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									Saint George Church - A Community of Ministries                                                      Page 2

                                                   Parish Information
                                        40 Brattle Street, Worcester, MA 01606
         phone: 508-853-0183       fax: 508-854-0864    email: office@ Website:

Eucharist Schedule:    Vigil (Saturday): 4:00 PM Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM
                       Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM.
Baptism: Once a month at 12:30 PM. Call Ruth Viens, Coordinator at 508-852-5658 to make arrangements.
Penance: Saturday - 3:15 to 3:45 PM or by appointment.
Marriage: Arrangements, including date and time, must be made one year in advance with a priest. One of
the couple must have been a registered member of the Parish for at least six months.
Anointing of the Sick and Communion Calls: Members of the family should notify the Rectory whenever a
parishioner becomes confined at home, in a nursing home, a hospice or in the hospital.
Registration: New parishioners are always welcome! Please call Annie Doyle at the Rectory to register.

Pastoral Staff: Rev. Ronald Falco, Pastor; Rev. Michael Lavallee, Associate; Norbert Archibald, Deacon
Safe Environment Coordinator: Margaret Moynahan
Church Office: Joan Koppenal, Secretary          Parish Outreach: Ann R. Doyle, Coordinator
Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tues. & Thurs.9:00 AM to 4:00 PM closed Fridays
Religious Education: 508-852-1784 - Elementary & Junior High: Margaret Moynahan, Coordinator
Senior High: Kevin Cusack, Coordinator              Confirmation: Susan Pacek, Coordinator
Music Ministry: Michael Lizotte, Director 508-854-0459
Bulletin Editor: Joan Koppenal, 508-853-0183        Newsletter Editor: Ruth Viens, 508-852-5658

                                               Parish Mission Statement
     We, the parish community of Saint George, celebrate the presence of Christ in our lives.
     Central to our identity and together with the universal Catholic Church, we are nourished and sustained
     through the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist. We are inspired by the proclamation of the Word and guided by
     the Holy Spirit.
     As Catholic Christians, we continually seek to grow in a deeper understanding of our faith, to respect the
     sanctity of human life, and to respond to what Jesus asks of us in our time by sharing our gifts and partici-
     pating in parish activities.

          Eucharist and Prayers for the Sick                                  Financial Information
Please: Call to let us know if a family member or                             November 13/14 2010
neighbor is hospitalized, homebound or ill. We can ar-
range to visit and bring Eucharist. Remember that due              4:00 PM: $1367.50             Weekly Total:
to HIPAA regulations, unless you allow the hospital or                78 envelopes                 $9018.56
health care institution to release information and list St.       7:30 AM: $1191.50             313 envelopes,
George’s as your religious affiliation, we are not told               58 envelopes          6 Online gifts and cash
that you are a patient. We call the area hospitals each            9:00 AM: $2336.56             Repair Fund
week to see if any of our parishioners are hospitalized.              74 envelopes                  $293.00
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.                  11:00 AM: $1424.00        11 envelopes, 1 Online
                                                                      49 envelopes                    gift
                         Coffee Shop Captain                         Mail: $2416.00            Air Conditioning
                                                                     54 envelopes                   $200.00
                        December 12, 2010
                                                                                                  1 envelope
                    Kevin Cusack: 508-829-6886                  Online Giving: $283.00
                                                                                            Fuel Collection (to date)
                                                                    6 monthly gifts
               Please join us in the Hall after Mass on                                            $3996.55
              Sunday for coffee, donuts and fellowship!
                                                                Our Weekly Financial Goal is $7,750: This week we
                   Altar Ministries                             achieved 116.4% of our goal. Thank you for your
We are thankful to the Altar Servers and Ministers of           generous support.
Holy Communion from TEAM B who will serve at our
Masses next weekend. Thank you for sharing your
time & talents with our Community of Ministries.
December 5, 2010: Second Sunday of Advent                                                           Page 3

                     Mass Intentions                                        Parish Calendar
                                                                    Women’s Guild Raffle Tickets on Sale
                                                                             after all Masses
Saturday, December 4: Vigil                                Saturday, December 4:
4:00 PM In memory of Joseph Lobo by family                     8:00 PM   AA                     Hall
Sunday, December 5 Second Sunday of Advent                 Sunday, December 5:
7:30 AM For the Community of St. George                       8:00 AM Coffee Shop               Hall
9:00 AM Memorial for Jeffrey Tagman by                        9:00 AM Children’s Liturgy        Conf. Rm
         Carol & Bill Grigas                                  9:00 AM Toddler Liturgy           Hall
           Religious Education Mass                           6:00 PM Religious Ed Gr. 9-10     Center
11:00 AM Memorial for Mary Howard by her                      7:00 PM Confirmation Class        Center/Hall
          husband Wayne & family                           Monday, December 6:
Monday, December 6: St. Nicholas                              4:00 PM    Religious Ed Gr. 1-5   Center
8:00 AM For the peace & happiness of                          6:30 PM    Religious Ed Gr. 6-8   Center
          Lorraine Balthazor                                  8:00 PM    Pieta Reception        Hall
7:00 PM Pieta Bereavement Mass                             Tuesday, December 7:
Tuesday, December 7: St. Ambrose                              10:00 AM Liturgy Committee        Rectory
8:00 AM For the departed souls                                 4:00 PM Religious Ed Gr. 1-5     Center
Wednesday, Dec. 8: The Immaculate Conception                   6:30 PM Weight Loss Group        Center
8:00 AM For our parishioners in need of prayers                7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal          Church
12:10 PM For those who bring Eucharist to the              Wednesday, December 8:
          sick & homebound                                     4:00 PM Religious Ed Gr. 1-5     Center
7:00 PM For the expectant families of our parish               6:30 PM Daughter of Isabella     Hall
Thursday, December 9 : St. Juan Diego                          7:00 PM Bible Study              Center
8:00 AM Memorial for Cindy Block by her family                 7:00 PM Widow/Widowers           Center
Friday, December 10: St. Francis Xavier                    Thursday, December 9:
8:00 AM In memory of James Bergin                              6:30 PM   Family Prayer          Church
Saturday, December 11: Vigil                                   7:00 PM   Encyclical Reflections Conf. Rm
4:00 PM Memorial for Betty Frew by Virginia                Friday, December 10:
          Keith & Barbara Welch                            Saturday, December 11:
                 Christmas Pagent                              8:00 PM   AA                     Hall
Sunday, December 12 Third Sunday of Advent                 Sunday, December 12:
7:30 AM Month’s Mind for Anne Morrone by                      8:00 AM Coffee Shop               Hall
          Linda Mulhearn                                      9:00 AM Children’s Liturgy        Conf. Rm
9:00 AM Memorial for Charles & Adelle Tagman                  9:00 AM Toddler Liturgy           Hall
          by Carol Gingas & family                           10:00 AM Men’s Club                Hall
           Religious Education Mass                          10:15 AM Homeschooling Gathering Conf. Rm
11:00 AM 5th Anniversary for Helen Shea by the                6:00 PM Religious Ed Gr. 9-10     Center
         Frew family                                          7:00 PM Confirmation Class        Center/Hall

                                                                      We Commend to your Prayers
      Scripture for the week of December 5, 2010                  Eleanor Bagin, sister of our parishioner,
                                                                              Carol Tubridy
 5       Sun      Is 11:1-10/Rom 15:4-9/Mt 3:1-12                  May the Angels lead her into Paradise
 6       Mon      Is 35:1-10/Lk 5:17-26
 7       Tue      Is 40:1-11/Mt 18:12-14                                          Electronic Giving
 8       Wed      Gn 3:9-15, 20/Eph 1:3-6, 11-12/                   Online Giving is the electronic giving pro-
                  Lk 1:26-38                                        gram that Saint George’s is using. If you
 9       Thu      Is 41:13-20/Mt 11:11-15                           are interested in making your gift electroni-
 10      Fri      Is 48:17-19/Mt 11:16-19                           cally please e-mail Anne Good at
 11      Sat      Sir 48:1-4, 9-11/Mt 17:9a, 10-13         or
 12      Sun      Is 35:1-6a, 10/Jas 5:7-10/      or call her at 508-869-9982.
                  Mt 11:2-11
                                                                Free Donut Tickets for Children’s Liturgy
                 Second Collection                         The Men’s Club will be offering “Free Donut Tickets”
Next weekend, the collection for the Retirement for        to all participants to the “Children’s Liturgy” during
the Religious will be taken up at all Masses. Please see   the 9:00 AM Mass next Sunday. The children will be
                                                           given the tickets while at the Liturgy to be redeemed
Bishop McManus’ letter on page 6 for information
                                                           after Mass. Best Wishes to our young Catholics.
about this important collection.
Saint George Church - A Community of Ministries                                                     Page 4

                                Religious Education                                             Pastoral Reflections
                                   Peg Moynahan
                                    508-852-1784              My Friends in the Lord Jesus,
                                                                  This is a season of thankfulness and hope. Ad-
           Celebration of the Eucharist                       vent celebrates the Church’s thankfulness to God for
                                                              the birth of Jesus, the beginning of salvation, and for
We look forward to seeing all students and families           the hope we share for future glory. Thankfulness
at the next celebration of the Eucharist for all Reli-        and hope are not only themes for the Season of Ad-
gious Education students on Sunday, December 5,               vent but for our lives as Christians as well. Thankful-
at the 9:00 AM Mass.                                          ness and hope are virtues which find a home in the
                                                              heart of believers.
               Annual Mass
                                                                  I am thankful for the positive and effective re-
    to Honor and Remember our Children
                                                              sponse to the Sharing our Blessings initiative in
The Pieta Bereavement Support Group invites any-              our parish. I am thankful because the positive re-
one who has experienced the loss of a child to join           sponse is indicative of the care and concern of our
them in a special Mass celebrating the life of their          people for our St. George parish. More important
child on Monday, Dec. 6 at 7 PM at St. George                 than just meeting our financial needs is the faith of
Church. The Pieta group, formed in the Worcester              our people which is the real stability of our parish. I
Diocese in May, is modeled after a group in the               am confident that with the faith of our people we can
Archdiocese of Boston. The group meets the second             move mountains. It is an exciting time for our parish.
Monday of each month in the conference room in St.
                                                                   I am full of hope for the future. As we realisti-
George Church hall to offer support to grieving par-
                                                              cally and faithfully commit ourselves to St. George
ents. The meetings are facilitated by bereaved par-
                                                              parish we will continue to flourish, developing new
                                                              ministries as new demands and challenges present
                                                              themselves. Hope is that wonderful virtue that points
                     This Week…                               us toward a bright tomorrow with the Holy Spirit as
Pray for those suffering from illness and their fami-         our guide. Thankfulness and hope are virtues which
lies, that in their time of trial they will know Christ’s     we share as a parish. They are virtues which find a
presence in a special way.                                    home in the heart of believers.
                                                              Fr. Ron
                   Bulletin Deadlines
Weekend of                    Due to the parish               A Christian Steward receives God’s gifts grate-
Dec. 18/19                    Wednesday, Dec. 8               fully, cherishes and tends them in a responsible
Dec. 25/26                    Monday, Dec. 13
Jan. 2/3                      Monday Dec. 20                  and accountable manner, shares them in justice
Please submit bulletin items by 5:00 PM on the due
                                                              and love with all, and returns them with increase
date. Items can be mailed or faxed to the Rectory or          to the Lord.
e-mailed to If you have any
questions please call Joan Koppenal at the Rectory                       “Saints for Saint George”
(508-853-0183).                                               As of November 1, 87 of you have signed up to be
                                                              “Saints” for Saint George by using Online Giving to
                   Food for Thought                           manage your donations to our parish. Thank you for
Looking to find a gift that will be appreciated by the re-    making this decision.
cipient and do good for others at the same time?
Please consider purchasing Hope for Housing grocery
cards for your family members, friends, workplace co-                         Men’s Club Meeting
workers, as appreciation gifts to those who make your
                                                              The monthly Men’s Club meeting will be held next
life a little less difficult, company employees, and to add
                                                              Sunday, December 12 in the Conference Room after
to gift baskets, etc. If you haven’t been participating in
HfH because you shop at other supermarkets, this is           the 9:00 AM Mass. Men’s Club members and parish
your time to support the program at no added cost to          staff are welcome to attend. The coffee is on us!!!.
you. Together we can help families in great need from
becoming homeless. HfH supermarket gift cards are             Why not dedicate the first hour of your
available in many denominations downstairs after Mass
from parish volunteers. A short walk down and two min-        families' work week to God?
utes of your time will change a family’s life. Thanks.
December 5, 2010: Second Sunday of Advent                                                              Page 5
               Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration                              Family Ministry
         The Adorers of the Perpetual Adoration                    Ruth Viens, Coordinator - 508-852-5658
         Chapel wish to thank Jesus in the Blessed                      Email :
         Sacrament for these favors:
         1. Grateful for the new job.                                        Family Connection
         2. Carolyn’s successful treatment for
            healing heart & body.                            As Christmas gets closer, sometimes "rest" can
                                                             creep to last place on our family's to-do list. There's
                                                             so much to do and we're so afraid that somehow
The Chapel of the Perpetual Eucharist Adoration of           Christmas will be less than perfect if we fall short.
the Blessed Sacrament needs additional adorers.              God certainly wouldn't mind if we just stop, pause,
Call Deacon Archie at 508-847-3710 or 508-853-8169.          rest and be quiet with him just for a minute and re-
to sign up or if you have any questions.                     member how much he loves us

                          Parish Outreach
                 Annie Doyle - 508-853-0183 x12
                   Office hours Mon-Tue-Wed 9-5

This Advent I look for signs that God is present in my
daily life and I see:
    Barbara and her friend Patty who sewed and
    embroidered purificators for our altar, I know
    God is with us in their generosity.
    The McCarthy Family donated a wonderful
    Thanksgiving Dinner Basket complete with the
    turkey, I am reminded that God is present as
    their mom teachers her daughters faith in action.
    Our Grade 10 Religious Education Students as-
    sembled gift baskets for St. Vincent De Paul
    families – Thanksgiving Cards included! Our
    God is with us in their thoughtfulness.
    Dick and Linda helped to deliver the Thanksgiv-          Dealing with Grief during the Holiday Season
    ing food donations to St. Joan of Arc, they make         Kathy Riley will be this weekend’s guest on the You
    God visible with their kindness.                         Are Not Alone broadcast hosted by Jim Kelley on
    St. George Boy Scout Troop 91 helped to clean            Sunday, December 5 from 9 – 10 pm on WCRN
    the church attic, God is fully alive in their enthusi-   830AM or at Having recently
    asm.                                                     received her certificate in grief counseling, Kathy and
                                                             Jim will discuss her own grief journey and some of
   So many of you donated Thanksgiving food and              the latest ideas about helping someone with be-
   took home gift requests from the Giving Tree,             reavement, especially as we enter the holiday sea-
   your compassion convinces me that God is here             son.
   among us.
    Norma continues to recruit and welcome others
    at the 4PM Mass. God who reaches out to us, is
    visible in her hospitality.
                                                                         Annual Christmas Food Drive
                                                                         On December 4 and 5 please bring
    Chris O’Neill continues to help sell grocery cards
                                                                        double-bagged or recyclable bags of
    to prevent homelessness. Surely God is with us
    in his faithfulness.                                                non-perishable groceries and place
                                                                   them in the “well” around the altar. Gro-
    Liz made breads for our homebound parishion-                   ceries will be distributed to local food pan-
    ers. God who nourishes us is here in her joyful                tries. Please include a seasonal treat.
    (and delicious) outreach.                                                               Thank you.
Saint George Church - A Community of Ministries                                                  Page 6

                             A Letter from Our Bishop                          Thank You
My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,                   The Daughters of Isabella wish to thank all parishion-
                                                          ers and guests that helped make our French Meat
Next weekend, December 11th and 12th, our par-
                                                          Pie and Bake Sale a huge success. We wish to
ishes will take the annual offering to support The Re-
                                                          announce the lucky Raffle Winners - Bob Pike won
tirement Fund for the Religious. I encourage your
generosity in this special collection that assists our    the wonderful fruit basket and Ruth Veins was
retired religious priests, brothers and sisters who       awarded the sleigh filled with delicious imported
have offered their lives to the Lord in service to the    chocolates. Congratulations!
In his 2010 World Day for Consecrated Life address,             Sharing our Blessings: Good News
Pope Benedict XVI underscored the unique role that        We are pleased to announce that our parish received
men and women religious play in our spiritual jour-       346 Commitment Forms during Sharing Our Bless-
neys: “The very fact of being consecrated makes the       ings Commitment Weekend. 167 households said
consecrated person a 'bridge' to God for all who en-      they would increase their offering, representing an
counter him or her.”                                      average increase of 40%.
As we reflect on the role that religious have played in   Many thanks to all that have participated. If you have
the Church, we are reminded of the myriad ways            not already made you commitment, Commitment
these dedicated women and men serve as bridges of         Envelopes are available at all exits.
faith. Through their service in Catholic schools and
parishes, religious offer a bridge to both academic
knowledge and faith formation. Through their corpo-                      Boy Scout Troop 91
ral works of mercy, religious are bridges of hope,        St. George’s Troop 91 collected 500 cans for the
serving as instruments of God's love to the poor, the     Food Pantry for Thanksgiving. Thank you to every-
sick, the lonely, and the oppressed.                      one who donated.
Religious men and women have heeded the call of
the Lord by their witness to Gospel values and their
commitment to serve those around them. Through                                Toys for Tots
their ministries, they founded Catholic schools and       Dear Parishioners,
hospitals and launched initiatives that continue to
support the most needy among us. In our challeng-         The Marines of Detachment 911 along with the Boy
ing world, they remain a visible sign of Christ's         Scouts of our Parish are once again hosting the An-
love. Today, tens of thousands of them are now eld-       nual Toys for Tots Drive. Our drop off location is the
erly, frail and in need of assistance. Their communi-     Brattle Stop Market located at One Brattle, Worces-
ties struggle to provide adequate care.                   ter. Please help us make Christmas dreams come
                                                          true for as many children as possible.
The Retirement Fund for the Religious supports
these men and women who continue to shape the             Thank you.
lives and the faith of millions of Americans. It is im-
portant that we offer our thanks to these religious
who have influenced us so deeply.                             This Weekend’s Stewardship Thought
Please be generous in this appeal. It represents an       We must be good stewards of God’s gifts to us, re-
opportunity to bring together our diocesan family in      ceiving them gratefully and cultivating them with
support of those who have served the Church as well       care, lest we be the ones about whom John the Bap-
our local communities. I am very grateful for your        tist speaks today, cautioning us, “Every tree that
support in the past. I ask you to bless our religious     does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown
with your gift again next weekend.                        into the fire.”
With every prayerful best wish, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,                                              Women’s Guild Raffle
Most Reverend Robert J. McManus                           Over 10 "Theme Baskets will be offered!!!!!
Bishop of Worcester                                       RAFFLE TICKETS will be sold after all Masses
                                                          12/4-12/5 and 12/11-12/12. The drawing will be held
                          Pietá                           12/12 after the 11:00 AM Mass. St. George Parish
                                                          benefits from the efforts of the Guild. This raffle is a
Is an ongoing support group for bereaved parents.
                                                          major fundraiser, please support this project - Thank
Anyone who has experienced the death of a child is
welcome to attend. The next meeting will be Decem-
ber 13 at 7:00 PM in the Conference Room.
Please join us.
December 5, 2010: Second Sunday of Advent                                                             Page 7
                                                   Advent 2010

                                           “God is with us”
              “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Mt.28:20

                                               Giving Tree Ornament Distribution
                                                    Giving Tree Reminder

             If you were not here last weekend and wish to participate in the Giving Tree,
             there are ornaments available on the tree for those in need.
Please return your gift NEXT weekend December 12, 2010. Please wrap (using a gift bag is best) and label
your gift as a toy for a girl or boy (or unisex); clothing for all ages need to be labeled with category (on the or-
nament you took), item, size and gender. Please label your gift to identify what is inside. Please remember if
you take one of the special request ornaments, it is very important to return the gift, as they are designated for
a particular person. These labels are removed by the agency. If gifts are not labeled this way they have to be
opened to see what is inside and re-wrapped.
All gifts need to be returned by 11:00 a.m. next Sunday so that they can be sorted, bagged and delivered to
the agencies. This time is very important as we need to deliver all the gifts Sunday after the 11:00 a.m. Mass.
If you are going to be away next weekend, please drop your gift off before you go - the Church is open every
day. If you are able to help sort and deliver the gifts, please call: Donna Connelly at 508-361-0829.

              Russian Icon Museum
                                                                           Christmas Schedule 2010
Tuesday, Dec. 7, leaving the Church parking lot at
11:30 AM. If interested please call Liz Woods at                       Evening of Quiet Reflection &
508-853-2499. Carpooling available. Cost: $5.00.                       Meditation with Reconciliation
Lunch on your own.                                                         Monday-December 20
                                                                                7:00-8:30 PM
                Advent Discussion
                                                                                December 24
Father Ron will lead a discussion on the Encyclical                                 Vigil
Letter of Pope Benedict XVI “Charity in Truth”                                Mass at 4:00 PM
(Caritas in Veritate) Thursday evenings Dec. 9 and                           Mass at 10:30 PM
16 at 7:00 PM in the Conference Room.                                     Choir Concert at 10:00 PM
                                                                                December 25
   Quiet Evening of Prayer and Reflection                             Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord
            Monday, December 20, 2010                                  Mass at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM
                 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.                                               December 26
Advent is a time to quiet our hearts and minds and                          Holy Family Sunday
reflect upon the coming of Christ in our lives. We are             Mass at 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM
living in difficult, challenging times, but Christ’s love
is ever present. His light shines upon us, bringing                               January 1
mercy, peace and hope. We invite you to set this                       Feast of Mary, Mother of the Lord
evening aside for private prayer and reflection. Come                             10:00 AM
for the hour or for ten minutes, you are welcome.                          Epiphany Vigil 4:00 PM
Come by yourself, bring a friend, start an Advent                                 January 2
family tradition. With candlelight and quiet music, the                       Epiphany Sunday
empty manger awaits the Christ child, Jesus, our                   Mass at 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM
Redeemer. Come, let us pray. The healing Sacra-
ment of Reconciliation will be available. Come,                              Christmas Pageant
experience His love, mercy and peace.
                                                             Our annual Children’s Christmas Pageant will be
                                                             held on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at the 4:00
                                                             PM Mass. All parishioners are invited to attend and
                                                             help our youth celebrate the Advent season!

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