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      An overall training site for new IBO‟s

 A list of ALL of the Legacy Group Partner‟s Sites
               Welcome to the Legacy Team
               and Legacy Group Partners!
You have just joined one of the fastest growing teams in AmeriPlan, the
Legacy Team and Legacy Group Partners (LGP). The following information
will assist you in learning and building your new business. Create a folder to
keep your training packet and associated files/documents in. Some of the
training steps will require that you have access to your Training Packet, so
keep them handy.

During your ongoing training process, if you have any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact your enroller or another member of your Team. We
are here to help you in any way and wish you great success as you work and
build your business & financial freedom that WILL LEAVE A LEGACY for
your family and loved ones!


      New IBO Checklist……………………………………………………………3

      Top 20 Reasons Worksheet…………………………………………….4

      Website Quick Reference…………………………………………………5

      Website Set-Up Guide……………………………………………………..6

      Setting Up Your AmeriCAM Business Ctr (email)…………..7

      Setting Up Your Legacy Site……………………………………………8

      Calendar of Conference Calls………………………………………….9

      Contact Information (for corporate & the Garveys)…………….10

      Warm Market Worksheet……………………………………………….11

      Who‟s In Your Warm Market? ..................................12
                           New IBO Checklist
Please use this worksheet as you‟re working through the steps on the
training website.

______1. New IBO Orientation (Step 1)

______2. Listen to the recorded New IBO Orientation Call (Step 1)

______3. Your Why & Goal (Step 2)

______4. Establish Goal Dates and Send to Enroller (Step 2)

______5. Email Your Enroller Your “Reasons Why” (Step 2)

______6. Set Work Schedule (Step 3)

______7. Label Brochures, DVD‟s, etc (Step 4)

______8. Redeem Sales Aid Certificates (Step 4)

______9. Log into IBO Support & the AmeriCAM Email System (Step 5)

_____10. Set-up Legacy Team Marketing Site (Step 5)
{Note: If you were sent an email with a link to your Legacy Site, SKIP THIS STEP}

_____11. Review the Products/Benefits we Market (Step 6)

_____12. View Training videos on the Products/Benefits at: (Step 6)

_____13. Review Prospecting Information on Training Site (Step 7)

_____14. Review Marketing Methods on Training Site (Step 8)

_____15. Review Compensation Information on Training Site (Step 9)

_____16. In Step 10, The Road to Success, Under Getting Leads, Select 3
         ways to get prospects, and Get Started!
             Top 20 Reasons Why You Are
           Working Your AmeriPlan® Business
Complete this form with your Top 20 reasons for working your AmeriPlan® business. This
may include paying off debt, retirement income, financial freedom, ability to stay home with
your children and many, many more. Put your 3 most important reasons at the top.
          Top 20 Reasons Why I’m Working AmeriPlan®
                               Top 3 Reasons


                               Other Reasons

















                   Website Quick Reference
See Step 4 of the Legacy Training Site for a comprehensive website

IBO Support Site – aka ‘Back Office’
Log in with your IBO ID# and Password you were provided when you started

Your Legacy Team Marketing Site – (for IBO Prospects) YOU MAY NEED TO SET UP THIS SITE
Refer to Training Site for more info!!
This is the site you will use for IBO Prospects. They can learn a little about the
company, even listen to Carol‟s 3 min overview on this site! In addition, they can
view other Legacy Team Members‟ story and picture. This site is very
inspirational!! AND…the prospect can fill out a „Request an Interview‟ which will be
sent automatically to your AmeriCAM email address.

Member Marketing Site – (for Member Prospects)

Opportunity Marketing Site (for IBO Prospects) We recommend that you use the
<> site detailed above INSTEAD OF this site.

              Legacy Group Partners’ Websites:
Central Site with links to ALL of the LGP sites – Links to all training sites,
leads, etc.

Initial Training Site – View training videos on the medical plans we market Once you have viewed all videos, continue your training

Overall Training Site - On this site, start at 'GETTING STARTED TRAINING'
for New IBO's. Then, start by listening to the New IBO Orientation call and
continue from there. This site has just about everything a new IBO needs to get
going right!!

Legacy Team Leads –
                      Website Set-up Guide
Congratulations on taking your first step to building and leaving a Legacy of your
own! We commend you on your desire to build your own business!

Over the next few days you will be getting started with your business and will begin
training. It can seem overwhelming in the beginning, but soon you will be
completely set up and ready to go. By taking these next steps, you will also be
educating yourself in how you should assist your new business partners as they
come on board.

Follow these steps in the order in which they appear below.

1-Accessing your AmeriCAM™ Email
Check this email daily and often. We will send important team messages to this
address and corporate will use this address as well to notify you of any changes,
announcements, etc.

      Log into your IBO Support Site by going to and log in
       with your IBO#, your password, and the security code shown on the screen.

             Your IBO number can be found in the confirmation email sent to you
             by your enroller or in the confirmation email sent to you by corporate.
             Your password will be the last 4 or 6 digits of your Social Security #,
             unless you signed up yourself. If you signed up yourself, your login
             password will be whatever you chose at registration.

      Once you have logged in, at the home page of the IBO Support Site, access
       your AmeriCAM™ business center email by clicking on the „OPEN‟ button in
       the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will open your AmeriCAM™

NOTE: If for any reason you do not know your password or cannot get it to work,
please call IBO Support at (469) 229-4501 and request a password reset.
2-Setting up your Business Center & Email
Address (AmeriCAM)

There are several different ways to configure your business center to enable it to
perform at its fullest. This can be done over time as you get familiar with the
operation of the AmeriCAM system. The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your system
is to set up your email address.

Once in AmeriCAM, click on the “Settings” link in the top right hand corner of the
page. In the Settings window, look to the left under the Email portion and click on
USERNAME. This will be your email address.

Most of the time it will be your first initial and last name followed by THIS IS THE PREFERRED SETTING. Occasionally, there may be a
combination of numbers with your name. If you do not like your default settings,
you can change your email address here. In the username field, type your desired
username and click UPDATE. The system will either accept the change or prompt
you to try again if the name you chose is already in use. You will see some
additional email addresses listed under your email address, but you
don‟t need to worry with them unless you have a spouse/business partner working
the business with you.

For additional help setting up your AmeriCAM Business Center email call Earnware,
the company that provides us with the AmeriCAM system.

Earnware Corporation
(800) 800-8273
8:00am – 6:00pm Pacific Time

3-Setting up your Legacy Group Partners
Team marketing site

As a member of Legacy Group Partners and the Legacy Team, you are eligible to
have your own Legacy Team Marketing Site. Having this site is strongly
recommended and is a great tool to use when marketing to IBO prospects.

Note: If you WERE sent an email from Carol Garvey with a
link to your Legacy Site, SKIP THIS STEP!

If you WERE NOT sent an email from Carol Garvey with a link to
your Legacy Site, follow the instructions on the Training Site in
Step 5 under Legacy Team Site.

                   Calendar of Conference Calls
   Monday             Tuesday          Wednesday       Thursday      Friday
Team Call
Pin: 9100#
9:00pm             9:00pm              9:00pm         9:00pm
Leadership         Member Benefits     Local Mktg.    New IBO
Development        Training*           Techniques &   Training
712-338-8185       712-338-8185        Tips           712-338-8185
Pin: 109011#       Pin: 109011#        712-338-8185   Pin: 109011#
                                       Pin: 109011#
10:00pm            10:30pm
Success Coach      Jeff Combs hosts
Dani Johnson       a weekly
hosts an           motivational call
awesome call.      on leadership,
Topics vary        prospecting,
512-623-5105       scripts,
Pin: 953953#       presentatations
                   and much more!
                   Pin: 7707# (for
                   both numbers)
Speaker Dr.
Ellie Drake will
inspire you.
Topics vary
Pin: 4033#

All training calls are shown Eastern Time-

To determine which time zone you are in, visit:

*Member Benefits Training: Learn about the benefits – medical & dental and
how to get started marketing them. Also, how to maintain retention once
your member comes on board.

                                 Contact Information
                              Joe & Carol Garvey Contact Information
Home Office                                           (770) 947-8049
Fax                                                   (770) 947-9590
Joe Garvey Cell                                       (678) 457-6119
Carol Garvey Cell                                     (404) 983-7709
Joe Garvey Email                            
Carol Garvey Email                          
Jonette Haynes Email (Personal Assistant)   
                                 AmeriPlan Corporate Office Hours
                                                      7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Central)
Member and IBO Services:
                                                      Monday - Friday; Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Central)
                                                      8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Central)
Administrative Offices:
                                                      Monday - Friday
                                                      5700 Democracy
Mailing Address:
                                                      Plano, Texas 75024
                                                      8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Central)
Bank and Credit Card Services:
                                                      Monday - Friday
                          AmeriPlan Corporate Telephone Numbers / Email
Administrative Offices:                               (469) 229-4500

                                                      (469) 229-4501 option 2 in Dallas
Member Services:
                                                      (800) 647-8421 option 2 outside Dallas
IBO Services:                                         (469) 229-4501 option 3
                                                      (800) 550-9726
Bank and Credit Card Services:
                                                      (469) 229-4595 Fax
AmeriCAM Customer Support:                            (800) 800-8273
                                                      (469) 229-4588
To Fax Sales Aid Orders:
Fax IBO, Member, and Representative Applications      (469) 229-4589
                                                      Fax: (469) 229-4103
                                                      Fax: (469) 229-4106
                                                      If you have any questions Email us at
Group Sales
ABO Mortgage
                                                      Phone: (469) 229-4502
NEW Recorded Presentation Line
Have your prospects listen to this call!! It is a 3
min. overview of the company, the benefits            3 Min Presentation/overview:
and the opportunity recorded by:                      646-222-0396
National Vice President and $250k earner,
Carol Garvey

                   Warm Market Worksheet
 Use this worksheet to list your friends and family members that you would like to
contact regarding AmeriPlan®. Please note: This form is optional. If you choose not
to speak with your warm market, that‟s ok. But remember, talking with people you
     already know is a great way to practice your presentations if nothing else.

      NAME            Phone Number              E-mail               Notes

            So, Who’s in Your Warm Market?
 Probably more people than you think, like people who…..
Are Money Motivated    You met on a plane           Stay at Home Moms      Who you have helped
 Who‟s out of work       Car salesman                 Family Members          Works at Radio
 Who is laid off         Who has a Dog              Who has lots of time   Birthday is in March
 Never takes a            Who teaches                   Is an Actor        Maid of honor in your
    vacation                                                                     wedding
   Contractor           Who cuts your hair           Makes you laugh        Loves to bake pies
Who likes to dance         Who wants a              Who attends church        Who is in sales
    Electrician        Who needs a new car       Who‟s dissatisfied           Sells insurance
  Your neighbors        Who is your boss        Who is self motivated      Works in restaurants
 Works at the mall      Lives in California     On your wedding list           Drinks Pepsi
      Jogger                Is a waiter          Birthday in August          Loves the Dallas
 Starbucks regular       Who is disabled            Wants a promotion       Who sold you your
 Who likes team            Accountant           Complain about their       Works on computer
       sports                                           job
Who lives in Texas     Who builds web sites     Got a new computer               Attorney
Who likes to garden     Who you met at a        Unhappy with income         You lent money to
Likes to help people    Who your friends              Lives in Chicago          Birthday in
                             know                                               September
  Who watches TV         Loves Karaoke             Who likes the                Has an RV
 Who delivers your            Roofer            Works at the grocery          Owns a small
       mail                                                                      business
 Who is in college        Loves horses                Who has a boat         Lives across the
  Is your florist      Is a cafeteria worker        Repairs your house       Goes to the mall
 X-ray Technician            Works with              Who will help you       Lives in Detroit
Likes to buy things      Calls you at home            Who recycles            Has a small TV
 Needs a website           Needs a new              Loves to wear hats     Likes to talk on the
                              computer                                     phone
Birthday in October    Bought a new home             Bought a new car        Who is a daycare
    Loves cats         High energy people           Needs extra money       Who‟s favorite color
                                                                                   is blue
  Is a paramedic       Works part-time jobs         Loves to go camping      Who works nights
 Who needs more        Drinks Mountain Dew            Loves pedicures        Drives a mini-van
  Who is a social      Who looks up to you                Teacher           Who‟s your doctor
  Reads self help      Your parents‟ friends          Sells real estate         Loves dogs
 Who has red hair         Delivers pizza               Drives a bus          Owns a business

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