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                                                                    be acquired from SUN Microsystems
Sole Source Request                                                 of Canada.                             2
                                                                   Purchases made under the terms of
for Oracle Licensing                                                this proposal will be discounted by
and Maintenance                                                     45% for both license purchases and
                                                                    ongoing maintenance.
                                                                   The estimated expenditure will be
Recommendation:                                                     $900,000 in licenses and
That the City enter into a one-time sole                            maintenance costs in the first year,
source agreement with SUN                                           with future year maintenance costs
Microsystems of Canada for the licensing                            being approximately $180,000. The
and maintenance of Oracle software as                               prices do not include GST.
outlined in the April 5, 2007, Corporate                        Budget/Financial Implications
Services Department report
2007COT003.                                                     All expenditures fall within existing
                                                                budgets approved by City Council.
Report Summary
City Administration Bylaw 12005
                                                                Justification of Recommendation
requires that for sole source
contracts greater than $250,000 and                             The five year costs under this proposal
those contracts which may exceed 10                             are approximately $318,000 lower than
years in duration, approval shall be                            the previous best proposal received by
obtained from Committee.                                        the City, and $583,000 lower than the
                                                                standard discount for a purchase of this
Report                                                          size.
   The City uses Oracle software to
    support many of its business
    computer applications.
   New licenses are required for the
    311, Project and Contract
    Management, and Asset Accounting
   If approval to sole source is not
    granted, the licenses will have to be
    acquired through competitive tender,
    as the projects cannot proceed
    without these licenses.
   The City has received an unsolicited
    proposal from SUN/Oracle offering
    the City better terms than any terms
    previously achieved through
    competitive tendering.
   The terms of the agreement require
    that the purchase and maintenance

ROUTING – Executive Committee | DELEGATION – J. Tustian/D. Lajeunesse/J. Richard
WRITTEN BY – A. Charles | April 5, 2007 – Corporate Services 2007COT003
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