Coast Research
205-776-5909. Completed Applications and a non-               Laboratory JERRY McLELLAND Instructor Gulf
refundable deposit of $200.00 should be sent to Dr.           Coast Research Laboratory
Byrle Kynerd, Workshop Director, Briarwood                          Got Questions? For course information:
Christian School, 6255 Cahaba Valley Road,                    Dr. Dillon, 228.818.8809 or
Birmingham, AL 35242. Timely registration is                  For admissions: Kalin Lloyd, 228.872.4201 or
encouraged to secure enrollment.                    , 703 East Beach Drive •
Questions: Content questions about the Workshops
                                                              Ocean Springs, MS 39564
may be directed to Mr. Walker,
                                                     . Enrollment questions and
questions about lodging possibilities may be directed         OnLine Ops:
to Dr. Kynerd at or 205-
776-5909.                                                     Check out this website and connect with the
Credit: ACSI has authorized us to grant                       people there - they specialize in distance
CEU credit for Workshop attendance.                           learning and they provide students with kits
GCRL Summer Field Program 2008                                for home labs.
This course explores the diverse avian habitats     
found along the Mississippi Gulf Coast with an
emphasis on the study of avian ecology in the field.          The "Workshop Biology" project at the
The course will include the use of both sight and             University of Oregon specifically fostered
sound as means of field identification. Students will         integrated lecture approach. The project was
explore barrier island nesting grounds, kayak the             developed with various kinds of grant
pristine Pascagoula River, explore local marshes and
                                                              funding during the 1990's, but you can still
other unique coastal habitats and conduct both
individual and group-oriented field projects during           find much information about it at
the term. Prerequisites: two semesters of biology or
permission of instructor (Ecology recommended but             x.html
not required). Dr. Paul Mack. Special Topics:
Coastal Ornithology; COA 490, 590. Five semester
                                                              Integrated introduction biology course for
hours credit.                                                 majors. The web site is at
PAUL D. MACK, Ph.D. Visiting Instructor             
Mississippi University for Women                              aculty/terry.derting/bio116/bio116intropag                                              e.html
GCRL Summer Field Program 2008
BARRIER ISLAND ECOLOGY                                        Online Kitchen Lab resources available:
Second Term (June 23 – July 18)                     
This field course will familiarize students with    
concepts of coastal ecology with emphasis on the              ml,
diversity of plant and animal communities unique to
the Mississippi Sound barrier island ecosystem.
Students travel to the four Mississippi barrier islands       es/OnLineLabs/Index.html
and cover topics from marsh and barrier island      
vegetation and animals to geologic processes of
island dynamics. Prerequisites: three semesters of

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                            11/15/2011

                        Mississippi Science Teachers Association (MSTA)
                   Advance Registration Form - 2008 MSTA Annual Conference
                    October 20-21, 2008 (Marriott Hotel – Jackson, Mississippi)
                                        Phone: 601-969-5100
                  Registration Information*                 Registration Fees

         Name ___________________________                    Full Program (Monday and Tuesday)**

                                                       ____ Member/Nonmember - $70.00
         School/Organization (For Convention
         Badge)                                        ____ Undergraduate/Graduate Student - $25.00

                                                       ____ Non-teaching Family/Guest/Spouse-$35.00
         Professional Address
                                                       The registration fees above include the MSTA
         Street ____________________________
                                                       Awards Luncheon on Tuesday.
         City/State/Zip                                         Daily Admission: (Check the day)
                                                       Monday – October 20, 2008 Only
         School Phone _____________________            ____ Member/non-member - $40.00

         Email _____________________________           ____ Full-time Undergraduate/Graduate Student
         Grade(s) and/or Subjects
         ___________________________________           ____ Non-teaching Family/Guest/Spouse-$20.00

         ___________________________________           Tuesday – October 21, 2008 Only**
                                                       ____ Member/non-member - $70.00

                                                       ____ Full-time Undergraduate/Graduate Student
         Home Address                                       $25.00
         Street ____________________________
         ___________________________________           ____ Non-teaching Family/Guest/Spouse-$35.00
         City/State/Zip                                ** Tuesday’s registration fee includes admission
         ___________________________________           to the MSTA Awards Luncheon.

         Home Phone _____________________

         Email _____________________________           Advance registration fee includes T-shirt.
                                                       T-Shirt Size _______
         * On-site registration fees will be $5.00
         higher and does not include a T-shirt.        Total Payment - $_____________________________

         * Teachers who are also part-time graduate    Make check payable to MSTA and send
         students must register at the                 completed form and payment to:
         member/nonmember rate.
                                                       Bess Moffatt
                                                       1510 Oldfield Drive
                                                       Gautier, Mississippi 39553

                                                                         For Official Use Only
                                                       ____ Personal Check        ____ Cash
                                                       ____ School Check           ____ Purchase Order
                                                       Total Amount Received $_______________________
                                                       By: _____________________ Date: _________________


                                           Your Organization: _______________________________________
                                                                                                             Each 8’ wide x 6’ deep drapery type exhibit booth will be comprised of 8’ high back
                                                                                                             drapes and 3’ high side dividers. Each booth will be furnished with one 7” x 44”
                                                                                                             company name sign, one 6’ skirted display table, 2 side chairs and one wastebasket.
                                           Address: ________________________________________________         Identification badges will be furnished.
                                           ________________________________________________________          Additional equipment, electricity, and other services will be available through our
                                                                                                             Exhibit Service Contractor. Packets from this service will be mailed to exhibitors 6
                                           Phone: (_____)___________________________________________         weeks prior to the show. This packet includes further information and shipping
                                           Fax: (______) ____________________________________________        instructions for show materials.
                                           e-mail: __________________________________________________
                                                                                                             Booths for Commercial Organizations:

                                           Individual(s) Responsible for Exhibit: ________________________
                                                                                                             8’ x 6’ booth spaces are $300.00 each.
                                           Address (if different from above): ___________________________
                                            ________________________________________________________         No. of booth(s) _____ x $300.00 = ___________
                                                                                                             Booths for Non-Profit Organizations:
                                           List names needed for Convention badges: (Limited to 3)
                                           _______________________________________________________________   8’ x 6’ booth spaces are $150.00 each.
                                           _______________________________________________________________   No. of booth(s) _____ x $150.00 = ___________
Mississippi Science Teachers Association

                                           MSTA Convention Exhibits Coordinator:                             Amount of payment enclosed: _____________
                                                  Belinda Matlock                                            Make checks payable to Miss. Science Teachers Assn. or MSTA
                                                  H: 4055 Bailey Acres Circle, Meridian, MS 39305
                                                  Ph: 601-681-4629                                           Mail form and payment on or before September 21, 2008 to:
                                                  W: Lamar School, 544 Lindley Road                                  Belinda Matlock, Convention Exhibits Coordinator
                                                  Meridian, MS 39305                                                 4055 Bailey Acres Circle, Meridian, MS 39305
                                                  Ph: 601-482-1345                                                   Fax: 601-693-7004
                                                  e-mail:                                   e-mail:
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                              11/15/2011

                                                        THE YEAR OF
                                                            with the
                                                   National Science Teachers



City________________ State_______________ ZIP______________

Telephone & Area Code________ ____________________________


                         Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!
A reminder to all MSTA members interested in presenting during the New
Orleans NSTA Annual Conference March 19-22, 2009, you must submit your
proposal using the online system by April 15, 2008.

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                           11/15/2011

                 Mississippi Science Teachers Association (MSTA) Conference
                                     Program Proposal Form
                                        October 20-21, 2008
                               Marriott Hotel – Jackson, Mississippi
           Please type the information as you wish it to appear in the conference program.
             Information preceded by an asterisk will appear in the conference program.
*Name _______________________                       *Name _____________________
*School/Inst. ___________________                   *School/Inst. _________________
Work Address _________________                      Work Address ________________
*City/State/Zip _________________                   *City/State/Zip ________________
Work Phone ___________________                       Work Phone _________________
Home Phone __________________                        Home Phone _________________
Fax __________________________                       Fax ________________________
E-mail _______________________                       E-mail _______________________
                                Information concerning additional presenters is attached.
Type of Session (50-Minute)

Session Type                                Subject Area                     Intended Audience
Hands-on Workshop                          Assessment                      Elementary
Demonstration                              Astronomy                       Middle School
Lecture Update                             Biology                         High School
Share-a-thon                               Chemistry                       College
Commercial/Exhibitor Presentation          Earth/Space Science             General
                                            Ecology/Environmental Science
                                            Inquiry                         Equipment Needs
Presentation Day                            Literacy                        Overhead Projector
Either Day                                 Physical Science                Slide Projector
Prefer Monday                              Physics                         Screen
Prefer Tuesday                             Teacher Preparation

Session Title: ___________________________________________________
25 words or less description (To appear in the Official Conference Program)

Return this proposal by September 14, 2008 to:
Ken Wester
School Phone: 1-800-400-4656                                       Home Phone: 662-328-3684
MSTA Program Chairman
505 7 Street South                                                 Fax: 662-329-7205
Columbus, MS 39701
Upon acceptance, I understand I will be expected to pay the appropriate conference registration
fee as well as travel expenses and lodging.

  Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                           11/15/2011

  filter paper                                         petri dish of sterile nutrient agar
  paper punch                                          small paper cups
  Sterile cotton swabs                                 graduated cylinder
  samples of oral antiseptics                          forceps
  china marker
  The use of oral antiseptics (mouth washes) has increased in popularity the past few years. The question most
  often is asked by students of microbiology is, How effective are they?
  The; following exercise is not intended to provide conclusive evidence of the effectiveness. of various antiseptics,
  but it will provide a reasonable means for testing their 'germicidal" qualities.
  A. Obtain a sterile plate of nutrient agar. With the china marker (or
       magic marker), divide the bottom of the agar plate into six parts
       and number the parts 1 through 6. (Fig. 15-1)
  B. Place 15 ml of tap water in your mouth, swish thoroughly for one
       minute and expectorate this water back into the cup.
  C. Soak a cotton swab in the wash water from your mouth thoroughly
       streak the surface of the agar plate. Be sure the entire surface is
  D. Punch out six discs from the filter paper with the paper punch.
  E. Using forceps that have been flamed, saturate a disc in the #1
       antiseptic to be tested. Place this disc on the agar surface in the
       section labeled #1. Flame the forceps before proceeding to the
       next antiseptic.
  F. Saturate a second disc in the #2 sample and place it on section #2 of
       the agar plate.
  G. Follow the same procedure for the remaining samples incubate the plate for 24
       hours. After incubation the surface of the plate will be covered with bacterial
       growth. A clear circle (ring of inhibition) will appear around the discs that
       contained an antiseptic that inhibits bacterial growth. See Figure 15-2.

  On the chart, rank the antiseptics according to the size of the ring of
      Part         Name of Antiseptic        Rank Part           Name of Antiseptic                Rank

        #1                                           #4

        #2                                           #5

        #3                                           #6
Compare your results with other members of the class and fill in the blanks below.
Class Results
Most effective antiseptic: _____________________________________________
Least effective antiseptic: _____________________________________________

1. How would you redesign the experiment for testing hand soaps? Where would you obtain bacteria
for such an experiment?       Explain.
2. Did some antiseptics have a different germicidal effect on different people? How do you account for

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                                                         11/15/2011

Annotations from Aleta: Do something special for the environment today - just one thing -
you'll be glad you did. Drink one less "bottled" anything.
Are you already using your own reusable shopping bags? I hope so - because that's an easy way to
make a difference. We are one of the few nations where people don't bring their own bags to market.
Why is that?
20 Things You Didn‟t Know About Recycling:
Spring has sprung, and with it, the recognizable sound of trilling frogs and toads can be heard across
the country. This is also the perfect time to discuss the important topics of phenology, ecological
communities and wildlife protection with your students. Engage your class and get them outside for
May 3rd for FrogWatch 2008: Record the Ribbit.
Taking part in the Record the Ribbit program is easy, free and a fun educational activity for beginning
scientists. Visit to learn about amphibians in your area by listening to their calls
and viewing photos of local species. On May 3rd, students and their families can take a nature walk
and listen for frogs and toads. When they are finished, they can share their findings online! The
Record the Ribbit Web site includes special sections for journal entries and reporting on other wildlife
sightings. The frogs are calling; will your students be there to listen?
NABT and Amphibian Ark are proud to join the National Wildlife Federation's FrogWatch USA
program, a frog and toad citizen-science monitoring program. To learn more, please visit
Help NABT commemorate the discovery of DNA's double helix by celebrating National DNA Day on
April 25th. This unique day is set aside to help students, teachers, and the public learn more about
genetics and genomics, and includes a live-online chatroom where you can talk to the leading
researchers in the field. More information can be found by visiting
The National Human Genome Research Institute would also like to invite teachers to join its
Community of Genetic Educators, (
where you can access dozens of illustrations and resources, meet other teachers, and much more, all for
Do you have time this summer to help evaluate NHGR's new Talking Glossary of Genetics. From
May until August, teachers will be needed to review definitions, illustration, animations, term lists, and
more. The teachers and their schools will be recognized on the final project, so please visit if you are interested.
                              Mississippi Science Teachers Association cordially invites you to become a member.       Sullivan
           To do so, please complete the items below. Return completed form and the $10.00 annual membership fee ($5.00 student) to:
              Bess Moffatt, Executive Officer/Treasurer, Mississippi Science Teachers Association, 1510 Old Field Road, Gautier, MS 39553

     Name: _____________________________________________________________________
                                           Last                         First                                   Middle Initial
     Home Address: ______________________________________________________________
                                                    Street or Box                      City                      State   Zip

     Name of School or Institution: ___________________________________________________

     Work address:_______________________________________________________________
                                                    Street or Box                      City                      State   Zip

     Grade Level: Circle the correct grade K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 College Informal
     E-mail address if you have one: __________________________________________________
     Subject(s) Taught: _____________________________________________________________
 Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                                       11/15/2011

 2007-08 MSTA Board of Directors
                                Officers                                 Long Range Goals Ms. Minnie Parham (
                                                                         Scholarships Ms. Minnie Parham (;
President Ms. Sheila Smith (
                                                                          Ms. Bess Moffatt (
President-Elect Dr. John Ammons (
Immediate Past President Dr. Aleta Sullivan (    Profession Liaison Dr. Joe Sumrall (Sumrall
Executive Officer/Treasurer Ms. Bess Moffatt (                       Regional Directors
Secretary Dr. Beth Dunigan (                              District A Ms. Corky Vess (
State Science Coordinator Mary Wroten (            District B Dr. Wilber Walters (
                        Committee Chairs                                 District C Ms. Marilyn Castle/Claudette Williams
Awards Ms. Ann Huber (
Building-a-Presence Dr. Angela Bedenbaugh                                District D Dr. Johnnie Maddox (
 ( Lilly Tucker-Akin (          District E Ms. Sherrie Wiygul (
Exhibitor Chairman Ms. Belinda Matlock (             District F Ms. Shani Gauthier (
Convention Registration Ms. Johnette Bosarge                                                 Representatives
 (                                              Elementary Ms. Belinda Matlock (
Convention Program Mr. Ken Wester (               Middle School Ms. Jackie Stevens (
Historian Ms. Jane Lusk (                         High School Ms. Cindy Alsworth (
Membership Dr. Malcolm McEwen (                  Secondary School Ms. Carrie Bell (
Editor Ms. Deborah Duncan (                        Private Schools Ms. Ann Huber (
Public Relations Ms. Rheta Ann West (                      Pre Service Dr. Burnette Hamil (
 Ms. Dot Broussard (                      Community Colleges Dr. John Ammons (
Sale Items Ms. Betsy Sullivan (               College and University Dr. Angela Bedenbaugh
Science Fair Dr. Larry Bellipanti (           (
Share-a-Thon Ms. Carrie Bell (                   Informal Education Ms. Libby Hartfield
Convention Evaluation Dr. Burnette Hamil (          (
Convention Reception Ms. Jo Anne Reid (              Pre-service Dr. Burnette Hamil (

      Join us at the MSTA Listserv by visiting this site
      and filling out the form found there. Visit our website at The
      listserv and website are services provided for MSTA members at no additional cost.
             Please send information on workshops, announcements, other matters of interest to our membership to me,
      Deborah Duncan, 1402 Golf Course Rd., Philadelphia, MS 39350 or email me at

            MSTA Newsletter
            USM Box 8466
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