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God may call all men to serve him without priest or pastor.
The sending of Jesus, "you will be my witnesses" for everyone. I made the
wonderful experience through "The Link of prayer cells" in the margins
40 years of occupation.
Personal word of prophecy and its fulfillment:
When I was 13, I lived in a village in the years Jorat, Switzerland. To this
Back then, there are over 60 years, my parents converted to Jesus Christ.
A revival of faith touched many villages in the region. We met
precisely in the houses and even in kitchens. I happened to
road with my parents for an hour on foot to attend a community
from home.
Touched in my heart, I started reading the Bible. I read and meditated
in full in my 13th year. The Spirit worked my young heart.
After a meeting where we lay hands on the sick or those who
wanted to receive the outpouring of the Spirit, God's servant prayed also for
me. While he prayed, his prayer became prophetic. She said that God
called me to his service and use me to proclaim his message to the-
overseas! In return, I asked many questions to my parents
about it.
Twenty born before the first issue of "link please" whose
message was later to reach the five continents.
Is not our God wonderful? Oh how much it is worth to be
its glorious service. What his mouth said, his hand performs.
And in all things, the Lord alone be glorified!
Pierre Cherpillod

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