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									                                          East Central University & Murray State College
                                                               2+2 Articulation Agreement
                                                             Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
                                                                   Student Worksheet

                                   East Central Coursework                                                            Murray State College

                                                                       Hours Hours from                                                                           Hours
                                                                      Required  ECU                                                                             from MSC
  I.    General Education                                                  45             Area 1:              English                                                 6
                                                                                          ENG             1113 English Composition I
                                                                                          ENG             1213 English Composition II

                                                                                          Area 2:              History/Government
                                                                                          HST             1483 US History to 1865
                                                                                                               or                                                      3
                                                                                          HST             1493 US History since 1865
                                                                                          GVT             1113 American Federal Government                            3

                                                                                                                 Science (must include at least one lab
                                                                                          Area 3:                course)                                               8
                                                                                          Lab Sciences:
                                                                                          AP              2124   Human A&PI*
                                                                                          AP              2134   Human A&PII*
                                                                                          BIO             1114   General Biological Science
                                                                                          BOT             1114   General Botany
                                                                                          CHM             1114   General Chemistry I
                                                                                          CHM             1214   General Chemistry II
                                                                                          CHM             2114   Qualitative Analysis I*
                                                                                          CHM             2214   Qualitative Analysis II*
                                                                                          CHM             2345   Organic Chemistry*
                                                                                          MIC             2224   Intro to Microbiology*
                                                                                          PHY             1114   General Physics I*
                                                                                          PHY             1214   General Physics II*
                                                                                          PHY             2015   Engineering Physics I*
                                                                                          PHY             2115   Engineering Physics II*
                                                                                          ZOO             1114   General Zoology

                                                                                          Non-lab Sciences:
                                                                                          CON            1404 Cons of Natural Resources
                                                                                          PHS            1114 General Physical Science

                                                                                          Area 4:                  Humanities                                          6
                                                                                          This must include one course from any of the two following areas:
                                                                                          a. Literature: Introduction to Literature (ENG 2413, English
                                                                                          Literature (ENG 2543 or 2653), or American Literature (ENG 2773
                                                                                          or 2883) or Native American Literature (ENG 2713).
                                                                                          b. Music: Music Appreciation (MU 1113)
                                                                                          c. Art: Art Appreciation (ART 1113)
                                                                                          d. Humanities: HUM 2113**, 2223**, 2233 or CON 2233
                                                                                          e. History: World Civilization (HST 1423 or 1433)
                                                                                          f. Theatre: Introduction to Theatre (TH 1133)

                                                                                          **Humanities I and II (HUM 2113 & HUM 2223) may also be taken
                                                                                          to fulfill the Humanities requirement

                                                                                          Area 5:              Math                                                    3
                                                                                          MTH             1513 College Algebra*

                                                                                          Area 6:                Liberal Arts                                          3
                                                                                          At least one course from one of the following areas:
                                                                                          Psychology, Social Sciences, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts (Art,
                                                                                          Music, or Drama). Includes courses with prefixes of ART, ASL, CJ,
                                                                                          ECO, GEO, GVT, HST, MU, PSY, SOC, SPA, or TH.

                                                                                          Area 7:               Arts & Sciences                                        3
                                                                                          Includes courses already listed in areas 2 through 6 above and,
                                                                                          additionally, ENG 2123 (Creative Writing) and courses with prefixes
                                                                                          of BC, COM, DOL, FA, HP, LIB, RE and SPC.

                                                                                          Area 8:              Physical Education                                      2
                                                                                          PE              1112 Personal Health
                                                                                          PE              2212 First Aid

                                                                                          Area 9:              Computer Applications                                   3
                                                                                          CIS             1113 Computer Concepts & Apps
                                                                                          CIS             2113 Computer Applications Packages

                                                                                          Area 10:               Orientation                                           1
                                                                                          First time college students who attend full-time on-campus are
                                                                                          required to take ORI 1011 their entering fall/spring semester.
                                                                                          Others will need to take an additional hour of elective.

                                                                                          Total General Education                                                     41

ECU/MSC Articulation Agreement (Catalog Year 2005-2006)                  Page 1                                                                        Psychology
                                          East Central Coursework                                                                   Murray State College

                                                                                      Hours Hours from                                                                    Hours
                                                                                     Required  ECU                                                                      from MSC
                                                                                                         Program Electives                                                      9
                                                                                                         PSY            2533 Social Psychology
                                                                                                                  6 Additional hours from program electives list

                                                                                                         Related Electives                                                      7
                                                                                                         SOC             1113 Intro to Sociology
                                                                                                         SOC             2023 Social Problems
                                                                                                                   1 additional hour in either Geography, Sociology,
                                                                                                                   History, Economics, Foreign Language, Government,
                                                                                                                   Criminal Justice, or Religious Studies.

    II.      Major in Psychology                                                          37
          A. Required General Education                                                    3
             PSYCH          1113 General Psychology                                                      PSY             1113 Intro to Psychology                               3

          B. Required in Psychology Major                                                 10
             PSYCH          2313 History and Systems of Psychology                                   3
             PSYCH            3114 Experimental Psych                                                4
             PSYCH            3833 Behavioral Sci Statistics                                         3

          C. Required Electives in Psychology                                             12        12
             Four of the following:
             HRPSY             3253 Psychology of Aging
             PSYCH             3063 Physiological Psych
             PSYCH             3613 Psychology of Learning and Cognition
             PSYCH             4133 Abnormal Psychology
             PSYCH             4213 Psychological Tests & Meas
             PSYCH             4323 Behavioral Management
             PSYCH             4413 Psychology of Personality
             PSYCH             4443 Child Development
             PSYCH             4453 Adolescent Development

          D. Approved Electives in Psychology                                             12        12
             12 hours of approved 3000-4000 level electives in Psychology (may
             include additional courses from the list above.) EDPSY 3513, PSYCH
             3463, and PSYCH 4112 may not be taken for psychology degree

   III.      Related Work                                                                  3
             Required General Education                                                    3
             MATH             1513 College Algebra                                                       MTH             1513 College Algebra*
             MATH             2213 Intro to Probability and Stats

  IV.        Minor (Required)                                                           16-21       11
                                                                                                         SOC             1113 Intro to Sociology
             Recommended areas of minor study are sociology, biology, chemistry,
             physics, business, mathematics, computer science, human resources,                          SOC             2023 Social Problems
             or others with department approval.

   V.        Electives                                                                  24-29       15
                                                                                                         PSY             2533 Social Psychology
                                                                                                         PSY             2523 Developmental Psychology                          3
                                                                                                         PSY             2113 Psychology of Adjustment                          3

  VI.        Total Hours Required                                                        124        60                                                                          66

  VII.       Special Requirements

             The OSRHE computer proficiency graduation requirement will be met
             through completion of CMPSC 1513 (including equated or substituted
             courses), or testing out of the challenge exam for this course, OR
             successful completion of an associate of arts or associate of science
             degree at an Oklahoma two-year college in which the computer skills
             requirement was met. Satisfaction of this requirement may not reduce
             or remove any program requirements.

* Has prerequisite: check catalog course descriptions.

Articulated for minor in Sociology. If another minor is desires, adjust classes in
minor section with assistance of advisor.

Shading and checks under "Hours from MSC" denotes hours taken in General
Education Requirements.
Checks under "Hours from ECU" denotes hours taken through Associates

 ECU/MSC Articulation Agreement (Catalog Year 2005-2006)                               Page 2                                                                      Psychology

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