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									                              Stay At the Luxurious Hotels In Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park is among best tour destinations in the world. Numerous tourists visit this
exotic place to get a glimpse of the rich natural heritage, having a diversity of flora and fauna. The place
is famous for tiger safari and wildlife tours as well.

Whenever you plan a tour to a wildlife century, keep in mind to book a hotel in advance. There are a
number of hotels with excellent amenities for tourists visiting the Ranthambore National Park. To add
excitement and fun to your visit at the Park, hotels and resorts at Ranthambore truly offer a loving and
memorable experience.

Famous Hotels in Ranthambore

The Pug Mark

The Pug Mark is located near the National Park itself. This Ranthambore hotel provides all the
amenities required for a luxurious stay. It has 20 well organized rooms with attached min bar, and all
facilities you could ask for. Other major attractions of the hotel are an excellent swimming pool, beautiful
lawn, mini golf course and so on. Round the clock room service further adds to the hospitality offered.

Tiger Den Resort

Tiger Den Resort is an ideal place to relax at the Ranthambore Park. Offering a charismatic natural
environment, the place stands among the best resorts in Ranthambore with variety of amenities. Leisure
activities and entertainment carry an important place here. The resort also arranges wonderful safari tour
for the tourists.

Tiger Moon Resort

Located on the edge of Ranthambore national park, Tiger Moon Resort offers an open jeep safari into the
deep forest to give a glimpse of the royal tiger to the tourists. The facilities in the resort are incorporated
in a manner to give a very comforting stay to all guests. The resort has gained a good reputation among
tourists and is booked well in advance by them.

Ranthambore Regency

Ranthambore Regency is a super luxurious resort, set in the middle of two acres of lush green lawns. A
set of 20 air conditioned and well maintained rooms along with 10 luxury cottages carry the best facilities
one could wish for. With excellent welcome and superb room service, the resort certainly grabs attention
of huge number of tourists every year. Tourists also enjoy indoor as well as outdoor catering facilities
here. The outdoor catering facility is available under the clear sky alongside swimming pool.

Give cent percent efforts to make your trip to the Park the most memorable one. For this, it’s essential to
have a comfortable stay there. Ranthambore hotels have specialty of their own and have gained
significant popularity among tourists. Make advance booking of a suitable resort here and pack your bags
for a wonderful tour!

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